Another Batch Of Star Trek Images!

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On Wednesday, Screen Rant posted several new images from the upcoming Star Trek film by J.J. Abrams. Today, we have some more thanks to Entertainment Weekly! 6 more to be exact.

Take a look and see what you think.

chris pine james kirk l Another Batch Of Star Trek Images!
Chris Pine stares far far away as Captain Kirk

star trek l Another Batch Of Star Trek Images!
Karl Urban as Leonard “Bones” McCoy peeking out a window

star trek bana l Another Batch Of Star Trek Images!
Eric Bana as Nero with his staff

star trek john cho l Another Batch Of Star Trek Images!
John Cho as an angry Sulu

uss kelvin ncc 0514 l Another Batch Of Star Trek Images!
USS Kelvin attacked by Romulans before Kirk was even born

zachary quinto spock l Another Batch Of Star Trek Images!
Spock as the new plastic “Ken” doll

The more new images I see and the more I look at them, the further I feel at ease and am starting to dig the characters. I think Karl Urban is absolute perfection as Dr. McCoy and it’s uncanny how he is able to channel the postures and expressions of that character (and that’s just from the pictures!). I am also really loving Chris Pine as Kirk and I’m confident he’ll give that role justice as well.

Then there is Sylar… I mean Spock. Obviously Zachary Quinto was born for the role but I’m a little confused on the extreme makeover version of him. What’s with the crazy makeup and shine in some of the pics? Luckily, that only seems to be a prominent issue in the photo-shoot-esque images. The screen-grab picture of him in the film has him (and his skin) looking more real – as real as a Vulcan can look I guess.

I’d like to see more of Zoe Saldana as Uhura – the few images of her can go either way. I hope she’s a strong character in the film as she certainly looks the part. I have faith in Pegg as Scotty as well. For him I hope he’s got a deeper and more powerful voice than we’re used to hearing from him as everyone’s favorite witty and tempered engineer.

Now for my worries: I don’t really understand Eric Bana’s character, Nero. I hope he comes off well in the film but I’m not feeling his look from the images so far. Another worry for me is John Cho as Sulu. That being said, the image of him in this post has him nailing the expression of Sulu and I hope that comes off through the entirety of the film.

Star Trek is due out May 8th, 2009.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. On Spock: Remember with the green blood it’s possible that they’re trying to make his skin look less “pink”. It’s rational (to me) that his skin would look different. Still… the shine is a bit much.

    The images they’re leaking are just awesome. I’m pleased that the Enterprise looks sufficiently advanced to my eye, and the images of the Kelvin… wow… nice detail on that.

  2. It looks as if it was just Entertainment Weekly’s lighting didn’t agree with the makeup designed for the movie set. They’ve got like a million bright lights on the actors, which seems to be causing the plastic look.

    I’m getting a “Transformers” vibe, the whole thing seems a little too “MTV” for the younger crowed to me. Can’t tell much from pictures though, so it’ll have to wait until Vic slams — I mean… does an early review for it. ;) (Come on, I’m counting on you, man!)

    And then there’s Nero… meh? How did Shinzon from Nemesis get back into the movies? I think to counter the light-in-the-space-boots George Takei, they’re going to try and give the new Sulu a macho mean-guy look. Otherwise the audience would already guess his future.

    All I’m looking forward to is a revolutionary look at the future (not really seeing it yet), and the optimistic outlook for space development. If that catches, I’m happy. If there’s a Space Elevator scene, I’ll be ecstatic.

  3. good point on the vulcan skin, Zero.

    I’m loving the images too.

    @Ed, I see where you’re coming from with the MTV-transformers vibe. However, I’ll counter with the fact that JJ is the man in charge of the project and won’t let it fall like that. I think It’ll have cool twists and will be intelligent in design. (I hope, hehe)

    I really dug Mission Impossible 3 and Cloverfield (for the creativity and experience that was).

  4. Mission Impossible 3 wasn’t terrible, and I thought Cloverfield (despite some dumb moments) was fairly unique and fun, but between the writers for Fringe and Transformers, I’m not expecting anything extraordinary.

  5. Hope you guys are right about Spock’s skin tone.

    Why does all the pictures of Kirk have him without the colored tunic?

    That is Kirk behind McCoy in the window shot. Are they wearing their ‘dress uniforms’ in the picture? Also, I bet the reflection in the window is a ship, but witch one?

    Never saw MI3, but i really enjoyed Cloverfield. It may not be logical, but I have faith that the movie will live up to my expectations (fingers crossed).

  6. @David,

    The colour of Kirk’s uniform has been a frequent question around the web.

    According to MTV,

    “When asked why Kirk was wearing black instead of the standard yellow captain’s shirt, Lindelof said that the black uniform is “significant” to the story surrounding this scene.”

  7. I get more excited every time i see images from this film.

  8. I get queasy with all the hairless, featureless, boyish faces. What is this, Twink Trek?

  9. Honestly out of the entire cast the only “featureless” faces are Quinto and Pine, and I think that’s just because the photos are from a magazine shoot. If you look at the scenes from the film, they don’t look that way.

    “Twinks,” damn… haven’t heard THAT term in a LONG time. :-P


  10. creepy photos

  11. like boyequins!

  12. @Mark

    Thanks for that link! IMHO it was a very bad decision to go with that particular photographer for that shot. I don’t know what they were thinking.


  13. If all else fails, they can bring Kal Penn in to hook up with John Cho; the result?

    “Harold and Kumar Trek to Beta Antares”

  14. And Ed…”light-in-the-space-boots”?

    jc in chicago…”twinks”?

    Just goes to show we’re a looooong way from accepting those who are different, a keynote part of the basic Trek philosophy…

  15. Oh, come now Dan, it’s all in good fun and in the recognition that he is different. It’s similar to calling Ahnuld an “Austrian Oak”. Nothing hateful (or racist) implied, unless you’re looking for it.

    And yes, we’re certainly a long way from the Trek utopia, and I doubt even in another 5,000 years will we reach it, no matter how much it might hurt.