‘Star Wars VII’ Rumor: Ewan McGregor Returning as Obi-Wan, Wants Spin-Off Film

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Star Wras Episod VII Ewan McGregor returning as Obi Wan Kenobi Rumors Star Wars VII Rumor: Ewan McGregor Returning as Obi Wan, Wants Spin Off Film

Somewhere out there in the universe, a force is growing under a veil of secrecy and shadow – and not just any force, but THE force. We’re now two years away from the 2015 release of J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars Episode VII and we still know little-to-nothing solid about what Disney has planned for its big re-launch of Star Wars - other than the fact that some familiar faces will be returning to the franchise.

Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are all locked in as Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Leia Solo, respectively – but recent rumors have suggested that other characters from the franchise’s past could be coming back as well. But the question remains: is revisiting the past a welcome bit of nostalgia, or is it the same kind of misstep that the prequel films made?

In recent days, Latino-Review has been dropping some big rumors about Episode VII; first came word that Emperor Palpatine will be returning – if only as the Sith equivalent of a “force ghost” – and now the website claims to have knowledge that Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan Kenobi could also be coming back as a ghostly guide.

Though Obi-Wan’s ghost already played a role in the original trilogy (embodied by the late, great Sir Alec Guinness), as L-R correctly points out, Hayden Christensen was CGI-surgically implemented into George Lucas’ redux of Return of the Jedi in replacement of original Human-Vader actor, Sebastian Shaw. In that sense, McGregor’s slot in franchise is pretty secure, should the filmmakers choose to go in that direction. After all, for a younger generation of fans, McGregor IS Obi-Wan.

The more important question is: Should Obi-Wan return?

Jedi Ghosts in Star Wars Star Wars VII Rumor: Ewan McGregor Returning as Obi Wan, Wants Spin Off Film

Look, in my own opinion, I’ve never been a big fan of prequels/sequels that go out of their way to shoehorn every single familiar or fan-favorite character into the new narrative. Prequel appearances by characters like C-3PO and R2D2 (oh-so-conveniently present in the saga of Anakin Skywalker as they were in the saga of Luke Skywalker) still irks me almost as much as Jar-Jar Binks. On the other hand: an appearance by Ghost Palpatine is intriguing, since we’ve never seen Sith ghosts onscreen before –  and if we’re going that route, an appearance by trust-old Obi-Wan’s spirit doesn’t seem like all that bad of a cameo to me.

As a footnote to their report, L-R added that McGregor is apparently pushing for his own standalone film (Disney has since announced its intent to produce standalone Star Wars movies in between “episodes”). Not only do we think that would be a project with potential – we’ve already pitched a pretty good story idea for an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie. So, needless to say, we’re not opposed to that happening, either.

We’ll keep you updated as more details for Episode VII are slowly but surely revealed.


Star Wars Episode VII will be in theaters in 2015.

Source: Latino-Review

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  1. Obi-Wan in Episode VII? No thanks. Obi-Wan spinoff? Yes please.

    • Thank you!

  2. I trust Kathleen Kennedy and JJ Abrams. Enough said.

  3. I have no beef with R2D2 being present. It’s ‘the witness’. It serves as a proxy for the audience experiencing game changing events at ground zero. C-3P0 on the other hand…

    If Ewan wants to be in it, let him? Besides Qui-Gon he played the most memorable character in the prequels.

  4. I always thought that Kenneth Branagh looked a lot more like Alec Guinness and would have made a better Obi-Wan Kenobi. IMO.

    • That’s really funny because back when they were casting for the prequels Kenneth Branagh was a front runner for the Obi wan Kenobi role I agree he probably would have been better and also Leonardo dicaprio was rumored to play Anakin Skywalker those two could have been great together I think it’s a bummer they didn’t get it though. I do like McGregor as obiwan I just wish they did more with him in the movie he was one of the few things i liked about the prequels.

  5. I’m down for Ewan returning, he did the best job in the prequels.

  6. Guys, lets be clear. This is just a rumor. And a rumor coming from Latino Review at that. LR have been reporting on sooo many rumors and treating them as FACT and then a good portion of them have turned out not to be true. I believe they lost their credibility with these “reports”. I just think they report on little to no evidence of these rumors just so they can get people to “click” on their website. And personally I do not believe these rumors. Especially when JJ Abrams is attached to it. And on top of that, the screenplay is still being worked on.

    But this brings up anther issue to which I do not understand. Why do people go beyond lengths to found out small movie tidbits? Movie websites posting potential SPOILERS. I mean, why would you want to try to spoil a movie wayyy before it even comes out?? Whats the reasoning behind it? Wasn’t that one of the main reason’s why people fell in love the original Star Wars was because it took them on a journey that they did not expect?? Of course back then they did not have the access to the internet as we do today but do you think people would of liked it less if they were reading into “rumors” and forming a biased view on the movie before it even came out???

    All I am trying to say is, why bother to report on mere rumors and want to report on “secret” plot details of a movie? Why can’t people just be patient and wait for the Studios official plot synopsis and cast members listings? Shouldn’t it be fair and up for the studio and the filmmakers to decide when they want to release that kind of information themselves instead of having a website headline ruin it for them?

    • Try saying that to a Marvel movie fan, Justin K. They’ll probably cut your head off.

      All joking aside, Disney has not treated fans nicely since they bought Lucasfilm. They have kept us in the dark at Comic Con and D23 and refuse to tell us even the slightest bit of news. You would think that with the amount of money the Mouse House throws at garbage projects like Lone Ranger, they could afford to spend a few bucks advertising Episode VII, one of the most anticipated Disney film coming out in the near future. Telling us something would create more anticipation. By the way, didn’t Kathleen Kennedy say something recently like: “We’re going to be less secretive and share information more frequently than the Prequels?”

  7. I like the idea of a spin off. After all, everyone thinks he is dead in IV. He must have had some mission between III and IV.

    • I think that his basic mission was hiding out on Tatooine, pretending to be dead so that he could watch over Luke…it doesn’t seem like he would’ve deviated from that much…?

  8. Ewan McGregor only if he appears in a Holocron cameo.

    Otherwise no references to episodes 1,2,3 please.

  9. spirit obi wan, age up ewan give him white hair etc in the film and it should be great

  10. obi wan died looking like alec guiness – it will ruin the integrity of the movie to then have a young obi wan as a ghost, just like inserting hayden christianson was terrible in rotj. lucas was a whore who didn’t know what people wanted, kathleen kennedy is not. theres no way this is happening.

    • They should use the voice of Ewan McGregor with the hologram image of alec guiness.

    • Actually, Patrick, NOT having Hayden Christiansen as a Force ghost would ruin the integrity of the series. Because Anakin fell into that lava pit as Hayden Christensen, not Sebastian Shaw. Perhaps you didn’t know that.

      • Maybe not, but then when Darth Vader renounced the dark side and returned to being Anakin Skywalker he was played by Sebastian Shaw. So when Anakin DIED it was as Sebastian. Perhaps YOU didn’t know that.

        So neer ;p

        Easier explanation is like the residual self image from the Matrix, when you become a Force Ghost you appear as you truly believe yourself to be……

        Still does change the fact that it was one of the many unnecessary changes George decided to foist on us, still his films (was) can do what he likes…. we don’t have to buy them, I didn’t. I’ll keep my originals thank you :)

        • Well said thank you.

        • Glad i have a VHS copy of the star wars trilogy from the 1980s!

        • VERY well said Jonathan

  11. Yet another article that proclaims: “I hate the Star Wars prequels, waaaaaaah!”

    I wish more people would drop their bias and just REPORT the news.

    • There is no bias, the prequels were terrible movies on an epic scale. If you are confused why they are so bad then watch the Plinkett reviews.

  12. Why? What would be the point. Apart from the obvious… cash. Is Ewan Mcgregor that hard up & desperate to a franchise that he publicly criticised.

    • Well, people have different opinions, which is great, because friends of mine think all the SW movies suck and that they shouldn’t make more. Glad that their opinions don’t count, that’s for sure. But point is, some (especially younger people) like the prequels, and it’s pretty much thanks to the newer generation liking those that Disney want to resurrect the series and make more movies. So, a little respect to the newbies would be a good thing, because sure, they might not have seen it in 1977, but they’re watching it now, they’re fans now and Disney want to milk them for everything they’re worth, which is great, because that means more movies! So, we may not be as “great fans” like you, in your eyes, but we’re basically most of the reason why Disney is making more movies of the series that both new fans and older fans love. So, peace?

      I deem myself half and half though, but originally what made me love SW was watching the Phantom Menace at the age of twelve, a long long time ago (and wishfully in a galaxy far away at that). So, I guess I’m a child of the prequels, but I won’t argue that the old movies are better in quality. Sure, the tech is great in the prequels, but as far as story, writing and directing goes, the prequels were better.

      • I meant, the original 3 were better, not prequels!

  13. As much as I liked McGregor’s Obi-Wan, the precedent set by GL’s changing Skywalker’s Force Ghost at the end of Episode VI dictates that an Force Ghost is depicted as they were when they last served the Light Side of the Force; in Obi-Wan’s case, this would be A New Hope, where he was portrayed by Alec Guiness.

    If they were to do flashbacks, or some other similar method of ‘time travel’, then I would have no issue with McGegor playing Obi-Wan.

    • No, the Hayden force ghost was just another stupid idea in a long line of terrible Lucas ideas. Stop apologizing for his crappy edits THAT MAKE NO SENSE AT ALL AND ARE AN INCOHERENT MESS.

  14. R2D2 and CP30 are going to be in every film. We have known that since the 1970′s. They are the ones who will get to see it all happen. It is there story, from that point of view.

    • Oh, really? I’ve heard that before…but, where were they on the Death Star II or anywhere they, well, weren’t? How is that part of “their” story?

  15. I’m sick of every piece of VII news ending with a remark about how Jar Jar was “terrible”, keep the prequels out of the picture, etc. etc.

    Not everyone thinks the same so just report what’s relavent to the article’s title.

    • So you think he wasn’t?

  16. Wish we could get a movie based on Force Unleashed. It would be interesting since they could use the actor from the game because he’s an actor. Plus both his parents were Jedi’s.

  17. I don’t think they’re going to use him as Obi Wan’s ghost. But maybe a lost record that Obi Wan was trying to warn the council prior to the attack by the Emperor. Or maybe it was a new discovery and was paid little to no attention that will become the villain for the new film?

    I’m curious to see this play out.

  18. This would be wrong on many levels. First of all, we’ve ALREADY SEEN WHAT OBI-WAN LOOKS LIKE and that was in an OLDER movie! This is supposed to be the FUTURE, therefore why in the hell would Obi-Wan come back in ghost form and NOT look like Alec Guiness!? This is just an unfathomably stupid idea and just as bad as placing the terribly smirking Hayden Christensen with his patented “Yep, I ruined the prequels and now your beloved ROTJ” look.

    As stated previously, we already had the completely needless shoehorning of R2 and 3PO into a much older world (because apparently droids don’t change design one bit in space over 30 years) and ruined the prequels even more than they already were by cramming as much useless connectivity between characters as possible.

    I cannot in good conscience think that Ewan McGregor’s mug would do this film ANY bit of good. It would only confuse audiences more and ruin the logical progression of what we already have come to know and accept in the REAL films, I’m talking the OT.

    The absolute ONLY way it would work would be in a flashback sequence. That is IT folks! The FAR better option would be for Lucasfilm to go through the archives for what certainly contains some extra dialogue that was unused from previous films from Alec Guinness himself. That would be a fantastic homage to a great man and great actor. I think it makes more sense for Yoda to take over that role anyhow being as Frank Oz is still alive and well and willing. Not to mention, Luke only really interacted with the spirits on Dagobah, he only HEARD Obi-Wan in Star Wars and in ROTJ they are conveniently placed for that end sequence, but he doesn’t speak to them, he just knows they’re there. Would be nice to go back to Dagobah since the place is so strong in the Force to seek some guidance. Maybe Luke takes a pilgrimage back there with his own understudy.

    Final thought: Do NOT screw this up Abrams/Kennedy!

    • Have you seen Into Darkness? They will find a way to screw this up!

      • Dude, here’s to hoping….

  19. As long as it doesnt have any Clone wars in it.. im up for something. Clone wars are tired now, we need something new.

  20. I’m up for him coming back as long as its not as a main character i see him playing the spirit or ghost of Sir Guiness to me McGregor always fit the description of a young Sir Alec and i always felt they had a similar voice so i’m totally up for him coming back as i said before he was one of the few things i liked about the prequels.

  21. I hope John Williams dose the music for this movie,ether him or hanz zamer.

  22. This sounds more like Battle for Endor by the day. No thanks

  23. david essex should be offered the role of obi wan kenobi.

  24. Obi Wan Kenobi please makes a appearance

  25. A Sith Ghost makes absolutely no sense. The ability to “become more powerful than you can possibly imagine,” is an ability the light-side of the force provides. Becoming “One” with the force supposedly required knowledge of the Living Force. (Still not sure how Anakin managed it) Now that I’m thinking about it, none of it makes sense if it’s a “learned” ability that Qui-Gonn supposedly figured out.

  26. Ewan mcgergor Natalie portman Hayden Christensen she Anakin skywalker said Hayden yes I will join star wars Vll Tv series yes ok I love you thank you wife she Anakin

  27. if they are putting a force ghost in episode 7 then they should at least do it with Alec Guiness. Technology is good enough now to combine archive footage with cgi and come out with something believable.

  28. Don’t see how they can bring the “young” Obi Wan back in SW7. He was an old man in the “middle” trilogy, so it makes no sense. Unless it’s flashbacks.