New Star Trek Trailer Is Freaking Awesome

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star trek trailer 32 New Star Trek Trailer Is Freaking Awesome

I’ve used the phrase “cautiously optimistic” in regards to the new Star Trek movie so many times I’ve lost count – but it’s looking like I was right all along. I’ve probably been a Trekkie longer than a lot of you who are reading this have been alive, and my favorite series of all is The Original Series – and I don’t have a problem with J.J. Abrams’ rebirth of Star Trek based on what I’ve seen and read so far.

And as far as I’m concerned this new Star Trek trailer seals the deal.

If you didn’t make it out to see Watchmen, here’s the brand new trailer that’s attached to it. If you thought the previous trailers made this look good, or maybe they started nudging you towards acceptance but you’re still on the fence, this one should convince you this is probably going to be awesome AND faithful to the spirit of the original.

Check it out for yourselves:


(Head over to for HD versions of the trailer.)

Now tell me that didn’t rock your world. I will be perfectly honest and tell you that I actually got chills at the very end of this damned thing. This new trailer even smokes the previous one.

Of course a “killer app” of a trailer doesn’t guarantee a nirvana movie experience (see my Watchmen review for an example of that), but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Abrams and company will deliver.

Oh, and thanks to, we now know the running time for the film: 2 hours and 20 6 minutes. To me, that is also great news – plenty of time to deliver a decent story.

Star Trek opens on May 8, 2009.

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  1. Damn, host the trailer on SR, my work blocks trailer addict’s videos, lol.

  2. I’ll get it hosted here when I can – I just wanted to get it online ASAP.


  3. That is the most emotional, epic trailer I’ve seen for Star Trek. It will be the longest Star Trek film ever, even longer than Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The original series characters from the TOS era deserves this.

  4. Sweet, only two more months. Only thing that I didn’t enjoy too much were the cheesy moments, all of which involved Kirk.

  5. One Word: WOW!

  6. Is he James T Kirks son from the old star trek?

  7. Ok, just saw it, looks pretty good. And that black chick, forgot her name, is so hot, lol. I’m gonna see this too, but not as excited for this as I am for Terminator now…

  8. I must admit that when it comes to star trek, I never really liked anything other than the “next generation” series (and the films with them in it), the Voyager Series and bit of DS9. Somehow never really had anything with the newest series, or the first series (wich I have never seen on tv (never been broadcast in my memory (that is, in my lifetime and on dutch TV)). Same goes for the movies that came with that bunch.

    And untill now, I never really felt anything for this new movie, untill this trailer that is…but that might also be because I am having somewhat of a ‘star trek itch’ the last few days.

  9. It is great. Then again, I’m a big STOS fan. I’ve wanted a reboot for awhile. Nice to see someone is actually doing it — and taking it seriously. I can hardly wait to see this thing…

  10. It really is uncanny how much Chris Pine is Kirk– hopefully not to a fault. I don’t want there to be instant transformation from punk kid to Shatner’s Kirk.

    The clip of the sex scene seemed a little thrown in there. There was no mentioning or hinting at any relationships in the trailer then they throw out a sex scene?

    It’s almost like they wanted to say “We know it’s Star Trek, but look! Sex!”

  11. i never was in to star trek…
    left that to my uncles who grew up on the stuff they and thier buddies used to go nutz any time a new piece of junk came out with the the name star trek on it…
    this trailer however raised an eye brow

    …. like rev i agree the sex sence was out of place in fact the whole movie looks like it could do with out it…

  12. I refuse to see the trailer until I see Watchmen. I find it refreshing that soo many of you are hyped for this reboot. Star Trek is one of those franchises that deserves to continue, like Star Wars. Let’s just hope the movie lives up to the trailer.

  13. Looks awesome and very excited for an action packed cinemas excellent month of May.
    Month of May no-brainer films that will sale-out tickets opening weekend:
    Wolverine (May 1)
    Star Trek (May 8)
    Terminator: Salvation (May 21)

  14. Ok, my Canadian friends – you can now see the trailer! :-)


  15. Adrian,

    I was thinking the same thing – May is the movie month of the year for 2009.

    Trailer was solid, the music sounds like its from the Dark Knight trailers, anyone else hear that too?

  16. @Adrian
    That’s right! I forgot that all 3 of those films are in May! Oh man, May is gonna be one hot month (hopefully not weather-wise :-) ).

  17. so bye bye Vulcan? or will they do a do over by travelling back in time before the planet is destroyed and stopping nero , hate when they do that

  18. I was sceptical that JJ and his guys would actually destroy Vulcan. But, I could be wrong. Did you also notice old Spocks ship ramming Neros ship? Is this the end of the Spock we all know and love?

    It raises some questions as far as total plot, but it looks awesome and the music they used in the trailer is epic. The Enterprise also looks better and better with every new trailer they release. Also, this cast just seems right, somehow.

    I’m convinced; we will witness the rebirth of the greatest sci-fi franchise of all time on May 8. And it will blow our minds.

  19. Looks pretty damn sweet Vicster!!!

    Until now the trailers have been rather dubious. I fully understand this is only a trailer but it makes things look far more epic than some big budget loud popcorn flick. Still hate the New Enterprise but looks like I’m sold on everything else

  20. To those of you who thought the sex scene was just “thrown in”. You are right. In the original series Kirk spent about as much time makin’ out with hotties, both human and alien, as he did fightin’ baddies. So it actually fits in perfectly with its out-of-placeness.

    This looks so sweet. And everyone is right May is gonna rock!

  21. I was a bit dubious about this new film & the new origional Enterprise but there are only three words I can use about this new trailer……

    It’s bloody awesome!!!

  22. @ Rob Keyes and John “Kahless” Taylor
    Kuddos, how right you both are. It interesting how May is the the “tentpole” month instead of June and July at least this year?
    Transformers 2 (June 24)

    Public Enemies (July 1)
    Harry Potter 6 (July 17)

    G.I. Joe (August 7)

  23. I did forget April:
    Fast and the Furious (April 3)

  24. OH MY FRAKKING (whoops, wrong series…lol) GOD THAT WAS THE COOLEST ST TRAILER I HAVE EVER SEEN. Way,way,way better than the first ‘drive the car off the cliff’ trailer. That movie is gonna kick soooooooooo much ass!!!

  25. Like Vic I grew up with the original Trek so to say this latest trailer blew me away is an understatement.

    Note – the music in the trailer is not part of the movie score. To hear a loop from the score go to the official Trek site and skip the trailer.

    That music will be in the movie. Gives off an epic Braveheart vibe to me. Giacchino rocks!

  26. my only concern is that there trying 2 hard to make it adjustable for a modern audience more that for trekkies .
    oh my mistake seth rogan corected me its “Trekkers”.

  27. HOLY SH*T!! I am more and more excited for this movie with each additional trailer! Zachary Quinto has nailed Spock.

    COME ON MAY!!!

  28. Wait, that last line didn’t come out quite the way I wanted it to. I mean that he really has become convincing as Spock. LOL.