‘Star Wars 7′: More Rumored Cast Members & Plot Details

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Michael Fassbender Jedi Sith Lightsaber Star Wars 7 Star Wars 7: More Rumored Cast Members & Plot Details

When Disney acquired Lucasfilm and the prized Star Wars intellectual property to go with it, the second – and more exciting – part of the deal was the announcement that the saga would continue with Star Wars: Episode VII in summer 2015. Since that time, J.J. Abrams was brought in to direct, leaving the captain’s chair of the rebooted Star Trek series to take the Star Wars reins from George Lucas. And then came the delay.

The release date change wasn’t a surprise considering the amount of rumors and reports informing us that Star Wars 7 would need a few more months, and the reasoning was solid: the screenplay needed more time, and undoubtedly the pre-production did as well. Episode VII might be one of the most anticipated films ever, but for the new creatives and decision-makers in charge, it’s also one of the most challenging projects ever. It needs to be done right.

The original trilogy is beloved, but the prequels left much to be desired, receiving mostly mixed reactions. If the live-action series is not only coming back, but picking up where Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi left off over 30 years ago, there’s an absurdly high level of expectations the next film must meet. For fans, it needs to make up for any issues (or disappointment) the prequels presented; it must serve the franchise and its most iconic returning characters justice; and it flat out needs to be awesome to start the franchise up on the right foot again.

star wars episode 7 release date3 Star Wars 7: More Rumored Cast Members & Plot Details

And we’re not just talking about another three episodes – Disney is planning at least one Star Wars movie every year going forward beginning in 2015. In between episodic installments of the core series will be spinoffs, origin stories for familiar characters, and if some reports are true, even one-off original stories. So how do you bring back one of the biggest entertainment brands in pop culture history? Let the pros take charge. And by that, we mean put Luke, Leia and Han at the forefront. At least, that’s what Abrams and screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan (The Empire Strikes Back) are attempting in their rewrite of Michael Arndt’s screenplay, according to insiders of THR.

Their sources indicate that the primary reason for the writer change was not just for scheduling but for Abrams to get his wish of making the ‘big three’ returning stars (Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill) the primary focus, for one last hoorah so to speak, instead of having them as supporting players as newbies take the spotlight. Episode VII will therefore make Luke, Leia and Han the stars of the movie, then move them to the background as the newly introduced characters take charge in Episodes VIII & IX.

THR also reveals that because of the story changes to accommodate the rewrites, at least a few of Arndt’s new characters have been axed or changed, while new ones from Abrams and Kasdan are being introduced. This also means that while Abrams has met, is meeting and will continue to meet with practically everyone you can think of in Hollywood, some of the names leaked before may no longer be in consideration because the characters they were meeting for no longer exist.

luke han leia Star Wars 7: More Rumored Cast Members & Plot Details

Now for the juicy bits. The report confirms that the recent Jesse Plemons potential casting news is true and explains that Michael Fassbender met with Abrams in December for an unspecified role, although we can’t imagine him playing a leading part (at least in Episode 7) due to his upcoming obligations for Assassin’s Creed and likely, X-Men: Apocalypse – both of which are equally as massive and time-consuming as Star Wars. Hugo Weaving however, according to multiple informants, met for the specific part of an “Imperial Commander.” Thrawn, anyone?

Last but not least, Abrams and co. are seeking out a young actress in her 20s to apparently play the daughter or granddaughter (probably the latter given the timeline) of Obi-Wan Kenobi. With production beginning soon for a late 2015 release, there will be plenty of official announcements in the coming months so stay tuned to Screen Rant and official Disney-Lucasfilm channels for updates.

[Update: the 20-something actress Abrams is looking is said to be "mixed race or black" and as some of our readers pointed out, it could be for the daughter of Lando Calrissian - something he said he wanted in the film back in September 2013, a Jedi daughter. At this point, these are rumors piled on top of hearsay so wait for more info.]

Our big question surrounds whether or not Abrams and co. are pulling in story arcs and key characters from the expanded universe and countless books and video games already out there, practically canon for many of the fans who embraced them. Or are they going completely original? What should they do and what do you want them to do?


Star Wars: Episode VII hits theaters December 18, 2015.

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Sources: ComicBook.comTHR

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  1. Michael Fassbender and Hugo Weaving? Hell yeah, I’m down with that. And as for Obi Wan’s granddaughter? This should be explained in between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, though it sounds very bizarre, I hope Abrams has it make sense.

  2. Having the older characters at the forefront is a bad move as is the idea of a Star Wars movie every other year.

    Post Return of the Jedi, isn’t it time now for newer , fresher stories and characters. Cameos of course but it’s time for w fresh direction.

    • Focusing on the legendary characters in the first film makes complete sense, and I am all for it. The franchise can move onto newly introduced characters in the following movies.

    • I completely agree. Focus on the new generation and have the older cast in supporting roles. “I have a bad feeling about this”

      • But why? Thus far, the entire franchise has revolved around the Skywalker family. Why have Mark Hamill, as Luke, in a cameo? The first film should focus on the legendary characters, whom we all know, while introducing new characters, the next generation, who will take the lead in the following films.

    • Star Wars will have been gone for 10 years, and the last time we were in it’s universe it was 52 years in the past (and for many this trip did not work). Before they can start getting messy and playing in their sandbox of star wars, they have to establish a foundation and make an event that everyone will go to and that will satisfy as many fans as possible. The best way to do this is to make a movie about something familiar and then slowly ease us into original ideas.

  3. Does anyone know what happened with the Open Casting call?

    I got through to the stage where they film you reading a script and I never heard anything back T_T

    So gutting every time I read about them casting big hollywood actors. What about us little guys!? :p

  4. I really hope Han, Luke, and Leia aren’t the leads, but major supporting roles. We need to establish new characters who can go through true physical endurance that, quite frankly, the older cast cannot. Plus, let’s prove that someone can create great young stars who aren’t robotic, bland, and wodden *cough* Christensen *cough*.

    • I agree about Obi-Wan, it wouldnt make much sense since he always seemed completely devoted to the jedi order. Unless after order 66 when he settled on Tatooine he had a family or at least a child in order to try and keep the jedi alive in his heir.

  5. There can be NO granddaughter of Obi-Wan. He was taken from a baby. Unless they somehow have him finding someone when he became a hermit on Tatooine. Not convinced there though. Fassbender is awesome, as is Weaving. Although, I’m more hoping the scenery is as good as the originals. I am sick of lens flares and face closeups during dialogue which happens in almost all films nowadays. I want to see what is going on around the characters while they are doing their thing…

    • There actually CAN be.

      The case for Obi-Wan’s grand-daughter is in the Clone Wars through Duchess Satine Kryze. Obi-Wan met Satine when he was a Padawan. They truly “loved” one another. Obi-Wan said of her, if she had asked him to stay with her, he would have left the Jedi Order. Many years later as she lay dying in his arms, her last words were: “”Remember, my dear Obi-Wan, I’ve loved you always… I always will…”

  6. Hugo Weaving as Thrawn would be absolutely brilliant!!!

    However, not keen on the idea of Obi-Wan having a kid/grandkid. I guess the only way they could do it is explain that he met someone on Tatooine, but it’s just so unlikely, and against what the Jedi would have done.

  7. Maybe Obi-One somehow met a baby strong with the force and adopted her as his own? And Weaving as grand admiral Thrawn? Now that would be awesome.

  8. Well according to George Lucas, the EU is canon.

      • Actually, Leland Chee and others are in the process of condensing all canon into one level of canonicity. So yes, large swaths of the EU ARe canon. And to say that they should just dump it all is suggestive of very limited experience with it. Large parts of the EU are much better than the prequels and some is up there with the original trilogy. Kyle Katarn and Knights of the Old Republic, for instance. Of course, there is a lot of terrible stuff there, too, like The Force Unleashed. Mixed bag, just like the films.

      • They didn’t have to convince themselves:

        “We have what we call Canon, which is the screenplays, novelizations, and *other works that are directly tied into continuity*, and then there are a lot of marginal things, like the old Marvel Comics series, that we don’t really try to work into the continuity when we’re planning new projects.”- Allan Kausch

        “Gospel, or canon as we refer to it, includes the screenplays, the films, the radio dramas and the novelizations. …the rest are written by other writers. However, between us, we’ve read everything, and much of it is taken into account in the overall continuity.”- Sue Rostoni / Allan Kausch (1994)

        Unfortunately, much like the films themselves, the policy was subject to the same revisionist practice as the films have been:

        “When it comes to absolute canon, the real story of Star Wars, you must turn to the films themselves— and only the films. …The analogy is that every piece of published Star Wars fiction is a window into the ‘real’ Star Wars universe. Some windows are a bit foggier than others. Some are decidedly abstract. But each contains a nugget of truth to them.”- Steve Sansweet / Chris Cerasi (2001)

        It’s here where Lucas goes on record stating that EU is a parallel universe, with a catch: “They don’t intrude on my world, which is a select period of time, [but] they do intrude in between the movies”, which some would say is talking out of both sides of his you-know-what.

        Then, in 2006, Leland Chee further confounds the issue by stating the foggy window analogy applies only to “Film+EU continuity. Anything not in the current version of the films is irrelevant to Film only continuity.” Which is somewhat redundant because of course it’s irrelevant to film continuity if you are only looking at film continuity. This contradicts his statement two years prior where, when asked asked if the G (film) and C-levels (EU) formed separate and independent canon, he stated “both were part of a single canon: There is one overall continuity.”

        No one convinced themselves of anything; they were told one thing, then had it reversed, muddied, revised, and conflicted.

  9. That Obi-Wan thing is at most a deliberate red herring. I am shocked 0 news sites have connected the multiracial character to LANDO, given Billy D’s explicit comments about his character’s daughter being in the film! You don’t have to be Thrawn to put 2 and 2 together.

  10. 30 years in the future….. 20 year old actress…. How can that be Obi Wan’s daughter? He died 5 years prior (approx) to return of the Jedi…. That would make any daughter of his at least 35-50 years old! Unless force ghosts can get pregnant of course. If JJ can explain a grand daughter then ‘so be it’ but it better be good…. And NO time travelling reboot this time please. To all those above who feel the original characters should not be leads in Ep 7, you are obviously idiots…. After the prequels the series needs to get back to the basics to rebuild the fan base…. And I agree with that, I want to see what Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, 3PO and R2 have been up to for all this time. You can’t just start the story from scratch with new characters, Disney may as well throw their money down the drain.

    • Lando. Read the edit. The daughter is probably Lando’s.

      The fan base doesn’t need building up. It’s bigger than it’s ever been. What it is some of the whiniest, unsatisfiable bunch of complainers of any organized group on the internet have dominated the conversation for far too long. It won’t matter if the movies are good. They’re too used to griping about Star Wars.

    • Yeah. They’ll be all watered down just like Marvel’s two movies a year…

  11. Even if it had the best cast, the fact is that it is under Disney…that movie isn’t for us, it’s for children aged 8-15, wait and watch…

    • You know nothing dawko.

      Disney is a huge company owning several other companies and studio’s. Their brand is only one part of what they do. Enlighten yourself and read on about what Disney entails before you come here and say things you don’t know the first thing about it.

  12. Hi,

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    On the front page of the mobile version, tapping “Load More Entries…” does not show older articles, instead gets stuck on “Loading…”. Requires switching to the desktop version to view older entries. Please fix this also.

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    Thank you

    • I’ve had the same issue too. Please come back and repost on the open discussion on Monday or Wednesday. This will probably get lost in here…

    • Best to use the contact form for this, guys.

  13. THE FILM ISN’T BY DISNEY, IT’S BEING FUNDED BY THEM. LUCASFILM ARE PRODUCING IT! Disney made The Avengers, by that standard, and that didn’t exactly turn out bad. There’s nothing wrong with appealing to children.

    • I think having the “big 3″ play major roles is a smart move to establish good continuity with the original series and in doing so distance itself from the prequels. I think bringing in Thrawn and having either of those actors play him would be exceptional. You dont have to reproduce the EU on screen to use elements of it, and Thrawn was one hell of an antagonist. Give me Thrawn and I don’t care if you follow the book (love Timothy Zahn) as long as there story is good too.

      • Sorry.
        That wasn’t meant to be a reply to you.

  14. Wait, granddaughter? Weren’t most Jedi at the time (save for EU Ki-Adi-Mundi) monk-like and forbidden from marrying and getting attached?

    • Forbidden from attachments and emotions like love. NOT forbidden from physical interactions like sex.

  15. Pleeeeease JJ don’t let the studio make this a movie stuck in the past. Do what you did the Star Trek- honour the past, but don’t be bound by it. No-one wants to see 60+ yr olds leading a dynamic franchise like Star Wars- keep it fresh, keep it new, but remember the roots!

    • You sound like an agist. Perhaps Alec Guinness should not have played Obi-Wan Kenobi in the original films, or the likes of Ian McKellan play Gandalf in The Hobbit? I could go on and on.

      I could also say that no one wants to see shirtless teenagers take over the franchise and turn it into Twilight.

    • Speak for your self. I am getting tired of the joungification of characters we know without adding something substantial other than the visual aspect. In this case I would like to see older Luke doing his thing. He is supposed to be the most powerful jedi in the Universe. Wouldn’t you like to see him actually doing powerful stuff in the same vein as they did with Yoda? Besides it is the story that counts. And the way they present events.

  16. I think having Weaving as Thrawn would be excellent.

    Honestly, if I had to craft a plot for the film, I’d make the big threat a radical group of Jedi who went underground in the wake of Order 66. The point was made that Jedi aren’t soldiers, they’re peacekeepers, so imagine what a militarized Jedi Order would be like.

    • No! Anything involving Dark Jedi or Sith would totally destroy the whole point of the first six movies. The Force is out of balance and Anakin restores it, only to have it go out of balance a few decades later? Worst. Prophecy. Ever!

      • Star Wars without Jedi and Sith? Sorry, ain’t gonna happen, especially in the main Episodes. You can probably expect Force-less movies from the spinoffs.

        • Woah! Who said anything about a Force-less movie? Obviously Luke is going to be in it and presumably the next batch of Jedi. I think a lot of people have this weird notion that balancing the Force means wiping out all the Jedi and Sith. The Force was in balance; along came the Sith who threw it out of balance. Anakin comes along and destroys the Sith, hence there is balance once again. So yes, there will be no Sith in the sequels. As for other Force users…who knows? In the Clone Wars we saw the Nightsisters and the Force-weilders that were neither Sith nor Jedi yet were able to use the Force.

  17. So the best screenwriter of the bunch left because he disagreed with Abrams? That’s real encouraging. Do we really need to see the Luke, Han and Leia running around in their sixties?

  18. I love the idea of Fassbender in this, but I don’t want to see him drop out of Assassin’s Creed because of it. And of course he has major obligations with X-Men.

  19. Every year a Star Wars movie plus more spin offs? Spin offs would be nice if it ventured into characters we know little about. And if they went at it like they did in the KOTOR, Star Wars Force Unleashed and Jedi Knight games. But so many movies is pure overkill.

  20. I think Abrams has the right idea with the “Big Three” being lead roles. I think that it would do nicely to establish new characters and give them credibility. I would like to see something similar to the books, because honestly, the books stuck with me more than the movies, and that’s simply because they created an even larger story, one that is very beautiful and terrifying in some ways. I think Hugo Weaving as Thrawn would be amazing. Thrawn is one of m favorite characters, there is a lot to him and he touches so many other stories post Heir To The Empire that he never really goes away. On the subject of Obi-Wan’s granddaughter, it’s entirely possible within already written stories. Readers of the EU will recall that Obi-Wan had fell in love with one Siri Tachi. It would be wise for Abrams to give a screen life to the stories in the EU. I have spent countless hours reading them and imagining them on the silver screen. I have read some of the books 50+ plus times, and yet my heart still rushes with excitement as I read them. If Abrams can tap into that, I believe the next Star Wars movie will be a success.

  21. Sorry to be that nerd – BUT NO – Obi Wan did not have a child

  22. Sooo everybody who was anybody in the previous movies will have kids that do the same thing their parents did or have prominent roles to play? Just seems weird, sure SOME would make sense but come on. s*** ok so, that fat dude piloting the x-wing doesnt have kids featured in the new movie I’ll be very dissapointed lol this movie sounds more odd by the second, if it didn’t have the foundation of a 30 year old franchise to lean on, and the nostalgia that’s pretty much the only thing still fueling fans (we can almost say its taken a life of its own at this point), I’m just not convinced it has the juice left for multiple films.

    The scary part is the prequels.. They willl be treading on hallowed ground for many, and were they to mess with the history/nostalgia that some have thats created the starwars fan culture this might very well blow up in Disney’s face.

  23. Makes absolute sense about the big three passing the torch. Why? Because that’s exactly what happens in the original SW film with Obi Wan and Luke Skywalker especially in the context of the Prequels that came later. And of course you add what are now PT characters that had supporting but still important roles like Yoda and The Emperor in the original trilogy then what we are talking about is Abrahams continuing a long standing SW tradition. It will be interesting to see which idea Lucas was supporting Abrahams or the other guy’s take on the episode 7 script…

  24. Zahn’s trilogy brought Star Wars back to the masses after its dormant period. While Lucas does acknowledge aspects of the EU as canon, it can be ignored and contradicted at will by screen writers. That being said, I think there has been a level of respect paid to Zahn by Lucas for revitalizing the franchise, and for that, I can’t see them contradicting his story of Thrawn (who died 6 years after ROTJ) just to have him in this movie(s).

    And before anyone bashes me, Thrawn might just be my favorite villain, and I would LOVE to see his character on the big screen…I just think episode 7 is not the right one.

  25. Was never interested in this but if Fassbender and Weaving are in it, I can definitely get excited for it!

  26. I read the Obi-Wan granddaughter bit and panic set in. Then I read the update part in bold and was like “it’s okay, calm down, this is okay, stop hyperventilating, it makes sense”.

    I’m afraid I’ll have a few more of those sheer terror moments before the movie comes out.

    • It’s just a rumor at this point. More likely, it’s Lando’s daughter… or not related to either at all. That’s the issue with Star Wars news. No one knows for sure.

  27. I’m a big fan of the SW EU. However, I am fine with the screenwriters either not using parts of it or using parts of it but implementing deviations. For example, I would be fine with Thrawn being used in Episode VII even if it takes place thirty years after Episode VII in the cinematic timeline.

    I think that Hugo would be amazing as Thrawn. It’d also be awesome if Fassbender was in it.