What Did You Think Of Star Trek? (Spoiler Discussion)

Published 6 years ago by , Updated May 17th, 2009 at 10:12 am,

star trek trailer 32 What Did You Think Of Star Trek? (Spoiler Discussion)

Regular Screen Rant reader “790″ suggested I set up a discussion post for the Star Trek movie, where people can feel free to talk about all aspects of the film without having to worry about spoiling it for others. I had meant to set one of these up for Wolverine but just never got around to it.

Considering how popular I think Star Trek will be (moreso than Wolvie), I thought it might be a good idea to get this set up ASAP. icon smile What Did You Think Of Star Trek? (Spoiler Discussion)

So discuss the film below to your heart’s content!

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  1. Hey gang, couple of things:

    1. I am VERY proud of how despite touching on certain topics this comment thread didn’t devolve into a nasty flame war. It’s a testament to the quality of people we have as visitors on the site. :-)

    2. I think this thread has run its course and it’s probably time to turn off comments. Hopefully you guys will attack some other posts with as much gusto! :-)


  2. @ Ken J

    We’re just going to have to disagree. I don’t want to take this thread so off topic that people who want to read about Star Trek no longer choose to do so.

  3. Does anyone remember the episode of Voyager where Janeway has to go into a mindmeld with Tuvok to discover the cause of some seizures he was having as a result of a virus which had affect his brain in the form of a memory of a girl falling from his grip off a cliff as a child? Later, after the rather predictable happy ending, Janeway comments that Tuvok was right in objecting to Capt. Sulu’s decision to go after Kirk and McCoy inside the Klingon Empire (apparently Tuvok served aboard the Excelsior). There was something prophetic in something Janeway said (Referring to serving with Capt. Kirk and the original crew) – “I think we would all like to strap on a phaser and go on one last adventure”
    Looks like we got her wish (although I doubt it’s the last).

    Someone up above mentioned the notion that Canada gets inundated with media/entertainment from the good ole USA. Truth is, has anyone ever really watched our (official) national network (CBC)? Sure every once in awhile they get a good one, but the bottom line is, I don’t think the CBC knows what good entertainment is. The CEO of the CBC once stated that the CBC was going to drop some of its programming because it was making too much money. So it was going to focus more on the arts. Here we are, a few years later, and the CBC;’s crying that it needs a gov’t bailout because it not getting enough advertising revenue. DUH! With reasoning like that, is it any wonder that we tend watch the far more entertaining US programming? My favorite show right now on TV has to be NCIS (btw, someone once told me Mark Harmon is Candadian. Is that true, or did he have too much “Strange Brew” -lol). Perhaps I’m not as patiotic as I should, but I like what I like.

    Someone also mentioned the Doohan was Canadian. Really? I knew Shatner was, but Doohan? Wow!

  4. @Vee

    Gerard Butler was hired because he was young and handsome. Apparently the requirement that all actors had to sing was dropped in his case, and if you’ve heard worse, you have my sympathy. :)

  5. @Johnny-o

    Regardless of what Ken J things, and I suspect he’ll agree with me, I’m all for Phasers that have a stun setting. Hopefully they won’t kill when fired at your temple at short range, but a non-projectile weapon would be marvelous for people like me who have to patch up those who aren’t so lucky. I like Sulu’s fencing, however – and I don’t know of any drive-by rapier duels. Guns make killing impersonal, and sadly, I know of too many children who have been hurt or killed in gun-related accidents. I’m not going to preach (much), but I don’t think regular citizens need weapons that can not only kill someone, but blow out the wall behind them, too. “Self Defense” does not include the need to fire sixty rounds a minute.

  6. @Fury

    I have no problem with people who need to lose 20-30 pounds (9-13 kg for you smarter, metric people) and just advise those people that they may want to exercise more and watch their diets. I often treat people who need to lose more than two hundred pounds (~90 kg) and these are the people you see at McDonald’s ordering two pounds of meat, fries, and the oh-so-sanctified Diet Coke. I don’t advocate that everyone (or anyone) deprive themselves of eating good food, just that they practice some level of moderation. As Kirk says in “The Trouble with Tribbles” to Uhura, “Too much of anything, even love, isn’t necessarily a good thing.”

    I probably also have some deep-seated resentment because of all the years on nothing but Ramen Noodles (which, by the way, should be labeled as “the Coronary Bypass Special”) because I was a starving medical student. I’ll talk to my friend who’se in Psychiatry first thing on Monday. :)

  7. @ Vic

    Unless we’re going to destroy a lot of space, I’d hope this thred can stay open until the movie closes in IMAX. Or please point us to a new thread so we can all sync up.



  8. @ Purist

    Well spoken. Remember, though, that NBC cancelled Star Trek, so not all US decision-makers are wise. I’m glad they rebooted the series; it was time.

  9. So we went from Star Trek spoilers, to Enterprise beauty features, to Rent, drugs, and insensitivity towards overweight/obese people. Interesting.

  10. Gang,

    I suggest that if you want to continue discussing THE MOVIE that you move over to the Star Trek review. It’s been open long enough that I don’t think there’s a problem with discussing spoilers.