Rumor Patrol: Zac Efron & Ryan Gosling Have Auditioned for ‘Star Wars Episode VII’

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Ryan Gosling and Zac Efron audition for Star Wars Episode VII Rumor Patrol: Zac Efron & Ryan Gosling Have Auditioned for Star Wars Episode VII

Last year’s double-whammy shock of Disney buying Lucasfilm and immediately announcing a new Star Wars trilogy left a lot of people floored, for one reason or another. With another two years to before release and a cast that, if the previous Star Wars films are anything to go by, will be pretty large with plenty of significant roles and minor parts to go around, rumors and news about Star Wars Episode VII can be expected to continue permeating Screen Rant’s film coverage quite heavily.

Things have been pretty quiet on the talent front, recently. J.J. Abrams is signed on to direct from a script by Michael Arndt, and original trilogy stars Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford are all returning, but no new actors for the franchise have yet been revealed by Disney or Abrams. Where official announces are scarce, however, rumors tend to thrive.

Latino-Review reports that “two names have been thrown around a lot” in the casting for Star Wars Episode VII, and that the two names in question are Zac Efron and Ryan Gosling. Leonardo DiCaprio was apparently up for a role at one point, but later dropped out, and according to LR‘s source, Gosling is up for the role of Luke Skywalker’s son. The report does not mention LR‘s earlier claims that The Tudors star Jonathan Rhys Meyers was in talks for a role, so it’s unclear what happened to that lead.

Sounds like great news if you’re an admirer of Gosling or Efron’s acting and would like to see them head into outer space for the next Star Wars adventure. If that’s the case, why not pause in reading and take a minute to bask in the happiness that comes with this report, because there’s a caveat on the way.

carrie fisher mark hamill star wars episode 7 Rumor Patrol: Zac Efron & Ryan Gosling Have Auditioned for Star Wars Episode VII

First of all, LR‘s exclusives have lately had a tendency to be somewhat hit and miss in terms of accuracy – so it’s advisable to take this story with a pinch of salt. Secondly, though it’s not mentioned in the article, El Mayimbe later clarified on Twitter that Gosling and Efron had only auditioned for roles, and if that’s the case, then they are most likely only two names in a very long list of actors that Abrams will call in for auditions. Finally, the article ends with a warning to “EXPECT DENIALS FROM ABRAMS,” which could happen if the story is true (though there’s not really much need for Abrams to deny that he’s held auditions), but there could just as easily be denials if the rumors are false.

With all that in mind, the idea of Gosling and Efron even being auditioned for Star Wars is certainly interesting. Gosling is best known for his roles in indie films, particularly Nicolas Winding Refn’s ultra-violent crime dramas Drive and Only God Forgives, but he could fit the bill for a young Skywalker very well. Efron obviously gets a lot of flack for making his name through the saccharine Disney High School Musical films, but he is actually a decent actor who could benefit from a role in what is expected to be one of this decade’s biggest sci-fi movies.

Tell us what you think of this casting buzz, and which other actors you’re hoping to see in Star Wars Episode VII, in the comments.


Star Wars: Episode 7 is set for release in 2015.

Source: Latino-Review

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  1. Maybe as some kind of a Villain, would be interested in seeing them play an opposite of their norm.

  2. NO! Do not let these piece-of-s***-actors touch this franchise!

    • Seriously? Screenrant censors s***?

  3. This is not a matter of looks but acting. Lucas chose Hayden Christensen for his looks and now everybody can see the result of that choice.

    • Good point.

  4. I could see Efron playing Luke’s son

    • Yeah i could to, personally i hope they don’t use the kid angle of the story it just feels less creative to me however i haven’t read any of the extended galore with the children of Han, Luke, and Leia in it so maybe they are really cool but who knows. I overall think they are both good actors i probably like Gosling more than Efron, the thing with me and Efron is that i think he is a man of great talent he just never does movies that entertain me its usually romance dramas or comedies or something like that for him and a lot of that stuff i just don’t really care for. If this is true i hope they do a good job.

  5. I don’t think this is true. I doubt Ryan Gosling would want to be in a film like this. And doubt he auditions for roles anymore.

    • Many big time actors audition for roles. Christian Bale auditioned for Batman Begins, Jesse Eisenberg along with most of the cast for The Social Network. Roles that the director already has an intended actor, like Christopher Nolan’s Joker, are exemptions.

      • While true, auditions can also be perfunctory. They’ll have an audition, but already have someone in mind, and all he has to do is show up and they’ll say he auditioned.

        And I know that only because Gabriel Iglesias said that’s how he got his part in Magic Mike. (Aloha Fluffy!)

  6. Horrible, horrible news. The new Star Wars is doomed already…

  7. Please Please Please do not let this be true. I do not want to relive Episode 1 all over again

  8. For the love of freakin’ God, why would anyone even let the name Zac Efron TOUCH this franchise!? You want yet another Hayden Christensen fiasco, Disney? Morons..

    As for Gosling, man I wanted to hate this pretty boy so badly, but after I saw “Drive” and a few of his others AFTER “The Notebook”, I’d say he could fit, but he wouldn’t be my first choice. I’m really not overly impressed with any young male actors of today, they are all p*****s IMO and have no grit. The young female actors on the other hand are blowing them away.

  9. Wtf are some people talking about, Ryan Gosling is a great actor and you should rejoice if he’s in this film.

  10. Only Yoda Forgives
    ‘insert video mash-up here’

  11. How about they have casting calls and just get a lot of new blood for the new movie. In the end the story is what will make this movie not big name actors.

  12. I like Ryan Gosling but I despise Zac Efron…..WHY DISNEY! PLEASE SPARE STAR WARS!

  13. JJ Abrams casting for Star Trek was spot on. So I have faith in him for getting this right too.

    • Depends if Disney are putting any conditions on things. Efron is a Disney homeboy so they could be “making suggestions” in the background.

  14. Ryan gosling would never be in a movie like this. It’s too mainstream and he’s a hipster dipster who only does indie films.

  15. Ryan gosling would never be in a movie like this. It’s too mainstream and he’s a hipster dipster who only does indie films

  16. I have no particular problem with Gosling or Efron. Neither of them is Hayden Christensen. Rhys-Meyers is cool with me as well. What about rumors for the female parts?

    Honestly, I think that what will make (or God forbid, break) this film is the story/script/screenplay. Fortunately, that seems to be in good hands, but there is still so much that we don’t know about the details of it.

    • Which is a good thing. I hope, perhaps in vain, that they’ll listen to the criticism of Mike/Plinkett at Red Letter Media. For example, a lightsaber does not need to come out every scene or every other scene. A lightsaber should be treasured and not overused. When there wasn’t a shootout and saber fight, the prequels would simply have everyone standing, sitting, or walking around in a hallway somewhere.

      And the story. Any amount of depth in the story in the prequels relied on the fan’s knowledge of the books or other movies. (“Oh, they explained that in the novel. Oh, there was a scene about that in the novel…”) The originals were self-contained. The premise was also much simpler. All criticism of the backdrop of the prequels can be found by reading the opening scroll in Episode I to a five year old.

  17. J.J. hire me. I’ll be in Star Wars Episode VII for $5,000,000 before taxes. 1099 me I’ll take care of the rest. I’m very serious about this. I’ll do a great job.

    • … Ditto. I’ll even play a Gungan/Ewok mule if you like.

  18. I’m not a purist. And I do give chances to different actors who has their own take on beloved franchises. BUT– these two may not be able to convince me ever that they are a Jedi. Let alone Luke Skywalker’s son. They are decent actors. But I rather that the new Star Wars have unknowns or actors who hasn’t been tainted by the Hollywood image. Because it might be that all i see when i see them on screen are their images.

    But anyway, JJ probably knows best. I do hope they find the right people.

    • Whats with people on this site dissing Ryan Gosling? Hes not a decent actor, he a great actor. Have you never heard of Drive, Fracture, Blue Valentine, The Ides of March, The Place Beyond the Pines, Half Nelson, The Believer? Guys a great actor and SW fans should rejoice if he joins the universe. I can easily picture him as a Jedi or a sith apprentice.

  19. Does anyone feel that? That was the breeze blowing by

    • Please don’t shoot me.

  20. Although I’ve loved all of Goslings films(except the Notebook) and would love to see him in something as big as this, I doubt he would be cast in this.

  21. Zachary Effron should play jar jar bink’s brother.

    • +1!

      As long as Jar Jar’s brother dies within the first 30 seconds.

      • Bifurcated by a spinning lightsabre

    • lol funny line man lol :)

  22. I think they should cast small actors and not big Hollywood names because the charm of the originals star wars trilogy cast was that they were ordinary actors that made it easier for an audience relate with. if you cast rayan gosling who is a well known actor it loses the charm of the ordinary person becoming great. but the only person in a star wars movie that has to be a big actor or even Shakespearean is the mentor figure, but i am sure that would go to mark hamill which would be cool.

  23. Two blonde ass white guys auditioning for the main role no doubt…typical Xenophobic Disney.

    Javier Bardem should be in this movie!

    • When else has Disney been Xenophobic?

  24. I like Zac Efron. He’s cute,great body and a pretty good actor. Teenage and most young girls love him and he alone will get them to buy a ticket….
    Ryan Gosling…. Mmmmm…. I dunno about him. He’s weird. Is he a good actor? He was good in “Lars” and also “Drive”, but horrible , swarmy and creepy in “Gangster Squad”.
    So, no Gosling for me….

  25. Gosling mostly plays characters he sees a bit of himself in: quiet, withheld, hard-to-read kind of characters. He’s a great actor (Drive, Only God Forgives, Blue Valentine, Half Nelson; Crazy, Stupid, Love; The Place Beyond the Pines). I really don’t know why a lot of people hate him, especially guys (hmmm). Maybe it was The Notebook? But I don’t know I’ve never seen him and can’t really picture him featuring in an iconic sci-fi film like this; although he is planning to direct a sci-fiish/fantasy, How to Catch a Monster.

  26. sw need more gentleman and rebellious character ex chris pine, hayden christensen, jude law, james franco, andrew garfield, sam worthington, anton yelchin, because my biggest fear is after effron, selena gomez, justin bieber and another pieces of s*** will follow him,

    • Did you just suggest that Hayden Christensen is an example of the type of actor who would be good?

      • yes sure, you can see in sw 3, he wasn’t disappointed at all :0

  27. Zach Efron? Really? That’s it, I’m boycotting Disney. Strictly Marvel from now on….wait….ok strictly ESPN…..dang it!!! *shakes fists*

  28. Called it.

    You can’t say “Disney Star Wars” without thinking Zac Efron.

  29. Aaron Paul as Luke’s son