‘Star Wars 7′: David Fincher, Jon Favreau Being Considered to Direct?

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Star Wars Episode 7 David Fincher Star Wars 7: David Fincher, Jon Favreau Being Considered to Direct?

It’s not surprising to think of major Hollywood directors putting their plans on hold for a crack at Star Wars: Episode 7, especially if success means two more jobs potentially guaranteed. But as more and more names roll in, exactly how these directors could put their signature stamp on the film has us scratching our heads. With the most recent additions, even more so.

A knack for action and fantasy is an obvious must, so Jon Favreau (Iron Man, Cowboys & Aliens) apparently campaigning for the role makes sense. But if the rumors are true, and Disney is considering David Fincher (Fight ClubSe7en), then fans could be in for a surprise.

Even if Disney has the director’s list down to a ‘couple’ names, it’s becoming clearer that most of the world won’t know until the decision if finally made. Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First ClassKick-Ass) still remains the front-runner, with Ben Affleck out, and Brad Bird (The IncrediblesMission: Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocoloptimistic about the forthcoming film’s quality, but not directing.

But according to a brief mention by Deadline, Favreau is “panting after” the director’s job while Fincher, who briefly worked for ILM as a teen, may also be interested. It’s little to go on, but the mere mention of those two names is sure to attract plenty of attention from both devoted fans of Star Wars and cult films.

Jon Favreau Cowboys and Aliens Star Wars 7: David Fincher, Jon Favreau Being Considered to Direct?

We’ll file Favreau’s interest in Episode 7 under ‘logical but far from a lock’ for now. He made it clear when the Disney/Lucasfilm merger was first announced that he had hopes for what stories could be told. After proving his talent for action and drama with Iron Man – legitimizing Marvel’s movie universe in the process – he left that franchise to a new master, meaning he has some free time on his hands. Our memories of Iron Man‘s best moments do raise our hopes, but the mixed bag that was Cowboys & Aliens gives us pause.

As for Fincher, well, let’s just say that we’ll believe that when we see him land the job. His abilities aren’t in question, but it would be difficult for anyone to argue that his penchant for crime, drama, and darker themes would be a wise move for Star Wars. Particularly if the rumors of Disney mimicking Marvel’s commercial formula prove to be true.

Of course, with names like these being thrown in the mix, we have to ask ourselves: How much influence will the director be allowed to have? Episode 7‘s script is already finished, with 8 and 9 possibly being written at this very moment. Given the amount of money Disney has riding on this film being a commercial success, the notion of handing over the reins completely seems hard to believe. They might end up betting the farm on a name they trust, but could also make Joss Whedon’s constraints for The Avengers seem like a cake walk.

David Fincher Gives Girl Played Fire Update Star Wars 7: David Fincher, Jon Favreau Being Considered to Direct?

Since the plot of Episode 7 is already established, the director Disney hires will be charged with controlling the style, feel, and tone of the film. With that in mind, directors applauded for their dramatic talent may be a proven quantity, but not necessarily the kind of figure who will think commercially for the foreseeable sequels and spin-offs.

Favreau makes more sense – and Disney could do a lot worse – but the question inevitably becomes: Do we want a director who can deliver a summer blockbuster, or an exceptional film?

We’re glad we don’t have to make that call. But if the choice was yours, who would you pick? Obviously we’d all like profits and ticket sales out of the equation, but is there a director who could manage both sides? Sound off in the comments.

Star Wars Episode 7 is due in theaters in 2015.

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Source: Deadline

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  1. again, each day theres a new rumor about who gonna direct star wars 7 . I think I wont beleive those rumors before 2014 . still a long way in a far far far away galaxy.

    • Well, the movie’s coming out in 2015, so I really hope it doesn’t take them till 2014 to get a director lol… that would be catastrophic.

  2. Wow! David Fincher was my personal choice a couple weeks back! He’d make one hell of a Star Wars movie :)

    • Agreed. What a cool twist if it were Fincher. Maybe Empire Strikes Back and Revenge of the Sith won’t be the “dark” episodes anymore! Exactly what this franchise needs. Just like that 1313 game, mature themes and heavy atmosphere are the antidote to the prequel kidiness. Of course we aren’t getting an R rated movie…

    • I think Fincher would be a pretty interesting choice

  3. Fincher is one of my favorite directors,but he’s totally not right for Star Wars.Favreau would be a better choice between the two for sure.

    I don’t know if anyone has ever mentioned it,but here’s a name that I’ve yet to hear.Kevin Smith.That’s right,I said it.Kevin Smith.

    If nothing else,you know that he would treat the project better than he treats his own kid,and would make sure to not F it up.I didn’t see Cop Out and heard that it wasn’t very good,but Red State was very good,and convinced me that he’s a better director than all of his previous movies show.

    • I’m curious, why would David Fincher be wrong for this? It’s not like he’d make Star Wars “Seven-esque” or anything. The script is practically already written at this point.

    • Don’t get me wrong here, Kevin Smith is one of my favorite directors, and I have no doubt he would put 100% into it if he did do it, but as a Kevin Smith fan I don’t think he’d be the right man for the job. Simply my reason is he always puts his style into things he does, and sometimes his style isn’t suitable for the project. Example, I’ve read the Batman comics he wrote, and while I was in the minority that did enjoy them (seriously, most people hated them), I couldn’t shake the feeling of “this is Kevin Smith writing a Batman story” rather than it just being a Batman story. His style of directing and writing are so unique and noticeable that it’s hard to not recognize he did it. So, I guess what I’m saying is I just think Smith would make it too much of his own, and for Star Wars I don’t quite want that.

      As for these new rumors (seriously, I should just stop paying attention until they actually choose a director), Fincher never disappointed me yet and he has a pretty good range. So far out of the rumored choices, I’d go Fincher>Vaughn>Favreau.

      • I can’t believe all the people saying they’d want Kevin Smith directing a blockbuster, let alone Star Wars. Just because you like Star Wars and have made a movie (at no more than 1/10 the budget of a SW movie, mind you) doesn’t mean you should direct the next Star Wars movie. You might as well let Seth Green direct it in that case.

        • You mean the one person. You make a valid obvious point, but he will never direct & people would go crazy if his name was even in the running. Not that it should be.

      • Totally agree with you on his Batman story. I feel like the Widening Gyre was much better than Cacophony.

    • Cop Out was his first attempt at directing something he didn’t write which he said he never wanted to do. Then did it just to see how he liked it. If he had done a rewrite it could have been much better. Oh well. If Smith did it, it would take 10 year to get made. He is taking forever to finish his third act of his Batman story.

    • Smith already stated that there was no way he would touch the star wars universe. He doesn’t want that kind of responsibility. The only movie he ever made that could be considered a true studio movie was cop out and he did not have the best time making it.

  4. Not Jon Favreau. He’s never directed ANYTHING emotionally compelling and when he tried (Cowboys and Aliens), he failed. Fincher is more of a dramatic guy, but I could trust him with anything. So, Yes! Fincher, NOT F***ING FAVREAU

    • Agree with you.Jon has no real emotions in his movie,a lack of it !
      And Fincher…hm,If you want make a star wars underground dark movie..then yes,but not for ep 7 !

      • No, you are right. Elf has zero emotion in that movie.

  5. Another day, another rumor of another director… so far, so ho-hum.

    I very much doubt David Fincher either wants or is putting himself forward to do any of the new trilogy episodes, he would have to tailor his film to fit into a pre-existing mythology, and that’s not going to happen. Jon Favreau and Matthew Vaughn are good choices but what ‘Star Wars’ needs now is a bold, daring, and extraordinarily imaginative filmmaker to make a cultural impact the way both ‘Star Wars’ and ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ did at the time of their respective theatrical releases… someone like Alfonso Cuaron or even Paul Thomas Anderson; in other words, an unexpected and out-of-the-box choice that will knock everyone sideways and deliver a film that is both visually breathtaking as well as emotionally substantive.

    • And ditch John Williams as composer, get someone really evocative like Tangerine Dream to score the new trilogy- just how cool would THAT be!?

      • Why not Daftpunk or Linkin Park? Really give it that weird vibe…

      • If Michael Giacchino doesn’t compose the new trilogy’s soundtrack, I’ll cry followed quickly by rioting. He is literally the 80s John Williams reborn, but with way more talent with emotional strings.

        • Danny Elfman.

    • I don’t thing of Fincher as above Star Wars. He’d be a great pick.

  6. I kinda hope Favreau does’nt direct. He’s made some good films but most of the ones that turn out good he had help on.

  7. I don’t think there’s many people who are bigger David Fincher fans than I am but I think it would be a huge surprise if he got the job.
    Now I’m not saying he couldn’t or wouldn’t make a great Episode 7 but it just doesn’t feel right. I know that’s a pretty lame explanation but that’s about as simply as I could put it…

  8. Fincher already helped shoot Return of the Jedi, and this whole thing feels like Disney wants to get the band back together, and Favreau got lucky with Iron Man 1, but he kinda sucks as a director. Fincher for the win!!!!!

    • That is correct. I was wondering why the post didn’t mention that. It would, therefore, NOT be a complete surprise to SW fandom.

  9. Funny, I was saying a couple of weeks ago that Fincher would be perfect for episode 8 if they were going the dark ending ala Empire Strikes Back. I’m totally fine with either him, Vaughn or Favreau.

  10. Fav is versatile. Best choice. Fincher for act 2, which is typically darker in tone.

  11. Ugh not Jon Favreau. I like him, but this just seems like more of the same star wars, and I don’t want that.

    I want risks to be taken. Mathew Vaughn seems like a good choice.

    Thinking of Fincher is like thinking Aronofsky, or Nolan would direct one of these, and I just don’t think that would happen.

    I would love to see an exceptional film rather than a blockbuster. Neill Blomkamp comes to mind.

  12. Fav for Ep7
    Fincher for Ep8
    And Cuaron for Ep9
    Easy all 3

  13. My top choice would be Chris Nolan (not that that’s ever going to happen). I could accept Favreau, but I think Fincher would be a great choice. Saw Zodiac for the first time last week… yes, I could definitely go with Fincher.

    • It would have to be grounded in reality then.

      • And the characters would have to explain the plot and their EVERY motivation, ya know, ’cause Nolan’s SUCH a genius and his audience is SO stupid they can’t figure out his HEADY stories without him walking them through it.

  14. Better not be Favreau, his only good blockbuster was Iron Man, and that was entirely because of RDJ. He has practically zero style. Fincher would be Irvin Kirshner levels of epic, and he would bring in a great cinematographer to match the perfect space opera look of ESB. That was the only Star Wars movie that ever was visually artistic IMO.

  15. Who hasn’t been rumored to direct this movie yet? Cameron, Del Toro, Jackson.

    • Cameron God no & he is to busy doing his second Smufs movie. Del Toro wants monsters so no. I know after Pacific Rim comes out though studios will be throwing money at him (well the most they can in this economy). Jackson maybe.

      • I was joking about all three of those guys. It just seems like everyone who has directed anything in the last five years is being mentioned for this project at this point.

  16. Fincher. Tho wasn’t he directing a new Captain Nemo film with Disney?

    • Yeah,whatever happened to that project? Get on it Screenrant!! 😀

  17. I love Fincher and honestly have no idea what kind of star wars film he would make. But that makes me want to see him to do it all the more. We all saw what happened when Favreau had to work within the strict contraints of the Marvel Universe. Iron Man 2. That’s all that needs to be said.

  18. Star Wars 7: Stanley Kubrick being considered to direct???????????

    • Only if Disney has found a way to raise people from the dead (although it wouldn’t surprise me to hear they were experimenting with such things).

  19. All for Fincher directing, but please let’s not turn Star Wars ‘dark & gritty’ ala Batman! I’m tired of ‘gritty’ – I watch films to ESCAPE the world for a couple hours. Gritty is in the news daily – it’s getting boring in films…

    Even Empire still had lots of humour, and was still very much a family film. The prequels were a tonal mess, veering from stupid sub-par immature characters/direction to suddenly turning the ‘star’ into a kiddy killer, wife strangler, and showing him get his comeuppance in a pretty gruesome way.

    The new films need to walk the line between drama, thrills and still remain viewable by all age groups without anybody feeling cheated in any way. A tall order, but I live in hope…

  20. The Kubrick of his generation, the most tightly controlled and precise camera in terms of movement and pace doing a Star Wars movie?

    I’ll buy everyone who comments on this a drink of their choice if it happens…

  21. I gotta say David Fincher is so overrated. The fact that the Social Network won so many awards still blows my mind. Complete crap. Seven was decent, but without those actor not much to it. Besides Fight Club who cares. I know some people love Alien 3. The rest all okay at best. Zodiac being the best of the okay. I loved the look of the movie, but there has been much better Zodiac moves then that. TCCOBB looked great & had some good parts, but like most of his movies feel very boring & bogged down. Favreau before his last two films I would have said yeah. Vaughn is my choice, but all that matters is the script.

  22. I didn’t see cowboys and aliens didn’t hear all that great things thought the action looked cool in the trailers though. Between the two of them Favreau obviously has more sci-fi experience and i am a huge fan of the first Iron Man Iron Man 2 not as much. I loved what he did with Elf its one of my favorite Christmas movies its so hilarious and well directed. I loved the Social Network by Fincher and really want to see the Fight Club it sounds awesome. So so far these two may be some of the best choices i’ve seen yet, if the job goes to one of them i’d say the trilogy is in good hands.

  23. Out of the two, I think Favreau is the more logical choice (Fincher’s great, but I just think Favreau has more experience with this type of movie – plus, he’s a fan ;)), but even if Favs were to direct, I’d be skeptical about the movie, to say the least.

    • J J Abrams says that not being a Star Trek fan was what allowed him to make the Star Trek comeback a success. I don’t even think George Lucas and Irvin Kershner during the original trilogy were necessarily star wars ‘fans’. The moment the director is a fan, is the moment he thinks getting out Boba Fett’s old armour will be awesome in itself. Being a fan and being a story teller are two very different things. Sorry, just really hesitant towards Favreau directing

  24. I wanna see the directors of Aliens and Alien 3 go head to head with the two biggest sci-fi franchises in 2015! Fincher has often been criticised for almost cartoony characters. I didnt like Social Network as I didnt think that suited, but with Fight Club it did, and Star Wars relies on vibrant maybe even slightly over the top characters so I actually like the idea. He showed that he can delve into a Sci-fi world with Alien 3, and with the Toy Story 3 screen writer inserting the heart warming stuff, this could truly bring balance to the force! Loved Iron Man, but apart from that, please keep Favreau away from this. He’s great, but Star Wars needs to be better.

    • James Cameron VS David Fincher? I’m game.

  25. They’d do well to get David Fincher. The new head of LucasFILM, Kathleen Kennedy already has a working relationship with him after producing Benjamin Button. And with Fincher’s 20 000 Leagues awaiting the greenlight from Disney, maybe they can work something out where both parties get something out.

    • Infact, it would be difficult to believe Kathleen and David Fincher haven’t had atleast a few conversations about him directing this.

  26. Maybe they should get M. Night Shyamalan to direct. Then we find out at the end that it was actually Star Trek 3.

    • +1

      • And the villain’s only weakness is … water!

  27. Well like I said awhile back Fincher could be a good choice but what about John Harrison? He’s worked for Disney in the past he knows how to do mythic and grave and inject gravitas and intense feeling into the story. He’s also familiar with effects heavy productions and Science Fiction. He’s done several mini-series so he knows about the long story and the long haul and finally he’s a musician so his collaboration in that arena is effective too…

  28. Danny Boyle is the man for this job!!! cant believe nobody has mentioned him. Has anyone seen “Sunshine”?? his visual style is incredible he would totally OWN star wars……AND he also gets heavily involved with his characters. Danny Boyle is the man for this film!

  29. I think these guessing games about the new Star Wars episodes are fun but in the end pointless Lucasfilm and its new boss Kathleen Kennedy are keep everything close to the vest until they are ready to reveal all,but keep on speculating,you all might get lucky. :)