Star Trek Has Premiered & The Buzz Is… AWESOME!

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star trek official trailer Star Trek Has Premiered & The Buzz Is... AWESOME!

I am insanely jealous today.

A red carpet world premier of the new Star Trek movie in Sydney, Australia (you can find pictures of that event here). Now sure, I don’t expect I could’ve made that – but an audience that showed up for a special screening of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan at the Alamo Drafthouse theater in Austin, Texas ended up seeing something entirely different…

A premiere of J.J. Abrams’, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci’s re-imagining of Star Trek.

The ENTIRE film.

People were expecting a special screening of Wrath of Khan, with an additional 10 minutes of footage from the new film. There was an introduction by writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, along with producer Damon Lindelof and then the second Star Trek film in the series began. However a few minutes in, something apparently went wrong, the film broke and melted and the audience was left sitting there.

Within moments someone came out in a trenchcoat and a hat – the hat was removed and who should it be but Leonard Nimoy! He was greeted with a standing ovation, and it only became crazier when he announced the audience would be watching the new film in its entirety. (A pause while your author shakes his fist at an uncaring universe…)

Now for some bizarre reason, the folks down under are under an embargo and cannot discuss the film, but the Austin attendees are under no such gag order. The word has been spreading on what they saw, and while there are some weaknesses pointed out in the film, overall it’s been overwhelmingly positive:

First, from my pal Neil at (who is not a hard core Trek fan) – one concern fans have had (myself included) about the film is the writing of Orci & Kurtzman. They’ve been hit or miss, and I really disliked Transformers, so this was a concern for me:

“What I’d like to make clear is that the two writers on this project — whose work I have loved at times and hated at others — is some of the smartest work they’ve done.”

Related to the point above, I was VERY concerned with the humor that would be injected into this film. Star Trek had its share of humor, usually focused on the interplay between Kirk, Spock & McCoy – but I was terrified this film would have the type of (stupid) humor that was in Transformers:

“…trust me when I say that there are plenty of comedic moments, the majority of which seem to work. It was a risky play on the part of Kurtzman and Orci, as we’ve seen it go wrong before (i.e. Optimus Prime’s rose garden mishap of 2007), but in this film they walk that fine line between funny and dopey. What works best is when the humor is less gaggy, and more derivative of the banter between characters. There are moments of dialogue between Kirk and Bones, Kirk and Spock and Scotty and just about anyone that will have you chuckling out loud, trust me.”

So what might classic Trek (TOS) fans complain about?

“If there is one thing ‘Star Trek’ always got right in the old days — and we’re talking ‘The Original Series’ and the first two films, of which I’m a big fan — it was a commitment to character and story above all else. This movie has that same commitment, but it is muted by an intense sensory experience. This may be a small problem for some fans, but I can assure you that when you get that first gorgeous shot of the USS Enterprise or you are thrust into the midst of a wild space battle, you won’t mind one bit.”

“Sure, it plays to the fan base a little bit, but its real strength is in the fact that it is delivered with a ton of energy, it presents a story that is easily grasped by fans and newbies alike and is a big, kick-ass ride.”

But in his final analysis:

“The overwhelming sentiment that I have about this film is that J.J. Abrams, with the help of a few incredibly talented people, has created a very accessible, fun Star Trek film that is perfect for a new generation of sci-fi fans.”

“J.J. Abrams has really pushed the envelope with the visual effects and delivered a Star Trek tale that is fresh and vibrant, but he also remembered that it’s important to maintain a commitment to character and story, something that too many filmmakers forget these days.”

For more of Neil’s spoiler-free thoughts on the film, including what he thought of the other characters and whether Nero was up to par as a villain, head on over to Film School Rejects.

star trek trailer 32 Star Trek Has Premiered & The Buzz Is... AWESOME!

Quint from AICN thoroughly enjoyed the film as well, and here are his thoughts on Chris Pine as Kirk:

“What Pine brings to Kirk, what he’s able to recreate from William Shatner’s iconic performance, is that playful glint in the eye. He can be deadly serious, but there’s always a smile underneath.”

“Pine has the swagger, the humor, but he also has the presence. I didn’t think I was going to be a convert to him in the role, but I thought he was great.”

Head over to AICN for the full rundown on the evening and more of Quint’s spoiler-free thoughts.

chris pine kirk Star Trek Has Premiered & The Buzz Is... AWESOME!

Then we have Rodney Perkins of TwitchFilm:

“Abrams’ film is a very entertaining and reverential take on the Star Trek mythos. The acting and casting are spot on. The story mixes old and new elements of the Star Trek universe. The effects are breathtaking. Some people will inevitably nitpick this film but J.J. Abrams’ new work is as good as (and arguably better than) most of the Star Trek movies that preceded it.”

Finally here’s a little something from a Cinemablend reader:

“There’s more humor, more thrills, far more energy and a much better movie here than anything I’ve seen from Star Trek since the 80′s. I admit I was skeptical- I was not prepared to care about this universe and these characters again, after the crushing mediocrity that they had become. I can be skeptical no more, though. This is a fantastic movie its own right, one I would definitely recommend to Trekkie and new fan alike.”

Ah, but is it all puppies and rainbows? Common issues I’ve seen mentioned include the fact that Nero is not a strong villain for Kirk to go up against, secondary characters don’t get a lot of screen time (but then, when have they ever in Star Trek?), and that Anton Yelchin’s Russian accent in his portrayal of Chekov does get a bit annoying.

karl urban mccoy Star Trek Has Premiered & The Buzz Is... AWESOME!

On the other hand people are saying that Chris Pine is a great Kirk without mimicking him, and the same goes for Zachary Quinto’s portrayal of Spock. It’s been stated that Karl Urban as Dr. McCoy is a worthy successor to the role made iconic by DeForest Kelly, and that Simon Pegg is perfect as Scotty – and that these two gentlemen will probably be the audience’s favorite characters.

star trek trailer 27 Star Trek Has Premiered & The Buzz Is... AWESOME!

Personally I can’t wait for this damned movie – even before all this I ranked it my most anticipated movie of 2009, and this just has me chomping at the bit.

Star Trek opens on May 8th, and that can’t come soon enough. In the meantime, you can head over to the official site, which has been updated with character bios, cool alternative paint schemes to the Enterprise done by major artists, and panoramic views of the bridge and other parts of the ship.

[BONUS UPDATE: Here are the videos of the intro to the event at the Alamo Drafthouse, before and after the "mishap." Enjoy!]

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  1. Wow, that’s a insanely cool thing for them to do. I feel slightly slighted since I have gone to multiple Re-Releases of older movies and never been treated to something so awesome.

    (A pause while your author shakes his fist at an uncaring universe…)

    that part made me chuckle.

  2. I am not a Star Trek fan at all, but I do want to see this movie and these reviews just want me to see it more.

  3. I’m not surprised at the good buzz. I’m not a Star Trek fan either, but ever since I saw the latest trailer I’ve been pumped up for this movie. And I was very surprised to even feel that way.

    Looks like the beginning of something big… again.

  4. I hope to feel 8 years old again come this May! Beam Me Up!

  5. May is going to be an interesting month. Star Trek, Terminator, Operation Flashpoint 2, oh wait, that’s not a movie, but I’m hyped for that as well, lol.

  6. This is not fair!! Why Austin??!! Why not Washington, DC??!!! DRAT!!!

  7. @Ken

    Yeah May is going to be a huge month movie wise, there is a probably huge blockbuster every week. I wonder if that’s a good thing or if the success of some movies will downplay the success of others profit-wise.

    May 1st, Wolverine
    May 8th, Star Trek
    May 15th, Angels and Demons
    May 21st, Terminator Salvation
    May 29th, Up

  8. Oh yah, forgot about Up. Not real interested in the rest. Never even bothered to see DaVinci Code and Wolverine has been looking dumb since the beginning, not even because of the vibe the unfinished leak has given people. But I’ll wait to hear the final reviews of the final product.

  9. @John

    Come on, then some of those sneaky politicians might get to see it early as well. We don’t want that now do we?

  10. @Ken J
    Yeah, you’re right. They would probably say Nero is misunderstood and his acts are not terrorism, they are “man-made acts of destruction”. :-)

  11. May is going to be an amazing month, i am terribly excited for this movie. I thought the trailers looked amazing, this positive buzz is the icing on the cake. Day one IMAX i will be there.

  12. @Ken

    Yeah I’m not really interested in Angels and Demons or Up but I’m saying those all have the potential to be big box office hits and they are coming out in 5 consecutive weeks. I can’t wait until the 21st though, I’ve seen that Terminator trailer about 50 times and it’s still amazing every time I watch it. It’s my most anticipated movie of the year and I am just so ecstatic about it. *starts to drool*

  13. I actually am looking forward to Up, lol. But about Terminator, it looks like it should be quite ok. But I’m still slightly skeptical given the fact that they added all of these new robots. Still seem a bit gimmicky to me. I would have liked a deep story driven movie even if the only robots we see are the same Terminators and HK’s we already know.

    But this Star Trek movie looks pretty good too, even though I’m not really a Star Trek fan, but that’s mainly because they were too pansy in a lot of the tv series, not enough action, too much talk. But this one looks pretty action packed.

  14. Paramount,

  15. Given the way some people feel about this film,
    I guess you could call last night
    The Night Of The Long Knives!

  16. OK….so…..yet another take on a movie in this site, where there is pretty much NOTHING that is a real problem with the movie? The acting is great….SFX great….story great….theatre great….popcorn great….gum under seats great….YEP, I’d call this a fantastic take. That’s it….I’m going to pay to see this movie fifty times, just to pad the box office on this GEM. Here’s a hint: don’t go around asking overzealous FANS what the movie was like. What did you expect them to say…….Trek 90210 with the high-schooler in the captain’s chair was stupid? The movie might be good, but I’ll stick to later reviews from people who don’t unconditionally worship the Trek universe.

  17. If it wasn’t good, you should expect a good 50/50 split among hardcore fans. You’ll get the ones like what you described, they’ll like anything Star Trek. But you’ll also get those who are critical of it because he/she is fanatical about it and will take a bad take on the film as a personal insult.

    If you need an example, I’ll point myself out and Terminator 3.

    In fact, I’ll say it should be more people who hate it than like it out of hardcore fans if it wasn’t good. Most people I know who are also hardcore Terminator geeks (none as much as me, lol) also hated T3. While casual movie-goers went, saw a bunch of random explosions, and felt generally satisfied or neutral about the film.

  18. @charles darwin

    Seriously, why the hell do you even visit this site? And did I NOT point out the negatives that have been raised about this film? I’m a Star Trek fan, this looks good to me – SO SUE ME.


  19. I keep telling everyone Star Trek is going to be the film to beat this SUMMER!
    It is going to be big!

  20. All awesome news. Thanks for this post, guys!

  21. Ah come on Vic don’t be so hard on Darwin,,, he’s evolving,,, :-)
    One thing about Chris Pine as Kirk, he sounds just like Shatner! I’ve met him (Pine) and that was the first thing I realised,,, that’s what got him the role…
    He sounds just like Shatner!!!

    its going to be interesting to see how well this film breaks out !!!

  22. Good to hear some positive reviews. Naturally, every movie will have some things to nit pick, but that doesn’t mean the good can’t greatly outweigh it. Sounds like there is plenty of good in this one. Which is great to hear because I’ve been hooked on this one ever since I happened upon the first trailers on Apple’s site.

  23. @ Darwin

    I suspect there were some Star Trek fans like myself at this screening. I do not worship all things Trek. As the fan that I am, I would not hesitate to criticize the film if they screwed it up and screwed with Star Trek too much. With that in mind, it’s a safe bet the reaction of the audience is genuine, albeit emotional (Leonard Nimoy as a surprise guest [would that be an oxymoron]) because of the whole spectacle presented to them. Still, the general release and the reviews thereof I expect will be mainly positive. By the way Darwin, are you a Star Trek fan, or do you just hate movies in general?

  24. That was a very cool thing to do in Texas.

    I’m not sure I’d have wanted to be there though! What I’m looking forward to seeing is the kooky (I mean dedicated) fans who dress in character for primers like this one.

    I’m not one of those folks, but the temptation is strong and resistance is futile! (Oops! Wrong generation!)

  25. That was a really cool thing for Paramount to do. I’m really looking forward to this film. How cool would it be to have been there when Nimoy went on stage? Although, I think they should have also done Wrath of Khan afterwards. I’d love to see that on the big screen again. LOL.

  26. Not gonna lie, I’m totally geeked.

  27. I just finished watching the 3 clips, and I am sooooooooo jealous. It looked like Nimoy was crying a little in the 3rd clip. And for him to say, “Live long and prosper”, just made me smile a lot. I sure hope this movie breaks, at least, May’s box-office take since the last 2 films were abysmal.

  28. Not sure if this is old news or not, but I just found out that J.J. Abrams offered Matt Damon the starring role of Captain Kirk, but matt turned it down.

    Which i’m glad he did, so the film as a less known actor playing the Iconic role.

  29. Good, I wouldn’t have watched it if Matt Damon was starring.