‘Star Wars 7′: More Rumored Cast Members & Plot Details

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Michael Fassbender Jedi Sith Lightsaber Star Wars 7 Star Wars 7: More Rumored Cast Members & Plot Details

When Disney acquired Lucasfilm and the prized Star Wars intellectual property to go with it, the second – and more exciting – part of the deal was the announcement that the saga would continue with Star Wars: Episode VII in summer 2015. Since that time, J.J. Abrams was brought in to direct, leaving the captain’s chair of the rebooted Star Trek series to take the Star Wars reins from George Lucas. And then came the delay.

The release date change wasn’t a surprise considering the amount of rumors and reports informing us that Star Wars 7 would need a few more months, and the reasoning was solid: the screenplay needed more time, and undoubtedly the pre-production did as well. Episode VII might be one of the most anticipated films ever, but for the new creatives and decision-makers in charge, it’s also one of the most challenging projects ever. It needs to be done right.

The original trilogy is beloved, but the prequels left much to be desired, receiving mostly mixed reactions. If the live-action series is not only coming back, but picking up where Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi left off over 30 years ago, there’s an absurdly high level of expectations the next film must meet. For fans, it needs to make up for any issues (or disappointment) the prequels presented; it must serve the franchise and its most iconic returning characters justice; and it flat out needs to be awesome to start the franchise up on the right foot again.

star wars episode 7 release date3 Star Wars 7: More Rumored Cast Members & Plot Details

And we’re not just talking about another three episodes – Disney is planning at least one Star Wars movie every year going forward beginning in 2015. In between episodic installments of the core series will be spinoffs, origin stories for familiar characters, and if some reports are true, even one-off original stories. So how do you bring back one of the biggest entertainment brands in pop culture history? Let the pros take charge. And by that, we mean put Luke, Leia and Han at the forefront. At least, that’s what Abrams and screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan (The Empire Strikes Back) are attempting in their rewrite of Michael Arndt’s screenplay, according to insiders of THR.

Their sources indicate that the primary reason for the writer change was not just for scheduling but for Abrams to get his wish of making the ‘big three’ returning stars (Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill) the primary focus, for one last hoorah so to speak, instead of having them as supporting players as newbies take the spotlight. Episode VII will therefore make Luke, Leia and Han the stars of the movie, then move them to the background as the newly introduced characters take charge in Episodes VIII & IX.

THR also reveals that because of the story changes to accommodate the rewrites, at least a few of Arndt’s new characters have been axed or changed, while new ones from Abrams and Kasdan are being introduced. This also means that while Abrams has met, is meeting and will continue to meet with practically everyone you can think of in Hollywood, some of the names leaked before may no longer be in consideration because the characters they were meeting for no longer exist.

luke han leia Star Wars 7: More Rumored Cast Members & Plot Details

Now for the juicy bits. The report confirms that the recent Jesse Plemons potential casting news is true and explains that Michael Fassbender met with Abrams in December for an unspecified role, although we can’t imagine him playing a leading part (at least in Episode 7) due to his upcoming obligations for Assassin’s Creed and likely, X-Men: Apocalypse – both of which are equally as massive and time-consuming as Star Wars. Hugo Weaving however, according to multiple informants, met for the specific part of an “Imperial Commander.” Thrawn, anyone?

Last but not least, Abrams and co. are seeking out a young actress in her 20s to apparently play the daughter or granddaughter (probably the latter given the timeline) of Obi-Wan Kenobi. With production beginning soon for a late 2015 release, there will be plenty of official announcements in the coming months so stay tuned to Screen Rant and official Disney-Lucasfilm channels for updates.

[Update: the 20-something actress Abrams is looking is said to be “mixed race or black” and as some of our readers pointed out, it could be for the daughter of Lando Calrissian – something he said he wanted in the film back in September 2013, a Jedi daughter. At this point, these are rumors piled on top of hearsay so wait for more info.]

Our big question surrounds whether or not Abrams and co. are pulling in story arcs and key characters from the expanded universe and countless books and video games already out there, practically canon for many of the fans who embraced them. Or are they going completely original? What should they do and what do you want them to do?


Star Wars: Episode VII hits theaters December 18, 2015.

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Sources: ComicBook.comTHR

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  1. What I really want to see are ultra cool Aliens! Ever since I was a kid I just loved the awesome aliens that were in Star Wars. I got Greedo and Hammer Head as my first figures and couldn’t care less about the blonde boy with the laser sword or the black and white clothed guy with a gun. My Amanaman would kick Luke’s butt any day and Nikto would beat up Han without much effort! What I would love to see in the new movies are awesome alien characters that get a shot at being main characters instead of just being cannon fodder or background ornaments. I know I said it once before but I would love it if Leia’s or Luke’s kids were not humans. Sure I know that it’s saddly a fact that the main characters will be human but if they could make us swallow a whole movie with that retarded Jar Jar, then they could give us a cool alien guy that can be even better than Chewie was. I hope Luke’s son turns out to be a Quarren since I bet that would make most fans flip but I would feel awesome! Squid Head Abyss Skywalker! Wow! Now that has an awesome ring to it! :)

  2. Is there any truth to the rumor that Disney is looking at their own home-grown stars, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, to play the Solo twins?

    • The Solo twins were actually a boy and girl, not two boys.

  3. Jaden Smith. They absolutely should include Jaden Smith in the cast.

    • That’s a joke, right?

    • Are you nuts!?! That boy has made enough disasters that have wasted good film. Besides, he is off wearing a dress in some slave movie (SHH furiously). His parents are pathetic!

      • Accidental racism. Still just as stupid.

  4. What about lando hans friend I would like to see him back and dont his son that would be great al so cp30 and r2d2

  5. Are you people serious? Obviously you are of the crowd that loves Ewoks and Gungans. Real fans like neither.

    Abrams needs to go off the canon, Expanded Universe has been signed off by Lucas and Lucasfilm so I think Disney and Abrams should stick to it.

    • No one should presume to say what “real fans” are and what they should like.

  6. I say acknowledge the expanded universe by not acknowledging it. Characters, locations, and ships from the expanded universe could, and in some cases, should be there, but they need no explanation. I’ve not had the chance to experience the entirety of the expanded universe, myself, but if I’ve don’t my homework correctly, the point on the timeline within which they would obviously have to set it due to the original actors’ ages has a nice little gap in continuity for them to do nearly anything that they could possibly want to do, so long as they stay away from referencing anything that came between this film series and Jedi, and I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody told me it was planned that way. Beyond the further adventures of Luke Skywalker within his lifetime, I believe the only thing that has been written is the Legacy series from Dark Horse which takes place so long after the original three movies that the people producing and writing the new films would have to purposefully try REALLY hard to contradict it. If I’m wrong in any of this, please correct me.

    • *done my homework

  7. Can’t really do a “RE-BOOT” while all the old fans are still dedicated, albeit by different media (games, books, etc).

    There is a reason why the older films were more successful and it had little to do with competition. It was about philosophy, human nature, power – political, intellectual, physical and spiritual. The cast and their interactions were the wrapping on the gift.

    So, they have to keep the extended canon to keep the fans who have transitioned to it.

  8. What I really want to see is Mara Jade hunting down Luke Skywalker across the galaxy haha I’m really excited to see how the new Trilogy will be respect to the comics.

  9. I enjoyed reading all of the comments about the upcoming film. While this is all speculative, I would like to actually give the producers the freedom to create an original story. This would honestly provide old and new fans of the stories a chance for a new expereince while getting out of the tired old Luke Skywalker is the only one who can save the day. Every story arc that has come out of the expenaded universe has been luke skywalker lead. While it was nice and a lot of the other stories created help to shap the decisions and consequences in future stories, I just feel that it would be refreshing to continue the Star Wars universe Post Return of the Jedi with an original story. the characters do not have to be related to the old ones, but the sotry could take place within the same universe.

  10. THRAWN!!! That would be a dream come true!

    • No chance. Expanded universe no longer exists in this dojo.

      • That’s not exactly what they said.

  11. …O-kaaaay… can someone please explain to me (honestly) how Obi-wan could have a daughter or granddaughter? I thought relationships didn’t happen since jedi were selected at a very young age and attachment, etc., etc. was forbidden? Any helpful thoughts?

    • 1. They don’t really know that for certain. They were just speculating on, as they mention, rumor and hearsay.

      2. Probably, the same way Anakin had two children. By COMPLETELY ignoring that rule by falling in love and secretly marrying Padme. Except for Obi-Wan, this would probably be way easier considering that 20 year span where the Jedi Order ceased to exist.

  12. I’m going to speculate it will have the death of one of the main characters (Say Han Solo) – It’ll make us teary and cement the new Star Wars into our hearts. Mark Hamill will lose the weight for the role. Actors have been doing it for ages. Leia will probably be the Mon Mothma character now. It’s funny how no one ever mentions that Lucas destroyed the original Star Wars movies by revealing in Ep 3 that Darth Vader is Luke and Leia’s Father taking away one of the greatest reveals in movie history.

  13. How I would plot this:
    Three new films, interspersed with Origin movies. If the latter are well received, you have a bunch of young stars that can play young Han, Luke and Leia – then you jump back in the narrative, dealing with what happened after episode 4-6. A somewhat rewritten Thrawn saga, perhaps?

  14. I hope they do not hurry, but will take the appropriate amount of time to make this next series truly one for the ages.
    Please include the most baddest bad guy villian for all time. A villian that is impossible for any one Jedi to beat. Better if she was also a beauty, but an ugly alien looking thing would be alright. Surprise me.
    I hope to see Luke, Leia, Han Solo, Chewy, and the ghosts of Annikin, QuiGon, and ObiWon in there someplace. Please don’t make it so smooth and perfect that it is lacking soul. Remember that every time they hold one of those holograms, it is all blurry and lined. Please make these next movies in the same vein as the original was… Please…Quiet your mind, choose the correct path. May the Force be with You