Star Wars Rumor: ‘Boba Fett’ Spinoff Puts New Character In The Armor

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Among the growing slate of upcoming superhero films making headlines with rumors, speculation and other frustrating amounts of unverifiable and partly fake information, sits Star Wars: Episode VII and the 2015 relaunch of the saga. This time around however, there’s more riding on a single episodic installment than ever before.

Star Wars 7 not only sets the stage for another trilogy, picking up where Return of the Jedi left fans 31 years ago, but is potentially launching two full trilogies, along with an unknown amount of spinoffs that’ll ensure Lucasfilm and parent company Disney will have Star Wars in cinemas every year for the foreseeable future. At least one of those planned spinoffs is all about the fan-favorite bounty hunter known as Boba Fett. Sort of.

Let’s take a step back from reports which have every recognizable name and face from TV and films meeting with director J.J. Abrams for a role in Star Wars 7, and from the creative differences between its writer Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3) and the pair of people rewriting the script (J.J. Abrams and The Empire Strikes Back’s Lawrence Kasdan). In a roundup of rumors (tired of these yet?) at LR, they have sources claiming that Kasdan is also working on the Boba Fett spinoff (which we heard before) and that his pitch involves a drastically changing the title character.

Kasdan’s (rumored) idea of a Boba Fett solo feature has the iconic character killed off quickly and another, new character taking the armor and weapons (and name) and suiting up. The screenwriter apparently isn’t a fan of the clones story arc from the prequel trilogy and wants no Jango Fett (Boba’s father) clones involved.

At first glance it seems like a way to simply milk the brand and recognizable character design for merchandising purposes. Why not create a new character in a standalone story? There are obvious business reasons as to why not and at least if this story is at all true then the Boba Fett spinoff will be straying away from the prequel ideas – and that’s a good thing.

The last part of the report claims that Joe Johnston (Captain America: The First Avenger, The Wolfman) is at the top of Disney’s interest list for potential directors. No one is signed or in negotiations, nor do we know any other names on that list so take that for what you will.

Want to see a new Boba Fett or are you done with the Mandalorian armor? Where would such a film take place in the timeline?


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Star Wars: Episode VII hits theaters December 18, 2015.

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  1. Just reboot the whole damn franchise already. Its been 30 years now since the last of the original Star Wars trilogy. Most would just as soon forget about the prequels anyway. George Lucas has Special Editioned the Hell out of the originals to where would anyone really care anymore at this point?! This would be an excellent opportunity to redo parts of Return Of The Jedi too. Specifically the crappy acting & those stinking Ewok’s! Jeez, I hated those pint sized flea farms 30 years ago & I have nothing but contempt for them still to this day. I mean c’mon. The Empire holds a galaxy in an iron grip for decades & they suddenly have their asses handed to them by oversized rodents?!? Riiiiight.
    This way too they can redo Bobba Fett’s origin, change the whole lousy outcome of his previously undignified demise, & undo all the damage Lucas created with those $hitty prequels.

    • Um, no they can’t change Boba Fett’s origins. The Prequel Trilogy is canon, so it and everything in it is here to stay. I do hope that they have Fett survive getting eaten by the Sarlacc though.

    • What you are asking for is worse than what Lucas did.

  2. Man, I cannot wait to read all the rage on the internet on Dec 2015. Going to be more entertaining than the movie. I actually feel a little sorry for all the creative people behind these new movies. They’ll never be able to meet the expectations of “fans”…ever.

    No matter what they do it will be met with severe nerd rage. Destroy the old canon…old fans will rage. Keep the old canon…new fans will rage (clones suck!). Don’t include the EU…fans of terrible books will rage. Include the EU…old fans who scoff at that non-canon nonsense will rage.

    I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The movie should take place between episodes 3 and 4. That way the classic Fett that everybody (for some reason) loves from the original trilogy is unimpeached by the cinematic abortions that are the prequels. In fact, do that with all the characters that showed up in both trilogies and we can reduce the prequels importance to the story to nearly nothing.

    • Yes.

      • OMG I can actually comment here now again! Woot! Been about a year of being denied access to the server, joy.

        Bring Jason Wingreen back! LOL.

  4. Personally, the way I would tackle this film is similar to how the Magneto film became X-Men: First Class. Originally that film was centered solely on Magneto origins and Xavier would play a small role but the filmmakers saw the chance to truly explore the origins of these two men and the friendship they would share before becoming enemies. I think it was the smart choice and despite production issues on First Class the films excelled in the scenes with these two characters.

    So if the film were to take place prior to Star Wars, tell the story of the Boba Fett and his life while simultaneously the story of the young Han Solo that the filmmakers have shown interest in doing. We can have multiple perception
    about a certain storyline concerning the underworld throughout the galaxy.

  5. I’m actually all for them turning Boba Fett into a sort of Dread Pirate Roberts type of character.

  6. Trevor Slattery gets his hands on the Space and Time gems, which send him to a time long ago in a galaxy far, far away and then co-opts the Legacy of Boba Fett for himself.

  7. It be nice to see the Old Voice of Bobba Fett back those prequels were such a horrible mistake

  8. Of any of the news that’s gone out about Star Wars, this is, by far, the best. Not the fact that they’re making a Boba Fett movie or even the new trilogy. The fact that one of the players (Kasdan) is doing his part to weed out any references to the stupid tie-ins from the prequel trilogy.

    I’ve actually written a scene to be included in one of the new films that would furthermore do this. The spirit of Obi-Wan and Yoda are reminiscing. Obi-Wan: “Remember when we all got messed up on those killer death sticks and we were all tripped out talking about mediclorians?” Yoda: “F’d up, were we.”

  9. I know he has explicitly stated countless times that he has NO interest in getting involved in this stuff, but i can’t think of someone more appropriate to tackle a Boba Fett/Bounty Hunter story set in the Star Wars universe than Neill Blomkamp. Like District 9 felt like Tattooine the movie to an extent and pretty much all the things Blomkamp is interested in in the genre – Cool tech/weaponry, Mercs, slummy/rundown environs – is what would be cool about a Boba Fett film. If they got someone like Alex Garland to write the script with Blomkamp directing THAT movie could offer some serious badassdom

  10. this is stupid… How dare he write to kill off Boba!!?? Boba Fett’s story from the expanded universe is great, why won’t they just roll with that??… I’d rather them do a film about Star Killer than destroy Boba’s story

  11. They should stick to the format that is already in place. I would love to see T. Morrison play bobba fett. Say what you want about the prequels but I feel that episodes 2-3 and the clone wars series actually have laid down a
    strong foundation for possibly a very interesting Bobba Fett story. I felt that Morrison played a great Jango Fett. I’m sure a Bobba Fett story would come with an amazing script n therefore I can totally see Morrison doing even a better job with this new story. I read that some writers are trying to stay away from the clone theory behind Bobba Fett.. To have him killed off n some random person taking on the armor and pretending to be Bobba Fett is worse than seeing jar jar binks return in episode 7.

    • I will be extremely disappointed if they just kill off Boba Fett in favor of some new direction. I agree with you that T. Morrison should play Boba Fett in the new movies and that the prequels were entertaining. They should just stick to the clone Fett and explore his story, if they kill off Boba for some new person to take his armor they lose the Han Boba rivalry.

  12. You have newer fans who like the Mandalorian Boba Fett, and you have classic fans who like the bounty hunter Boba Fett who only wears the Mandalorian Armor. You can’t confuse people any more than they already are, Boba Fett died in the original story, but somehow survived to continue in the expanded universe. The question isn’t should Boba Fett change, but more of how this will effect the character, this could make a for a more noble soldier or more villainous scoundrel, it doesn’t really matter what changes were made to Boba Fett he is still Bada$$, and my favorite star wars character, anyone wearing mando armor shouldn’t be trifled with.

  13. If they put a new character in the armor, we riot.

    • I’ll grab my pitchfork.

  14. There is only one Boba Fett hence the name Boba Fett and any change is STUPID and asscenine. The real Boba has a real story (well kinda real).

    Long may we remember the Clone Troopers of the Grand Army and Galactic Marines

  15. A Mandalorian spinoff would be great, but there are many Mandos that are not Fetts, so why even involve Boba? He wouldn’t even have to be a bounty hunter. Or even a he! why not a mercenary, or a smuggler?

  16. I love the idea of a Star Wars movie about Boba Fett, but I sincerely hope they do NOT kill him off and change the character to be someone new. Keep him as he is! He’s far too bad-ass to get killed off!

  17. No! Do not kill off the original Boba Fett! That would be the worst thing to happen to Star Wars since Jar-Jar.

  18. So the Boba Fett that I grew to know and love gets killed, and they just throw some new dude into his costume? What’s up with that? No thanks. Good way to say that the original script didn’t mean anything.

  19. More than 1 mandalorian merc is in all of space people. Also it wasn’t ever said that it is boba fett, it could be but this episode I read that Han Solo won’t be In it. So why would you have his rival in it but no solo.

  20. Killing off a character that people have grown up with and love, even though he had limited screen time in the movies, would be an insult to the fan base. They are basically saying that welp even though those other movies existed we’re gonna pretend that they didn’t. You can’t just pretend the prequels didn’t exist, which explained Boba’s origin as a clone. Personally, I care more about the character of Boba Fett not his armor. Having someone else kill Boba and take his armor/name would make me hate the new movies. I read almost all the, now not cannon, books about Boba including his survival from the sarlaac pit called the Bounty Hunter Wars series. Just make a movie about that plot line.