‘Star Trek 2′ Set Photos: Spock Puts a Vulcan Death Grip on Sherlock [UPDATED]

Published 3 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:28 pm,

[UPDATE: Several new Star Trek 2 set photos have been added to our gallery.]

Principal photography on J.J. Abrams’ untitled Star Trek sequel commenced back in January of this year, with the main cast from his popular Trek franchise reboot in tow for the U.S.S. Enterprise’s next mission. Joining the revitalized crew on their new adventure are such acting talents as Alice Eve (She’s Out of My League) and Joseph Gatt (Thor), alongside fan-favorites like Peter Weller (RoboCop) and the increasingly-popular Benedict Cumberbatch in the undisclosed villain role heavily speculated to be that of Khan Noonien Singh.

The first photos from the Star Trek 2 set have been released online; while they don’t provide any concrete answers to the riddle of who Cumberbatch is playing – or what the plot cooked up by Abrams and his screenwriting team encompasses – these images DO provide a sneak peek at what the Sherlock star will look like in the film.

MTV is the source of these set pics for the Star Trek followup, and the publication states that the scene being shot here involves a battle atop “a Space Barg.” As mentioned before, these images offer little to no information about the hand of cards Abrams has been playing so close to the chest. That is, unless you count the “revelation” that Spock (Zachary Quinto) and Nyota Uhura (Zoe Saldana) won’t be getting along so well with Cumberbatch’s villainous onscreen counterpart.

UPDATE: We’ve added six more images from the Star Trek sequel set which further depict a fistfight between Quinto as Spock and Cumberbatch’s antagonist, and feature additional photos of Saldana as Uhura firing her phaser at the latter (along with a pic of Quinto and Cumberbatch’s stunt doubles).

See what we mean by checking out the first Star Trek 2 set photos below:


Cumberbatch appears to be wearing a black version of the standard Starfleet uniform under a metallic silver overcoat, which lends itself to all sorts of possibilities as to what his character might be (a spy? a mole? a traitor? etc.). Since Paramount has yet to announce an official title for Star Trek 2 – much less any information about the movie’s storyline or new characters – it’s all fair game right now, as far as speculation and wild theories go.

For some additional insight (or lack thereof) on the Trek sequel, check out this interview with co-screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci about the pressures that come with developing a followup to the critically-acclaimed box office success that was the 2009 Trek franchise reboot.


Star Trek 2 is slated to hit theaters (2D and 3D) around the U.S. on May 17th, 2013.

Source: MTV, Yahoo! Movies, PopSugar, toofab

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  1. And when I say that the first Star Trek film was terrible, to clarify, I mean “Star Trek: The Motion Picture.” The modern reboot of Star Trek is brilliant and incredibly enjoyable to watch. I look forward to the sequel.

    • I think that Star Trek: The Motion Picture gets an unfair bum rap. If it had remained the pilot of the new Star Trek tv show as intended I think it’d be hailed as a classic to this day. Plus STTMP had a great director (Robert Wise also directed The Sound Of Music and The Haunting), dazzling effects for its day that still hold up surprisingly well, all the original cast members which counts for a ton, and a clever plot, even if it got a little cold and cerebral in parts. In my opinion it’s still better than any of the Next Generation films. Star Trek’s problem has always been that it’s been a great looking science fiction tv show with lots of human dilemma and great metaphor for moral challenges, but it’s always had trouble finding its epic scope when hitting the big screen. Wrath Of Khan did it, and I think this reboot is doing it, too.

      • Man, I’m a real blabbermouth today…

      • STTMP does get a bad rap. But that’s because audiences just werent ready or expecting it at the time, watching it again recently and it’s a pretty great movie in places. Unfortunately it will always be unfairly compared to what came after, which was one of the best sci fi movies, nay, one of the best movies of all time. Wrath Of Khan.
        STTMP is worlds better than Search For Spock (my most loathed ST movie0 and The Final Frontier.

    • I recently watched TMP again and I have to disagree with your statement. The first movie was able to capture what Star Trek is all about…exploration. Sure, it didn’t have the flare and action of WoK, First Contact or the new 2009 movie but it was better than all TNG movies (except FC) and Trek 5.

  2. Cumberbatch will KILL in this movie!! If you havent watched SHERLOCK i suggest you catch up!

  3. This will not be popular, but I cannot stand Cumberbatch or whatever he is called. I hate Sherlock, completely hate it. It’s a really dumbed down bastardisation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s excellent original work, set nowadays so idiots can relate to it.

    I do not want to see a remake of Wrath of Khan, the thought of a remake doesn’t sit well and with the added Cumberbatch factor it could be bloody awful.

    • have you actually watched the show? i don’t know how you can call it a “dumbed down bastardisation” (which you misspelled by the way:) )when it is very faithful to the source material. so what if it’s modernized? it’s the same story, but what do i know, being one of those “idiots” who likes it.

    • How can it be a remake of WoK when they haven’t even encountered Khan yet? If anything, your argument should have been it is a remake of Space Seed. But just because they are having an old villain in the movie, doesn’t mean it will be the same plot. Who’s to say that The Enterprise will be the ones to wake Khan and his crew? It may be the Romulans, the Klingons, or some other alien race. The situation is obviously not going to play out the same way (if this is Khan), because they never fought on a platform in Space Seed.

  4. I am BEYOND excited for this movie! The first one was awsome and is what turned me on to the fanchise. I went back and started watching the original series after i saw this and watched the films with the original cast. Also, BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH IS FREAKING AWESOME! He is an amazing actor with such a unique look (I find him totally sexy) he is gonna rock in this movie!

  5. So… The villian is human?

    How fracking original.

    If anything breaks apart the Kirk, Bones, and Spock triad, the next “Star Trek” film will kill the franchise. Period.

    • Well, who says he has to be human, he could just be humanoid. Last year’s villan was.

  6. I would personally like to see the rebooted franchise leave the Khan thing alone. It was handled very well in the original series and movies and does not need to be re-visited. It would only further the perception that Hollywood doesn’t have an original bone in its body. If they do a Khan/Space Seed remake, it will be judged on an entirely different level and compared to the original. From a critical perspective, it would do itself a disservice.

    I like how the first movie handled the elements of the original Start Trek and made something new about it. It should continue as such; basic characters, relationships between those characters and the development of those characters.

    I personally would like to see new, original adventures of iconic characters that have been “re-born”, not re-told/re-visioned stories that were CREATED by others almost half a century ago…

  7. Khan, methinks not.

    It appears to me this movie is going to follow the OS continuity putting , bypass all Captain Pike storylines, putting ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’ next in sequence. If you’ve followed the comments regarding possible villains, relationship of the movies to the OS, etc., that leaves a clear option for Mr. Cumberbatch.

    Looking at these images, it appears quite probable. This villain has the power to break Spock’s Vulcan Grip…

    Gary Mitchell.

    Perhaps that won’t be his name. It was a freak accident that targeted Mitchell. Perhaps in this continuity, someone else is inhabited.

    Or perhaps not. Seems to me like, though, that is in line with everything leaked so far.

    • Or perhaps they meet a stranger in the Alps.



  8. I’m sure this movie is going to be amazing, I have still not seen a JJ Abraham film that I dislike. The first one was flawless, I cant imagine how he will make this one better but I’m sure he will.

  9. I like the “Gary Mitchell” style character angle.

  10. Perhaps with the way Cumberbitch looks, a geeky “Dr Soren/Roger Corby ” mad scientist angle might suit better than Gary Mitchell.

  11. It’s enormous that you are getting thoughts from this article as well as from our dialogue made at this time.