Rumor Patrol: Zac Efron & Ryan Gosling Have Auditioned for ‘Star Wars Episode VII’

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Ryan Gosling and Zac Efron audition for Star Wars Episode VII Rumor Patrol: Zac Efron & Ryan Gosling Have Auditioned for Star Wars Episode VII

Last year’s double-whammy shock of Disney buying Lucasfilm and immediately announcing a new Star Wars trilogy left a lot of people floored, for one reason or another. With another two years to before release and a cast that, if the previous Star Wars films are anything to go by, will be pretty large with plenty of significant roles and minor parts to go around, rumors and news about Star Wars Episode VII can be expected to continue permeating Screen Rant’s film coverage quite heavily.

Things have been pretty quiet on the talent front, recently. J.J. Abrams is signed on to direct from a script by Michael Arndt, and original trilogy stars Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford are all returning, but no new actors for the franchise have yet been revealed by Disney or Abrams. Where official announces are scarce, however, rumors tend to thrive.

Latino-Review┬áreports that “two names have been thrown around a lot” in the casting for Star Wars Episode VII, and that the two names in question are Zac Efron and Ryan Gosling. Leonardo DiCaprio was apparently up for a role at one point, but later dropped out, and according to LR‘s source, Gosling is up for the role of Luke Skywalker’s son. The report does not mention LR‘s earlier claims that The Tudors star Jonathan Rhys Meyers was in talks for a role, so it’s unclear what happened to that lead.

Sounds like great news if you’re an admirer of Gosling or Efron’s acting and would like to see them head into outer space for the next Star Wars adventure. If that’s the case, why not pause in reading and take a minute to bask in the happiness that comes with this report, because there’s a caveat on the way.

carrie fisher mark hamill star wars episode 7 Rumor Patrol: Zac Efron & Ryan Gosling Have Auditioned for Star Wars Episode VII

First of all, LR‘s exclusives have lately had a tendency to be somewhat hit and miss in terms of accuracy – so it’s advisable to take this story with a pinch of salt. Secondly, though it’s not mentioned in the article, El Mayimbe later clarified on Twitter that Gosling and Efron had only auditioned for roles, and if that’s the case, then they are most likely only two names in a very long list of actors that Abrams will call in for auditions. Finally, the article ends with a warning to “EXPECT DENIALS FROM ABRAMS,” which could happen if the story is true (though there’s not really much need for Abrams to deny that he’s held auditions), but there could just as easily be denials if the rumors are false.

With all that in mind, the idea of Gosling and Efron even being auditioned for Star Wars is certainly interesting. Gosling is best known for his roles in indie films, particularly Nicolas Winding Refn’s ultra-violent crime dramas Drive and Only God Forgives, but he could fit the bill for a young Skywalker very well. Efron obviously gets a lot of flack for making his name through the saccharine Disney High School Musical films, but he is actually a decent actor who could benefit from a role in what is expected to be one of this decade’s biggest sci-fi movies.

Tell us what you think of this casting buzz, and which other actors you’re hoping to see in Star Wars Episode VII, in the comments.


Star Wars: Episode 7 is set for release in 2015.

Source: Latino-Review

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  1. I vote Ryan Gosling, he’s an excellent actor. Haven’t seen much of Zac Efron though, only in 17 Again.

  2. What about the rumor of this Tyler Hoeklin or somthing being batman? Any word on that or just some brilliant ploy by the guy’s agent?

    • Hoechlin. And yeah, I’d like to see an article on that. Supposedly, he’s WB’s favorite choice for the new Batman.

      • I heard its a stupid rumor

        • Rumor or not, it’s still stup!d ;)
          …I really hope it isn’t true though.

          • Yeah well see, if DC takes the auditioning approach that Marvel has.. We’ll probably hear 10+ different actors reading for the part over the next several months. For what it’s worth though, from a strategy point of view on the studio’s part, the guy is 25, it would make sense to lock down a batman for the next 15 years. Most others that have been talked about so far are mostly 35+ and so their “shelf life” is limited.

            • True.

              • Tyler Hoechlin would be a much better Batman than Christian Bale.

                • Teen wolf actor or academy award winner….

                  • *Teen Wolf actor or throat cancer…

                    • Throat cancer please

                    • Your in the minority of people who didnt accept the reasoning for the voice. Which is fine but 95% of people would take christian bale over an unkown never talked about teen wolf actor

                    • But even bale isnt my first choice. I kinda like jake gylenhaal any thoughts?

                    • You’re also in the minority who can’t accept the fact that he was worse than his near perfected version in Begins.

                      But anyways, Jake isn’t a bad choice. My vote goes to Zachary Quinto.

                    • *(*Serious* case of throat cancer.)

                  • @Trey

                    • I will agree Batman Begins is his best performance, would you accept Bale back if he was more Batman Begins esc?

                      Also Quinto is a really interesting choice in a good way. he was a fantastic Spock and was really good as syler as well. He may not look much like a playboy but I think he could do a great job

                    • I just say Jake because he has always wanted to play a superhero

                    • I would, actually. Bale was perfect, IMO, in Begins. If that performance remained the same, I would be praising him up and down the tunnels of the Batcave.

                    • @ACW so is begins your favorite batman film or one of the older ones? Just out of curiousity. I have read a lot of your post and im unaware of your opinions on nolan and his bat films. Just that your not a fan of bales last 2 performances and ledgers interpretation of the joker

    • They need to go ahead and have Anson Mount. I’m almost going kamikaze with this account to get his name out there more.

  3. As I have said in multiple other websites, this is great casting news imo if its true. Gosling is a great actor, and Efron a good actor who has been in lackluster movies and carried them as much as he could(Charlie St. Cloud, 17 Again). He was also good in The Paperboy and Me and Orson Wells.

  4. I think the casting directors should cast talented up and coming actors, not ones who:

    A.) No one shuts up about (Gosling).
    B.) Has a tendency to star in bad films (Efron).

    I can’t imagine Efron wanting to be involved for anything more than lots of money and publicity which would come from starring in a Star Wars movie after 10 years of non-live action footage. Gosling might be a good actor, but he is too high profile. Is no one else fed up of seeing and hearing names like Ryan Gosling, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt? Sure they might be worth the employment to some, but now when I see a film with them starring in, I just think it’s he actors, not the characters. I just feel that Star Wars should return to its roots off casting talented unknowns.

    Marvel did it, Game of Thrones did it with all but one (for me personally I only knew of Sean Bean), and it generally seems to be better for the shows and films. It may also feel like a bigger revamp, give a better sense of wander to what the final product will be like, and a great refresh of the franchise, with no familiar faces but the ones who previously starred in Star Wars. That’s what would generate my interest in the film anyway, not seeing actors I am vaguely aware of being cast.

    • You make a good point, however, going off of the characters from the extended universe, I could totally see Efron as Ben Skywalker, or even Jacen Solo. Despite the Disney stigma he still carries with him (I for one still can’t look at the dude without thinking of the high school musical), he’s actually pretty talented and could really benefit from a role in a franchise like this. Star Wars could be that one break-out role for the guy. Anne Hathaway sure proves that it’s possible.

      I totally agree about Gosling though. He’s a great actor, but I can’t really see him fitting into this movie (especially as one of the children). Besides, his schedule is most likely fully booked till the end of time itself ;)

      • Efron is by no means a BAD actor per say, and he might actually be able to play the role to a good standard, but I just think the series needs something more than Efron to reach a better standard of film. I won’t be particularly annoyed if he is cast, but I think the casting directors could certainly reach for higher talent than Efron. I think they should go with who best serves the film, its plot and characters, not who looks this way or that way, or might bring in more tickets, or bares resemblance to their onscreen parents, personally.

        I have seen bits of High School Musical by chance on TV, and some of his other works. He isn’t bad enough to be bad, but he isn’t good enough to win my fandom either. Efron might be good, but I think Star Wars needs, and to be quite frank deserves, perfection.

        • I can agree with that.

    • After the casting debacle of Hayden Christensen, who was a nobody before, during, AND after Star Wars. I’d say the safe bet is Ryan Gosling.

      • @Avenger, you actually watched High School Musical? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

        • My wife made me watch a movie he was in called “The Lucky One.”

        • Not that I need to defend myself, but I’m going to anyways: ;)
          I’m 18 now, meaning I was a kid when it came out. I also have a younger sister who was obsessed with it at the time, so our dvd player was permanently looping that movie day and night.
          So yeah… I watched it. Unfortunately.

          • Explains the mental problems and nervous tick lol ;p

      • To be fair, Hayden Christensen WAS a misfire.

        But then again, Christensen is just an obvious target for hate. No one stops to think of the casting directors who picked him, or the writers who wrote his bad lines, or the director who told him to act a certain way and say a line like he did.

        Casting isn’t about ‘safe bets’, it’s about taking the time to find the right actor who can best serve the role and film. If film companies weren’t so concerned with smashing records and herding in millions to see an average film with typical films stars, I think films would be ALOT better.

        Perhaps the would be best actors of our time aren’t being discovered, simply because people want to see Ryan Gosling over and over continuously?

    • To be fair, Gosling is nowhere near as overexposed as Cruise or Pitt, both of whom have been starring in films for decades. It is a bit annoying to see Cruise in the bill for 1 out of every 3 big sci-fi films, it seems.

  5. I think gosling is a great actor, but i feel both him and efron dont have the vibe for the role in sci fi most likely a jedi. Gosling is way to recognizable that it just feels off. I still think the rumor of jonathon reys meyer seema like the best fit

  6. Disney need to follow Marvels casting ways and cast the actor/actress most suited to the role and no the biggest name, this is one of the ways Marvel have achieved such success, keeping guys like Efron and Gosling away would be great but if they audition and get the part on merit as opposed to their name I am all for it, the last thing I want to see is the bad casting that plagued the last trilogy

    • Disney should follow marvel…Disney should definitely follow itself.

    • exactly. Gonna stray waaway from these rumors.. altyhough I do enjoy these two and their respective movies (only Efron in 17 aAgain..)

      I’ll wait for official casting news comes out….

  7. I wouldn’t have a problem with them bring in episode VII.

  8. Ryan Gosling? I thought all he could do was stare blankly and delivery lines without emotion, who could he possible be playing, a mute stormtrooper.

    • you should watch more of his stuff man. he’s actually pretty versatile. personally I dont want him for SW VII tho

    • Maybe there WILL be a mute stormtrooper.

      I can see it: An endearing stormtrooper with a heart, always trying to stop all the fights by running into the middle of the carnage, taking off his helmet and staring earnestly at all the fighters, his hair slightly ruffled in the sandy wind, sunset of the 3 suns casting a beautiful glow on his face as time itself seems to freeze just to catch that moment…

      And then he gets shot in the throat (from both sides, poor thing), muting him forever (maybe we can add a synthetic throat that belts out Christopher Walken’s voice. Otherwise he stays mute.

      And then when they kicked him out for all that bulls*** after getting he turns against them all and wound up being known as The Hunky Ex-Stormtrooper Mute. CODE NAME “HUNTER THESM”.

      He’ll be the anti-hero, like a dark Han Solo. He shoots first, but we ain’t talkin bout blasters here.


      -Stormtrooper armor, no helmet.
      -Leather jacket made from alien hide. Of course.
      -And a light-comb, his primary weapon to look extra sexy for the ladies.

      And maybe even a prank-blaster that shoots out a flag with his hunky face on it, wooing all the female aliens into dark sexy submission.

      ACTOR: Ryan Gosling *IS* Hunter THESM.

    • I completely agree with you, I think Gosling is the most overrated actor in hollywood.. he sounds like a robot when he speaks and doesn’t seem to have any personality.. i would also argue that he has more or less played the same type of role in his last few movies… i really think they need to go with more no name actors..i still havent gotten over Samuel Jackson being in the trilogy which seemed absurd to me…

      I actually think Efron is a decent actor but again he is too well-known and not sure i can picture him being a jedi unless its a musical :)

  9. PLEASE get Jennifer Lawrence for Jaina Solo!

    • jaina solo, scarlet witch, mystique and the chick from hunger games… is there any role she isn’t rumored to do?

      • Is there any role she wouldn’t be awesome at? ;)

        • I am still not sold on her as katniss or mystique. I still believe hailey stienfeld would have been a far better katniss

  10. OH. GOD. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I’d rather see Hayden Christensen back before I watch a Star Wars movie with Zach Efron or Ryan Gosling.

  11. I like Ryan Gosling, he’s a good actor but I don’t know, I can’t picture him wielding a light sabre and going all jedi, don’t know why but it’s humurous trying to visualize it.

  12. I haven’t seen anything with gosling but if he sounds like s pretty good actor. Efron I think is a good actor he’s just never in movies that I care for I was a little thrown off by efron possibly joining but with j.j Abrams I think he can pull it off its just hard for me to look at him and not think of high school musical lol and a bunch of other teen romances or teen comedies but if I remember Chris Evans was mostly in teen comedies and then came Human Torch and later on Captain America(which was way better) I think Chris Pine did a bunch of movies like that to and then he did Star Trek health ledger was the same to

  13. Actually I kid, I I kid both are horrible choices. J.J.’s biggest problem is he already made two Star Wars movies. Unfortunately he made them for Paramount.

    • ^ This makes no sense. ^

    • Either he’s being clever and saying those Star Trek movies are basically Star Wars movies and will be indiscernible from the actual Star Wars movies, or else Bob here has his film titles tragically mixed up.

  14. Zac Efron is one of the rare Disney-born celebrities who can actually act, I would take advantage of that if I were Abrams.

  15. Please do not let this happen. Star Wars has been built on unknowns.

  16. If Hayden Christenson can play a Jedi then I’m sure Zac Efron will fit right in…

  17. One does not audition Mr. Gosling. One simply bows to whatever Mr. Gosling wants to do.

    • Man crush much, Ajeno?

      • Hey, not denying it. I am on a ‘Only God Forgives’ high at the moment. That obviously plays some part in it.

  18. Disney… DON’T YOU DO IT!

    unless i wanted a jacen solo, who just leans against a wall and doesn’t speak whilst looking softly to something offscreen, I wouldn’t cast any of them for Episode VII!

  19. If we’re getting one of these young actors, I’ll take Efron over any of the Twilight kids. As for Gosling, if he uses the voice he had in Gangster Squad…I’m all for that!

    Efron most likely won’t be singing and dancing, and when he isn’t doing that, his acting isn’t too bad. Gosling was Young Hercules…so he can do whatever he wants.

    And chill out. These are only casting rumors.

  20. Who will play Obi wan, Anaken and Yoda? You know Luke sees dead people.

  21. Effron looks a lot like Chris pine in that pic

  22. I have a bad feeling about this. I don’t have any problems with Mr. Gosling auditioning for a part in the film but Zach Effron, are you freaking kidding me!. Then what?, Star Wars Musical. We already suffered enough with Anakin Skywalker, now this, come on!

  23. Zac efron gets a bad rep becauae high school musical. He isnt a top notch actor but he is beyter than most his age. I can only think of a handful that is better, like logan lerman. The problem with his casting is you will get major backlash for doing so. Stick with unkowns or reletively unkowns like jonathon rys meyer

  24. Efron is a completely unknown variable to me, because I haven’t seen a single movie that he was in. Apparently he was in Firefly (which I saw multiple times) where he played a young Simon, but for the life of me I can’t remember him. Not sure that is a good thing.

    As for Ryan Gosling: he’s be a great choice for a multitude of roles. I can see him as a Jedi, as some scoundrel or as a bad guy (not sure if they are bringing back the Sith).

  25. Speaking of Logan Lerman, I could see him as an Anakin Solo. I still like Dane Dehaan for Ben Skywalker. I doubt she’d do it but I think Rooney Mara could pass as Princess Leia’s daughter, Jaina.

  26. And what about the DiCaprio rumors? He’s the best choice out of the three as far as acting ability is concerned.

  27. Some people say, “Efron isn’t that bad” I say he isn’t that good either. You want an actor for his acting prowess then by all means, look for a real actor not a wannabe.

    Imagine: at the Jedi Academy, Now guys I’m going to show you this dancing move that will kill a Sith Lord.


    • You do realize Star Wars is Shakespearean acting? It’s so over the top that anyone could’ve done what they did back then, it’s the writing and imagination that makes Star Wars great.

  28. Well Zac Efron does look like a spitting image of Luke Skywalker, so he could possibility play as his son. I can also see Ryan Gosling as Han Solo’s son, but that’s a long shot.