Star Trek: Trailer News And Why Shatner’s Gonna Get Madder

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star trek logo Star Trek: Trailer News And Why Shatners Gonna Get Madder[UPDATE: The official Star Trek trailer is now online.]

Sorry about the lousy grammar in the title, but I was trying to figure out how not to make it a mile long. icon smile Star Trek: Trailer News And Why Shatners Gonna Get Madder

We’ve all been wondering when we’ll get a look at the first trailer for Star Trek 11… well I have it on good authority when we’ll finally see it and what movie it will be attached to.

The Star Trek teaser trailer will be attached to J.J. Abrams monster movie Cloverfield, which opens on January 18, 2008.

It makes sense if you think about it. Attach the trailer for an upcoming Abrams movie to an Abrams movie. speculated earlier this month that the trailer might be attached to either Cloverfield or Indy 4. And according to Latino Review, the teaser is supposed to show (among other things) the construction of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701.

And why do I think Bill Shatner’s going to be even more annoyed than he has been up until now regarding Star Trek 11…?

Because not only is Leonard Nimoy in it, but according to the latest issue of Starburst magazine, George Takei (aka Hikaru Sulu in the show) is also going to appear in the film. No doubt it will be a cameo, but… damn.

I know if I was Shatner I’d be pretty P.O.’d about that.

I mean, sure, the deed is done: They killed off Kirk in the lousy Star Trek: Generations, but they could have found a way to write him into the story. The writers have stated again and again that they wanted to include Shatner in the movie but it seems that it’s all been nothing but lip service.

Either that or it’s one of the biggest coordinated misdirection campaigns by a studio, ever, and Shatner will appear in the movie.

Star Trek opens on Christmas Day 2008.

UPDATE: has confirmed from multiple sources that this is entirely not true. One source has told TrekMovie that there is no role for Takei as Sulu in the script (which is locked due to the WGA strike). Apparently J.J. Abrams has spoken to Takei (just as he has also spoken to William Shatner and Nichelle Nichols), but there is no indication that this talk was about a potential role for the actor. Mr. Takei could not be reached because he is currently on set for The Red Canvas, a martial arts film. However Brad Altman, Takei’s business manager and partner told “The Starburst Magazine article is erroneous, we will be as surprised as the fans if George is in Star Trek XI.”

Must be nice to be that connected…

Source: TrekWeb

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  1. Kirk and Spock are the symbols for Star Trek. If Shatner wants to be in it, Abrams should find a way to get him in; just don’t let Shatner get near the director’s chair (Star Trek 5 was directed by Shatner and, IMHO, the worst Trek movie).

  2. True, but in a temporal anomaly worthy of Star Trek, that movie was made during the LAST writers’ strike and Shatner put a lot of the blame for how bad the film turned out on that. Plus they really cut his budget, causing the awful finale in the movie.

    Hopefully the current strike will not have the same effect on this film.


  3. See, personally, I have no problem with Shatner *not* being in this film.

    He has, in the past, seemed to have conflicting opinions about Trek and fandom. Just watch the first twenty minutes of “How William Shatner Changed the World” – he doesn’t mind being identified with Trek when it suits his career, but has shown some definite contempt towards Trek fans.

    (Counterpoint with Nimoy and Takei – Takei’s always been open and honest about Trek; Nimoy seems to have come to peace with his involvement).

    At this point, it might be good for Trek to lose the Shatner albatross, because – quite frankly – the franchise deserves better.

    Just my opinion…and this is as a fan of the original series.

  4. TrekMovie has already debunked the Takei rumour.

  5. Dammit.

  6. FYI, since I’m on a Trek movie kick, I had Generations in my hands via Netflix, but sent it back. For obvious reasons. I haven’t seen the movie since 1994 when it opened.

    I remember having hurt my back really bad a week or two before it opened, and was on a pain killer. When Shatner showed up, the p.k. kicked in and I was thinking, what a great ending to a lousy film. No, I was just couldn’t tell how bad it sucked!


  7. Thanks, Gordon. I’ve updated the post. Wierd story, Starburst magazine has some answering to do, it seems.


  8. I don’t know, Shatner loved Trek, but aside from the gag on SNL years ago, he did have a love/hate relationship with it. But think about it like this, a lot of people had their first Shatner exposure due to TJ Hooker or Rescue: 911, a show my Mom loved. (And I despised.)


  9. This might not make sense but to me it’s less about Shatner than it is about Captain James Tiberius Kirk.


  10. Sulu and even Kirk could still be in this film, they could be writting scenes “strike or not” off lot in private. (We might still get that special line JJ came up with)…?
    They can hold sets and the cast all they want.
    But man let’s hope they don’t…..!
    I think its cool for Nemoy but…Sulu he deserves a show of his own not some reboot cameo nod.
    I swear if shatners is in the last 2 min of this new film I’m gonna puke.

  11. #3 Gordon, I totally agree with you on Shatner!!!!

  12. Cameos take me out of the movie…Don’t care for them in general. Maybe Shatner could blend into the movie. He can BE the Starship.
    Sorry that was mean. Pass the donuts.

  13. Hey Nick maybe at the end Kirk will do a flyby in the Nexus wave, haha.

  14. Knowing Shatner…I’m gonna guess and say its a lost opportunity for someone to give him a paycheck. Thats why he’s so upset about all this.

  15. I’m with Vic.. Kirk is the legend, not Shatner. And yes, I’m an original fan of the original series.

  16. Joe,

    EXACTLY my point! :-)


  17. Latest news on “Star Trek 11″

  18. I don’t care if Shatner, Nimoy, Takei, Nichols or one of the legendary Late Greats of Star Trek, or a freakin Fahrengi sits in the Captain’s Chair of (Zero?), as long as it CONTINUES.., to boldly go., my 40+yr inspiration will go happily, (for better or S.T.5 worse), with it.

  19. has anyone thought.. that by going back and changing the past, the result being this reboot or alternate universe of star trek. you know the same but not the same… well technically Jim Kirk hasn’t died yet, who knows he may not have retired when he did. he said he shouldn’t have in generation’s. so this leaves the door wide open to write the Shat back into the movie.

  20. @kristian

    Good thought, but that’s not going to happen. They’ve made it abundantly clear that Shatner will not be in the film repeatedly.


  21. Vic :)

    well it may not happen in this movie but then again this is the start of jim kirks career. Spock comes back to save the future, would it not be logical for spock to save kirk. after all. jim saved Spock. and while we are at it, this film could be a stepping stone to bring Kirk back. Just have to wait till the 24th century again lol. you could actually have a crossover movie with each crew, ship and station involved. heres and idea. each of the next movies start off with a new crew.. this one is TOS era, next movie will be TNG era, then Voyager and DS9. Finally you start off with events before the first movie.. so you start the last movie with enterprise crew finding or discovering something cut to the future and you involve all the crews from the 24th century. It could be laid out so that all the movies lead back to that one moment in time, a decision or event.

  22. almost forgot… they would have to be stand alone movies but function as part of a larger story. alternately you could always start each movie with memories from the academy. show each captain as the cadet. maybe boothby wasnt just a grounds keeper. maybe he had a secret mission lol. maybe not but people should start putin their ideas on these sights, maybe the producers will look in once in a while

  23. Shatner is always mad. Read about him on this star trek love site.