7 Brand New Star Trek Images: Crew, New Bridge And More! [UPDATED]

Published 7 years ago by , Updated September 12th, 2013 at 1:52 pm,

zachary quinto spock 7 Brand New Star Trek Images: Crew, New Bridge And More! [UPDATED]

You’re looking at the first image of a scene from the upcoming J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek movie.

It looks like Zachary Quinto is going “Sylar” on a fellow crewmember as Spock.

The image above comes from the upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly, which you can be sure I will be running out to purchase. Supposedly there are a lot more pictures from the movie, which will no doubt be hitting the web within the next week or so.

The image above looks pretty damned cool – note the subtle detail in the fabric of Spock’s tunic. It’s faithful to the original, yet updated. I like it.

On the other hand, the following picture (which I saw online before the one above) did NOT give me the warm fuzzies about the movie.

chris pine zachary quinto star trek 7 Brand New Star Trek Images: Crew, New Bridge And More! [UPDATED]

Is it me, or does that picture make Spock and Kirk look sort of… metrosexual? In particular, Chris Pine (at least in this picture) does not give off a Shatner-Kirk vibe to me. At all. And by that I mean a roguish, tough, devil-may-care kind of look.

Now I’m not going to make judgments based on photographer-posed image from the cover of EW. I’m betting that the images inside the issue that show scenes from the film, along with the upcoming first full Star Trek trailer attached to Quantum of Solace will give us a much better feel for the characters and the movie.

Star Trek opens on May 8, 2009.

For a larger version of the Spock image head over to AICN.

UPDATE BONUS: Joblo has the first look at Eric Bana as bad guy Romulan, Nero. Click on this image to see a much bigger version plus an exclusive interview with one of the producers:

eric bana star trek 7 Brand New Star Trek Images: Crew, New Bridge And More! [UPDATED]
Eric Bana as Nero in a scene from the new Star Trek movie

MORE UPDATES: Wow, images are coming out fast and furious! Here are another couple, the first one from UGO.com, the second from TrekMovie and the third one from MTV, giving us our first look at the redesigned bridge of the Enterprise! Finally there’s an image from IGN showing Kirk escaping from a crashed escape pod of some sort.

Click on each of them to visit those sites for super hi-res versions:

star trek crew1 7 Brand New Star Trek Images: Crew, New Bridge And More! [UPDATED]
The new cast/crew of Star Trek

star trek uss kelvin 7 Brand New Star Trek Images: Crew, New Bridge And More! [UPDATED]
The USS Kelvin from the new Star Trek movie

star trek new enterprise bridge 7 Brand New Star Trek Images: Crew, New Bridge And More! [UPDATED]
First look at the new bridge of the NCC-1701!

kirk arctic crash 7 Brand New Star Trek Images: Crew, New Bridge And More! [UPDATED]
Kirk escaping a crashed escape pod

EW cover image source: JustJared

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  1. Maybe im being too picky, but I REALLY cant stand the look of that bridge. Its just unrealistic for what they would have had at the time.

    Albram is trying to mix the ipod era/design into an era between ENTERPISE and TOS and it makes no sense.

    Whats with the transparent wall columns? Whats with his black uniform? Its too white and shiny and plastic and ultrarealitic.

    Has Albram watched any ST in his life?

  2. I’m so far very disappointed and dismayed — this looks more like a TNG prequel than anything, with the original characters tacked on just to pull butts into theater seats.

  3. This movie clearly ISN’T supposed to be “before TOS”. As is becoming clearer with each new revelation, this has nothing more to do with Star Trek’s original series than is absolutely necessary to get money into theater registers.

    That’s why the bridge looks like a flying Apple Store but why the uniforms look relatively familiar — you see a picture of “a new Kirk and Spock” and you think, “Hey, we’re going to see a new Star Trek!” Then you see the bridge and it hits you, “Oh… nope, it’s a new Star Trek: Voyager, time travel story of the week and all. Aw… :(“

  4. Lol,,,Daniel Kirk, the new bridge looks like the NX 59650 Prometheus… From Voyager, I agree.

  5. SNS-Don’t know who this Albram fellow is, but as for the guy putting this movie together?

    Line 1 of the article says it all: “You’re looking at the first image of a scene from the upcoming J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek movie.”

  6. So what your typing PhotoShopLifter Dan means that this is JJ Abrams vision,,, yeah I get that…

  7. I guess it’s a mystery to me that people can look at the correct spelling of a name/object…then spell it incorrectly.

    Not just here, but in the non-cyber world of Grocery Store window ads; they pay big hunks of cash to signmakers to make these posters, then get 9-foot high adverts for “pommygranits”, “pares”, “bunnannaz”…and we’re talking major chain supermarkets!

  8. Well Dan, I know that Vic runs a tight ship when it comes to spelling on his sites posts.
    However,,, the quality of spelling can’t be expected from the blogging public…

    Anything else on your mind about the new Star Trek, from JJ Apeman ?

  9. Guys, this is obviously a “reboot.” I don’t know WHY the hell they didn’t at least keep the color scheme from the old bridge intact. I can see updating it, but this is going to piss off longtime fans.

    Of course, as Abrams has said, this isn’t for Star Trek fans, it’s for movie fans.

    I am actually open to this if it will keep Star Trek alive. And that’s coming from a guy whose favorite series is TOS.


  10. What spelling are you guys referring to? I edit every post, but I am after all, human. :-)


  11. 10 posts ago, from SNS

  12. PhotoShopLifter why did you even waste your time and space in the comments to point out that I put an L in the name?

    What possible use could that serve to the talk about the images?

    I’m pretty sure my typo didnt cause a fairy to die or Santa Clause to put me on his naughty list this year.

  13. The only problem i seem to have is the New Enterprise bridge seems to be KIKASS! comapared to ALL other bridges.

    I guess its slightly contridicting.

  14. looks like they outfitted the new bridge at Ikea

  15. Deadpool———————————————————————————— it’s Will Riker.

  16. This maybe a very way out there ideal, but bear with me. Keep in mind the characters from the original show, but with a very open mind. The characters are what made that show over forty years ago; this is now the 21st century! Plots dialouge and even body language will be different. It is my opinion this movie will work for the moviegoer with an open mind to the concept of the original creation. I am a big Shatner fan and I for one am willing to give it a try. Thank you.

  17. I said this once, I will say it again. We all must realize that Shatner was a unique actor for his time. He did Shakespear, Stratford, and all kinds of live productions before Star Trek ever came a along. I think this will make a great TV movie. So the maker of Lost is a genius for creating another popular show that I would never see. It makes money, therefor, he should be entrusted with Star Trek for this generation of moviegoers. The telephone gets updated, TV’s get updated, and even the automobile engine faces an update. There is something terribly wrong when they keep repeating a series. Where are the people with creative ideas? We do have living Hemingways and Mozarts amongst us, but we only focus on what makes money and what is popular. If it was popular to stick your hand in the fire, would you? Is this the best thing coming out of the great United States? In Japan, their comic book industry always comes out with original stories every month. We always wonder why other parts of the world create such works of art with so little. Look at the ideas we promote. Star Trek was excellent in the 60′s, all the way up to the Wrath of Kahn, but now we got the best technology, supposedly the smartest people, from the best schools, and they promote yesterday’s thing. You can look like a genius, make a lot of money, but there is under current of disgust and unhappiness that comes when people in other countries who see the same old thing coming out of Hollywood. Where are the living Hemingways and Mozarts? In order for the USA to be taken seriously on the world stage and to maintain any form of domination of the world entertainment scene, you must have original ideas, fresh faces, and new blood, otherwise these new emerging markets will create their own movies, tv, and books, making us all in the Western world look bad. It is great to see something new, but where are the living Hemingways and Mozarts?

  18. Uh, I think a lot of that is subjective. I think the crap Japan comes out with in their comics, or manga or whatever you call it, and their anime, is total and utter garbage. Any story that has to stop the action for 3/4 of the book or episode to break down into exposition just to explain what the heck is going and how it’s possible isn’t creative.

    Try to deny this, a few of my friends LOVE this stuff, and everytime I watch an episode of any of these things or an anime movie or see any of their books, without exception, this has happened. There is like a 25 minute fight, then someone who is supposed to be dead turns out to be the villain, then the action magically stops so the villain can tell some sob story about why he’s the way he is, you know it’s supposed to be a sob story because their eyes tremble, then for the next 30 minutes he explains how he’s not really dead because blah blah blah blah blah, then either the episode ends and you have to see how the fight ends in the next one or they resume and it’s over in like 3 minutes…

    It’s not always a fight, that is just an example. I HATE whenever any movie or show have the story stop so the characters can explain all of the confusing crap you don’t understand. It’s better when they figure out how to convey that and to have the audience understand things non-verbally. It just makes for better story telling. True, it seems like it’s a trend for movies in the USA to rehash old shows, calling them “reboots” or whatever, but there are a lot of good things out there, and even in the reboots, sometimes it’s actually a good thing because they use good story-telling techniques. You can’t tell me that Casino Royale cannot be taken seriously. Or that Batman Begins is not a good reimagination of the Batman franchise…

  19. “where are the living Hemingways and Mozarts?”

    Well, the Hemingways & Shakespeares are dividing duties trying to write intelligent shows for TV, like Pushing Daisies; the Mozarts are having to learn techno music and hip-hop (and rap) in order to be competitive