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Short version: While hard core Trekkies may have some problems with it, this long time classic Star Trek fan found this reboot fun, fresh & exciting.


star trek review Star Trek Review
Screen Rant reviews Star Trek

Where to start? (This is going to be a long one, folks. If you want to skip the preamble and get right to the review itself click here.)

Some people are Star Wars fanatics, others go nuts over Transformers or X-Men. While I’m a huge Iron Man fan, Star Trek is my true love going back well over 30 years. My favorite of all the shows? The Original Series (aka TOS). You may look at it now and think it looks cheesy (however I highly recommend you check out the digitally remastered version with brand new visual effects on DVD or Blu-ray), but remember the original Star Trek is over 40 years old.

At the time the other big Sci-Fi TV show was the cheese-fest called Lost in Space – so keep that in mind as a comparison. icon smile Star Trek Review

I have Star Trek prop replicas on my bookshelves (some pretty damned nice ones) along with a copy of the original Star Fleet Technical Manual by Franz Joseph and a set of blueprints of the original U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 (which shows the location of a bowling alley on the ship!). I’ve memorized every episode of the original series – I can tell you which one each one is within seconds of any of them starting. And I’ve seen every movie.

Yes, I’m into Trek “canon” – tracking all the little details that tie the whole Star Trek universe together, however I’m also aware (though some fans seem to be in denial about this) that over the course of hundreds of episodes across five different series, Star Trek itself has violated its own canon many times.

Why am I telling you all this? So you have some context for my review of J.J. Abrams’, Roberto Orci’s and Alex Kurtzman’s reboot of the Star Trek universe. However this is not a review just for “Trekkies,” and that’s appropriate because neither is this film just for that group of die hard fans (among which I include myself).

Also, I did read the four part prequel comic that tells the story which leads to the events that take place in the film. If you have a chance I recommend you find it and pick it up at your local comic book store as it really fleshes out the “villain” in the film, Nero.

Some fans may disagree, but this franchise was in desperate need of a reboot, re-imagination, fresh “take” or whatever you’d like to call it. Star Trek, as a brand, was whithering on the vine and was in danger of being put on the shelf for who knows how long – until Paramount might decide enough time had gone by to give it another go. This was due to a number of factors, among which included the subsequent series being taken in directions by Rick Berman (and to some exent, Brannon Braga) that the fans did not agree with. Essentially it was a case of “the fans don’t know what’s good for them – we’ll tell them what they want.”

From this we gained the ignoble death of Captain Kirk in a transition movie with a stupidly weak plot device, Star Trek: Voyager, the Lost in Space of Trek, progressively crappier movies and finally Enterprise: At least an attempt at something fresh in Trek, which unfortunately went off in some half-assed direction – and Manny Coto’s efforts to bring the show back to what it should have been in season 4 were too little, too late.

So… when it was announced that the new film would go back to before the original series crew had met I was both excited at the prospect and terrified of how it might turn out. I mean we’re talking about recasting iconic roles. Bill Shatner? Leonard Nimoy? DeForest Kelly and James Doohan?


But I tried to be cautiously optimistic over the course of very early news, pre-production and through the production. I listed this film as my most anticipated of the year…

And I was NOT disappointed.

So finally – the review…

Click here to continue reading our Star Trek review…

Our Rating:

4 out of 5

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  1. I dunno about anyone else, but I haven't been receiving any updates via email at all. Life is still crazy in the ER, but I just had a chance to watch the 1st Season Blu-Ray of both the Trouble with Tribbles and the “sequel” from DS9 in High-Def. Amazing! Hope everyone's doing great!


  2. Re: Doc's Quote: “Is history your specialty”— Kirk to Lt. Styles, “Balance of Terror”?

    Mr Styles is currently manning the fire control station on MY Enterprise and has an itchy trigger finger for the Rommies.

    He is also giving me $#!+ for missing a BOT quote for so long. Any idea who should play him? Johnny, Kahless, Beuller, Anybody?!

  3. Oh yes, that was to Stiles. How could I have missed that; that was my favorite episode.

    Who could play him? Tough one. He would have to be around the same age as Sulu (Chou). Maybe Ryan Phillipe?

  4. First, you are correct, you so get to pick a quote. I have problems with the new system – it pops up an ad and I have to refresh a few times before I can post a reply. Honestly, I liked the old system better. As to who should play Stiles – how about the guy who plays “Danny” on CSI:NY. I can't spell his name, nor can I remember it, but he's got attitude.

  5. I was patiently waiting on your confirmation, Doc.

    Stiles doesn't have as that big of a part as he did in BOT. Given the “new” Kirk's history they may have have more in common than before (“Romulan bastards! you killed my dad.”) But he's still a loose cannon w/ a 'tude.

    Don't know if Tomlinson will be along for the ride, I mean, it would kind of be like watching Kenny on South Park, wondering how, not if he gets it.

    YN. Rand will likely make an appearance, especially if Laura Vandervoort is available (yum)

    Quote: TOS: “Everything you said was a lie”

  6. Hi to all, haven't spoken in a while. I'm on holidays at the moment (just for 12 days over Easter) and I have bludged all holidays, but today was my most productive day yet. What did I do today? I made Star Trek shirts with my friend ;D
    We made three each:
    A white one that says “Trekker.” across the chest and has the insignia on the bottom right corner;
    A blue one that has Leonard Nimoy on the front and says “Fascinating” on the back, and;
    A red one that on the front says “You've got a better than 50/50 chance of coming back aboard a starship commanded by Capt. James T. Kirk!” and on the back “Unless you're wearing a red shirt”.
    ;D They are awesome, I'm wearing the white one at the moment.

    Hope you're all well.

  7. Any way of sending us some pics of those shirts, Ingenue?

    Great picks, Kahless and Doc. I always figured Stiles to be just a tad older than Kirk, and perhaps a bit resentful of not being promoted as fast.

    Although ST10 had stellar casting and was enjoyable to watch, it sure left a hell of a mess to clean up. Since my story calls for the re-design of the ship, I find myself in the unenviable task of explaining why the new ship is 3x bigger.

    We all know the real reason was that JJ wanted the ships to be as large as those in Star Wars, Yoda's counsel of “Size matters not.” Was obviously lost on him.

    I'm trying to keep the fire from dying here by checking in every week. Soon enough I should have another installment.

  8. I look forward to the next installment and I'll get onto those photos asap!

  9. Hmm, that has the ring of I, Mudd to it, when they're overloading Norman. I apologize for not checking sooner. I'm not getting updates on when things are posted here anymore.

  10. Ben Affleck hasn't done anything in a while. Maybe you can get him cheap. He's pretty good at looking mean.

  11. And how is Johnny-o?

  12. For those reading, I'm in the same boat as BE: those episodes are like second nature to me. But I can say that about 90% of TOS episodes. :-)

  13. I'm doing great, Doc, and thanks for asking, good to see everybody still here!

    Can't wait for Ironman II, I own the original and love it!

    What's new with you, Steve?

    Good to hear from ya!


  14. Good choice! I was gonna say Rob Lowe, he's not busy either right now, ever since he left West Wing several years ago.

    I like Affleck better, I think.

    Speakin' o'which, was the actor who portrayed 'Larry Stiles', the first captain of the Excelsior in ST/III (James B Sikking), the same character as the younger Fire Control Officer in Balance of Terror? I believe he was, it would explain his hardass attitude toward Kirk when he started to go after the Enterprise, wouldn't it?

  15. This is just a guess, but I believe that was Kim Darby (Mia Farrow, can you believe it?) in Miri, but as I say, that is just a spitball, I don't know…


  16. Thanks for playing, but still no joy. I hope I got the quote right.

    Not Miri, but definitely an angry woman.

    Coming up on our anniversary, I hope can manage a little present for you all.

    • I was going to agree with Doc, but an angry woman? Hmmm. Maybe nurse Chapel to (I think) Dr. Roger Corby in What are Little Girls Made of? Oh, wait, I think it was the same episode but it was the android female to Corby.

  17. Ooops, not so bright after all it seems, Just re-watched the Ep to confirm the quote, and it looks like I was the one who got it wrong.

    The actual quote “You lied, everything you said.”

    Sorry ’bout that. ~BE

  18. Buckle Up

  19. Scene: Ext. Space, at warp, as the stars recede into the distance, the Enterprise begins a leisurely L-R pass in front of the camera.

    Kirk: Captain”s log, stardate 1706.2 Having completed space trials and initial weapons testing, we have departed the Arcturus range for the Mintaka system. As a security precaution we are being escorted by the destroyers Norfolk and Kuruksetra, who are trailing us at a distance to ensure that no following vessel attempts to conceal itself in the sensor shadow created by our subspace wake.

    I have been taking a slow and very indirect route out of Federation space with many course changes, as both our ship’s capability and it’s destination must remain a closely guarded secret. If worlds conducive to the Vulcanoid life cycle are as rare as I believe, I have to assume that there will be other “interested parties”

    The Norfolk intercepted a Klingon rapid stealth scout vessel attempting to shadow us on our initial departure, and escorted it back into neutral space, since then there have been no further contacts, yet I still have a feeling of unease, a feeling that we are being followed.

    Scene: Int. The Bridge, The turbolift door opens and Kirk steps out.

    Spock: Captain on the bridge! (Bridge crew stands at attention)

    Kirk: As you were. (crew sits back down) Mr Spock, has there been any further instance of that anomaly in our warp signature that was detected by the Kuruksetra?

    Spock: It would seem that the irregularity only manifested itself on that one occasion when we were traveling at warp 6, and disappeared when we returned to warp 4 .

    Kirk: And yet we took her to warp 9 at Arcturus and the range sensors didn’t see anything like

    Spock: True, But these are not only new engines, but a completely new engine type. Even our best computer models cannot predict what the subspace signature will be. Also, as you know, they are still in their break-in period and, per Mr Scott’s recommendation, we have only used a fraction of their power.

    Sulu: (Glancing down at throttle) Frustrating, isn’t it?

    Kirk: I think it’s about time we convey our mutual frustrations to the man responsible. (Walks over to captains’ chair and pushes comm button) Mr. Scott!

    Scotty: (over intercom) Aye, Captain.

    Kirk: We’ve been coddling those “bairns” of yours for three weeks now, isn’t it about time they stopped crawling?

    Scotty: I thought we were waitin’ ’till we set course for Mintaka to cut ‘em loose, why the change o’ plans?

    Kirk: Because even if nobody knows where we’re going, everybody knows why, it think it’s about time we did something unpredictable, I want you to prepare to power down all major systems at the end of our run, including life support, we need to go silent and do it fast.

    Scotty: But engines this new are delicate Captain, we need te ease’ em down gradually.

    Kirk: Not as delicate as this mission, we can replace the engines if we have to, (glances at Spock) we can’t replace the Vulcans.

    Scotty: (dejectedly) Aye, I’ll shut ‘em down, I just hope it’s not for nothin’, cause I’ll likely have re-adjust the whole injector assembly.

    Kirk: Better to hope that it is all for nothing, do you think you can manage warp 8.

    Scotty: Is tha’ all? They’ll barely break a sweat.

    Kirk: I’m not after the galactic speed record, I just want a quick, clean shutdown when I give the word, do you think you can manage that, Mr Scott?

    Scotty: Aye Captain, standing by.

    Kirk: Mister Sulu, I want you to ease us to warp 8, then on my mark, pivot 180 degrees and drop us out of warp. Lt Uhura, Alert the forward sensor crews, not just the main dish, but the weapons tracking units as well, tell them to look sharp, if they see anything out of the ordinary, I want to hear about it immediately.

    Chekov: (smiling) Ah, an old Russian submarine wessel maneuver.

    Sulu: No wonder our ancestors never got along, you think you invented everything.

    Chekov: But it’s true.

    Kirk: Eyes straight ahead, both of you! Mister Sulu?

    Sulu: (Moving throttle forward) Warp 5.

    Kirk: Lt Uhura, send a message in code 3, to the Kurukstra, tell them to let us know if that anomaly they reported shows up again.

    Uhura: Message received, and acknowledged, Captain.

    Sulu: Warp 6

    Uhura: Message from Kuruksetra, anomaly confirmed and intensifying. (Spock raises an eyebrow)

    Sulu: Warp 7

    Kirk: Mr Sulu, Mr Scott, Pivot and go silent on my mark.

    Sulu: Warp 8(smiling) and she’s riding as smooth as silk.

    Kirk: Everybody hold your breath…and….NOW!

    Scene: Ext, Enterprise stern view. The ship executes a 180 rotation and then the stars stop moving.

    Int. The Bridge, looking over Kirk’s shoulder at the main viewscreen, the ghostly image of a great red raptor is seen for a split second and quickly vanishes.

    Kirk: THERE! That was no warp anomaly!

    Spock: Fascinating.

    The intercom on Kirk’s chair beeps

    Intercom: Captain, this is Lieutenant Stiles in main fire control, you told us to report anything we spotted. What we just saw was a Romulan warship, I’m sure of it! I only wish we had the phasers hot so I could have gotten off a shot at her.

    Kirk: You seem a little hot yourself, Mister! I think you forget who gives the orders to fire weapons around here!

    Stiles: Apologies Captain, I just thought that you, of all people would understand about the RedWings.

    Kirk: And I would like to hope that you would understand that we have something called a chain of command Lieutenant, don’t make me doubt that you can observe it. As you just saw, We have enough to worry about as it is, do I make myself clear?

    Stiles: Yes sir.

    Kirk: Mr. Chekov, sensor readings.

    Chekov: Sensors negative, Keptin, its like we just saw a ghost.

    Kirk: Then activate the scanner array (hits comm) Mr. Scott, you can secure from silent protocol and turn the fans back on. We’re not hiding from anybody, that’s for sure.

    Scotty: Aye, Captain, kin ye give me a wee bit of time to perform a diagnostic before we take ‘er back to warp, I want to be sure we didna’ bruise the works.

    Kirk: You’ve got half an hour, but make sure that we’re ready to go to transwarp, Kirk out.

    Checkov: First sector scan complited, no contacts, except for the two friendlies a quarter parsec out.

    Kirk: Analysis, Mr. Spock, any idea what we just saw?

    Spock: While Mr Stiles’ suggested course of action may have been out of line, I agree with his assessment that that was almost certainly a Romulan warship.

    Kirk: Then why haven’t we been able to detect or track her? Or even see her?

    Spock: In your planet’s Third World War, the combatants often used flatscreen outer panels and holographic projectors to render their space, air, naval and armored assets invisible to the naked eye, However, the energy emanations of these systems could often be detected by passive electronic means. This was what provided the impetus for the development of miniaturized energy sensing devices for the use of the infantry, the precursor to our modern tricorder.

    I believe that the Romulans may have achieved the holy grail of invisibility systems, something that is equally effective against both active and passive detection.

    Kirk: Something that your counterpart from the future neglected to warn us about.

    Spock: Something that he… that I only warned us about by conspicuous omission. I suspect that my future self was concerned about preserving the balance of power, and he did comment to me about certain elements of the admiralty taking a little too keen of an interest in detection countermeasures.

    Kirk: I’d like to have a little talk with our ambassador from tomorrow about what we’re up against. We haven’t had any contact with the Romulans in over a century, all we know is how it ends for them….and what they look like.

    Spock: Ambassador Spock has been most helpful in regard to teaching me about their culture, but when I ask about their technology he becomes quite perturbed. In truth I cannot blame him, as he knows that as a Starfleet officer, I am duty bound to share that knowledge with my captain.

    Kirk: Frankly, I don’t have the time to try to pry it out of him, nor do we have the time to keep zigging and zagging around the quadrant trying to shake our pursuer. Every day we delay one Vulcan male goes berserk and another four get packed off to the Moon.

    They have their advantage and we have ours. Lt Uhura, take us to yellow alert and tell all hands to make ready for transwarp speed, contact our escorts and tell them to keep up with us as best as they can and to report any further anomalies.

    Spock: You realize, of course, that you’ll be letting the Romulans know that we possess revolutionary propulsion technology.

    Kirk: Better than letting them know our destination, I want to be far beyond their sensor range and for the echo of our passing to be long dead before we set course for Mintaka.

    Scene: Int. Ambassador Spock’s quarters. He is picking at his Lyrette while viewng holographic scenes of Vulcan when Uhura’s voice comes over the PA.

    Uhura: Yellow alert, all hands to battle stations, set material condition Yankee throughout the ship and prepare to go to transwarp velocity.

    Upon hearing this, Spock Prime puts away his Lyrette and stands up, cut back to Bridge

    Uhura: (Continuing) stow and secure all non-essential gear, damage control parties on standby

    Kirk: Scotty, are we go for transwarp?

    Scotty: Aye, Captain, is the word given?

    Kirk: Indeed it is, Mr Sulu, release the hounds.

    Sulu: Aye Aye SIR! Engaging NOW (moves throttle forward)

    Exterior shot of Enterprise blurring into the distance, then emerging into warp space. Cut back to the Bridge.

    Sulu: Warp 1, sir,…..Warp 2 ….

    Cut to Spock Prime in his quarters, he is moving his fingers along the bulkhead, with a look of intense concentration. Cut back to Bridge, the drone of the engines becoming audible.

    Sulu: Warp 3….

    Scene: The passageway in front of S.P’s quarters, the two security guards we saw in the briefing room scene are posted outside, one of them begins to blink, looking increasingly nervous and agitated. Back to Bridge

    Sulu: Warp 4….

    Back to the two Security Men.

    Redhshirt 1 : You know, Ambassador Spock has been in his quarters for a long time. If I designed and built this ship, I’d be up on the Bridge right now, I’m starting to get a bad feeling.

    Redshirt 2: I know what you mean, he’s been down in Engineering or working on that new torpedo launcher every day for the past month, and now on the day they finally take her to transwarp he just locks himself in his room, I hope he’s okay.

    RS 1: He’s been acting really moody lately, I didn’t even think his people HAD moods I overheard him saying that he was sick and tired of it all, talking about wanting to leave the world behind, do you think we should check on him?

    RS 2: We can’t just burst into his quarters, you know. He’s still got rights.

    RS 1: But suppose all the pressure has gotten to him, If he did something crazy, with us in charge of his safety, that wouldn’t bode well for our futures.

    RS 2: I’m not afraid of Ridgeway

    RS 1: The Ridge is the LEAST of our worries. Think about it, if anything happens to the Ambassador. that would be the end of our VIP detail, and you know what THAT would mean. (The second redshirt puzzles for a moment, then his eyes widen and he gulps involuntarily)

    RS 2: We’d be back on rotation for landing party duty. (RS1 looks him in the eyes and nods)

    Cut back to Bridge.

    Sulu: Warp 5, sir (coverage shot of Engineering, we see that only one of the two warp cores is glowing and pulsing at this point.)

    Cut to outside Ambassador Spock’s door. Redshirt 1 is pounding on it.

    RS 1: Ambassador! Are you okay in there?!! AMBASSADOR SPOCK!!(The second security man readies the door lock override bolt.)

    Int. Spock Prime’s quarters, the door opens and the two Redshirts burst in, but stop in their tracks with a look of confusinon on their faces. Over the shoulder shot of Ambassador Spock sitting, playing his lyrette, apparently oblivious to the sudden intrusion. Two shot of embarrased guards.

    RS 1: I’m sorry Mr Ambassador, I just thought that…. (Spock Prime’s inverted head and shoulders slowly descend from above and behind the distracted Redshirts, he executes a perfect double neck pinch and they both drop to the floor, He pushes a button on his magnatomic boots, and they release him from the overhead to hit the deck in a forward roll. Next he shuts down the holographic projector that was creating the decoy illusion.)

    Scene: A gentleman’s club in the Tenderloin. Despite the advent of holographic and android sexual surrogates, he long-predicted demise of these establishments has yet to occur, as referenced in “Shore Leave”, “Wolf in the Fold” and (-spit-) ST5.

    As we approach the stage, we see that it is littered with another “relic” that has stubbornly resisted extinction, paper money. In a never-ending effort to stay one step ahead of counterfeiters, these bills have ambient light-powered moving images like the menus we saw in the Iowa roadhouse. By far the most common denomination is the pink one credit “Surak” note, showing the great Vulcan logician and peacemaker repeatedly raising his hand in the Vulcan salute, also seen is the amber five credit “Shork” bill, with the undefeated Tellarite arguer and discoverer of dilithium twirling his crystaline find in the light. Much more rare is the blue twenty credit “Glyndu” depicting the famed Andorian warrior poet sharpening his dagger. The images vary in quality with the degree of wear.

    There are quite a few male starfleet personnel ( the 23rd cen. equivalent of sailors) and a some Tellarites as well (pigs that they are) .

    Seated at the stage, framed between a pair of shapely, green high-heeled legs, are Admiral Ridgeway and Leemic the Andorian, both dressed in civilian garb. They are drinking beer, doing shots and generally having a hell of a time. Behind them is a booth table of boisterous cadets, the “Anchor Steam” sign above them serves to remind us that we are not in Iowa anymore.

    Ridgeway: (Looking up at dancer) See Leemy, they’re only green on the outside (his communicator beeps, and he pulls it out) Ridgeway here! Dammit, LeBeck! haven’t I told you never to interrupt me when I say I’m in the middle of a debriefing?!! (As he says this the a pair of frilly undergarments land on the transfixed Andorian’s head with both leg holes neatly ringing each antenna. The cadets behind them burst ino laughter. The Tellarite sitting next to Leemic wiggles his snout at the panties, causing the Andorian to give him an “If looks could kill” scowl. The Tellarite backs off with an apologetic look on his face ”sorry, it’s my nature” and returns to his drink.)

    Ridgeway: (His jovial mood suddenly vanishing) BOTH of them?!! I’m beaming right over, I want a full SitRep when I get there, Ridgeway out!

    Vydor: Trouble, Stan?

    Ridgeway: Plenty, if what I think has happened just happened.

    Vydor: How dissapointing, with Enterprise safely on her way, I was hoping we would finally have a chance to have a little fun. Is there anything I can do to help?

    Ridgeway: “Just stay put, it’s probably nothing, transwarp mucking up the subspace beam or such”.(Vydor sighs, clearly unconvinced by Ridgeway’s reassurance. Ridgeway flags down a waitress, with a silver costume and large green coiffe) “Shanna, one shot of Straight-N-Sixty and close me out.” (Ridgeway pulls out a light green 100 credit “Benjamin” note and presses it into the hand of the dancer) “Here, Rianna, try and cheer my buddy up, he’s got a case of The Blues.” (She holds the bill at her side, on it we see a bolt of lightening repeatedly hitting a key attached to ol’ Ben’s Kite string as Ridgeway wincingly downs his shot of sobering agent and makes for the transporter booths.)

    (Back to Bridge)

    Sulu: Warp 9, helm still tracking steady.

    Uhura: Coded message coming in from destroyer Kuruksetra, they report no sign of the subspace anomaly they detected earlier.

    Chekov: Maybe that wanishing wulture can’t keep up.

    Kirk: More likely our last little maneuver put them wise to the fact that we were looking for them, and they didnt even try.

    Spock: I would have to concur with your assesment, Captain. While the Romulans may lack the intellect and discipline of my culture, they still posess a formidable cunning native to our species (unseen to Spock, Chekov rolls his eyes, Sulu notices and tries to supress a grin.)

    (Cut to close-up of the leg cuff seal of an orange spacesuit being cinched into Spock Prime’s gravity boot)

    Scene: “Spock Central” a suite in a hotel across from Spock Prime’s Berkely apartment that has been leased by Starfleet Intelligence for use as a headquarters for the observation and protection of Ambassador Spock. There are several Starfleet personnel and one middle-aged mediterranian-featured woman seated in front of an array of monitor screens, showing various views of SP’s apartment and parked space car. There are also cameras at “Logical Shopper” the local Vulcan market (where we can see the price of the few remaining Vulcan-grown foods has been drastically raised, and Earth grown hothouse substitutes being heavily promoted as “just as good”) as well as several other frequent haunts of Old Spock. These monitors aren’t getting much attention right now as everybody in the room is looking at the sector of screens marked “Enterprise” .Their picture quality and frame rate is remarkably degraded from the “local” views and the reception is getting worse. This was to be expected, what was not expected is the two screens that have gone conspicuously blank. Admiral Ridgeway stalks intently into the room, still shaking off his buzz and pulling down his tunic, but otherwise all business. (except for a streak of green lipstick on one ear)

    Ridgeway: Talk to me LeBeck!

    LeBeck: Enterprise was going out of range and I was about to order Lomax to shut down the transmitter, silent for the mission, just like you said, eh. Then both him and McCutcheon’s optic feeds went dark. Their life signs are steady, but their brain waves are in Delta, I think they’re unconscious.

    Ridgeway: Their brain waves are an embarrasment to the service! What part of “watch your buddy’s back” did they miss?!! Still, those two are no slouches, I still remember the night they mopped the floor with those Nausican bikers. Anybody who could take them down would have to be a

    top-notch operator. What about the Ambassador?

    Lebeck: Still safe and sound in his quarters, see for yourself (gestures toward screen image of SP playng his lyrette) He just keeps playng that same song, over and over.

    Ridgeway: (Turning to the woman) Melina! That big send-off for the Enterprise crew, you know I didn’t arrange for an “anonymous donor” to spring for that ballroom just to see if they could dance. You told me you needed them all in one place with a clean line of sight to do your thing. There’s a rat on that ship and you let him get past you. If you care about your world’s application for Federation membership you’d better have a good explanation!

    Melina: The conditions were perfect that night, and sensed only cameraderie and great loyalty (becoming indignant) Frankly I found it quite refreshing. (looking down disdainfully at Ridgeway’s wedding ring)

    Ridgeway: Are you snooping in my head?! Trying to blackmail ME?! Look here, you Betazed b—

    Melina: (pointing to her ear) Check yourself, sailor boy. (Ridgeway rubs ear and looks at the lipstick on his hand. His anger gives way to embarrasment.) What do you keep telling us? Don’t get sloppy? If you doubt MY loyalty, remember that I could have let you go home like that.

    There is only one species that can block my telepathy, and only two of them are on board Enterprise, or rather two instances of one.

    (Cut to Spock Prime zipping up the collar of his spacesuit, a look of grim determination on his face, the suit is reminiscent of the one worn by Dave Bowman in 2001, the orange color matches that of Spock’s excursion suit in ST1)

    (cut to bridge)

    Sulu: Warp 11, transwarp coils coming on line (Exterior shot of Enterprise, the receding stars beginning to elongate, blur and strobe, as seen in NextGen FX)

    (Engineering cover shot, second warp core comes to life, Head shot of Scotty, his face lit by the glow of the cores, clearly enjoying the “warmth in engineerin’”)

    Scotty: That’s right, me lovelies, let’s show ‘em what we’re made of.

    (Cut to Spock Central)

    Ridgeway: Play It back faster (LeBeck complies, we see SP playing his tune in fast motion again and again) IT”S A LOOP!, that green-blooded son-of-a b**** hacked the feed, what the HELL is he up to?!

    Le Beck: Do you think he’s trying to give us the slip? It’s not like he can just open a hatch and jump out at the speed they’re going.

    (Cut to Enterprise corridor, it is straight, not curved, indicating a location in the lower hull. A large sign on the bulkhead reads ”RESTRICTED AREA: USE OF DEADLY FORCE AUTHORIZED” Spock Prime comes around a corner, wearing a long robe that conceals his spacesuit. A security man walking the other way greets him and continues walking, he is the Special Weapons Rover, an elite guard assigned to particularly sensitive areas of the ship. Chosen for their draw speed and superior marksmanship, the Rover is a coveted position as they, like the VIP detail, are exempted from landing party rotation. Spock Prime approaches a large double door, on it we see a plaque that reads “Quantum Torpedo Bay”)

    (Cut back to Bridge)

    Sulu: Warp 12, steady on course

    Chekov: Too bad our misson is a secret, I would love to tell the Klingons we just broke their speed record.

    Kirk: We may have to wait a while for that, we really don’t want them to know more than the public already knows about the Ambassador.

    (Int. Quantum Torpedo Bay) We pull back from a viewscreen that shows the forward camera view of the advancing star field and a readout of the increasing warp factors. Gathered around it are several Andorian and Human technicians. They are dressed in civilian clothes with prominent holographic ID badges bearing some sort of corporate logo. Upon hearing the door they turn to greet Spock Prime, some hurriedly standing between SP and a new Quantum Torpedo on the loading track. From our perspective we see that the torpedo (roughly the size of a Mazda Miata) has been affixed with a large red bow. The lead technician, an Andorian female, steps toward SP while trying to block his view of the torpedo.

    Tech 1: Ambassador Spock! We hadn’t expected you so soon. The warp insertion coils in the launch tube are finally tuned to your specification, If you ask me, you really over-engineered the whole assembly, but then I’m just a simple toymaker. (smiles)

    Tech 2: One thing’s for sure, I would hate to be on the receiving end of something coming out of there, I cant say I’ve ever met a Vulcan show this much interest in a weapons delivery system, maybe your human half?

    Spock P: I have long ago ceased to feel shame in my mixed ancestry, but perhaps my human side has, in some measure allowed me to be infected by your obvious glee in creating something that would logically only create fear and depression at the need for it’s creation. (we see a small orb drop from under SP’s robe and roll, unnoticed, into a corner)

    Tech 1: We Andorians know that the paradox of peace is that you must be ready for war to maintain it. Some may accuse us of liking to make things that blow up just a little too much, but if you recognize that doing so is a necessity, is it not logical that the people you employ in their making be those with a passion for, and an enjoyment of it?

    Spock P: The ideal of Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations may be integral to my culture, but, like all ideals, it is sometimes a challenge to adhere to. That ridiculous ornament, for example.

    Tech 1: (embarrassed) Oh, that. The truth is that we were planning a little party in to celebrate program completion, Director Vydor said that you would understand if we said it was from “the Elves”.

    Tech 2: We had planned to offer you the honor of launching the first live round, we picked this one because we knew that it was your favorite.

    Tech 1: I even baked a cake, but maybe that wasn’t such a good idea, it looks like you’ve been putting on wei—

    (The orb SP dropped explodes in a shower of sparks and a wall of flame begins to rise next to the far bulkhead)

    (Cut to Bridge)

    Sulu: Warp 13, still accelerating

    Kirk: I’d say we’ve put enough distance between us and that ghost by now, Mr Spock.

    Y Spock: I concur Captain, Our Escorts are well out of sensor range and our ion trail will be long dispersed before they reach this location.

    Kirk: Mr. Chekhov, lay in a course for the Mintaka system, Mr Sulu, steady at warp factor fif—-

    Uhura: Captain! I have a report of a fire in the quantum torpedo bay!

    Kirk: Go to Red Alert, get a damage control team down there, and pray that those new torpedoes can’t “cook off “

    (klaxon sounds)

    Uhura: Red Alert! Fire in ventral torpedo bay, damage control report, set material condition zebra throughout the ship. Red Alert .

    Kirk: So much for the speed run, Mr Sulu, take us out of warp.

    (Sulu pulls throttle back, and raises his eyebrows on surprise He then works the lever back and forth, his characteristic cool clearly rattled.)

    Sulu: Captain, she’s not responding! We’re still accellerating, Warp 16! (Music tempo changes fom upbeat to tense and menacing)

    Kirk: (into intercom) Scotty! We’ve lost throttle control up here.

    (Cut to Scotty in engineering, behind him two DC party members are donning their firefighting gear, there is also a robotic firefighter being made ready)

    Scotty: Aye keptin, th’ injectors are stuck wide open an’ th’ engines ur runnin’ wild, somebody fused th’ emergency kill switch an’ only thee ay us ken whaur it is, myself, Marvic, …..ain yoo-know-who.

    (Cut back to Ridgeway in Spock Central, we can see he is becoming more agitated, with the thought of the intellegence and technological coup of a lifetime slipping from his grasp.)

    Ridgeway: Can we still get the feed from E’s bio-scanners?!

    LeBeck: Lots of lag with the speed and distance, all I can tell is that he’s headed for the lower decks.

    Ridgeway: Meaning he WAS headed there ten minutes ago, And we’ve STILL got a live transmission coming from that ship, Damn!

    (Cut to bridge)

    Kirk: Mr Sulu, have you still, got helm control?

    Sulu: Aye Captain, just don’t expect me to turn her around in less than the width of a solar system.

    Kirk: Then put us on course for Mintaka, no point in wasting the anti-matter, just don’t fly us into a star, Lt Uhura, you have the Con I’l be down in Engineering with Mr….(Shot of Spock’s empty chair a/la Wrath of Khan) Computer! Find Mr. Spock!

    Computer: Specify

    (Cut to Torpedo Bay, It has been evecuated and is filled with smoke, as the smoke begins to clear, we see Spock Prime emerging from it, walking toward the bow festoned quantum torpedo)

    Spock Prime: De-activate hologram. ( The torpedo dissapears, in it’s place we see a wicked-looking, needle-nosed one-man spacecraft, clearly built for speed. Spock P. hangs up his robe and begins a ritual familiar to all pilots, the pre-flight walk around. As he circles his ship, we see the launch tube behind him, then the viewscreen which now indicates a speed of warp 17, then, standing behind Spock Prime, we see Young Spock, with his phaser drawn.)

    Y Spock: That is no quantum torpedo.

    Spock P: (turning to face his counterpart) No it is not, I had forgotten how quick I was when I was your age.

    Y Spock: Explain. It was you who tampered with the throttle control, if we continue to accelerate the stress factors will destroy this vessel you built for us.

    Spock P: What makes you think that that I built this ship for you?

    Scene: Corridor outside of torpedo bay, the techs are all ouside, along with the Quantorp Rover, Kirk arrives, a little winded.

    Tech 1: Captain Kirk! It’s Ambassador Spock. One of the coil energizers caught fire and he evacuated the compartment, but before we could depressureize it he ran back in there and locked himself in. I tried to stop him, but he was too strong.

    Kirk: Commander Spock is in there too, how did HE get in? Mr DeSalle?(turns to the Quantorp Rover)

    DeSalle: Must have come through the loader from the magazine, only way he could have done it. The room is sealed up tight, hatches welded shut.

    Kirk: then get them un-welded. I want ANSWERS!

    Cut back to the 2 Spocks.

    Spock Prime: I am not Spock, or at least not the Spock that you will one day become. All that I ever wanted was the same thing that any Vulcan wants, a good job, a comfortable home, a loving and logical family. For many years the Enterprise was all of these things to me, as I am sure it will be to you. But this is not my ship, nor my time. You are familiar with our concept of the IDIC

    Young Spock: Of course, Infinite Diversity, Infinite Combinations.

    Spock Prime: To the uninitiated, a racial and cultural metaphor, but in reality a description of the structure of the multiverse. (Young Spock raises an eyebrow) The universe as we know it, from conception to annhialation, is but one of a near-infinite number of parralel timelines and dimensions occupying the same physical space. In this multiverse, all that is possible has or will occur.

    In the universe we currently occupy, humanity has advanced greatly by gleaning the technology they discovered in an orbiting debris field that was once an attacking alien time ship, but another temporal incursion has destroyed our own world. Here I am a celebrity, an oddity,…a freak. Constantly followed and hounded for information, never to know peace for the rest of my days, or to see my home again. I helped with this ship’s construction not for your needs, but for mine.

    Cut back to Spock Central on Earth, we see that the Enterprise Pictures are almost faded to static, and Ridgeway’s convivial manner is giving way to incandescent rage (this is where we get our money’s worth from Mr Harris)

    Le Beck: They’ve gone to Red Alert, sir

    Ridgeway: And still transmitting to the whole universe! Lo and Mic had better get their cocksucking asses back in the game and kill that beam.

    Cut back to Spocks in Launcher

    Spock Prime: I needed a vessel that could take me to the warp ten threshhold, and a project of sufficient scale and complexity to conceal my preparations.

    Young Spock: (looking at viewscreen, which is now reading warp 19, we can hear the ship beginning to shudder and quake in protest fron the stresses) Warp ten?

    Spock Prime: Apologies, they re-numbered, or will re-number the scale, after all what ten-fingered sentient counts things on a scale of 1 to 20?

    Beyond the warp ten barrier, there lies an interdimensional nexus, where all of the parralel time lines intersect, it is there that I must go if I am to find my way…home. I do not know how many years are left to me, or if I will suceed, only that I must try.

    Young Spock: Just as I must try to stop you in order to prevent this ship’s destruction

    Spock Prime: The engines will throttle back as soon as I am free (he lifts a panel on the cockpit of his miniship, activating a switch that begins to raise the canopy) In all the time streams that I have known, even the ones where the forces of evil hold sway, there has been one immutable element, and that is this ship, and this crew I don’t think that I could stop your mission even if I wanted to… (a piece of the canopy liner falls loose, Spock Prime is momentarily embarrassed)

    Young Spock: I could always tell them that you got the better of me.(lowers weapon) Any parting advice?

    Spock Prime: (producing a greyish silver roll of tape) Duct tape, humanity’s one indisputable contribution to space travel,..

    Cut to brief shot of SP’s bodyguards writhing on the floor of his quarters bound an gagged by the tape.

    Spock Prime: .(taping up canopy liner) never leave a planet without it.

    Cut to corridor, DeSalle is attempting to phaser his way in, but it is slow going, and hard to be precise, as the ship is shaking even more violently. Cut to Bridge, Sulu desperately trying to keep the ship under control

    Sulu: Warp 19, She feels like she’s going to shake herself apart!

    Uhura: Scotty! can we jettison the cores?

    Scotty (over intercom) It’ll be a long trip home if we do.

    Cut back to Torpedo Room.

    Young Spock: I trust that you’ll remember us when you return to the family plomeek farm. (rolls his head in resignation,offers his shoulder)

    Spock Prime: There is an unseen hand that guides and protects this ship, I have no doubt that you will succeed in your mission. Live long and prosper, as have I. (Applies neck pinch to Young Spock, catches him and gently lowers him to the deck, then applies his fingers in the mind meld position to Young Spock’s head)


    Cut to corridor.

    Kirk: Can we blast the door?

    DeSalle: Only if we know nobody is next to it

    Kirk: (Into intercom) Scotty! prepare to eject the cores,

    Scotty: The hatches are jammed shut, Cap’n!! That devil-eared, prune-faced old..

    Cut to Torpedo bay, Spock Prime, in the miniship, dons his helmet. Cut to bridge

    Sulu: Quantum torpedo tube powering up!

    Uhura: Override

    Sulu: No good

    Miniship enters torpedo tube, hatch begins to close, ext shot of Enterprise going insanely fast, the starfield ahead constricting into a tunnel formation.

    Cut to Engineering, a scene of total pandemonium the cores are quaking and glowing red hot, smoke and steam is everywhere

    Scotty: Stress factors at 120% ay tolerance! Uhura! crack loose w’ the saucer section an’ sae yourself, for god’s sake!

    Cut to the Bridge, consoles are sparking and panels are starting to shake themselves loose.

    Sulu: Quantum torpedo launcher has armed itself, speed warp 19.8

    Cut to corridor.

    Kirk: Desalle, get those charges! Computer, pinpoint location of Ambassador Spock!

    Sulu: (over intercom) Warp 19.96…97……98……9999….

    Ext Enterprise: we see a shining light forming at the vanishing point of the star tunnel, as the torpedo launcher fires it’s payload into the anomaly, imparting a (theoretically impossible) additional warp factor as it sends it on it’s way.

    Cut to corridor, sound of engines winding down.

    Computer: Ambassador Spock is no longer aboard the Enterprise.

    Cut to Spock central on earth.

    Ridgeway (in full-on meltdown mode) WHERE THE HELL IS HE!!!?

    Scene: Spock In his miniship, travelling through a Space Odessey- like light show environment and sailing toward a shining white light. Soaring, heavenly music plays.

    Spock Prime: I have slipped the surly bonds of earth
    And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;
    Sunward I’ve climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth
    Of sun-split clouds – and done a hundred things
    You have not dreamed of – wheeled and soared and swung
    High in the sunlit silence. Hov’ring there
    I’ve chased the shouting wind along, and flung
    My eager craft through footless halls of air.
    Up, up the long delirious, burning blue,
    I’ve topped the windswept heights with easy grace
    Where never lark, or even eagle flew -
    And, while with silent lifting mind I’ve trod
    The high untresspassed sanctity of space,
    Put out my hand and touched the face ……..of God.

    Fade to white

    Next Time: Enter the Romulans

    • Blimey, you’ve been two weeks waiting for a response?! Really sorry about that, Bright Eyes – caught your message on the Robin Hood thread. I’ve been away for several days in the “wilds” of Norfolk. Not exactly Sherwood Forest, but some ancient woodlands, and it is Boudicca country… Now I’ve posted this I’ll be receiving notifications again, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I’ve read your epic there!

      Where’d everyone go?!

  20. Hey vic holtreman. Contact me. I need to talk to you.

  21. Norfolk? What a coincidence, just named a ship that. Good to see that I still have an audience, hopefully the rest of the gang will drop by again.

    Just got turned on to a one-man, no-budget production on You Tube called “Star Trek in 49 Seconds” This kid knocks it out of the park.

    • I only noticed the “Norfolk” when I started reading your piece – what are the odds?!

      Good build on the characterisations you established last time; solid again on the details (almost subliminal ones such as having a straight corridor instead of a curved one, to emphasise that we’re not on the saucer section at that point, as well as things like differences in warp speed estimation between TOS and TNG). You’ve caught the individual voices to the extent where the only ones who didn’t sound as convincing were the poor old redshirts. Although I did like the joke about landing party exemption for the VIP crew, I actually didn’t twig about that until it was referred to directly later on, dummy that I am. Melina’s “two instances of one” line is maybe a little convoluted as well.

      Love the “moving money”. This will happen! The point where it starts talking to me, though, is where I reach for the medication. “Logical Shopper” made me laugh out loud, and in fact this raises a (ahem) fascinating point: what would be the Vulcan attitude towards advertising? Assuming there is no Vulcan equivalent, would they be immune to its illogical hyperbole, or take it at face value depending on how well the human intent was understood? Would they see it as primitive deception or a logical by-product of providing goods and services?

      That’s a great line from Scotty, “…just don’t expect me to turn her round in less than the width of a solar system,” but it begs the questions how long would it take to turn a starship a full 180 degrees whilst travelling at warp 8, what would be the stresses involved in doing so, and how far would it have travelled in the process? Would it even be worth doing, as weapons and sensor arrays aren’t pointing exclusively forward, and unless they can flip the old girl as fast as the Vipers in BSG, any pursuer would have ample warning to take evasive measures.

      Also, the one-man craft Spock uses: what was its purpose on board the Enterprise originally?

      Minor nitpicks – HELL of a send-off for Spock! High Flight is a fine choice for him to go out quoting, and I can imagine Leonard Nimoy – combined with music and visuals – making that a moving, sad but uplifting moment. Not a dry eye in the house for that one.

      • Laughed like a drain at the Star Trek In 49 Seconds: will Chris Pine “hanging from things” become as much of a cliche as Shirtless Kirk? Only time will tell…

  22. Hey Trekkers, we need to keep this thread going. The Lost thread is over 1,000 posts in less than a week. We’re not going to let them beat us, right?

    Falling before a superior opponent earns you a place in Stovokor, humaaaan!!

    Yeah, whatever, Kahless. :-)

    • Absolutely – where’s Steve, Johnny, Katherine, Fury?

  23. @Bright Eyes
    You never commented whether I got your quote right or not; I thought it was from “What are Little Girls Made Of”, but I’m probably wrong. We may need another hint.

  24. I don’t remember anyone mentioning this website ( but it might be something for us to look out for in the near future.

    • Any idea what that one’s about, Kahless?

      • I believe it’s just another Trek site. doesn’t have anything on the next movie.

  25. “You lied, everything you said.” An ep of South Park riffed on this one, it had to do with Home Schooling. Good luck.

    Thanks for giving my little treatment a read, I know that it needs a little polish but I think I’ve got a diamond in the rough. As for the Enterprise “flipping like a Viper” We’ve already seen that in the “Crazy Ivan”-like maneuver Kirk uses to spot the Romulan. The Enterprise is no fighter, but with warp maneuver power and anti-acceleration force fields she can still pivot within her warp field pretty quickly without changing her direction of travel. Combat between Starships at warp is only possible when both ships are traveling at parallel vectors.

    Instead of flipping it like Starbuck, Kirk spins it like Ivanova,so as to present the smallest possible target aspect.

    As for Spock Prime’s “Escape Craft”, it was disguised as a quantum torpedo, hence the Andorian tech’s line “We knew it was your favorite”

    I figure I’ve used up about a third of my run time thus far, but we’ve fixed the ship and sent her on a mission, and we’ve gotten rid of Spock Prime, along with all of the narrative problems his character’s continued presence would create.

    Although I haven’t technically “killed” him, I have given Mr. Nimoy an opportunity to leave the stage in style if he so chooses. It also gives him the option to return to the “prime” timeline and join the “cast” of the Star Trek online MMORPG if he wants a little easy V.O. work.

    • Ah, I’m with you – I’d forgotten that “Crazy Ivan” spin. Hope I wasn’t overly critical, as I really like your dialogue for the Enterprise crew and Ridgeway. Kirk in particular nicely fleshed out in his command role. Good interaction without any mucking about, tightly paced, and I definitely want to know where the story’s going.

  26. @ BigD; If I wasn’t looking for criticism, I wouldn’t be here. Making the redshirts more interesting may be as hard as keeping Ridgeway’s dialogue “PG” but I’ll give it a go.

    @Kahless: Liking Affleck better for Stiles, the only thing going against him is his fame, but I can really see him as a good foil for Kirk. As for Ryan Philppe,thanks for bringing him to my attention. I am seeing him not for Stiles, but as Kirk’s opposite number on the Klingon side, Koloth. My dear Captain Koloth is currently “on loan” to the Romulans for the purpose of training and familiarizing them with the D-7 Battlecruisers the Klingons were planning to sell them. It is a mission that he is less than thoroughly enthusiastic about.

    • Ryan Phillipe as a Klingon? I don’t know; he doesn’t have that type of look to me. But with makeup, I suppose it could be so. I would like to see the guy from Avatar (the guy with the scar) play a Klingon; he could even make a really good Ridgeway.

      • I’ve only seen him in a couple of films and don’t remember much about him. I had serious doubts about the David Warner and Christopher Plummer playing Klingons before The Undiscovered Country, but they worked out well enough. I definitely didn’t expect Christopher Lloyd to pull it off either! Mind you, they were all considerably older and had varying degrees of slightly sinister refinement or at least ambiguity about them.

        Stephen Lang’s a great choice for a Klingon, Kahless. Bright Eyes, how about him for Ridgeway’s Andorian drinking buddy? He and Ed Harris are “cut from the same cloth” in some ways, but not so much that they’d be interchangeable – I could see them playing off each other well.

        I was thinking of someone to play your Betazoid Melina. Depending on the size of her role, Catherine Keener or TNG/BSG stalwart Michelle Forbes? Failing that, I’d still like to see either of those two play a Vulcan, and didn’t you have a female Vulcan engineer/designer in a previous instalment? You might have had a younger actress in mind though, and I have the vague suspicion someone’s suggested one or both of them before. Might even have been me…

        • “the” David Warner? Well I suppose there is only one…

  27. Catherine Keener really DOES look like I envisioned Melina, you really need a strong woman in that role, as she is the only one who gets to put Ridgeway in his place. (hopefully to the delight of the audience) I’m glad that my writing was vivid enough that you “saw” her.
    Michelle Forbes has a good brow line (among other things) always a plus for playing a pointy-eared hobgoblin hottie. The Vulcan engine designer’s widow is mature, but still credibly within her child- bearing years or she wouldn’t have been beamed up.

    Stephen Lang was IMO the best thing about Avatar, and would make a fine Ridgeway. Leemic or Koloth, not as much so. I kind of envisioned the Andorian a bit nerdier and Koloth as a bit more refined. I ‘ll have to see some of his other work to see if he has the range.

    Thanks again for the casting picks, sure hope the rest of the crew show up soon –BE

    • I agree about Lang in Avatar. I thought there was more going on with his character than the flat-out stereotype many saw. He plays pretty nerdy characters in the only other two films I remember him from – Manhunter (he’s the snidey, obnoxious reporter who begs for his life and gets torched by the Tooth Fairy) and Last Exit To Brooklyn (wifebeating closet homosexual union leader, no less). I’d understand if he didn’t want to be in another movie franchise involving blue people though!

  28. Wifebeating closet homosexual union leader, huh? Sounds pretty creepy. Of course, I always thought Andorians were a bit creepy too “Yes, but they’re OUR creeps, dammit!”–Ridgeway.

    It would be a splendid bit of irony to see Lang go from fighting blue people to being one. I have to tread a fine line in the ironic self-awareness department, of course. As much as I would love to throw in lines from TOS when appropriate, it would compromise the believability factor for the long time fans. What you have read so far is the roughest of drafts, but I know that this thread could die (if it hasn’t already) if I take too much time polishing the dialogue.

    A shame that I will likely only post one more installment on this thread. It’s not that I’ve run out of ideas, but rather that what comes next might be too good to just give away. Rest assured that once you meet the Preatrix you’ll have a good idea of “where the story is going”. Yes, I know that in BOT the Preator was referred to as a “he”, but there was a shake-up in the wake of Vulcan’s destruction.

    Although Trek fans like to refer to Khan as the greatest ST Villain Ever, I prefer to think of him as the best villain so far

  29. Ahh I thought this thread had died because I wasn’t getting any emails from it, and then I was going to come on for our anniversary but that didn’t happen, but I was reading about Wonder Woman’s new outfit and decided to check to see if anything had happened here and it has! Oh I’m so glad it hasn’t died.

    Bright Eyes: I love the latest installment! It was exciting and tense and great.

    Going back a few months to the ST shirts I made, here are some photos:
    There’s a 3rd shirt but I don’t have any photos of it, but it has this photo on the front:
    And says “Fascinating” on the back :D

    • Yay, here she is!! I think SR’s move to Disqus and back again lost a few of us in the process, and sadly, Johnny, Steve and Fury haven’t been on since.

      How’ve you been then, Katherine? All your studies out of the way now, or have you still got exams pending? I got a letter last week from my niece: she’s just got back from a “hockey” tour in Brisbane (the quote marks are hers, so I would assume not much in the way of actual hockey took place). Amongst other things she went surfing for the first time, tried eating kangaroo AND crocodile, with liberal quantities of “goon” – a fiver’s worth of wine in a four-litre box. Are you familiar with this particular “tasty beverage” or is that just a Poms on holiday thing? Apparently the worst she had to deal with in terms of hazardous local lifeforms was a 15cm Huntsman spider. Bonus!

      I can’t believe the year’s half-gone already. I’ll have to organise another birthday bash pretty soon. This time I’ll try and get some of my mates’ bands playing live as well as the deck-based shenanigans. Still got a load of plastic scuba divers from the batch I gave out free at last year’s – how can I POSSIBLY top that, eh?!

      That first t-shirt of yours works really well as black-on-white. It’s the starkness of the simple placement of that badge and the full-stop after Trekker! The former is like a minimal echo of Kirk’s flamboyant green top, the latter is like a statement of fact, not a slogan. Pretentious? Moi? The redshirt one would maybe look better if you cut the transfers as a block or panel rather than following the length of each individual line. Great Spock pose on the third.

      Not sure what to make of that new WW outfit. I don’t hate it, but it’s not too memorable. I can see why they’ve gone for that if there’s a movie pending, though, and mucking about with her origin could be for the same reason. To me, the way George Perez redefined her in the late ’80s would be the way to go on screen. Combined with the armour she had in Kingdom Come…I wouldn’t have a problem with that.

      Anyway, great to see you on here again!