J.J. Abrams Directing ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ [UPDATED]

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JJ Abrams Star Wars Episode 7 J.J. Abrams Directing Star Wars: Episode 7 [UPDATED]

[Update: It’s official: J.J. Abrams will direct Star Wars 7!]

Ever since Disney first announced that not only would Star Wars be coming back, but would do so in the form of a full-blown sequel in Star Wars Episode VII, speculation ran rampant over what story the film would tell. And more importantly, who would be trusted to tell it.

It seems that speculation can end, as it is now being reported that J.J. Abrams will direct Star Wars: Episode 7, coming to theaters in 2015.

The report comes courtesy of TheWrap, after a source close to production is claiming that not only has producer Kathleen Kennedy been pursuing Abrams for the director’s chair for some time (not hard to understand, given his runaway success rebooting Star Trek) but that despite misgivings, Abrams has finally agreed.

The news will come as particular surprise to those who’ve been following the ongoing shortlist of Episode VII directors; J.J. Abrams was quick to shoot down rumors of his involvement from the very beginning. At the time, he cited the massive pressure and responsibility as his main reason for wanting to pass on the job, desiring to remain simply a fan.

JJ Abrams on Star Trek set J.J. Abrams Directing Star Wars: Episode 7 [UPDATED]

Apparently things have changed, although exactly what this means for the ongoing franchise development and Abrams’ relationship with Paramount is unclear. It’s still too early to assume that Disney is looking for Abrams to oversee the next generation of Star Wars fiction, perhaps contemplating a deal similar to that signed with Joss Whedon on the Marvel side of things. But if the studio has so doggedly pursued Abrams despite his apprehension (as he continues to make Star Trek a mass-market franchise) then this isn’t likely a one-time gig.

Given the myriad of names (some more risky than others) that have been thrown around as possible directorial candidates, it’s hard for even skeptics to argue that Abrams isn’t a bit of a relief. Guillermo Del Toro, Ben Affleck, and even David Fincher were all mentioned in the conversation – but for each one of their strengths, the question remained: would that work in a Star Wars universe?

Since Abrams has previously said that his creative team’s approach to the Star Trek reboot was partly built around ‘bringing a bit more Star Wars to Star Trek,’ that question seems to have been answered. If the strengths of Star Trek can be brought back to the series that partly inspired it (lens flares or no) then it’s hard to be concerned that Episode 7 won’t be an enjoyable, competent sci-fi action film. That may seem like setting a low standard, but the past decade of Star Wars projects hasn’t exactly raised the bar.

George Lucas Disney Star Wars J.J. Abrams Directing Star Wars: Episode 7 [UPDATED]

What this means for the rumored Star Warsspin-off films remains to be seen, since we’re not even sure what role George Lucas will have as the brand is expanded upon by Disney. Or perhaps more importantly: what does all this mean for what we perceived to be a Star Trek series that had a successful road laid out in front of it? At this point, it’s anyone’s guess.

We’ll keep you updated as the report is either confirmed or denied, but for now it seem Star Wars fans can breathe easy, and attempt to digest the knowledge that both Star Wars and Star Trek are now being controlled by a single director.

What’s your reaction to J.J. Abrams being trusted with both Star Wars and Star Trek? Does talent beat out fanboy objections, or is this too close for comfort? Sound off in the comments.

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Star Wars Episode 7 is due in theaters in 2015.


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  1. Haters gonna hate, but Abrams has done nothing but make great movies since he busted into Hollywood. MI3, Super 8, Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness.

    • how cool it would be if B. Cumberbatch would play a dark sith and Jeff Bridges a jedi master. Make it happen pls :D

  2. J.J. Abrams has just become god.

    • Win.

    • AND that’s the real problem, the god complex. I hope he has a strong sense of the sardonic…

  3. Glad Abrams got it, but still tired of fanboi mentality that the prequels were bad. Sure Ep 2 was poorly written, but 1 was good and 3 was excellent. In the same was that 4 was good (great when looking at the hurdles of it’s creation at the time), 6 was almost un-watchable, and 5 was perfection.

    I am sure Abrams will do an okay job. Hoping Whedon has a crack at 1 of these in the future as well. As for the other directors mentioned above, I’ll pass.

    • Your joking right? Episode 3 is excellent but episode 6 was unwatchable. You can keep your cgi crap movies and I will keep my original star wars.

      As long as jj Abrams uses puppets and films onset locations and not on a green screen then we will be fine.

      • You must be a “superfan”. As Return of the Jedi is Episode 6 and Revenge of the Sith is Episode 3. However I concur that Episode 6 was terrible to watch :)

        Marquand was not a good director, Harrison Ford didn’t want to be there, and the Ewoks were only enjoyable when the Imperials were killing them.

        • i have a weird appreciation for #6 because i watched for the first time when i was 5 so the ewoks didnt bother me. Episode 3 was great until they showed Anakin kill padawans and force choke Padme. I feel they crossed a line that didn’t need to be crossed, especially in a star wars movie.

        • George Lucas pretty much directed half of episode 6 and didn’t take credit for it.

  4. I don’t think this report will be confirmed as true, something doesn’t seem quite right…

  5. Brings back to mind concerns about monopoly…

  6. not sure how I feel about this one…taking on another massive sci-fi franchise may be a bit much for one man to handle, and the concern is one or the other might suffer as a result. I really like his movies (though super 8 was a bit flat) and I believe he can do an excellent job with star wars, so long as he doesn’t suffer from sci-fi space epic movie fatigue seeing as he would most likely been in it for the long hall with both franchises.

    I was kind of hoping to see Ridely Scott or James Cameron land this gig both have a proven ability to shoot epic sci-fi adventures and I think either would have made a great choice seeing as they don’t have to shoot the next star trek film.

    on the bright side JJ is a great talent hopefully he can handle it all, and at least it isn’t Micheal Bay…I had nightmares about that.

    P.S does this mean we will never get to see a sequel to Cloverfield? I really liked that movie and was hoping maybe someday we would get a part 2. now that he appears to be taking on star wars that seems remote at best.

    • It is funny how you hint at the idea of J.J. Abrams suffering from multiple science fiction franchise space epic movie fatigue by taking on Star Wars and Star Trek simultaneously, yet you suggest in his place AVATAR SERIES director James Cameron and PROMETHEUS AND BLADERUNNER series director Ridley Scott. I guess they can handle the stress a little better maybe?

  7. A part of me would still love to see what Spielberg could do with the franchise, but I know that’s not a possibility.

    In any case, I definitely think Abrams would do a good job, but I doubt this report is true. Like the person above me said, something feels a little fishy…

    • I hope the report is true because i like Abrams a lot but still Spielberg doing a Star Wars movie makes me smile

    • You forget that Spielberg and Abrams are butt buddies. I believe somehow Spielberg will keep his old friend Lucas’s vision alive through his new protege, Abrams.

  8. Wow, if true, kudos to Abrams and well deserved. The guy is brilliant and what he did with Star trek- revamping a dying franchise- def gives me the comfort of knowing that they went with the right guy.

    If true though, what happens to Star Trek? Is he going to do a trilogy for both? That would take a LOT of time and effort…my guess is that he will not have the capacity to return to direct Star Trek 3.

  9. I was thinking this couldn’t be real news but now USA Today and EW have the news on their front page. If this is a rumor, it’s picking up a lot of steam.

    In reality, he is the only one I see directing a Star Wars that would inject a lot of energy on the movies. But please, don’t bring in Damon Lindelof and you have to keep John Williams.

    • I’m not sure who Lindelof is but i’m assuming he did the track for Star Trek and i would have to agree with you loc420 he is definitely not my choice for a star wars composer i didn’t even like the music for Star Trek all that much. I would have no problem if Williams returned and their is a fair chance that could happen since he did all the originals and all the not so good prequels, yeah thats something i always wanted to point out even though the prequels werent all that good i (at least in revenge of the sith) always thought the music was still good in all of them because John Williams is John Williams he is a composing legend. There are some other names i love and think would do a great job there is Michael Kamen who did the theme song for Band of Brothers (one of my favorite shows) and though i havent seen the pacific (and i really want to) i would love it if Blake Neely, Geoff Zanelli, and Hans Zimmer all rejoined forces to make the film’s music if you haven’t heard the themes from either shows listen to them they are awesome at least to me they are i think williams or one the ones i mentioned would work out well what about you guys?

      • Lindelof is the co-creator of LOST.

      • Dude, I would Love Michael Kamen too, but he died back in 2003.

  10. I’m just happy to have more Star Wars. However, I would prefer to see Guillermo del Toro directing. I like his use of puppets and practical effects.

  11. I am with The Avenger on this one .
    Fishy Indeed .
    I really appreaciate that there is a question mark in the title .
    Everybody else seems to be accepting this as fact.

  12. In regards to the EW article, the only quotes they have from JJ are from a month ago.
    Still not proven .
    Nothing from the Studio, Nothing from JJ.

  13. Immense pressure? It only has to be better than Episodes 1,2 and 3.

  14. as big a self professed nerd abrams claims he is, he must be having geekgasms of pants-ruining proportions…”star trek, then star wars, finish off with krull, the trinity will be complete!”

    • Krull ????
      WOW…man haven’t heard that title in a while !
      One of my all time favorites of the 80′s ! Sad they never made a follow up as planed !

      Give you 5 Stars for that comment !


  15. It doesn’t phase me who ends up being the director. I am more concerned with the plot of the next trilogy. Personally, I think that the next trilogy should be based on the Thrawn Trilogy. I highly recommend reading it. I really think the books could be brought go life on the silver screen.

  16. It doesn’t phase me who ends up being the director. I am more concerned with the plot of the next trilogy. Personally, I think that the next trilogy should be based on the Thrawn Trilogy. I really think the books could be brought to life on the silver screen.

  17. It will be hard for JJ, or any director for that matter, to do worse than Phantom Menace. :)

    • E

    • EH, I think Uwe Boll would have been a great choice for THAT job

      • That way its a guaranteed piece of shiznit. Whatever Boll touches turns into steamy piles of human excrement!

  18. good news; He is OUT of ST, the franchise who destroyed.
    It’s time for true trekers in Star Trek.

    • I’m excited to see what he does with Star Wars since I’ve been only a casual fan of some parts of the saga but love the potential the mystique of the Jedi and Sith contains.

      I’ve been a Star Trek fan all my life, though I would hesitate to call myself a Trekkie or anything since even there I’m not a true fanboy, and loved what he did with the Star Trek reboot. I’m very much looking forward to that sequel but am disappointed about what this may mean for his future with that franchise.

  19. i was pretty indifferent about the upcoming star wars movies but I just got excited.

  20. Hmm. Even JJ Abrams cant get me excited for Star Wars.

    I shall wait for DVD.

  21. Thank you George Lucas for creating an enduring and multi-generational franchise which thanks to you has kept growing every year for the past 30 plus years,and thank you for setting the stage for the Saga to go on well to another 30,I for one are forever in your debt for fueling my imagination to now,and from when I was a 10 year boy with his head in the clouds way back in the 70s,so enjoy your retirement,give Kathleen and JJ some good advice when they need it and sit back and truly see the legacy that you have built all those decades ago. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU,MR. LUCAS.

  22. Now bring on STAR WARS:EPISODE 7 and lets see where the fun begins…again. :)

  23. i say let abrams do episode 3.3 teenage han and boba and whedon do episode 3.6 han wins the millenium off lando. whedon would do an excellent job with a real scruffy han and a battered falcon.

  24. All im saying, JJ, if your going to have an African American Jedi, it has to be Don Cheadle. Hed make the perfect Jedi.

  25. Abrams all the way