Star Trek Sequel Talk & Some Awesome Concept Art

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star trek 2 Star Trek Sequel Talk & Some Awesome Concept Art

Back in March, it was reported that the writers of Star Trek, Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci (Transformers 1 & 2, Fringe) as well as contributor Damon Lindelof (Lost) have all been signed to pen the sequel to J.J. Abrams’ successful sci-fi hit and that they were planning on a 2011 release. As soon as opening weekend came around, everyone was hearing the sequel talk and expecting the next film to debut in two years.

In that interview where they discussed writing the sequel’s script, Lindelof explained that they’d be waiting to see the fan reaction to the first one so they’ll know how to better shape the next one. Since the first one was pretty amazing with only some weak plot points, I hope we get a perfected sequel with perhaps a little less lighting (Check out this hilarious video on Star Trek’s lens flares)

On the subject of the sequel, Bruce Greenwood spoke with and gave his thoughts on when we may see the next movie gear up production and what we may be able to expect in terms of the stories.

bruce greenwood as captain christopher pike Star Trek Sequel Talk & Some Awesome Concept Art

In an earlier interview, Greenwood stated that he expects to be in the sequel (so do we!) and in this interview, Trek Movie asked him if he had any info about the sequel. His reponse:

“They’re bouncing around story ideas right now. I think, from what I gather, the intention is start shooting next summer.”

Following that, they asked about him where he’d like to see the sequels boldly go:

“I think these guys are clever enough to do at least two more and have the final one do a really hard dovetail into the beginning of [the storylines] for the original ["Star Trek"] series. My expectations are very high for them. The only thing I’d like to see, from a personal standpoint, is the mentor relationship between Kirk and Pike to continue.”

It would be pretty cool to see these movies navigate their way into the beginnings of the original series canon although there would obviously be differences unless we see more time travel-related storylines or some alternate reality stuff which I don’t think we’ll be exploring more of any time soon. I also would like to think that there would be more than three movies if the sequels live up to and surpass this J.J. Abrams’ first Star Trek.

Onto the other topic of discussion, /Film picked up on some incredible concept art for Star Trek by artist James Clyne so we grabbed a few of the many images from his personal website for you to see. Click through the next pages to see the beautiful work…

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  1. Someone mentioned earlier the concept of the mirror universe. Wouldn’t it be wild if this were a trilogy that eventually gets us back to the original timeline when it turns out that this event is what created the universe from Mirror Mirror. Without the logic of the Vulcans and with a paranoia developed from the Nero attacks Starfleet moves the Federation to the Empire. Movie two would end with the empire firmly established. Movie three has the mirror mirror events that get us back to the original timeline…somehow there is still a minor tweak tha allows some plot freedom the original timeline. I think it would be interesting to find out in the third movie that we’ve been pulling for the wrong guys all along. I know this is insane…but Lost is much stranger.

  2. @JA
    That sounds like a great idea to me !!!
    Really cool!!!

    If they did something like that I would be blown away… :-)

  3. Bring it on. I can’t wait.

    Guys, I didn’t mind the “lens flares”, personally….

  4. And I’d love to see the Mirror Universe! Goatee Spock FTW! :-P

    Maybe some tribbles too…

    But I like the new continuity. :)

  5. Just hoping they can get away from this tendency to try to lift elements from “Wrath of Kahn” … and that they redesign Engineering to something that looks 23rd Century.

    I’ve always liked the Gorn and the Tholians as distinctive Star Trek aliens that did not get much play in follow-on episodes or even spin-offs. Now that we’ve got good enough SFX tech to represent these guys, I would love to see a fresh take on these classic encounters — they would get us back to the Enterprise’s exploration mission while keeping an interesting antagonist in place. Using these guys would also allow them to have both a recognizable element from the original continuity and a largely blank slate.

  6. @SpaceCowboy1701
    The Enterprise engineering section just sucked.

    That was one of many things that I didn’t like about the new overall direction in Star Trek.

  7. As long as the sequels are as good as this last one, I don’t care who they put it in it:

    Star Trek 2 – The Wrath of SpongeBob!

  8. @790
    To me, the Engineering set (or lack thereof) is one of the things that really struck me as out of place in a movie where the production values were largely quite high, regardless of whether you’re evaluating the movie as part of existing Trek canon or strictly on its own merits as a reimagined show, where the whole look is consciously updated. If you compare it to the art above, it doesn’t really match stylistically or on a technological level. They tried, but I get the impression that they just budgeted a certain amount for new sets and were counting on that brewery to deliver. I wish they’d spent the money they used on the rediculous water tube sequence on something that looks like a 23rd century warp reactor, even if it’s not like the standard-setting core from the first Trek movie … after all, the TOS engine room was nothing like that, either.

    I kind of wondered how much it bothered the general audience … I spent too many hours looking at Trek technical manuals to be objective …

  9. Lol SpaceCowboy1701, I totally agree with your comment.

    I knew it would look different but stupid and lame don’t even begin to cover how I felt when I saw the bowels of the Enterprise for the first time, and yes that scene with Scotty beaming into the tube was completely pointless and struck me a something a child would write in for giggles.

    I also didn’t like that the E, was built on the ground and used as a recruiting office.
    Typical with the writing style of Orci & Kurtzman. They always miss the mark in all the right places.

    I’ve only seen Star Trek one time and its looking like that won’t change when the dvd comes out.

    Entertaining yet lame all wrapped in one film.

  10. Yeah, 790, I actually liked the overall idea of them “missing” with a transporter beam, but that whole sequence just felt over the top and gratuitous at that place in the script. Really, the later instance where Scotty thinks he’s beaming them into Engineering on the Narada and puts them somewhere else was funny without trying, and had the bonus of actually being integral to the plot. More integral humor in the next movie would be good.

    The ground-based starship yard … beautiful visual that serves the story well, but that definitely goes against the grain after 30 years of spacedock construction scenes … and a nice new space station in this movie as well. I saw where they addressed that and essentially assumed that Starfleet’s technology would make it just as practical to build on the ground and boost into space. Still trying to decide if I can buy that or not.

    You can tell I’ve got mixed feelings about this new movie franchise … I really wanted to like it, I enjoyed seeing “Kirk and Spock” back in action after all these years, but …

  11. @SpaceCowboy1701,
    Scotty never messed up transporter coordinates? What’s with making him the comic jester of the crew? (Oh yeah its Simon Pegg?)
    If anything the Original Scotty was usually pretty uptight and took his job home with him.
    The ground based ship construction only acted as a plot device to get young Kirk in the same shot as the Enterprise,,,
    The shot of him driving up on the motorcycle and looking up in awe of the big ship was a scene right out of Top Gun… (At least it struck me that way)

    I’m not divided, I consider this version of Trek as a knock off. The first 25 minutes were great the rest was just a teenage fueled altered prequel that I just didn’t care about afterwards,,,
    I know other people loved the film that’s cool.
    I have all of the Star Trek tv series and films on dvd, that’s what I will watch when need a Star Trek fix… :-)

  12. Yes, at least we have a few hundred hours of old programming to fall back on, even if the new movies go astray …

  13. This Scotty is a younger version, so maybe he becomes the Scotty we all know and love from TOS in subsequent sequels.