Star Trek: A Fresh Look At The New USS Enterprise

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new enterprise first look Star Trek: A Fresh Look At The New USS Enterprise

Star Trek fans have been VERY passionate in their opinions of the redesigned NCC-1701 (seen above). While a few people have stated they like the new design, the VAST majority disliked it (to put it mildly). When we posted the first image of the new USS Enterprise, that image received over 140 comments.

But today (thanks to we have some images looking at the redesigned ship from some different angles which may change your mind to the positive.

When the first trailer was released and we had a couple of brief glimpses of it in motion, some people (myself included) started to come around on the new design. People started saying “Maybe in motion on the big screen the ship would look better.” After all the NCC-1701D from The Next Generation is pretty hideous from a couple of angles.

Now these aren’t official images of the Enterprise – they were created by professional CGI artist Tobias Richter, the owner of The Light Works graphic studio in Germany. He’s actually done Star Trek renders in the past for The Official Star Trek Magazine (which you can see over at his site).

Tobias didn’t have any official wireframes or dimensions to go off of in the creation of these pics, he eyeballed the design from images, TV clips and trailers. He filled in the blanks with his own ideas where there was no detail available, but in the final analysis he did a heck of a job.

new enterprise1 Star Trek: A Fresh Look At The New USS Enterprise
A familiar angle on the new USS Enterprise

new enterprise2 Star Trek: A Fresh Look At The New USS Enterprise
Another view of the NCC-1701 we’ve seen many times

new enterprise3 Star Trek: A Fresh Look At The New USS Enterprise
A 3/4 rear view from above of the Enterprise

new enterprise4 Star Trek: A Fresh Look At The New USS Enterprise
3/4 rear view of the ship

new enterprise5 Star Trek: A Fresh Look At The New USS Enterprise
Finally, the new Enterprise approaches the USS Kelvin

The front part of the nacelles still look to big in proportion to everything else, and I still wish that they were spread a bit farther apart. But having said that, I must admit the ship is growing on me somewhat. I’m betting they’ve shot it from angles that highlight its best qualities in the upcoming Star Trek reboot.

For even more images and much higher res versions you can set as your computer desktop, head over to To see more of Tobias Richter work head over to The Light Works.

So based on these new images, what do you think? Do you still hate the redesigned Enterprise or is it looking better to you?

Star Trek opens on May 8, 2009.

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  1. Guys,

    My goodness you’ve been having an amazingly in depth conversation here – too much for me to follow with everything else I have to track. :-)

    Wanted to let you know that I saw the movie today. I’m a 47 year TOS fan and I really enjoyed it. However if you’re hard core “canon” fans there are a few things in the movie that may really piss you off.

    Having said that, except for Chekov (bit overly annoying) everyone else nailed the iconic characters and it was a fun and exciting movie.

    Look for my review next Friday.


  2. Hey John,

    My name is Jones, Terry Jones. Sadly, not the Terry Jones from Monty Python (although sharing the name with someone within Monty Python may explain why I like them as much as I do). Oh yeah, sounds like you’re an old timer. I’m 44 yrs old, one wife and three teenagers and lots of grey hairs (LOL).

    K Bone. I may have disagreed with you on things Star Trek, I want you to know I appreciate everything you guys are doing over there and have nothing but admiration for you (Feel free to pass that along to the Canadians in you unit – one Cunuck to another).

    Speaking of Bob & Doug, SCTV actually had its start in Edmonton, AB in what is now the Global TV studios (formally known as CITV. It’s also where John Candy won an Emmy for a bit he did for a Christmas episode. Many names from there. Dave Thomas, Rick Moranis, John Candy, Catherine O’Hara, Eugene Levy (seen also in Armed & Dangerous with John Candy), Joe Flaherty (Count Floyd), Andrea Martin (the mother in My Big Fat Greek Wedding), and Harold Ramis (Egon is Ghostbusters) were the original crew. Then is moved to Toronto and started going downhill. It seems the best entertainment sometimes comes when budgets are small. You have rely on quality when money is scarce. And when you get a bigger budget, quality writing gets sacrificed in favor of relying on glitzier sets and props. Wow, did I ever go off on a tangent.

  3. @ Purist:

    Terry, I don’t think what you said is ‘off on a tangent’ if what you mean is off-topic, at all, I think it is dead on in this discussion – if not pertaining to this movie, at least to many of the others:

    “It seems the best entertainment sometimes comes when budgets are small. You have to rely on quality when money is scarce. And when you get a bigger budget, quality writing gets sacrificed in favor of relying on glitzier sets and props.”

    Boy, did you say a mouthful!

    Great to meet you, Terry, sir! Warm love to you and all Canadians, even William Shatner, hahaha!

    Speakin’ o’which, I was just thinking of all the great talent that came from The Great White North, Eh? Hahaha, not to be a hoser, really – Shatner (now come on, you love him too, admit it!), Conrad McBain, John Davidson, Michael J Fox, the list goes on and on, plus all the folks you mentioned of Second City – and the productions are often really good, too (did you know that MOST of the seasons of ‘The X-Files’ were produced in Toronto? Chris Carter is from there); series like ‘DaVinci’s Inquest’, which co-starred that great actor who played Dr Cottle on Galactica, Donnely Rhodes, and that dark, wonderfully ‘film noir’ series about a benevolent vampire cop (Geraint Wynn-Davies) ‘Forever Knight’ was produced, shot and set in Toronto, and so many others I am probably not even aware of. I gotta agree with K Bone, the Brits may be like cousins, but hell, Canadians are more like brothers & sisters.

    It amazes me you guys don’t b**** about us more, hahaha. Maybe we’re just so used to it, yikes!

    There was a ‘spoken song’, a narration set to music, you might say, back in the 70s, popular on American radio back then, perfomed by a well-known (in Canada) radio talk show host, extolling how sick he was of hearing other foreign nationals put us down as a nation, his “neighbors to the south”; I can’t remember his name but I can sure recall how pasionate he was in defending the US, not with blind loyalty but well aware of our faults, but extolling our virtues. It warmed my heart, but I can’t recall anymore about it. I’m not a jingoistic flag-waver, but it sure made me feel good.

    I can’t help but wonder, does anybody else remember that guy? Or that speech set to music?

    Talk about being off-subject! Forgive me, Vic…


  4. @John

    Are you sure X-files was shot in Toronto? The info I had was that it was shot in and around Vancouver and sometimes into the B.C. Rockies. Perhaps it was both? I an X-files fan, but not an expert.

    Sorry, can’t help you with the Radio host. Back in the 70’s, I was still trying to understand R & B rock (or pop rock) – I was a country fan then. Of course, I have since gotten turned on to Rock and roll.

    Just to keep some semblance of ST discussion. Although I stopped watching ST:Enterprise during the second season for reasons already discussed (we won’t open that can of worms again – at least until we’ve given the movie a chance), I must say I was impressed with the choice of theme music. Out of curiosity, was Russell Watson a big name before the show? I must confess, I had never heard of the guy before STE. Liked the song though, and it was a refreshing change from all the classical music that was always being used. Don’t get me wrong, I like the symphony themes, but “Faith of the Heart” was a nice sounding song.

    Any ideas what they’re going to do with the new movie?

  5. @ Purist:

    You’re right, Terry, it WAS Vancouver, BC, where the X-Files were shot, I guess I confused that locale with Toronto because of ‘Forever Knight’, the Second City crowd, & others – I don’t know WHY, the only thing they have in common is that they’re both in Canada! Thery’re only about, what, a THOUSAND miles apart, right? JEEZ!Hell, even the common languages are different, right? Isn’t French spoken a lot in Toronto?

    Anyway sorry, I got ’em mixed up.

    As for STE, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, do NOT get me started, but yes, I liked it anyway & watched it too, religiously (like I said before on here, I drank the Federation Koolaid), and though I liked the theme song ‘Faith of the Heart’ very much (like you, I thought it was a nice change from Alexander Courage or Jerry Goldsmith, as much as I liked their work), I did not know who it was; Hmmmm, Russell Watson, you say?

    I read somewhere on here that that very song (or at least music & lyrics from this Russell Watson guy) was lifted from the Robin Williams movie ‘Patch Adams’, which I find remarkably ironic, and here’s why:

    On a local radio talk show (Walt Bodine’s show, Kansas City, NPR radio) a few years ago, Adams was a guest, because of the book & movie, and guess what? HE’S THE BIGGEST LUDDITE you ever saw or heard of! Since Ted Kosynski (the Unabomber)! I’m not kidding, he said he would like to see Bill Gates in prison, can U believe that? Well, I suppose to some extent, we all would, hahaha, but not for his reasons.

    Patch Adams sounded almost militant in his hatred for anything to do with technology, as if we should throw all our devices like CAT scans, PET scan, and MRI machines away! As if, just with humane health care, we could make cancer go away, or worse yet, just accept it as part of God’s will…I dunno, after about twenty minutes I just couldn’t listen to him anymore…

    Having said that, there is no reason why Watson’s music isn’t something we can still enjoy, is it? But, BOY! Did it throw me when I saw that!

    Well, thanx for the correction on Vancouver, Terry, believe it or not I really appreciate it.



  6. Yes, the recording artist’s name is Russell Watson. I even downloaded the song from the now defunct (at least I think it’s defunct) Limewire. The entire song had two verses and a bridge (about 3 1/2 min. in length – approximately – never actually timed it).

    This Patch Adams guy sounds kind of like McCoy – they’re both technophobes. However, McCoy’s one up on him since McCoy had no problems using technology if it would save someone’s life (despite the fact he’s “just an old country doctor”. Speaking of which, does anybody know why Gates McFadden took a year off from TNG? And who thought Pulaski was a good charcater? Too me, it seemed like McCoy in a woman’s body (was somebody in the writing staff having gender identity problems – LOL). No points of originality there.

  7. @ Purist:

    Yeah, Terry, I think I can enlighten you a little, on both issues…

    ADMIRAL KIRK: “Welcome aboard, bones; how do you like your new sickbay?”

    DOCTOR McCOY: “Looks like a Goddamned computer center to me!”

    Hahaha, yes, I suppose you’re right, Bones is a lot like Patch Adams, in a lovable, non-threatening way!

    I always wondered why Kirk called him ‘Bones’ – like as in a ‘sawbones’ – you may’ve seen the old Deguerrotypes, of Civil War field hospital docs, in the hospital tent at Gettysburg or somewhere, sawing away furiously on young soldiers’ arms & legs, using anesthetic (a fresh concept back then) less than half the time, rarely washing their hands, paving the way for certain infection…makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. More men on both sides died from infection than from miniballs & canister shot.

    As an Iowan, Kirk was probably proud of his heritage, the ‘Iowa Second’ of that war, even 250 years from now; remember his fondness for antiques (the firearms on his SanFran apartment’s wall, the antique spectacles Bones himself gave him for his birthday – hell, the red Stingray, for that matter), add to that the fact that McCoy was from the Deep South, an ‘old country doctor’, born & raised in Georgia, schooled (according to the movie bio) at no less a citadel of learning than Ole Miss (University of Mississippi). This affectionate epithet was no doubt indicative of just how different a pair of men they were, in age, in discipline, even in ancient loyalties. Opposites attract, as they say.

    Plus, McCoy HATED the transporter. Let’s not forget that!

    As for Dr Pulaski, an interesting backstory there, not in the ST universe, but in the real world – I could not find the name of the actress who played her in ST/TNG, but it was her friends in Hollywood who got her the job, and it all had to do with John DeLancie, who played ‘Q’ – remember Q?

    Apparently, Gates McFadden (who is English, btw, never know that from her accent on TNG) wanted to take some time off to do different things. For one thing, she was Alec Guiness’ wife (for about two minutes) in the film ‘The Hunt For Red October’), she did some summer stock on stage, other movies on both sides of the Atlantic, and weighed her options; probably, she didn’t wanna make the same mistake Denise Crosby did when she decided to get killed off as Tasha Yar. It was by no means certain in the first couple of seasons that ST/TNG would be a success, recall.

    There was an episode where Q was stripped of his powers by the ‘Q Continuum’ for misbehaving, and he was finally rescued from his mortality by a sympathetic member of the Continuum played by Corbin Berensen (who also played ‘Arnie’, the divorce lawyer on the series ‘LA Law’), also named ‘Q’. Dr Pulaski’s actor also played a new partner on this show, who, besides being the Queen b**** of the Universe, also had an affair with ‘Leland’, the senior partner, played by actor Richard Dysart.

    When Berensen heard that TNG was looking for someone to take McFadden’s place for one season, Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway of Voyager), a close friend of DeLancie’s, suggested this actress who played the evil Madeline of LA Law (she came to a bad end, I’ll get to that in a moment). DeLancie mentioned it to Berensen, who passed it on.

    When Berensen asked this actress if she would do it, she accepted, the premise on the show being that Dr Beverly Crusher was off attending Starfleet Medical University for a year’s sabbatical to sharpen her skills.

    I agree, Pulaski was a little stiff, but she managed to bond with Worf (remember the dangerous Klingon tea ceremony she invited him to? She had to take an antidote for that one, but she made a friend for life! She also nearly became old before her time, too, from an incident with some ‘superkids’ at a spacelab named Gagarin, which had been visited by a Starfleet courier ship of the Miranda class called the Lantree, I remember that – and it was very difficult to restore her youth again via the transporter – something about her untouched cell signatures being very hard to obtain, due to her preference for travelling short distances by shuttlecraft (who does that remind you of??? It wasn’t for nothing she was like Bones!) She also had a connection in the series with Kyle Riker, Number One’s estranged father; apparently, they had a history, and she was married three times.

    Anyway, McFadden finally got her head screwed on straight, came back to the states from the UK, and resumed being Dr Beverly Crusher on TNG. But that is not the end of the story…

    I looked both on Cap’n Mike’s ‘Memory Beta’ site (U remember that) AND in my paperback ‘Star Trek Chronology’ compendium (written by the Okudas), and, frustratingly, I could NOT discover this very talented actress’s name! Anyway, she played Madeline the Partner Lawyer on LA Law, and as I say, she came to a bad end – briskly walking into an elevator that wasn’t there.

    In the ST Chronology compendium, it mentions, in it’s discussions about Dr Pulaski, that there is absolutely NO truth [!] to the rumor that Dr Pulaski a descendant of a legal attorney in the city of Los Angeles who died tragically 400 years previoiusly in an elevator shaft accident.

    I just LOVE the tongue-in-cheek humor I have found in the Franchise!

    Thought you might find that amusing, Terry,


  8. Whoops! I made a mistake, and need to correct the error, as they say in the news magazines –

    Gates McFadden, who played Dr Beverly Crusher on ST/TNG, did NOT play Alec Guiness’ wife (Mrs Jack Ryan) in the movie ‘The Hunt for Red October’ while on TNG – that would’ve been impossible, since ‘Red October’ was released in 1984, I think; whereas TNG was not aired until the fall of 1987.

    I must’ve seen my TAPE of ‘Red October’ after 1987, and said to myself, “Hey! That’s Dr Beverly Crusher on Star Trek!”

    Sorry, folks, brain fart here…


  9. @ Purist, and well, everyone else interested:

    Well, it took ‘zee lit-tle grey cells’ a while, but I finally remembered the name of the actress who played Dr Pulaski in ST/TNG while she was also an attorney named Madeline on LA Law:

    Diana Muldaur.

    You know what they say, the older you get, you don’t forget things, necessarily; you just have retrieval problems with your data…

    And, boy, do I have a lotta data!


    Now I can sleep like a baby, tonight.

  10. Johnny-O
    you were right the first time.
    I was at a convention once where GatesMcFadden talked about how her role In The Hunt for Red October was pared down.
    she is in one of the very first scenes .
    Dont blink or you will miss her.
    TheHunt for Red October came out january 1990.

  11. @ Gary:

    WOW, now I’m worried!

    I suppose I was thinking about the real-life event that ‘Red October’ was based on, involving a Russian missile boat forced to surface with reactor problems, which I suppose, in retrospect, seemed like it made the movie more prophetic, since it was just another nuclear emergency which added to the woes of the Soviet Union, eventually making it fall. Chernobyl was the final nail in Lenin’s glass coffin.

    1990 was a year after the beginning of the break-up, which happened when Eric Honniker accidentally allowed unlimited passage trhough the Berlin Wall, and…the human floodgates.

    Although…1990 WAS the release date, which means, with post-production & all, the movie was really made at least a year before that, sooooo…it WAS prophetic!

    Okay, I’m alright now…I think Tom Clancy wrote the book in 1984, maybe THAT was it…

    I SO confused! And like you said, blink & yoiu’ll miss her.

    At any rate, thanx, Gary, I appreciate it.


  12. I don’t think you guys are going to agree with my review. I really enjoyed the movie. There are DEFINITELY a couple of things (outside of the Enterprise design) that I think are going to bug you big time.

    But overall the new actors worked as the iconic characters and I thought they were true to the spirit of Trek.


  13. Thanks for the heads-up Vic (and for the space to rant). Ironically, now that you’ve said that, we may (emphasis on “may”) enjoy the movie.

    As stated elsewhere, now that we’re expecting to see crap (i.e. low expectations), if it turns out to be a bit better than crap, we might enjoy it (i.e. avoiding disappointment). Time will tell. In any event, we’ll keep Paramount’s email addresses handy.

  14. My very long-winded review will be live in the morning. :-)



    Whadda think, am I getting WAAAAY to ramped up over this???

    Hahahaha! Don’t forget the popcorn!


    PS: How the Sam Hill did YOU get to see the movie a week early, VIC?

    Relax, I’ve heard of early premieres before, Purist lives only a few miles from Vulcan, Alberta – they’ve had it showing for ten days!

    Lucky stiffs…


  16. Actually, they’re getting to see it for the first time tonight (May 7th). 300 lucky Vulcans (still sounds like an oxymoron) are getting bussed to Calgary to see it. Very lucky stiffs.

  17. @ Purist:

    That’s right, Terry! Boy, I am really getting bad at recalling things! You must’ve said two DAYS, not two weeks.

    I’ve heard of sneak premieres of 1 week, though, so at least I’m not talkin’ out of my yin/yang. Plus, Vic must’ve had that advantage, I guess.

    All the same, even one day is a great head start, I must say.

    Lucky stiffs…


  18. @ Vic:

    I just read your review, and I have to say, as much as I would love for everything to be hunky-dorry, I know that is just not reality (Hmmm…even in science fiction…); I was very hooked by your words, and I cannot WAIT to see the film, even though I am certain there will be things about it that, well, pardon the rules violation, CHAP MY ASS!!!

    There comes a time when one has to adapt, grow, and move on, or, as one of the new rock & roll-scored trailers say:


    Am I right? I’ll bet I am.

    Come Hell or High Water, I am gonna be in line before the sun goes down on Friday afternoon, believe that like Jesus. No WAY I’m waiting even one day.

    I cannot remember the last time I got this cranked up over a movie! How pathetic is that?

    Wait a sec, who am asking, hahahhahahaha?

    See ya there,


  19. Oops. Sorry. I meant May 6. My bad.

  20. You know, you guys are really making me look bad. In my neck of the woods, I’m the Trek guru but you guys make me feel like ensign Gomez listening to Geordi. :-)


    The ship is shot from nothing but great angles.

    The characters are terrific.

    And for the record (mild SPOILER)

    – I was 97.675% correct about everything.

    GO SEE IT!

  22. HATE IT!!! Looks like a child safe tonka toy!! The nacells have to go!

  23. @ Glenn:

    Okaaaaay, I guess Glenn won’t be RSVPing the cast wrap party…

    Lol, JOHN

    No offense, buddy…

  24. @ Steve, Katherine, Fury2701, and my buds Purist & K Bone:

    The ‘Screen Rant Spoiler’ afficitonadoes can now gather at the thread called, simply, ‘Star Trek Review'; Ken & I found our ways there okay, and so can you. Just follow the links to ‘Star Trek Review’, and you’ll land there just fine – if I can find it, anybody can, lol!


  25. I didn’t say i didn’t love the movie, the ship disappointed me.

  26. With the destruction of the Kelvin and the resulting casualties the time line we’re all familiar with no longer exists. Some of the deceased crew members, or their unborn children, obviously had something to do with the decisions that were made concerning the design specs of future ships. Hence, the differences in the technology. At least that’s how this Trek-geek deals with it:)

  27. @ Glenn:

    Sorry if I had a little fun at your expense. In all seriousness, I still don’t like the ship either, inside or out, but yeah, like you I did like the film, especially Karl Urban as Bones! He was worth the price of admission just by himself.

    @ Michael W:

    Interesting take, kinda like ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ writ large, on a wide dispersal pattern…

    Ain’t Sci-Fi great, enabling our minds to wrap around certain things that were just fantasy for Jimmy Stewart?

    Hmmmmm…you may have something there, and that is obviously the purpose for the ‘Temporal Prime Directive’ – nobody can oredict where things will go.


  28. The new design its.. ok, basically, but the secondary hull is too thin, with the huge nacelles and the dish it looks disproportionate