Star Wars Saga Getting 3D Re-Release [Updated]

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Star Wars 3D re release Star Wars Saga Getting 3D Re Release [Updated]

Update: Info has been released on when exactly we’ll see the first episode of the Saga released in 2012. See below for details.

Talk about inevitable…

After much speculation pointing to this conclusion, we’re finally hearing official word that the entire Star Wars Saga from Phantom Menace right through to Return of the Jedi is getting the 3D treatment. Heat Vision reports that George Lucas is officially planning the re-release of all six Star Wars movies in 3D starting with Phantom Menace in 2012. That obviously means Lucas is going the route of releasing them in chronological order as opposed to the order in which they were originally released.

If Phantom Menace‘s 3D release does well at the box office (I’d be shocked if it didn’t) the plan is to release each movie after Phantom Menace on the exact same date every year to keep things consistent. But the math whizzes among you will have worked out that means we won’t get to “the original trilogy” until 2015 with Return of the Jedi concluding things in 2017. I’m betting a lot of you wish they would re-release the movies in their original order, huh? The prequel trilogy isn’t exactly cherished… Unsurprisingly, Lucas has been spurred on by James Cameron’s Avatar and specifically the way that movie utilized 3D. Obviously the Star Wars movies will have to be converted to 3D, but fans can take some comfort in the fact that, “each conversion takes at least a year to complete, with Lucas personally overseeing the process to make sure each one is as perfected as possible.” This certainly doesn’t sound like it’ll be the rushed post-conversion 3D job that Clash of the Titans was.

If you’re wondering why it’s taken Lucas this long to get moving with Star Wars in 3D, he purportedly was waiting for there to be enough 3D screens for it to be as big an event as possible. Obviously Lucas wants the re-releases to launch with a bang, not a whimper…

Also being talked about is how the six movies can make their way to the home market in 3D. With state-of-the-art 3D televisions now on their way to becoming widely available (although still very expensive) we could see the Star Wars Saga being released in 3D on DVD/Blu-ray by the time the theatrical re-releases are over with.

The question now is whether or not Star Wars will benefit greatly from 3D. Well, they’re certainly the types of movies that are prime for that extra dimension and part of me would love to see some of those classic sequences in 3D. However, with it being a 3D conversion job I am very wary about the quality of the conversion. Lucas saying he’ll oversee the process is reassuring but it’s not exactly a guarantee it’ll turn out well, now is it?

star wars Rebel alliance Star Wars Saga Getting 3D Re Release [Updated]

Update: The Hollywood Reporter is now reporting that we can expect to see the first of the Star Wars 3D re-releases, The Phantom Menace, hit theaters in February of 2012. There’s no exact day in February officially set but sources are saying itll be around Valentines Day. It’s speculated that it could be either Wednesday February 15th or Friday February 17th. The only competition around those dates would be Ghost Rider 2, which is released on February 17th, 2012 (also in 3D).

Lucas and Co. are aiming for early 2012 because it would allow the movie to have “an open run at the box office” (read: more time in that year to make even more money) and also for them to release subsequent merchandise throughout the rest of the year.

Depending on how The Phantom Menace 3D performs, the rest of the Saga would likely be released on similar days in each consecutive year. However, it’s also noted that if it doesn’t perform (at least well as hoped/expected) the release dates for each of the rest of the films could be changed for the subsequent years (a summer release for each would maybe make more sense, no?).

As stated, Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace will likely be re-released in 3D in February 2012, with the rest of the Saga following in each consecutive year. Source: The Hollywood Reporter (Header image source: Zoltan Simon)

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  1. Have to draw the line somewhere. No amount of added “wow factor” or extra footage will get me to stand in line for these again. I won’t be indulging, not even when IV-VI come around.

    • Big D, im right there with you sir

  2. I thought 3-D would be fun when I saw the Death Star explode in the remastered version.

  3. Im sorry to hear that BrSamBeckett LOL jk!

    • Sorry to hear what?

  4. I am so sick and tired of Star Wars..let it die or seriously improve the quality of the new material that keeps getting pumped out like sewage..

    • Agreed.

  5. DrSamBeckett

    That youre a die hard,but i was JK…

    • Ok. Doesnt matter what anyone says about Star Wars though, I’ll never stop loving it.

  6. DrSamBeckett

    I admire your way of thinking,same here no matter what ill always be a potter head ;)

  7. Cool, let’s watch Anakin whine in 3D, maybe they can add in some tears and make them come out of the screen.

  8. I love me some Star Wars, …………..but COME ON!

  9. I love the Star Wars movies– I am addicted for life. Even my ring tone plays the Star Wars theme…..I am not a big 3D fan, however, so I am not sure if I am excited about this or not. They should be released in order; that is the only way that makes sense.

    But one a year is too long….do the 1st 3 in the first year and the 2nd 3 in the second year.

  10. I loved the Star Wars movies but enough. I remember when Lucas was saying after ROTS that they were going to work on 3-d conversion in Entertainment Weekly, I told my wife I hit my limit.

    If you wants to add 347 more stormtroopers to the Han suicide charge in the Death Star, that’s fine. Making Greedo shoot first, not fine. Making the Sarlacc have a new extendable mouth, not fine. Now making it 3-d? not fine.

    If he wanted to restore the Toshi Station footage from Episode iv orr the sandstorm & luke building a lightsaber footage from episode vi that Lucas shot, I am fine with that. Anything that is retorative to the narrative and not just chrome on a bumper is fine.

    If he wanted to restore the narrative scenes from Episode 1 that were in the book, I would be fine with that. I would also be fine if he inserted the bombshell that the Emperor was Anakin’s father- that would really make ROTJ’s throne room confrontation even more chilling. Imagine having gramps egg you on to kill daddy. That would be just twisted, he ws rumored to have filmed that and then backed off.

  11. This is going to be post-production 3D folks, which I’m betting in 2012 will still suck as hard as the post-production 3D being used today. Of course the CGI VFX, being in 3D in the computer can be converted very effectively, but live action will still look like it’s just layered.

    I’m just wondering if this franchise is going to set some kind of record for multiple trips to the well for more $$ than any other in history.


    • Vic, for me, it just destroys everything ive come to love about SW, at least i have many good memories about waitig in long lines with my uncles as a kid goofing around with my light saber in hand pretending to be some awesome Jedi knight lol.

      • Just about my only abiding memory of the Special Editions (bar the WHAT?!! of Greedo) is of a bunch of us driving back from Empire to find an inertia-defying bucket of popcorn still clinging to the roof like a limpet mine – like the Millennium Falcon stuck to the back of the Star Destroyer. The Force was STRONG in that one…

        • Big D you are frickin’ funny man!! ROTF here!!

    • This is why it’s a good thing the 3d release of the original trilogy will be done later. Let them work all the kinks out with the prequel trilogy.

    • I hear you man, why can’t they just move the series forward, and have someone make a CGI trilogy.

    • Great convert it to 3-D. I could care less. Here is an idea though, how about doing this… WHILE YOU START MAKING OTHER STAR WARS MOVIES!!!!! I would imagine there are directors that are chomping at the bit to do a new series. Instead I get the same tired old movies I have seen 2000 times. I have had them on VHS and DVD. Now its on blu-ray and then to 3-D and I still don’t have a new movie. Once again, I really hope all the true fans just say to Hell with it and don’t go. I certainly will not waste my money on it. Sorry, I am just beating a dead horse here. I just can’t believe that he is going to spend all this time and money to re-release the same movie when he could be making something new.

  12. Will Greedo still shoot first, but now in 3D?

    • why bring that up lol damn you sir!!

      • Hey! Jar Jar Binks in 3-D!! (slams head on desk)

        • Damn you Matt, I had purged him from my mind and now he’s baaaaack!!! ARGH!!!!!

          • Meesa no thinkin’ you be forgettin’ Jar Jar BINKS!!!

    • I think Lucas will extend the scene to Han giving Greedo a warning
      “if you shoot I’ll have to use my rape whistle”

  13. I am waiting for:

    “Star Wars: Episode I, II, III, IV, V, VI” special-platinum-extended-never before seen-ultra deluxe edition, which now includes: 3D Jawas, 3D JarJar, 3D Half Nude Dancing Tweliks, and much-much more… You get to see clips of Luke going through Jedi puberty, and discovering his lightsaber in THX surround sound and 3D embellishment. You also get new added footage of Vader saying, “Luke, I am your father!” from multiple different angles.

    • LOL.

      • …and, if we are real lucky, Princess Leia will appear as if she is laying in your lap while wearing the slave outfit. Go 3D!


        Cue cheesy inspirational Ewok theme music now!

        • That is the only thing that sounds remotely interesting.

  14. It was so obvious this was coming…although this could convert some of the 3-D “non-fans of the format” to spend the $$$. I will as well.

  15. I watched Empire a couple weeks ago for the heck of it – I’d forgotten how good that movie is. Even tho I prefer the original releases, the Sp Edition of Empire isn’t too bad

    Does it need to be in 3D? for god sakes NOOOOO

    has anyone seen RedLetterMedia’s review of Star Trek? Great line…
    “JJ Abrams should have directed the Star Wars prequels while George directed people to their seats” – hahaha

    • LOL, that is awesome panda!! Very true, too.

  16. I just realised I only see in 2D. Good thing the 3D movies are going to fix that.
    (The rest of my comments involve words that are banned not only on Screen Rant but by the United Nations)

    Use your imagination,,, 8-)

    • I take it they were once used very extensively by George Carlin?? :D

  17. Yes, but I would use them I differnent combinations to achieve a greater level of degredation and hatred.

    Its a good thing I’m powerless to stop 3D cause if I had the power, 3D would be used only for instructional teaching videos.

    Some that could maybe teach me how to type and spell better!!!

  18. LOL to wiredwizar and 790!!!

  19. =sigh= George, George, George… First you & Spielberg had to muck up Indiana Jones, and now this 3D Star Wars nonsense… You keep this up & you’re going to end up spending the eternal afterlife getting poked by giant demon Gungans armed w/ lightsabre pitchforks…

  20. Looking forward to seeing Princess Leia’s slave dress in 3-D

  21. Let’s hope this cash cow get hit with a train.

    • yeah cause this cow is not giving milk no more..or I should say I ain’t buyin it..

  22. All you haters can go ram power converters where Tatooine’s twin suns don’t shine.

    • Slow deep breaths there, mate. Just ’cause some of us are against George & his buds ravaging our wallets & happy Star Wars memories w/ this 3D rubbish doesn’t we hate the franchise.

      =goes back to researching DIY lightsaber building instructions=

      • Remember, it is not the size of the lightsaber that counts, but how it is used in 3D that really matters.

        • I find this faith in 3D… disturbing.

    • I don’t hate the franchise, just everything that came after 1983. Besides, it’s most of the hardcore fans who hate Lucas for what he’s done to the films.

  23. I can see Lucas in a few years lying in a Howard Huges death bed saying, “change R2D2 to R23D! And damn the fans all to hell!!!”. Hahhaaa cough, couaaaghhh!!! Ahw cough. Hahaa,,,”

    Now leave me, and don’t come back til its done!!!

    “Cough cough haha cough,,,”

  24. I am a hardcore fan and I don’t hate any part of the franchise. I’ve made my peace with some of the aspects I didn’t care for. Nothing perfect.

    • That’s why I said “most”.

    • Exactly. For all the Jar Jar haters out there, it’s not like there’s no such thing as an annoying person. Jar Jar is the (insert name of least favorite screenrant poster here :) ) of the Star Wars world. There’s always one out there.

    • Nice one, sully. :-P


    • That was great!

  25. I love star wars from day one, the whole lot , but this is nuts to tell you the truth,, I would rather see a continuation of the saga having some top people like Nolan, Abrahms, invlved. We have seen all the star wars over and over and over and over we love them. But now is time to turn the page and get something new here, you have often heard the saying leaving your hand of the plough. C’mon george get our act together this is so boring, this is nuts, I am a life long fan and to hear is so anoying.

    I cant believe george is going on the 3d band wagon with all his creativity he could do better than this for crying out loud. I am very disgrunted it seems more like milking it now, I don’t care I am let down by this, take a risk george make some new films get your hand of the plough.. you know what the good Lord said you pour the old wine into the new wine and it ruins it.

    I just feel so disapointed,, Lucas should try and invent some new film technolligy, new star wars films, seriously,, this is a waste of creativity to do the 3d. I love star wars all my life I love all the films, but this 3d thing and a film a year is just sick, not right, and very unhelpful. Okay i will go and see it , i will enjoy , but it just sickens me to think of someone gifted with creativity would waste and use his grey matter on a refurbishment when he could take a risk and churn out some new fantastic star wars films,, i wait in hope george, your an inspiration please rethink, invent, create , renew, awaken to the true calling inside yourself your a gifted human being c’mon re invent the cinema , we don’t need another retelling,, give us somethig fresh, like a possible new star wars film..Now that would be worth the wait….

    • “…Okay i will go and see it…”
      That is why he will never change.

      • Couldn’t have said it any better, Marcus.

  26. The lightsaber battle between Anakin and Obi-Wan on Mustafar will be the only cool 3D moment.

    • No the Millenium Falcon turning around to pick up Luke on cloud city will be awesome.

  27. Lol Foopher,

    Jar Jar, didn’t bug me as much as Hayden being cast as Anakin,,,

    I can tolerate him but I think that’s my biggest be’actch about the entire franchise.
    I loved the prequels…

  28. God no…. this is why the world is going to end in 2012!

    • Unfortunately, this will be released in February before the world ends (rolls eyes).