‘Star Wars 7′: More Rumored Cast Members & Plot Details

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Michael Fassbender Jedi Sith Lightsaber Star Wars 7 Star Wars 7: More Rumored Cast Members & Plot Details

When Disney acquired Lucasfilm and the prized Star Wars intellectual property to go with it, the second – and more exciting – part of the deal was the announcement that the saga would continue with Star Wars: Episode VII in summer 2015. Since that time, J.J. Abrams was brought in to direct, leaving the captain’s chair of the rebooted Star Trek series to take the Star Wars reins from George Lucas. And then came the delay.

The release date change wasn’t a surprise considering the amount of rumors and reports informing us that Star Wars 7 would need a few more months, and the reasoning was solid: the screenplay needed more time, and undoubtedly the pre-production did as well. Episode VII might be one of the most anticipated films ever, but for the new creatives and decision-makers in charge, it’s also one of the most challenging projects ever. It needs to be done right.

The original trilogy is beloved, but the prequels left much to be desired, receiving mostly mixed reactions. If the live-action series is not only coming back, but picking up where Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi left off over 30 years ago, there’s an absurdly high level of expectations the next film must meet. For fans, it needs to make up for any issues (or disappointment) the prequels presented; it must serve the franchise and its most iconic returning characters justice; and it flat out needs to be awesome to start the franchise up on the right foot again.

star wars episode 7 release date3 Star Wars 7: More Rumored Cast Members & Plot Details

And we’re not just talking about another three episodes – Disney is planning at least one Star Wars movie every year going forward beginning in 2015. In between episodic installments of the core series will be spinoffs, origin stories for familiar characters, and if some reports are true, even one-off original stories. So how do you bring back one of the biggest entertainment brands in pop culture history? Let the pros take charge. And by that, we mean put Luke, Leia and Han at the forefront. At least, that’s what Abrams and screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan (The Empire Strikes Back) are attempting in their rewrite of Michael Arndt’s screenplay, according to insiders of THR.

Their sources indicate that the primary reason for the writer change was not just for scheduling but for Abrams to get his wish of making the ‘big three’ returning stars (Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill) the primary focus, for one last hoorah so to speak, instead of having them as supporting players as newbies take the spotlight. Episode VII will therefore make Luke, Leia and Han the stars of the movie, then move them to the background as the newly introduced characters take charge in Episodes VIII & IX.

THR also reveals that because of the story changes to accommodate the rewrites, at least a few of Arndt’s new characters have been axed or changed, while new ones from Abrams and Kasdan are being introduced. This also means that while Abrams has met, is meeting and will continue to meet with practically everyone you can think of in Hollywood, some of the names leaked before may no longer be in consideration because the characters they were meeting for no longer exist.

luke han leia Star Wars 7: More Rumored Cast Members & Plot Details

Now for the juicy bits. The report confirms that the recent Jesse Plemons potential casting news is true and explains that Michael Fassbender met with Abrams in December for an unspecified role, although we can’t imagine him playing a leading part (at least in Episode 7) due to his upcoming obligations for Assassin’s Creed and likely, X-Men: Apocalypse – both of which are equally as massive and time-consuming as Star Wars. Hugo Weaving however, according to multiple informants, met for the specific part of an “Imperial Commander.” Thrawn, anyone?

Last but not least, Abrams and co. are seeking out a young actress in her 20s to apparently play the daughter or granddaughter (probably the latter given the timeline) of Obi-Wan Kenobi. With production beginning soon for a late 2015 release, there will be plenty of official announcements in the coming months so stay tuned to Screen Rant and official Disney-Lucasfilm channels for updates.

[Update: the 20-something actress Abrams is looking is said to be "mixed race or black" and as some of our readers pointed out, it could be for the daughter of Lando Calrissian - something he said he wanted in the film back in September 2013, a Jedi daughter. At this point, these are rumors piled on top of hearsay so wait for more info.]

Our big question surrounds whether or not Abrams and co. are pulling in story arcs and key characters from the expanded universe and countless books and video games already out there, practically canon for many of the fans who embraced them. Or are they going completely original? What should they do and what do you want them to do?


Star Wars: Episode VII hits theaters December 18, 2015.

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Sources: ComicBook.comTHR

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  1. I don’t mind an original story, but I hope they keep the expanded universe in mind. Despite whether who says it’s “officially canon” or not, hundreds of writers and developers have worked hard on establishing all that continuity for the past twenty years, and millions of fans love and appreciate those stories. To completely take a dump on it all would upset a lot of people. Including me.

  2. In Abrams I trust.. Im sure both Arndt’s and JJ’s screenplays are awesome. But I truly believe that Jj’s story may be the right one to do for all Star Wars fan generations. The actual plan as per George Lucas is for the series to reach Episode 12. That means two more trilogies ( depending on box office success of course) . Let Han, Luke and Leia have their proper send off movie in episode 7 ( to satisfy the older star wars fans) and let them pave the way for the younger stars to have their time to shine in episode 8, 9 and beyond. I believe that is a fair way to go and one that will surely satisfy everybody.

    • I sure as hell don’t trust Abrams because he’s been VERY hot and cold for me. LOST was awesome but the ending nearly erased the entire series greatness in one fell swoop. Alcatraz felt forced and rehashed and was quickly canceled. Revolution is horrible, but Almost Human is conversely as excellent as Revolution is bad. Star Trek II completely ruined the original Khan angle and the outright best ST movie ever made; ST:Wrath of Khan. Fringe was good and, while i don’t follow it, I know Person of Interest is also good.

      So yeah, I don’t have complete confidence in him but he sure can’t do any worst than Lucas did in the cringingly bad SW prequel trilogy. Please just no ultra silly characters (Jar Jar Crapola) forced connections (having Anakin create the droids), and the like.

      • Wow, Mongoose, I agree with you about all of Abrams’ projects. My two biggest disappointments with him were Lost, which I cannot watch again after that dismal ending, and Star Trek into Darkness, for its foolish attempt to redo Khan, already played to perfection by Ricardo Montalban.

        Curious to see what he does with Star Wars. Hopefully, it will be better than his re-envisioning of Star Trek.

        • Nothing about Lost (which I still hold to be a brilliant metaphor for human life, but that’s not the topic here), good or bad, can be pinned on Abrams after the first season, really. He came up with it, but others took it over and actually told the story. And if you look at Into Darkness, while people are all upset about Khan, the film was still incredibly watchable in large part because Abrams, helped a lot by a rock solid cast, is a fantastic director. If you notice, he does not have a writing credit for that film.

      • Samesies, on almost all counts.

  3. Dane Dehaan as JACEN SOLO! And Fassbender as that Jedi kinda travelle who has ink or purple lightsaber and some sort of hand gun? Anyone know his name? Fassbender would be great for that!

    • If you think they’ll use anything whatsoever from the Expanded Universe, you’re deluding yourself

  4. I am so excited to have the big three Luke..Leia..and Han star in this new movie. It makes perfect sense and is genious! I can’t wait see relive and see the interactions we all loved in the original three movies. I want to see how their life developed and their relations have grown. For the comments that they are too old..I could list hundreds of older (over 50) actors that would blow the new “twilite” generation crop out of the water! Ian McKellan…Patrict Stewart…Hugo Weaving…Sir Alec Guiness…Sean Connery…Meryl Streep…Sally Fields…Robert Deniro…Jon Voight…Jack Nicholson…Clint Eastwood…Morgan Freeman…Johnny Depp(he’s over 50)…Tom Hanks(57)…Harrison Ford…Sylvestor Stallone…Brad Pitt…Tom Cruise…Dustin Hoffman…Denzel Washington…thr list goes on and on…if it’s about making money and having quality time-proven actors, who still command a big box office draw…then who should you go for?? If I was spending millions of dollars…I would put my money on the best!

  5. anyone else hoping sam witwer is cast as starkiller? ive always thought the force unleashed storyline fitted in brilliantly between III and IV. Also Sam Witwer is an under-rated actor

    • I was literally thinking that when I was reading the article. He did an AMAZING job. He was so emotional and we felt exactly what he was feeling at a lot of times. Could just be that I love him from Being Human but he did a great job as starkiller

  6. A movie every year? That means Abrams won’t be at the helm for each film, and most likely, they will get sloppy. I don’t see how they can make a quality movie, rushing them out every year.

    • Marvel’s done a pretty good job at that (and they’ve released TWO films per year). It’s all speculation of course and we don’t really know, but it looks like Abrams will just be in charge of episodes 7, 8 and 9.

    • I don’t understand this sentiment. Disney also has Marvel under their umbrella and they are putting out at least 2 movies per year, and they are typically very well received.

  7. @Mr Wamapa: I don’t believe it was ever in Lucas plans to do 12. I’m not sure where you heard that. It was always 9 Episodes.

    Be nice to see the old cast reunited as main characters again. And before anyone says anything stupid about them being old. Look at 90% of the movies you do enjoy and spot the old people. They’re kinda in almost every movie you’ve ever seen.

    • Lucas did indeed have ambitions for 12 movies, very early on.

      While writing and filming the first film, he did not know it would eventually become Episode IV, but it was also not a stand-alone. He had in mind a very low-budget sequel, should the movie flop. This story eventually became the first piece of Expanded Universe, the Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, which came out during filming of Empire Strikes Back.

      Once Star Wars became the success that it was and it’s future was secure, Lucas let his ambition run wild. He came up with an over-arcing plot line for 12 films. It was during the writing of Empire that Lucas decided to retcon Darth Vader into Luke’s father (this was not the original intention, though Lucas would have you believe it always was). Once he came up with this idea, he decided to make Star Wars the fourth chapter in a 12 part story, and the 1980 re-release of Star Wars adding in the new subtitle: Episode IV – A New Hope. Shortly before the release of Empire Strikes Back, Lucas was very candid on the subject, and even stated outright in an article in the Times that there were still 10 more films in the series left to make.

      We know that the basic gist of the story, as it was in his mind back in 1980, was a series of four trilogies. Episodes I through III would detail the fall of Anakin Skywalker, while episodes IV through VI would detail the redemption of Darth Vader. From here it gets interesting.

      It wasn’t until writing Return of the Jedi that Lucas decided he’d make Luke and Leia siblings; if he had even the slightest inkling of that relationship before he never would have inserted the kiss in Empire. But Lucas did know that Luke would have a long-lost twin sister even when writing Empire. The earliest script treatments make it clear that almost all of what would have been the third trilogy found it’s way into Return of Jedi. The Emperor was not meant to be seen until Episode VII, since the removal of Darth Vader as the central villain would necessitate another, and the search for Luke’s missing sister would provide the over-arcing plot of all three films in the third trilogy.

      During filming of Empire Strikes Back, however, Lucas was getting increasingly stressed out at the workload he had put himself under, as well as going through a nasty divorce. By the time it came to make Return of the Jedi, Lucas had had enough of Star Wars. He took all his ideas for the third trilogy, and pushed them into Jedi to end the story prematurely. This is reportedly one of the reasons producer Gary Kurtz, who worked with Lucas on Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back, quit his position as producer on Return of the Jedi; he and Lucas were in disagreement over how to progress the franchise.

      In interviews after Jedi’s release, Lucas was singing a very different tone about the future of the series, stating the intent was always just to have one stand-alone trilogy. This is part of the reason it took so long for the prequel trilogy to finally get made; Lucas had changed his mind. He didn’t want to make them or the sequel trilogy any more. Obviously, he eventually changed his mind about the Prequel trilogy, and in all interviews around that time he would repeatedly say “it was always going to be six films.”

      We know almost nothing about the fourth trilogy, except that this is the one Lucas told Mark Hamill about back in 1976 when he told him he’d be playing Luke until he was an old gray man ready to pass on the Jedi arts to a new pupil. But considering that what would have been Episodes VII through IX found themselves merged into Return of the Jedi, it’s reasonable to assume that Lucas has shifted his initial ideas for Episodes X through XII forward, and that what at one point was going to be the fourth trilogy is now going to be the third trilogy.

      Except, of course, for the fact that J.J. Abrams is throwing out Arndt’s script, which was apparently based on Lucas’s treatment, in favor of his own direction. It will remain to be seen how much of the new movies was ever actually part of Lucas’s vision.

      Anybody even remotely interested by this story should really, really read The Secret History of Star Wars, by Michael Kaminski. It is a very detailed and very thorough examination of the changes the Star Wars story has undergone.

      • Cool. Great read, thx for this.

      • “Anybody even remotely interested by this story should really, really read The Secret History of Star Wars, by Michael Kaminski. It is a very detailed and very thorough examination of the changes the Star Wars story has undergone.”

        I will agree that there is a lot of great information in that book, but Mr. Kaminski has a very slanted opinion that he doesn’t hide very well throughout his entire book. Information for information’s sake is fine, but oftentimes, Mr. Kaminski would take the approach that it was wrong for Lucas to change his mind, even pre-1977. His opinion on the whole “Father Skywalker/Darth Vader” argument really annoyed me.

      • The saga itself was never intended to be 12 movies. Lucas has stated that he had plans for spinoff movies that wouldn’t necessarily be related to the main saga. While it’s true that many things changed when Lucas decided to wrap everything up in RotJ, the plans prior to that were very vague and non-descript. So it would be safe to say that what we’ll get in the sequel trilogy will be very different from whatever had been initially planned.

    • You are wrong. The story has 12 parts.

    • You are wrong. The story was written in 12 parts.

  8. Wow. So far I was very skeptical of Abrams and crew with the possible castings, but these 2 guys would be home runs. I would be incredibly pumped to see these 2 in a Star Wars movie. I love European actors, but these guys both have great gravitas and eloquence with their roles. Would love to hear Hugo do more of a subtle, icy bad guy commander and Fassbender could make a great Jedi or Sith in my opinion, although I’m kinda leaning more towards good guy. He’s played a lot of bad guys lately and I could see him channeling some peaceful Force powers. Crossing my fingers on their castings for sure.

    • Hugo Weaving is Australian not european, just putting it out there, also if their going for the Thrawn trilogy Hugo would make an excellent Thrawn even if LOTR fans wind up crying their elf king has to be a bad guy in SW, he did an amazing villian job in the matrix and a few other movies too (some I believe only Australian known)

  9. I don’t think that having a granddaughter of Obi One would work. It would go against the part of when they didn’t think that Luke could do it and Yoda said, “No, there is another” when we all know that he was referring to Leia. I do trust that this next series will be hugely popular and will certainly be good.

    • According to The Force Unleashed, Yoda was referring to Starkiller. Leia was too old and wasn’t a warrior, and wouldn’t have the chops to be trained as a fighter able to defeat Vader, but Starkiller was. Sure, in the film the audience is left to assume he meant Leia, but it never explicitly says so.

  10. No freaking Starkiller, he is a terrible character. Sorry there is no character in Star Wars stronger than Luke, Anakin, Emperor or Vader. That game was so stupid keep that dumb character out of Star Wars.

    Focus should be on Solos/Skywalker family as it should be along with new characters in new movies. No fake characters that come out of no where. Sorry but Anakin and Luke not Starkiller were chosen ones per say not no damn pawn who was looking for a date the whole time. Unlike Starkiller who happen to help out by mistake doing evil deeds, Anakin and Luke saved the galaxy by choice.

    Anyone who brings up Starkiller don’t know nothing about Star Wars. Force Unleashed games themselves show Starkiller never attempted to save galaxy, everything he did was under manipulation of Vader or some old Jedi. He was a pawn and nothing more.

  11. This will flop so badly.

    • Yea it will flop almost as bad as Guardians of the Galaxy!

    • Are you serious? It’s a new Star Wars movie. It doesn’t matter how bad it will be. It’s part of one of the most successful and recognizable sci-fi franchises EVER. It has a rabidly loyal and devoted fanbase, and it’s still massively popular with young audiences.
      It WILL make money. There’s no situation in which it won’t make money. It could be worse than every one of the prequels put together, it would STILL make money.

  12. @Digital Jedi — Here is an article written back in 2012 about Lucas originally planning a 12 episode Saga. Enjoy.

  13. I didn’t read the comments but a granddaughter of Obi Wan makes zero sense. I’d believe the Lando daughter idea. Probably one of the many he has.

  14. please put the phantom menace back the new star war film and darth vader and put them against each other at the end and make the phantom menace good and have him kill darth vader!

  15. I enjoy Star Wars, but given the vast amount of knowledge its hard core fans have for the material, I’m nervous to even call myself a casual fan. However, I will say that it’s probably a good idea to mine the literature that’s out there for good stories. From what I hear, a lot of it is pretty good. Original stories are great, but this is an established universe. Why not look to do a strong adaption on something that has already been tested and well received?

    • honestly….hardcore fans won’t like anything so it doesn’t matter (but still support it) these will be created for a new generation of fans just like the prequels.

      • We might whine, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be camping out to see Episode VII with the same enthusiasm we had when we were kids. It’s certainly a midnight screening kind of event.

  16. Personally, I expect the first couple of films will be pretty entertaining, at least more so than the last trilogy, which I found pretty lame. Revenge of the Sith was ok, but the other 2 were pretty weak. That being said, Disney will milk this franchise until its dry. Star Wars will be everywhere and the merchandising effort behind all of it will be monumental. Its not a good thing if your a Star Wars fan. Don’t get me wrong, its nice to see new content being created, but there is a huge difference between creating new content and milking a franchise until all the magic is gone and unfortunately that is exactly what Disney is going to do. By the time 2020 rolls around, I guarantee most people will preying for another long hiatus for the franchise.

    • What do you base that on? I mean, Disney has had the Star Wars IP in their wheelhouse for years, it’s been part of Star Wars Weekends at Disneyworld, and they do a four times a day “Jedi Training” camp at Disneyland that I absolutely love.

      If they handle Star Wars half as well as they’ve handled Marvel? Yea, we’ll be fine.

  17. My suggestion is to make as more like Episodes IV & V and less like episodes I, II, III, VI. With two further notes: #1 Han shot first, but it was self-defense as Greedo clearly states his intent. #2 Luke does not scream when he falls at the end of Empire. Luke choose to fall instead of joining his father and embracing the Dark Side. The original version is without the scream as he falls and imo it works better.

    Sometimes not seeing the entire Wampa is a good thing.

    • I’d also like to add that I have a half-assed sequels storyline written out as I am sure many other do. Hopefully the writers of the film are further along than that, from the rumors it doesn’t sound that way.

  18. A Continuation of the Star Wars Series without Luke, Han & Lea.. Is not worth watching! Its SAD that they picked JJ to direct.. what is he the bastard child of Lucas & Roddenberry now? The New King on Sci-fi? ..the king of ruining sci-fi more like it.

  19. i believe that jj abrams should follow the books that have been writen before disney took over. in fact i think the upcoming movie should begin a new era of jedi, a new sith-emepire war and it should lead into new enemies of the new republic. i also think that at some point the old characters should be killed off and new ones take there place.

    but i also think that there should be movies based on the beginning of the sith and jedi conflict. as well as the prophecy of anaken bringing balance to the force.

    what do others think?

  20. Fassbender has badass written all over him. Wether he plays hero or villain, the more screentime he has the better. What I II and III needed was the Solo-type antihero. Fassbender would be perfect for that type of part. Like a saberwielding jediacademy dropout hobo-type character. Good guy with that dark streak to him. Please dont just make him a 2-dimentional cold villain. I want to root for him while he steals the red saber off a sith and beats another siths ass with it!

  21. At least when this comes out, Episode I will finally get a break from all the flak it got/STILL gets. Sources revealed that Lucas would be starting on the Prequels back in 1993! Seriously, how could of it met anyone’s unrealistically high expectations?

    Episode VII is going to be sub-par at best, but we’ll all see it anyway because its Star Wars.

  22. It should be interesting on how it turns out.

  23. They definitely need to add a lil bit of the existing Expanded Universe.

  24. I just want to know when Obi-Wan fathered a child because he has to have a son/daughter to have a granddaughter…

  25. Timothy Zahn wrote episodes 7, 8, & 9. Why screw with his stories? Millions of us fans have read them & found them good, so that is what we expect to see. I hope Disney doesn’t make a mess of this.

    • They would need to re-cast everyone to do those stories.

  26. Making the original characters the focus of the story is really giving the audience what they really want.

    I’m not a big Star Wars fan but that sounds like a smart move.

  27. I don’t understand why they don’t use the expanded universe. They say Star Wars has more background history than any other movie franchise, and all that information can fill a thousand libraries. There’s even comics of Star Wars of the first original force sensitive beings, the Infinite Empire, and how that lead to the start of the Sith and Jedi. Man, there’s many stories to tell.

  28. All I know is that we do NOT need any Mark Hammill & Carrie Fischer do not need to be in this film.

    Have you seen them lately, their barely recognizable and there’s no compelling evidence that their on camera acting skills are so mesmerizing that audiences need them in the film.

    Let Mark stick to his voice acting work…..

  29. Casting speculation aside, the idea that Arndt’s screenplay work is being messed with to “make the big three the main characters” and change new characters…that is concerning to me. One my the biggest knocks against JJ Abrams IMO is lack of originality, i.e. tendency to work derivatively. I find it hard not to be worried that he’s going to canibalize a good new story to play in the sandbox of the past. I definitely want Luke/Leia/Han to be involved, but the leads should be younger new characters.

    I just hope that the screenplay turns out well. Please…