Star Wars Saga Getting 3D Re-Release [Updated]

Published 5 years ago by , Updated June 11th, 2014 at 1:42 pm,

Star Wars 3D re release Star Wars Saga Getting 3D Re Release [Updated]

Update: Info has been released on when exactly we’ll see the first episode of the Saga released in 2012. See below for details.

Talk about inevitable…

After much speculation pointing to this conclusion, we’re finally hearing official word that the entire Star Wars Saga from Phantom Menace right through to Return of the Jedi is getting the 3D treatment. Heat Vision reports that George Lucas is officially planning the re-release of all six Star Wars movies in 3D starting with Phantom Menace in 2012. That obviously means Lucas is going the route of releasing them in chronological order as opposed to the order in which they were originally released.

If Phantom Menace‘s 3D release does well at the box office (I’d be shocked if it didn’t) the plan is to release each movie after Phantom Menace on the exact same date every year to keep things consistent. But the math whizzes among you will have worked out that means we won’t get to “the original trilogy” until 2015 with Return of the Jedi concluding things in 2017. I’m betting a lot of you wish they would re-release the movies in their original order, huh? The prequel trilogy isn’t exactly cherished… Unsurprisingly, Lucas has been spurred on by James Cameron’s Avatar and specifically the way that movie utilized 3D. Obviously the Star Wars movies will have to be converted to 3D, but fans can take some comfort in the fact that, “each conversion takes at least a year to complete, with Lucas personally overseeing the process to make sure each one is as perfected as possible.” This certainly doesn’t sound like it’ll be the rushed post-conversion 3D job that Clash of the Titans was.

If you’re wondering why it’s taken Lucas this long to get moving with Star Wars in 3D, he purportedly was waiting for there to be enough 3D screens for it to be as big an event as possible. Obviously Lucas wants the re-releases to launch with a bang, not a whimper…

Also being talked about is how the six movies can make their way to the home market in 3D. With state-of-the-art 3D televisions now on their way to becoming widely available (although still very expensive) we could see the Star Wars Saga being released in 3D on DVD/Blu-ray by the time the theatrical re-releases are over with.

The question now is whether or not Star Wars will benefit greatly from 3D. Well, they’re certainly the types of movies that are prime for that extra dimension and part of me would love to see some of those classic sequences in 3D. However, with it being a 3D conversion job I am very wary about the quality of the conversion. Lucas saying he’ll oversee the process is reassuring but it’s not exactly a guarantee it’ll turn out well, now is it?

star wars Rebel alliance Star Wars Saga Getting 3D Re Release [Updated]

Update: The Hollywood Reporter is now reporting that we can expect to see the first of the Star Wars 3D re-releases, The Phantom Menace, hit theaters in February of 2012. There’s no exact day in February officially set but sources are saying itll be around Valentines Day. It’s speculated that it could be either Wednesday February 15th or Friday February 17th. The only competition around those dates would be Ghost Rider 2, which is released on February 17th, 2012 (also in 3D).

Lucas and Co. are aiming for early 2012 because it would allow the movie to have “an open run at the box office” (read: more time in that year to make even more money) and also for them to release subsequent merchandise throughout the rest of the year.

Depending on how The Phantom Menace 3D performs, the rest of the Saga would likely be released on similar days in each consecutive year. However, it’s also noted that if it doesn’t perform (at least well as hoped/expected) the release dates for each of the rest of the films could be changed for the subsequent years (a summer release for each would maybe make more sense, no?).

As stated, Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace will likely be re-released in 3D in February 2012, with the rest of the Saga following in each consecutive year. Source: The Hollywood Reporter (Header image source: Zoltan Simon)

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  1. Just thought of something else in the Special Editions that is great, the scene between Vader and the Emperor, so much better than in the original, thats the sort of thing CGI and improvements should be used for.

    Also, the epic saga poster at the top of the article, well, its…EPIC!

  2. Matt K

    Oh yeah guess i wont ever be watching star wars :(

    • You don’t have to worry, the world won’t end in 2012. Besides, you can always rent them. Although, I wouldn’t watch the prequels before the orginals b/c it’ll ruin them.

      • Yes i know the world wont end lol. But still ill see these,ONLY if they release in 2D too,3D is too expensive..

    • Nah, watch the prequels! Episode III is great! They make a great saga if you watch them in order.

      • I’m not saying he should skip the prequels, but hold off until he’s watched the originals in all their glory. Especailly if it’s the first time he’s watched them. The prequels just taint on the greatness of them. At least for me it does.

        • But watching them in order is good for getting the entire scope of the story Lucas was trying to tell.

          • The OT did an excellent job of doing that themselves. There’s really no reason to watch the prequels, unless you want one of the greatest movie villains ruined or if you’re into SFX driven films with no substance.

            • The story lucas was trying to tell…that anikin was a whiney beeauch about lands bear or padamame or whatever her name was…she should of dumped his dumb a$$ for obi won a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

  3. NINE, NINE, NINE, NINE, NINE!!!!!! I am so sick of this garbage. Every time some new form of tech comes out, Lucas wants to re-release these movies. No doubt, Star Wars in 3-D would be pretty cool. If it was a brand new movie. Give me the damn Thrawn Trilogy. Shadows of the Empire. The Han Solo Trilogy would be awesome. There have been so many great stories written about Star Wars and Lucas is like some old hippy preaching that the 60′s were so much better. GET OVER IT AND YOURSELF! THEY WERE GREAT MOVIES! LOVED THEM! WE WANT MORE! Not more of the same. Something new and awesome.

    • Have to say I completely agree with you. I too have been nearly dying for the Thrawn trilogy (and anything from the number of fantastic stories out there) but you know Lucas with his mentality that “nobody but me adds to this universe”. That’s his inability to recognize better stories than the one’s he’s penned.
      So like a stubborn kid he won’t share his toys and we have to suffer through so many unnecessary reiterations until George finally admits he’s happy and finished with the series. When will that be you ask? Similar to Citizen Kane, on his death bed Lucas will proclaim “Anakin” just before he dies:)

      • Ah, but we don’t HAVE to suffer through them, Marc…instead, we vote with our wallets!

        If we don’t go see them, they make no money…they make no money, Spoiled L’il Georgie has nobody wanting to share his toys!

        Nice Kane allegory, BTW!

    • You’re kidding right?! A.I.?! =rolls eyes= A.I. rates w/ Gigli, Ishtar & most Uwe Boll films. 2001 – a great movie… if you have insomnia. Sunshine – mediocre at best (so ahead of Episodes 1, 2 & 3, but not 4,5 & 6).

      • Agreed! Although I do kinda like Sunshine, even though it was an event horizon rip off at the end!

    • Bladrunner and Aliens are both Awesome movies but not bette than Star Wars.

      • That depends on which trilogy we’re talking about. IMO, Aliens isn’t superior to the OT. Seriously, almost no film is better than ESB. However, if we’re talking about the PT, then I would rather watch Transformers 2 (no kidding) than those POS.

    • @ Sam

      You might as well have said pretty much any sci film after Star Wars

      • The story and script for alien was penned before star wars was ever released. Now granted fox greenlit it after the success of star wars but, it was in the process of being made by rogar cormans company and would have been made regardless of star wars.

        • Maybe so but it certainly wouldn’t have become the classic it is now.

      • None of them would have been made if not for Gene Roddenberry, or for that matter Jules Verne.

    • Bazinga!

  4. Just remembered that the one thing I won’t mind about these re-re-releases is the re-re-released merchandise. I love buying my younger sister and cousins Star Wars toys so I can convert them to loving the saga as much as I do. Of course nothing Jar Jar related.

    When my sister was three I bought her a plush C3PO and R2D2. My mother was horrified… Bahahaha!

    • Cool now i can buy my own Millinium Falcon WOOT

  5. DrSamBeckett
    LOL i see youre a lifetime star wars fan…

  6. I hope that George Lucas doesn’t get angry that you had to update this article… I remember that last one (smirks and chuckles thinking about Michael Bay)

  7. I’m tired of George Lucas rereleasing and redoing the old trilogy. Why can’t he just do Episodes VII,VIII and IX and bring the original cast back including Mark Hamill as an older,wiser Luke Skywalker training a new generation of Jedi Knights. Or simply do an animated film version of the Thrawn Trilogy or even the Jedi Academy Trilogy or The New Jedi Order or Legacy of the Force or Fate of the Jedi or anything post-Fate of the Jedi. Hell the Han Solo trilogy dealing with Han’s life before ANH would be fun to see on screen including how he met Chewie,winning the Falcon from Lando,his Adventures on the Corporate Sector and doing the legendary Kessel Run in the Falcon. That would be awesome to see on the big screen or maybe even Luke,Han and Leia’s adventures based on the Marvel Comics SW series between ANH & TESB and Luke,Leia and Lando’s adventures between TESB & ROTJ including Luke,Han and Leia facing the bounty hunter on Ord Mantell and Luke’s affair with Shira Brie the pilot who he accidently shot down and she becomes Lumiya:Dark Lady of the Sith post-Jedi and Luke and co. face her and the Nagai and the Tofs. That would be definitely awesome to see. As well as doing the Thrawn Trilogy and seeing Mara Jade on the big screen. Mara is sexy and she awesome for the movie screen.


    • It be cool if they did the Dark Force Rising Trilogy instead of this.

  8. Lucas has sucked so much of the life and joy out of the Star Wars universe that even if he made GREAT CGI adaptations of some of the great material out there written by others it would not do that great because of the bland soulless creations that were Episodes I, II, & III and the Clone Wars films…I get more excitement out of watching the trailers for Knights of the Republic and other games than I do for any of the Star wars movies after 1983..

    Besides if Lucas used someone else’s story he’d have to SHARE some of the profits with someone other than FOX or himself…greedy bast*** !!

  9. To make it a cooler experience, he should run 2 or 3 films consecutively in 3D (no credits between films, just at the end).

    1-2-3, 4-5-6 or 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 (3-4 would be awesome to see 2005 to 1977 switch)

    • @ Spin

      I agree with ya on that.

  10. Im actually little excited about it, i didn’t become a Star Wars fan till Episode 1 came out on vhs, and my friends got me into it. I only saw Episodes 2 & 3 Theaters during their first run, i seen Episode 4 when it was re-released in theaters, forget how long ago. But id like to see all six films in theaters, 3d or not. My only gripe about it is one episode being shown a year, 6 years to see all 6 films on the big screen. Im sure im gonna get blasted for this, but im sure any of you would watch a movie by Christopher Nolan if he was to do the samething by re-releasing his movies years from now, Movies like TDK or Inception.

    • The only film I would see in theaters that was re-released would be ‘Gojira’. Too bad I missed my chance 6 years ago.

  11. While this is unnecessary, and the prequels aren’t good, blah blah blah, there are certain scenes from each movie that would love to see on the big screen again.
    Obi and Jango chase through the asteroids.
    Opening battle in episode three.

  12. from the word go I lived star wars, loved it , I loved the prequels too,, I love everything star wars related but this 3d idea is something I’m not sure on . I really really hope Lucas can come up to the bar and continue the franchise creatively with a possible new star wars films if he can sometime in the near future. I think tho it depends on how much he would be in a position to do so, and to see and examine if the need for the next chapter is strong enough and that its a very much a real depth of desire of the fans. Also there is a commitment of him to go through the process of assembling teams, divisions, artists etc..
    now this is where

    Lucas could let it go and give it to others to do the new material and he would be on board as consulting,advising, part directing the films and the new guy/girl producing and making it would have allot of free reign to film,. This could be possible I could see this happening if it was to happen look at Star Trek, it just kept going and going inventing and reinventing some great stuff and continues to do so.

    I hope for you George, and i wish you would consider others a shot to breath new life into this wonderful space opera that you created. May God bLess You in all that you plan to do, thanks again for giving us star wars.

  13. I like Star Wars, but this is a waste of time and money. The animation of the clone wars episodes on cartoon network are terrible. Lucas wanted to do a TV show of Star Wars that took place between episode 3 and episode 4. The tale is about childhood Luke skywalker, but the cost was too much to be made into tv. So, Lucas called it off.

  14. I thought the tv show is still gonna happen, only its been delayed? As for another trilogy being made, not sure but i think it’s fine with just six films. Im still not a die hard fan, so i can’t imagine who can take over as great of a villain Darth Vader was along w/ Emperor Palpatine. Plus would they even consider having Luke, Leia, Han, Chewy or even Lando be part of another trilogy, or even make cameos or minor roles?

  15. A Lot of People including me want nothing more than a new trilogy with Luke,Han,Leia,Chewie,Lando and the Droids set after Return of the Jedi!
    Especially an older,wiser Luke tranining and leading a new generation of Jedi Knights to defend the galaxy. Have the sequel trilogy take place in the Unknown Regions,Wild Space or the Corporate Sector and have Luke and co. face a new dangerous threat even more deadly than Palpatine or Vader.
    Have one of the climatic space battles take place at Kessel or the Maw where an aging Han does the legendary Kessel Run in the Falcon one more time! Have Ben Skywalker and Jacen and Jaina Solo have major roles in the sequels.

    I think Grand Admiral Thrawn from Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy or Lord Shadowspawn from the novel Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor or even Lumiya Dark Lady of the Sith,Darth Caedus(Jacen Solo) or even the Yuuzhan Vong would make perfect sequel trilogy villians.

  16. I was thinking about it for a second, and realized that The Phantom Menace won’t be soo bad in 3-D. I mean the film is the worst in the series, but 3D will get us one step closer to choking Jar Jar while watching the movie.

  17. Hey, This is JUST gonna be SOOO GREAT!!!


    Much so would LOVE TO SEE THESE FILMS.

  20. I’ll see episode I just because i loved Liam Neeson as Qui-gon, the pod-race should be pretty awesome in 3D as well. Other than that i’ll be waiting for the OT

  21. Let’s stop with the gushing. Phantom Menace sucked. I don’t see how 3D will make it better. In fact, the experience can only get worse. Not only will you be paying AGAIN to see a such a sorry excuse for an attempt at a Star Wars film, but now you’ll be paying double, and, if you’re lucky, only a mild headache from the glasses themselves.

    Do I really need 3D to remind me that everything I loved about Star Wars as a kid is dead now, and the world just loves it?

    Jedi shouldn’t use slaves
    Midichlorians don’t exist
    Yoda does NOT do acrobatics
    Boba Fett is NOT important
    Poodoo means “fodder,” and therefore should not be exclaimed every fifteen seconds because it rhymes with doodoo…
    Droids are NOT to be feared (Unless they look like terminators. These ones just look stupid)
    R2 didn’t Forget he had jet packs…he never had them
    And yes…
    Han Shot First!

    True fans know this, fanboys don’t. There is nothing 3D will do to change this gaping hole in my childhood.

    • R2D2 only remembered his jet packs because he’d stayed up all night watching Doctor Who episodes that featured the upgraded Daleks with their levitation emitters that made it possible to float up stairs/ladders!


  22. I would actually be interested in seeing the Empire Strikes Back on the big screen. I wouldn’t really care for the 3D as much as having the experience of seeing my favorite Star Wars movie the way my parents did.

  23. Just wanted to say how much I LOVE Star Wars.
    Thank you George Lucas for sharing a GREAT story with us.
    Whatever your plans are for 3D is fine with me and my family.
    We LOVE Star Wars.

    Thanks for all the hard work in providing entertainment that our entire family can enjoy together.



  24. And now he sold out for $4.05Billion and number 7 will be out in 2015 and it will continue on till episode 9 but sadly these will all be made by Disney…..