Star Wars Saga Getting 3D Re-Release [Updated]

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Star Wars 3D re release Star Wars Saga Getting 3D Re Release [Updated]

Update: Info has been released on when exactly we’ll see the first episode of the Saga released in 2012. See below for details.

Talk about inevitable…

After much speculation pointing to this conclusion, we’re finally hearing official word that the entire Star Wars Saga from Phantom Menace right through to Return of the Jedi is getting the 3D treatment. Heat Vision reports that George Lucas is officially planning the re-release of all six Star Wars movies in 3D starting with Phantom Menace in 2012. That obviously means Lucas is going the route of releasing them in chronological order as opposed to the order in which they were originally released.

If Phantom Menace‘s 3D release does well at the box office (I’d be shocked if it didn’t) the plan is to release each movie after Phantom Menace on the exact same date every year to keep things consistent. But the math whizzes among you will have worked out that means we won’t get to “the original trilogy” until 2015 with Return of the Jedi concluding things in 2017. I’m betting a lot of you wish they would re-release the movies in their original order, huh? The prequel trilogy isn’t exactly cherished… Unsurprisingly, Lucas has been spurred on by James Cameron’s Avatar and specifically the way that movie utilized 3D. Obviously the Star Wars movies will have to be converted to 3D, but fans can take some comfort in the fact that, “each conversion takes at least a year to complete, with Lucas personally overseeing the process to make sure each one is as perfected as possible.” This certainly doesn’t sound like it’ll be the rushed post-conversion 3D job that Clash of the Titans was.

If you’re wondering why it’s taken Lucas this long to get moving with Star Wars in 3D, he purportedly was waiting for there to be enough 3D screens for it to be as big an event as possible. Obviously Lucas wants the re-releases to launch with a bang, not a whimper…

Also being talked about is how the six movies can make their way to the home market in 3D. With state-of-the-art 3D televisions now on their way to becoming widely available (although still very expensive) we could see the Star Wars Saga being released in 3D on DVD/Blu-ray by the time the theatrical re-releases are over with.

The question now is whether or not Star Wars will benefit greatly from 3D. Well, they’re certainly the types of movies that are prime for that extra dimension and part of me would love to see some of those classic sequences in 3D. However, with it being a 3D conversion job I am very wary about the quality of the conversion. Lucas saying he’ll oversee the process is reassuring but it’s not exactly a guarantee it’ll turn out well, now is it?

star wars Rebel alliance Star Wars Saga Getting 3D Re Release [Updated]

Update: The Hollywood Reporter is now reporting that we can expect to see the first of the Star Wars 3D re-releases, The Phantom Menace, hit theaters in February of 2012. There’s no exact day in February officially set but sources are saying itll be around Valentines Day. It’s speculated that it could be either Wednesday February 15th or Friday February 17th. The only competition around those dates would be Ghost Rider 2, which is released on February 17th, 2012 (also in 3D).

Lucas and Co. are aiming for early 2012 because it would allow the movie to have “an open run at the box office” (read: more time in that year to make even more money) and also for them to release subsequent merchandise throughout the rest of the year.

Depending on how The Phantom Menace 3D performs, the rest of the Saga would likely be released on similar days in each consecutive year. However, it’s also noted that if it doesn’t perform (at least well as hoped/expected) the release dates for each of the rest of the films could be changed for the subsequent years (a summer release for each would maybe make more sense, no?).

As stated, Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace will likely be re-released in 3D in February 2012, with the rest of the Saga following in each consecutive year. Source: The Hollywood Reporter (Header image source: Zoltan Simon)

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  1. Um………..well……………………AW C’MON!!!!

  2. I am personally very excited with this news. I think Star Wars is definitely something that will be great on the big screen in 3D!

    I know there will be a lot of people talking about how this is all because Lucas is greedy, but I think it’ll be awesome.

    • I agree, he’s not greedy, he doesnt need the money, Lucas must be one of the richest men in all of Hollywood.

      • I do think 3D will be awesome and that it is the obvious thing to do. George maybe isn’t really the greedy one but I think that there are people involved in Lucas Arts that are greedy, otherwise episodes 1, 2 and 3 wouldn’t have been made for the toy companies and we’d be getting a TV series. I think the fans would just like to see Lucas do best for SW (whatever that is?) even if it doesn’t make him the most money possible because hay he’s got enough …but hay I could be wrong.

      • Whatever his motivation actually is, greed’s a personality trait that tends to be exponential; it doesn’t suddenly have an epiphany and cut out when it reaches a certain level!

  3. Why George, why??? :(

  4. The prequel trilogy is going to be the easiest to convert into 3-D seeing as how the majority of the movies were filmed on a stage covered in green/blue screen. That’s probably why they’re being released chronologically. LucasFilms needs more time to work with the original trilogy and 3-D technology.

    The original trilogy will be horrendous in 3-D. Plus Jorge will probably use the offensive digitally re-mastered versions instead of the original theatrical releases. I can’t believe he needs more money from this saga. It’s becoming kitsch to be a fan of “Star Wars” all thanks to George.

  5. At this point, due to decades of overkill, I’d rather watch a Lego version… or just have George over for dinner so I can quietly cry in front of him mumbling ‘Why won’t you stop? Why?”

    • Haha! I’m sure you’re not the only one who’d want that opportunity :P Hey, look at it this way – at least Lucas isn’t bastardizing the series by releasing more new movies akin the quality of the prequels…

      • I appreciate the gesture Ross, but you just reminded me of the animated (CG) releases… which I had actually forgotten about… now I’ve become sad again.

        Good SR work though. I can’t imagine the pain you must endure when you have to write about it.. I would imagine you just close your eyes and grit your teeth as you strike at the keyboard with a plastic light sabre in each hand.

        • Well that’s if you consider the animated ones as part of Star Wars canon. Do you? Do people even consider the prequels as canon, come to think of it? :P

          Cheers. Haha, I manage. Not quite like you described but I may try that sometime :) .

          • Clone Wars is cannon.

  6. Dear George,


    Sincerely, Every SW Fanboy

  7. As a huge STar Wars fan I’m naturally excited by this, and I like the prequels (Attack Of The Clones is my least favourite), and I’m finally going to get a blu ray player when these are released.

    However, the fact they are going to release just one film a year from 2012 is ridiculous. So it will be 2018 by the time return of the jedi comes out? Come on! WHy not release one film every six months instead?

    Also, anyone else think this is setting up for a brand new 3D trilogy to be launched after the re release run had finished???

    • I certainly hope not. Lucas has done enough damage to Star Wars as it is. He gave one of the greatest trilogies of all time, then ruined them with the “special editions”. Then, he just ruined Darth Vader by making him a whiney little B**ch. Not to mention that the PT is one of the worst trilogies EVER.

      • Ok. You dont like the prequels then.

        I do.

        I’m happy to see more Star Wars, it’s not like Lucas would be directing a trilogy in the 2020s is it, he’ll be pretty damned old by then, if he has ideas he should give them to someone else to develop and bring to life.

  8. It won’t stop until Star Wars junkies stop buying his crap.

    • Some of us Star Wars “junkies” don’t want to stop buying his “crap”. We like it.

      • Let me expound on my statement …

        By “crap” I mean all his re-hased, re-vised, re-visited, super, special, primo editions of the movies. Did not to mean to include toys, collectibles, etc.

        And if you still feel the same, then I can’t help you. :)

        • I look at it like this, do I prefer the original trilogy in its untampered with form? Yes of course I do. However, i also cannot deny that there are a few changes that I liked, the scene with jabba in A New Hope for example, or the fixed effects on the lightsabers, because they look terrible on the original films.

          I’m a Star Wars diehard, I’m beyond any kind of help, I have a copy of the holiday special, and Ive watched it more than once.

          • @ DrSamBeckett: One of the scenes I absolutely detest is the Jabba scene in digitally re-mastered “A New Hope.” He’s so big and intimidating in “Return of the Jedi” that when I saw Han Solo step on his tale and that ridiculous face Jabba made… I think I died a little inside.

            • The only scene I love in the special editions was the updated version of the Empereror in ESB.

  9. Sorry Mr, Lucas, you have now officially had enough of my money and my time.

    Thanks for (some of) the memories.

  10. I’m 19 and never saw any of the star wars films in theaters so I’ll definitely be there for this.

  11. Why?

  12. All I can do is think of South Park…..

    • LOL!! Ya the first thing I thought of was South Park and George Lucas raping a storm trooper …rrr ya.

  13. They are his films; folks may or may not like changes, but Lucas can do what he wants to them. Do I think it will work well? Hard to say. Right now most films shot in 2D don’t look well in a 3D conversion. But the OT might have more promise that we think.

    I tried it as a kid (I’m sure a few of us had) when we wore the cheap cardboard 3D glasses and watched a non-3D movie at home just for the heck of it and to mess up our mind patterns? Let me tell you:

    The TIE fighter battle with the Falcon, The Rebel attack in the Death Star trenches? Blaster shots? The Jawa sandcrawler in front of the Lars homestead? The Jawa Sandcrawler and the Lars Homestead when both are smoking heaps? The MIND PROBE torture device? The little droid zipping away from Chewbacca on the Death Star? The Chewbacca- R2-D2 chess game?

    All have potential.

    • Just a few more to your list;

      The Asteroid field.

      Cloud City.

      Speeder Bike chase.

      3D lightsabre duels.

      All of the space battles.

      If any films would benefit, its Star Wars

      • I agree with you wholeheartedly. This is a great idea and I’m excited cause I never saw any of these movies in theaters or even in HD. I’ve only seen them on tv so I’m very excited to experience this lol

  14. You hear that great big sucking sound? That’s the sound of George Lucas sucking the money out of fans wallets. This is totally UNnecessary, especially since the prequels were so disappointing. No way am I plunking down $15-$20 to watch the mess known as The Phantom Menace AGAIN.

    Let it go George, for God’s sake, LET IT GO ALREADY!!

  15. George is milking it!!!

  16. oh man. why

  17. No no no!

    1-3 already look so fake that we don’t need them to be faked up even more by 3D!

    4-6 I think would be a good idea for people who never saw them on the big screen.

  18. Ive never seen star wars so this is a great opportunity for me…..

    • It baffles me when people say that, how can anyone not have seen Star Wars unless you’ve been living in a hole for 30 years, or born after 2005.

  19. personally I think this is great, I can wait to be flying though the tunnels and gulley’s of the death star, or zooming though the forest of endor…going to be awl some!

  20. DrSamBeckett

    LOL ive seen parts of star wars and ive gotten bored,so i feel like watching it WHOLE. Since ppl say its SO amazing i wanna see whats so amazing about it myself ;)

  21. “DrSamBeckett 8 minutes ago

    It baffles me when people say that, how can anyone not have seen Star Wars unless you’ve been living in a hole for 30 years, or born after 2005.”

    There are people who just don’t like sci-fi mate. My GF had to be persuaded, i.e., I watched load of romcoms, before she gave in and watched them for the first time (in chronological rather than release order) a few months ago. Unsurprisingly, she thought the original trilogy were far better. She’s not alone, there are plenty of people who’ve never bothered. I certainly know loads.

    Now if I can just get her to watch a few episodes of Star Trek…

    • Yeah but even people who dont like Sci fi have seen Star Wars. Come on, its part of modern culture now, its like a religion (except more real and believable).

      • I know of a few people who have never seen Star Wars & unles someone straps them to a chair & props their eyelids open, they never will. They’re also never going to see any Harry Potter movies either. Why? They don’t *want to, modern culture or not.

        Just because something is “modern culture” doesn’t mean *everyone is going to partake in it.

  22. What’s funny is that we’ll have to wait until 2015 to see the good ones (OT), and they’ll no doubt be the crappy “special editions”. Sigh, Lucas has killed any interest I had in Star Wars. RIP Star Wars fandom.

    • me too matt. i just really dont see his need for this, but, its his universe. he can muck it up any way he sees fit i guess.

      • @” i just really dont see his need for this”

        $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. He has to think of more ways to milk the franchise. He’ll no doubt try and mash all the films together, so it’s one long 14 hour film. That’ll be after he releases about 5 different Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray versions.

        • LOL

        • Yeah he really needs the money. The guy must be a billionaire, consider the possibility that he is doing this because he wants to, because he loves Star Wars.

          • Just b/c he’s a billionaire doesn’t mean he’s satisfied with it. He knows fans will just eat this up no matter how many times he re-releases the films. Eventually people will grow tired of being screwed over, but until then, he’s enjoying it.

          • im sorry DSB, but if he loved it he should just stop tampering with it already. i mean it does enrages a lot of fans, it makes a lot of fans happy as well. i get that, its an ongoing debate. for some of us die hards though enough is enough

            • Its his to tamper with though, you’re right, this is a debate that will never end. Some fans want to crucify Lucas, others are happy with all the joy his creations have given, and continues to give.

              • @”Some fans want to crucify Lucas, others are happy with all the joy his creations have given, and continues to give.”

                The problem is that he continues to give fans crap. He gives us the OT that was wonderful. It had a great story, great characers, and one the greatest villains of all time. He then, decides to butcher those with revisions. Are there some good aspects of the “special editions”? Yes, but that’s only fixed FX problems, but he made more mistakes than he corrected. And the PT was one of the most poorly written, poorly directed, poorly acted films in history. The only thing good about them is the special effects. He turned Star Wars into something great to something I can’t even watch anymore.

                You’re right though, it’s his creations, and he can do whatever he wants with them. However, I’m not wasting anymore money on crap.

    • Agreed. Agreed. I hit the end of the road.

  23. Ugh…so I’ll have to actually wait until 2015 to see the ones I want too….oh boy.

    Either way, being only 26, I saw the originals when they were re-released years back in the theater, it’d be nice to see them again in the theater with better technology and larger screens. I’m at least excited for that!

  24. i just watched Fanboys again yesterday too lol. those guys would probably go berserk knowing Lucass’ plans for 3D

  25. Well, I am now officially done with “Star Wars”. I will keep my current versions in my dvd library, but I have hit a wall with this franchise.

    “Star Wars” is now dead.

  26. Lucas, that does not belong there! Stop raping the Star Wars saga!!!

    • Agreed.

  27. DrSamBeckett

    “more real and believable”
    Hahaha yeah right.

    • I was only partly joking Rickopolis

  28. Chaos


  29. DrSamBeckett

    As Always lmao!

    • Indeed.