‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ New Stormtrooper Design; Filming Resumes This Month

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Star Wars Stormtrooper Design Original Trilogy Star Wars: Episode 7 New Stormtrooper Design; Filming Resumes This Month

Official Star Wars: Episode 7 news has been – and probably will continue to be for some time – quite sparse. Whether this is due to the highly secretive filmmaking process of J.J. Abrams or Star Wars films in general (or both) is anyone’s guess.

Unofficial Star Wars news, on the other hand, continues to run rampant. Everything from the impetus of the film’s narrative to a potential appearance from Darth Vader to character bios and beyond.

Today, we have both unofficial news and official news to tide you over until the next Star Wars 7 morsel.

First, the unofficial: According to design artist Tom Hodges (who has worked on some Star Wars stuff himself), he was lucky enough to see the new Stormtrooper design for the upcoming Star Wars trilogy. In an attempt to circumvent Disney’s legion of lawyers, he recreated the design in a drawing that he then posted on Instagram.

Alas, the image was removed from Instagram soon after, but JoBlo still has it on their website.




The new look – if legit – is a much more streamlined variation on the old Stormtrooper design from the Original Trilogy. In fact, it more closely resembles Ralph McQuarrie’s original Stormtrooper concept art for the first Star Wars film, though it’s even more streamlined than that.

Star Wars Ralph McQuarrie Stormtrooper Design 570x294 Star Wars: Episode 7 New Stormtrooper Design; Filming Resumes This Month

Ralph McQuarrie’s original ‘Star Wars’ artwork

If indeed the final Stormtrooper design is meant to resemble McQuarrie’s original artwork, can we expect other characters, robots, monsters, villains, and so on to have that McQuarrie style, too? It would be an interesting way to simultaneously harken back to the original films and create something fresh.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Hodges’ take on the design – again, if legit – doesn’t accurately capture the look of the Stormtroopers in Episode 7. We’ll have to wait for something a tad more official to know for sure.

Speaking of news that’s a tad more official, Star Wars 7 is set to resume filming this month. If you’ll recall, Harrison Ford – who will star in the film as notoriously scruffy-looking nerf herder Han Solo – broke his leg on the set in June, which led to a lot of Star Wars-related broken leg jokes around the Internet.

Harrison Ford Star Wars Broken Leg Kessel Run 570x524 Star Wars: Episode 7 New Stormtrooper Design; Filming Resumes This Month

From Imgur

There were rumors that the film might get severely delayed as a result, but that didn’t end up happening. Instead, the filmmakers shot around Ford’s scenes and then the film went on a short two-week hiatus this month as they waited for the actor to heal. Now, according to THR, that hiatus will end soon.

Hopefully, this means that Harrison Ford is just about all healed up. After all, it would be a shame if the filmmakers couldn’t use (arguably) the most beloved Star Wars character in the way they had initially envisioned.

What say you, Screen Ranters? Are you happy with the – if legit – new Stormtrooper design? Drop us a line in the comments.

Star Wars: Episode 7 hits theaters December 18th, 2015.

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Source: JoBlo, THR

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  1. Hey, what do you get when you combine a stormtrooper helmet, a 90’s TMNT mask, and sprinkle some Apple iDust all over it?

  2. I agree with Shodan, I always like the ‘functional’ look of the trooper armor. Do not like the look of this. My questions is will they actually MAKE the prop costumes? Or will it be a CGI fest like the clone army of the sequels? I thought I read somewhere that they made zero ‘real’ clone trooper costumes and it was 100% CGI? Maybe if they do it motion capture it might be better? But to me the movement and look of a person in a real costume is better then the CGI only look of the sequels.

    • “My questions is will they actually MAKE the prop costumes? Or will it be a CGI fest like the clone army of the sequels? I thought I read somewhere that they made zero ‘real’ clone trooper costumes and it was 100% CGI? Maybe if they do it motion capture it might be better? But to me the movement and look of a person in a real costume is better then the CGI only look of the sequels.”

      What I love is that some people only complained about the “all-CGI” Clonetroopers AFTER they found out they were CG because they couldn’t tell the difference. They assumed as I did that it was a mixture of a few suits digitally cloned in addition to CG troops. When it was revealed that wasn’t the case all the people who thought they could tell CG from real got angry that they actually couldn’t. Of course these are the same people who swear over and over this was CG and that was CG and then get caught out over and over and over again when they find out that so many shots were in fact models, miniatures, matte paintings, props and sets! Truth is they couldn’t tell the difference.

      The real giveaway for the CT’s though was that they looked too good and moved too well. People in real suits would be the clowns we saw in the OT. Of course they used motion control for the CT’s. The real point is though that the clones had to be clones not different guys in the same suit.

      • This is both brilliant and informed.

        Same with Return Of The King, that final battle was almost entirely CG apart from the principle cast being involved, mostly due to the cost of making thousands of costumes and having thousands of extras on a set large enough to realistically make it work.

    • I think you are correct that for the prequels, the clone troopers were all CGI. They wouldn’t use motion capture if they can film a person in a stormtrooper uniform. I do hope this redesign is not real. It looks stupid and it doesn’t look a stormtrooper.

  3. Helmet looks baller!

    The real armor improvement in the new SW series would be this: troopers don’t die after being hit once. I mean, come on — the armor needs to be useful… not just cool to look at. Anyone who’s tried on a trooper helmet can attest to how hard it is to see through that thing. If you’re gonna willfully impede your peripheral vision before going in to battle, then there needs to be an actual benefit to wearing the armor.

  4. Who ordered up the Storm-Chollos? 😉

  5. I do not care for the “new” design (if it is indeed real).

    It’s too “sleek” and not very Star Warsy. If they want to add a “new” type of trooper, that’s fine, but they need to keep the original design for the basic Stormtroopers. It’s iconic and immediately connects the audience to the SW universe.

    I think a lot of people want to rationalize passage of time in SW by making fashion and design trends change, but SW is timeless and “magical” — things remain the same for hundreds of years (often more!). The SW universe is ancient and has had the same tech for a long, long time. No reason to change a design simply because a measly two or three decades pass…Star Wars is much bigger than that.

    As soon as you start mucking about with designs you end in prequel territory…which is bad. Mmmmkay?

    • I dunno about that because they compared WW1 clothing with the clothing of a modern British soldier and while the functionality remained, the clothing itself and overall look was vastly different.

      If the clones were being wiped out easily then those in charge would try to modify their armour to be more functional, including changing the helmet design to make it easier to see from all directions and such.

      • I think you may have missed my point; The Star Wars universe is timeless…that is, it is a fantasy adventure that focuses on storytelling and archetypes of good and evil. It does not need to follow logic and reason like your typical sci-fiction movie. The realm of logic, reason, and endless minutiae lies within standard fare sci-fi like Star Trek. Not Star Wars.

        Also, the reason I mentioned the prequels is not because of design changes as much as “design palette” changes. The prequels seemed to be working from a different design palette than the original trilogy. It’s not the fact that Clonetroopers were designed differently as much as the fact that the design didn’t look like it fit into the Star Wars universe. It looked inspired by Star Wars…but not like it was pulled directly from Star Wars. For example, Snowtroopers and Scout troopers are designed differently, but look like they fit in the Star Wars universe because they are working from the same design palette.

        It’s a subtlety that is lost on your average movie-goer…but it’s an important detail that made the prequels feel so disconnected. While such a subtle thing can be explained away easily, these types of changes are divisive and destructive…and weaken the franchise as a whole.

        Luckily, I think JJ and Kathleen Kennedy and many of the production crew of SW7 understand this subtlety. So despite this trooper design change (it might not even be as “sleek” as the drawing portrays), I believe this movie will be much more faithful to the iconic imagery of Star Wars than the prequels were.

  6. Not fully digging the concept art. The eyes look like trendy sunglasses and not like eye sockets of a skull. I’ll wait to see them in real life.

  7. i know ralph’s great and he’s responsible for some iconic sci fi imagery but when you look at his original sketches of c3po or darth vader for example you realise that those fine tunings of his original design from lucas, tweaks from other artists and sculptors etc, were changes for the better. i hope todays artists working on episode 7 arent too afraid to go against some of mcquarries design choices because he wasnt always right.

  8. Are they going to be better shots?

  9. the REAL burning question is…how many times will the Wilhelm scream be used?