‘Star Wars 7′: David Fincher, Jon Favreau Being Considered to Direct?

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Star Wars Episode 7 David Fincher Star Wars 7: David Fincher, Jon Favreau Being Considered to Direct?

It’s not surprising to think of major Hollywood directors putting their plans on hold for a crack at Star Wars: Episode 7, especially if success means two more jobs potentially guaranteed. But as more and more names roll in, exactly how these directors could put their signature stamp on the film has us scratching our heads. With the most recent additions, even more so.

A knack for action and fantasy is an obvious must, so Jon Favreau (Iron Man, Cowboys & Aliens) apparently campaigning for the role makes sense. But if the rumors are true, and Disney is considering David Fincher (Fight ClubSe7en), then fans could be in for a surprise.

Even if Disney has the director’s list down to a ‘couple’ names, it’s becoming clearer that most of the world won’t know until the decision if finally made. Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First ClassKick-Ass) still remains the front-runner, with Ben Affleck out, and Brad Bird (The IncrediblesMission: Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocoloptimistic about the forthcoming film’s quality, but not directing.

But according to a brief mention by Deadline, Favreau is “panting after” the director’s job while Fincher, who briefly worked for ILM as a teen, may also be interested. It’s little to go on, but the mere mention of those two names is sure to attract plenty of attention from both devoted fans of Star Wars and cult films.

Jon Favreau Cowboys and Aliens Star Wars 7: David Fincher, Jon Favreau Being Considered to Direct?

We’ll file Favreau’s interest in Episode 7 under ‘logical but far from a lock’ for now. He made it clear when the Disney/Lucasfilm merger was first announced that he had hopes for what stories could be told. After proving his talent for action and drama with Iron Man – legitimizing Marvel’s movie universe in the process – he left that franchise to a new master, meaning he has some free time on his hands. Our memories of Iron Man‘s best moments do raise our hopes, but the mixed bag that was Cowboys & Aliens gives us pause.

As for Fincher, well, let’s just say that we’ll believe that when we see him land the job. His abilities aren’t in question, but it would be difficult for anyone to argue that his penchant for crime, drama, and darker themes would be a wise move for Star Wars. Particularly if the rumors of Disney mimicking Marvel’s commercial formula prove to be true.

Of course, with names like these being thrown in the mix, we have to ask ourselves: How much influence will the director be allowed to have? Episode 7‘s script is already finished, with 8 and 9 possibly being written at this very moment. Given the amount of money Disney has riding on this film being a commercial success, the notion of handing over the reins completely seems hard to believe. They might end up betting the farm on a name they trust, but could also make Joss Whedon’s constraints for The Avengers seem like a cake walk.

David Fincher Gives Girl Played Fire Update Star Wars 7: David Fincher, Jon Favreau Being Considered to Direct?

Since the plot of Episode 7 is already established, the director Disney hires will be charged with controlling the style, feel, and tone of the film. With that in mind, directors applauded for their dramatic talent may be a proven quantity, but not necessarily the kind of figure who will think commercially for the foreseeable sequels and spin-offs.

Favreau makes more sense – and Disney could do a lot worse – but the question inevitably becomes: Do we want a director who can deliver a summer blockbuster, or an exceptional film?

We’re glad we don’t have to make that call. But if the choice was yours, who would you pick? Obviously we’d all like profits and ticket sales out of the equation, but is there a director who could manage both sides? Sound off in the comments.

Star Wars Episode 7 is due in theaters in 2015.

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Source: Deadline

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  1. off topic, just watched return of the Jedi last night for the nth time and i must say, the battle of Endor space battle still looks freakin awesome and realistic until now. I do hope this new director will utilize the same ” old school” effects together with cutting edge CGI for Ep7. The prequels mostly depended on CGI and somehow took away the realistic feel of the Original movies. BTW , id be happy with any of these two directors. What about peter jackson?

    • I’m totally on the same wavelength. The Battle of Endor is still, to this day, just an incredible visual sequence. Freakin awesome is right. I realize that it must have taken an unbelievable amount of work to film, but man was it worth it.

    • I agree! It is cinematic magic at it’s best, and will stand the test of time, as it has already proved. It is the most realistic space battle sequence ever made, in my opinion, and I hope the new movies will follow suit in their filming process. CGI in my opinion is just a form of laziness, however, it is needed from time to time, given certain complexities.

      With regard to the ‘Director’, I hope it’s someone who will do the sequels justice. Not something that was thrown together like the horrific Prequels.

      • CGI is absolutely complete laziness, and that’s what Lucas became, lazy and unspirited. He lacked his supreme and creative vision with relentless attention to detail from the original movies. Anything CGI in my opinion always looks half-assed and cheesy as hell. Scale models, ACTUAL settings and REAL PEOPLE in outfits make for a great film. Look no further than Peter Jackson. The Lord of the Rings had SO much attention to detail, they planted gardens a year before they filmed in Hobbiton to make it look natural. I mean come on! What other directors have that much pristine attention to detail? It still kills me every time I see a stupid clone running around all rigid-like because he’s completely CGI, instead of a guy in suit. Whoever takes over, they absolutely need to use real locales and real sets and real extras with real accessories. CGI should only be used when something is not humanly possible. The battle of the Helm’s Deep in Two Towers was an amazing mix of scale model with a real set and THEN CGI, because let’s be honest: Where does one get 100,000 Orcs these days? You get the point, and fans shouldn’t accept or expect ANYTHING less for a new Star Wars.

    • Yeah your right man in the originals it was all practical effects and the prequels it was a ton of CGI

  2. Ha. I was just reading some scathing reviews of Alien 3, which I believe that Fincher directed. I haven’t seen much of his, except for part of Se7en years back, so I don’t know. Favreau…uh, I’m not sure about him. Iron Man was entertaining, but was it really that good?

  3. Without a doubt in my mind, I would let Nolan direct Star Wars if he asked. Huge sci-fi movies like these aren’t exactly his thing, but he’s an amazing storyteller who makes the movies feel artistic with his wide shots, but not artsy. And he’s great at using practical effects mixed with some CGI. That’s one of my biggest gripes about the prequels; too much CGI, which didn’t give them a “real” feeling.

  4. exceptional film please

  5. All I care about is the chosen director and writer are provided with creational flexibility from Lucas’ main pre-scripted plot. I would hate for some of Lucas’ set ways to hinder or hold back a fresh out-take on the films. Lucas’ is great, do not get me wrong, I love him for all he has done. But there comes a time when the spark dwindles and the light fades. I believe Lucas saw this in himself and did the right thing by passing the torch. But with the passing of the torch so must pass some of the control. His general schematic of the Skywalker soap opera must continue but freedom must be in the hands of writers and directors to make addendums to what could be Lucas faults. Looking at some of Lucas’ mistakes in the prequel trilogies is all the proof one needs to recognize my points.

    1. Jar Jar Binks, though the silly nature of the character was good for kids and his naivety was essential in the Emperors rise to power, he was overplayed and took much away from the enigmatic feel of a star wars film.

    2. How did Leah know her Mother? What happened in the cave on Degobah? These along with several other un-answered questions left fans feeling many connections between prequel and original trilogies were either evaded for easier writing or outright ignored.

    3. The duel between Yoda and the Emperor was corny at best. It was hard to watch the greatest lightsaber duel ever between Anikin and Obiwon then pan to the worst ever between the Yoda and Palpetine.

    4. Order 66 and Midicloriates: Midicloriates took away a large part of the mysticism in the force. Order 66 rather than the Great Jedi Purge as Vader hunt down and killed the Jedi was disheartening.

    5. Too much love story. I understand that Anikins downfall was attributed to his feelings for Padme. But to dedicate at least a third of the trilogy to the love bond between them was not necessary. It took away from the universal politics, clone wars and action. Plus the chosen actor for Anikin lacked the performance qualities needed to pull off some of the more emotional acting in the sappier sequences of the film.

    I know many of you may argue some of my points and that is okay. I also give great credit to Lucas for some very fine points in the movies. The best space battle in my opinion of all six films thus far was when Anikin and Obiwon were attacking Grievaces ship. Grievace was a great character. The friendship between Obiwon and Anikin was well acted and directed. The ties of Unlce Owen and Aunt Bearue were priceless. The casting of Qui Gon Gin was superb and went far to counter balance Jar Jar bringing seriousness to the Phantom film. The duel between Anikin and Obiwon was the best ever. There was much to appreciate in the prequels.

  6. Completely forgot Favreau directed “Cowboys & Aliens”. Really thought the only good thing about it was Daniel Craig as Jake Lonergan. Don’t get me wrong, I like Harrison Ford and all, but that was definitely a weak performance.

    Of course, it didn’t help that “Cowboys & Aliens” just wasn’t that good in general lol.

    I guess if Favreau does do Episode VII, it’ll be hit or miss

  7. How about an exceptional blockbuster film??

  8. Neil Blokamp was born to direct this movie

  9. Matthew Vaughn is probably the best choice, but the true matter still remains, that is, how well this new trilogy continues the story, and if they are able to succeed where the other 6 episodes did, that is, were able to each exist as their own movie, and not have to completely rely on adding tension for the sequels.
    But, all in all, the movie should turn out pretty good considering that the script has already been writen. Also, as long as they have consult Lucas to some degree, I’m having high hopes! :)

  10. i should direct it cos im awsome

    • Lol

  11. Both directors are excellent to me I think Fincher is brilliant and if he was going to direct the film I think it would be some good news. Favreau I also think is great but I think he as to work with the right people in order to make a really good film, take the first iron man for example if any of you don’t know this the script was really past due for the movie and when they started shooting they had to start with an unfinished script and when that happens only the director and the lead actor can finish writing the script (other actors can offer ideas but they can’t actually write it) so it was really Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr sitting in a trailer coming up with ideas for a scene and then actually filming it. So in a way it was Jon and Robert that saved the movie. iron Man 2 was not the greatest as plenty of us know but I personally don’t blame Favreau for that I mean when you think about it any time a movie goes bad we tend to blame the director but it’s not always her or his fault it can be the actors or the writers I personally blame the writer Justin Theorux for that one it did have some awesome sets though and I feel bad for Rourke because his character was lame in many ways and that wasn’t him and it wasn’t really Jon either it was really Fiege and the studio that just wanted a 1-dimensional character which is a bummer for Mickey and us, Mickey is a really good actor you want proof of that see the Wrestler him as a cool 3-dimensional villain in a marvel movie would’ve been awesome but unfortunately that didn’t happen. Now I must talk about one of my favorite Favreau movies Elf I will just say it is fantastic and fun as hell. I for one did not see Cowboys and Aliens so I’m probably not the best to judge when it comes to that but I thought some of the trailers looked cool I didn’t hear the best reviews for it though which is a bummer but hey, every director out there no matter how good one of their films is will make bad movies and good movies, the first movie Fincher ever directed which was the third alien movie was supposed to be terrible and he’s the same guy who made the Fight Club, Steven Spielberg made Lincoln, Tintin, and a life changing movie like Schindler’s list, and he also made Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, George Lucas made American Graffiti and A New Hope and then he made Phantom Menace, Sam Raimi made Spiderman and Spiderman 2 and then he made Spiderman 3, Francis Ford Coppola made Godfather and Godfather 2 and then Godfather 3, J.J Abrams made Mission Impossible Three (which I won’t say was bad I just felt like I wasn’t as good as it could’ve been) and then he produced Mission Impossible 4 and made Star Trek and Star Trek into Darkness and Super 8, Richard Donner made Superman and Lethal Weapon and then he made Lethal Weapn 3 and 4, Irvin Kershner made Empire Strikes Back and he also made Robocop 2. I guess the truth is there is no such thing as a director that can deliver a fantastic movie every time I guess there’s a risk in making movies and there’s a risk in seeing them because we have to stomach all the disappointment. So I know Favreau has done some good and some bad but he may be my first pic Fincher a close second.

  12. To me David Fincher would be an excellent choice and would bring quality to the films. I think the popularity is there no matter what, but I think the films could get an even bigger audience if they are made with the quality that Fincher makes his movies.