Star Trek: A Fresh Look At The New USS Enterprise

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new enterprise first look Star Trek: A Fresh Look At The New USS Enterprise

Star Trek fans have been VERY passionate in their opinions of the redesigned NCC-1701 (seen above). While a few people have stated they like the new design, the VAST majority disliked it (to put it mildly). When we posted the first image of the new USS Enterprise, that image received over 140 comments.

But today (thanks to we have some images looking at the redesigned ship from some different angles which may change your mind to the positive.

When the first trailer was released and we had a couple of brief glimpses of it in motion, some people (myself included) started to come around on the new design. People started saying “Maybe in motion on the big screen the ship would look better.” After all the NCC-1701D from The Next Generation is pretty hideous from a couple of angles.

Now these aren’t official images of the Enterprise – they were created by professional CGI artist Tobias Richter, the owner of The Light Works graphic studio in Germany. He’s actually done Star Trek renders in the past for The Official Star Trek Magazine (which you can see over at his site).

Tobias didn’t have any official wireframes or dimensions to go off of in the creation of these pics, he eyeballed the design from images, TV clips and trailers. He filled in the blanks with his own ideas where there was no detail available, but in the final analysis he did a heck of a job.

new enterprise1 Star Trek: A Fresh Look At The New USS Enterprise
A familiar angle on the new USS Enterprise

new enterprise2 Star Trek: A Fresh Look At The New USS Enterprise
Another view of the NCC-1701 we’ve seen many times

new enterprise3 Star Trek: A Fresh Look At The New USS Enterprise
A 3/4 rear view from above of the Enterprise

new enterprise4 Star Trek: A Fresh Look At The New USS Enterprise
3/4 rear view of the ship

new enterprise5 Star Trek: A Fresh Look At The New USS Enterprise
Finally, the new Enterprise approaches the USS Kelvin

The front part of the nacelles still look to big in proportion to everything else, and I still wish that they were spread a bit farther apart. But having said that, I must admit the ship is growing on me somewhat. I’m betting they’ve shot it from angles that highlight its best qualities in the upcoming Star Trek reboot.

For even more images and much higher res versions you can set as your computer desktop, head over to To see more of Tobias Richter work head over to The Light Works.

So based on these new images, what do you think? Do you still hate the redesigned Enterprise or is it looking better to you?

Star Trek opens on May 8, 2009.

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  1. @ Purist:

    Okay, this is gonna be FUN! At the risk of sounding immodest, I never thought my ex-HAUSTIVE knowledge of all things Trek would come in so handy (which is not to say there are not people out there, perhaps even on this thread, who could blow even me away)! Having said that, I relish sharing what I know, P.

    You talk about the saucer underside, about it going ‘off the rails’; I’ll say! I don’t know why, but the abscence of that ‘circular indentation’ (good name for it, I called it a ’360 dimple’, I think your term is more descriptive, quite honestly), for some reason, really gnaws at me! There are two things about that indentation which I think are important, and YES, it was on both the original TOS Big E and on the Refit:

    First, I don’t care what high-strength structural materials they use in the 23rd Century, it seems to me to be a reinforcement measure – i.e., it strengthens the overal structure of the saucer as a whole, just like a channel in any piece of metal. The Command Hull is bound to be more rigid because of it, at least internally.

    Second, it gives a place for what I call the ‘downpeak’ (I could use a more crass term here, drawing to a more mammarian, descriptive metaphor, but I am too much a gentleman, lol) to ascend to, spreading out to form a more natural and far more attractive (if you ask me) finished line of the arc as it plays out toward the underside rim.

    The abscence of this indentation makes the underside look all wrong, totally awkward, for both of these (I think) very good reasons, and I must tell you, I am like you, what would’ve it hurt to retain it? The bulge on the bottom now looks like it was just slapped on – let’s face it, it looks just like a – (dare I say it? Dare, dare, dare!)a great big TIT, pure & simple! they might as well have left it off, just flattened it out all across, if you ask me! It needs that 360 dimple, as I call it, to look right, to look natural. Add to that the straight-from-the-box Refit’s impulse units, and I HATE the new saucer section, don’t get me started…oh, well.

    And U are so right, the indent did, in fact, cut the hull thickness in that area from one deck to two, but most of the habitable area was inside that perimiter anyway; you had to take the turbolift (or a nearby gangway, I suppose) to go up to that level so you could get to the lower outer ring in any case, and the limited, angu-linear (or cicular) areas it created were handy machinery flats, fresh water tanks, RCS fuel tanks, storage, you name it.

    And that module at the bottom, as I understand it, was the lower, planetary sensor dome; it was tranlucent (like the upper sensor dome over the bridge), and excuse me, but it DID look just like a nipple! As far as I know, it wasn’t a Captain’s Yacht and that area was not used for that purpose until the advent of the Galaxy class, although there may have been one on the bottom of the Ambassador class’ saucer section, nothing on the plans. The Galaxy, Nebula (I assume, since it was made of Galaxy components), and Intrepid classes all had yachts (also called the Captain’s Gig), as well as the Sovereign, I needn’t tell you; it was one of the stars of the movie ‘Insurrection’ – I liked that little ship. It was called the Calypso, (also the name of the sublight Galaxy ship’s eliptical pod). The Voyager (Intrepid class) even had one designed to fly in an atmosphere, an ‘areoshuttle’ as aerodynamic as any present day jet; the main warpnacelles were in big, capacious wing structures. You can even see it’s outline on the bottom of the saucer (Voyager could land, too, and was a one-hull ship…Hmmmm, talk about your overkill).

    About those ribbings you mentioned (you’re gonna love this, P, it’ll kill ya!):

    The ‘ribbings’ you speak of, believe it or not, are an artifact of the single (so far as I know), one-&-only maufacturing GOOF of the otherwise splendidly formed AMT/Ertl model of the TOS Enterprise; I had one that proudly hung, on almost invisible monofiliment, in a corner of my bedroom (opposite a Klingon battlecruiser). It was also, believe it or not, the model the actual show used for the heavily damaged USS Constellation in the ‘The Doomsday Machine’, it was that accurate. I believe the only other thing you could knock about that model was the fact that, contrary to popular belief, the nacelles everyone is so crazy about (except me) may’ve been concentric, but they were NOT, repeat, NOT perfectly cylindrical; they had a very slight taper to them, and in fact you can see this in any episode of TOS, even if yo are not consciously aware of it – it’s VERY slight, maybe only a fraction of a degree, but it is there…but I digress again, sorry!

    Anyway, those ‘ribbings’ were supposed to be the concentric/radial lines of the top sections, or perhaps the actual deflector grid lines, or both. But get this, P: They weren’t supposed to be there! The molds were crafted the lazy way, with the rings & radians simply cut into the production mold, and then injection-molded that way. The Enterprise, as you can readily see whenever they show that scene (reused again and again, sad to say) originally of the Big-E struggling to get through the Galactic Barrier, first seen in the 2nd Pilot – clearly, the Enterprsie was a ‘clean ship’!

    Or, you can pretend, I guess, that the original def-grid stood proud of the hull, about 1 foot, I guess, at that scale, lol! Okay, now I’m just being silly…The AMT/Ertl model of the excellent Refit version was, like the design itself, excellent, right down to the pre-scribed (and VERY intricate) def-grid lines, actually incribed into the top surface, rather than embossed. This meant the company (probably in response to people’s bitching, like MEEEE) made two molds, the one for the hull, and a second one to inject the final product, a truly professional route, I think.

    As to why it’s visible in some scenes and in some aren’t, it’s probably a matter of different miniatures at different scales; Desilu just got lazy & hoped nobody would notice – except you did! That’s also why the aforementioned Constellation had a Naval Construction Contract number of 1017 – they were strapped for time, they were able to match the name decals, ‘Constellation’, but they just did not have time to match the numerals, which were much bigger – so they fudged it a little, positing the question of the out-of-sequence hull number – the Connie, apparently, ‘had an earlier generation’s number series’…Hmmm, don’t know why they didn’t use a letter, like they did later for Enterprise! Hahaha, back then, Who knew?

    Now, about the age of the ship: Purist, honestly, I am SOOOO glad somebody finally asked this question! I know why, and I defy ANYone to contradict me, as follows -

    First of all, the Enterprise WAS practically all rebuilt, even the main saucer, according to the movie plans (which I still possess), “obviously had to be replaced…” not refit, mind you, but REPLACED! The only original parts of the ship that survived the refit were a few frame spaces & structural members, apparently, in the Engineering Hull and dorsal pylon! Can U believe that??? So what, right, doesn’t answer your question, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

    The Enterprise WAS twenty years old, at it’s refit, if you listen carefully in STII/Wrath of Khan. Inside Regula’s Genesis test cave, Kirk tells Carol Marcus “There’s a man out there I haven’t seen for 15 years, he just tried to kill me”, meaning Chekov, ginned up by Khan’s nasty little armored/stinging/slug-with-an-attitude parasite he had put in his ear, just like Capt Terrell, who was so torn and in such agony that he vaporized himself with a phaser.

    If you add in the 5-year mission, that’s twenty years, by the ‘bureaucratic mind’ (as Dr McCoy so eloquently put it), of Starfleet; they did not care that the old girl only had a few thousand lightyears on her, lol!

    Also, remember that even before the Refit, Enterprise was already in service; don’t forget that Capt Pike (with Mr Spock as his Science Officer – though not his Executive Officer) took her out over a decade before THAT, on the mission to Talos IV (‘The Cage’, later folded into the 2-parter ‘Menagerie’), and in fact the ship looked slightly different even then (the slightly proud arcs standing port & starboard on the upper saucer edge, the probes sticking out from the Bussard hydrogen collector domes, the raised bridge structure), which makes clear that, even at the beginning of Kirk & Company’s five year mission, she was probably on at least her first refit.

    In all, I would imagine the Enterprise would be, by the time of the Genesis Sector incident, perhaps as much as 40 years on, ancient by Starfleet’s standards (although that does not make any sense: The REAL Enterprise will be over 55, at least, when she is finally mothballed; the outstandingly adaptable Miranda & Excelsior classes lasted well into the TNG era, what is that, 80-100 years? Makes no sense to scrap her after only 40 years, even!).

    Anyway, the show had to go on, Hahahaha! Why do we even try???

    Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, the alternate timeline Ent/D:

    As I said, I liked that ‘Uberphasercannon’, as I call it, I thought it kicked ass. I liked the third warp nacelle, too, but either refinement was problematic. As long as the main shuttlebay remained (unless it was split two ways, angularly, which I have seen in – you really should check it out, the sheer volume of ships will blow your mind), it made any recovery approach a sort of hook shot. Not to mention that the other two shuttlebays were, well, CRAMPED. And the cannon, as cool as it was, either obviated the Auro-Sep procedure, or defanged the Ubercannon by breaking it in two – unless they just let it stick out there, that might work.

    Another cunundrum of the mysterious alternative space/time continuum, I suppose…does it not drive YOU crazy? It does me.

    Purist, I wanna thank you for asking me all this, it feels so good to put all this arcane – STUFF – to good use, and anything else I can possible enlighten you on, please feel free to ask, just knowing KICKS ASS! And as I said before, I love to share.

    I will now take all your questons, my people…HAHAHAHA!

    Okay, I admit it, now I’m jus’ showin’ off.

    Later, guys,


  2. Brothers,

    To quote the best TNG movie, “Timeline? Timeline? This is not time to argue about time, we DON’T HAVE THE TIME!”

    I am afraid I am one of those diehards that love the escapades into temporal mechanics, I mean, it is the QUINTESENTIAL sci-fi frontier. It cannot be done/no one knows how explain it. Where else DOES it fit? But I digress . . .

    I had thought to share but I felt this point would be overshadowed so I will mention it later (a possible plot that contiues the continuity of the last 24 seasons of cannon flawlessly).

    The main point is this, to you self-proclaimed professors of Temporal Mechanics: What happens when you fail to stop the assassination? What happens when you radically change history? The BORG didn’t kill Cochrane or destroy the PHEONIX. The ROMULANS merely attempted to influence the socio-politicals of quadrant. They didn’t destroy Earth, or attack the fledgling power. I think that is the point of this movie. It is what is so brilliant. It’s something STAR TREK has never seen. What will happen should you FAIL? ‘Tired out cliché’ is what you get when you bring up the same problem (or one requiring time travel) and/or solve it every time the same way (i.e. time travel). I mean, am I wrong? Have we ever seen sustained failure of temporal integrity? It’s the best part of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: “We lost. What do we do next?” The question is, what get’s changed?

  3. Here is the thought that popped into my mind after something several people brought up, its not mind blowing but it make sense to me :

    *full context*

    I think this is a beautifully crafted and creative approach to something that might possibly be understood: the Trekkies dread of rehashing the same time cliché. “Oh no, something is different.” “We have to set it right.” But let’s be honest, who didn’t think the irony that the BORG assisted in the very thing they were trying to prevent?

    Here is a thought I had that I wanted to see what others thought of it. Since the beginning of TREK (TOS or ENTERPRISE, take your pick), the ROMULANS have attempted the destruction of the FEDERATION (and, well, anyone else desiring to challenge their bid at supremacy. Wars come and go. Sides change. Alliances rise and fall. Enemies become friends and then enemies again. Influence shifts. In all of this, the balance of power remains between three major powers: FEDERATION, ROMULAN, and (usually) the KLINGONS. However, the ROMULAN desire to dominate the quadrant has been proven immutable. As the powers of the ALPHA QUADRANT have matured, weapons of war have progressed. Starships and fleets mean nothing if you can erase your enemies past (i.e. the KRENIM IMPERIUM). This is what I liked about ENTERPRISE. Even though they moved the franchise back in time, the dynamics remained (while in the future) and moved on. We saw in the Archer-era the effects of the near (and distant) future of ALPHA QUADRANT power struggles (from the stand point of post-VOYAGER). Every time a threat arises, most of the quadrant rallies to defeat the foe. So, why risk open warfare when you can attack and destabilize in secret and remain unharmed?

    Unfortunately, the ROMULANS made the same mistake in ENTERPRISE the BORG made in FIRST CONTACT. They were inexorably the catalyst for the very conditions that created the object they so aimed to eliminate—the FEDERATION. However, what if instead of trying to subtly bend the course of history, you smash it with a hammer. Someone mentioned the WWII scenario. Kill Hitler=Soviet world domination=no TREK (and more). Brilliant deduction. Unless you are more clever than that, and being as nationalistic and crafty as the ROMULANS . . . you would be. If you can kill Hitler and have your cake to, why wouldn’t you. You can have it all. You return with a virus. You infect the past with the present and create a NEW future. One of your own making. What you bring with you is KNOWLEDGE. Technology. History. Over a thousand years of it. You give your people an edge. The only people self serving enough that would embrace such a sacrifice. Erase FEDERATION from the equation. Destroy it. Change the course of history.

    Now, that was just an idea I had.

    The main point is this, to you self-proclaimed professors of Temporal Mechanics: What happens when you fail to stop the assassination? What happens when you radically change history? The BORG didn’t kill Cochrane or destroy the PHEONIX. The ROMULANS merely attempted to influence the socio-politicals of quadrant. They didn’t destroy Earth, or attack the fledgling power. I think that is the point of this movie. It is what is so brilliant. It’s something STAR TREK has never seen. What will happen should you FAIL? ‘Tired out cliché’ is what you get when you bring up the same problem (or one requiring time travel) and/or solve it every time the same way (i.e. time travel). I mean, am I wrong? Have we ever seen sustained failure of temporal integrity? It’s the best part of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: “We lost. What do we do next?” The question is, what get’s changed?

  4. @ K Bone: WOW!

    Okay, I admit it. It possible (in the humble words of Sarek to his son Spock) that my judgement was incorrect…

    I feel kinda like Chakotay, essentially a a hostage to the leader of the Krennim Imperium (I forget his character’s name, you will all remember him as Kurtwood Smith, the dad Red Forman in ’70s Show’, hahaha), who, perhaps as a result of Stockholm Syndrome, could not resist delving into the fascinating prospect of altering the timeline – all the while resisting the imprecations of Harry Kim, to the contrary. As I admitted myself, Science Fiction is the only fertile field for this subject; where else could such a story be told? The only outstanding exception I can think of was ‘Somewhere In Time’ starring Christpher Reeve, Jane Seymour, and the superb Christopher Plumber (who was also the Klingon villian Chiang in STVI). I really can’t think of any others…even Marty McFly had Dr Emmett Brown’s Flex Capacitor (“88.8 miles an hour!”) in that damned DeLorean.

    Yes, U have a very fair point, timeline scenarios are sometimes irrestible. I was just thinking of the absolute best (in my opinion) planned-from-the-start, most intricate, kick-ass timline plot ever, Jay Michael Strazhnki’s excellent, award-winning (Nova, Nebula, Emmy for Best Special Effects, etc), 5-year series ‘Babylon 5′, Remember the story of the last of the Babylon Stations, anyone?

    Strazhinski had five whole years of episodes all planned out, including the timewarp which transformed Captain Sinclair into the Membari messiah-like figure Valen, as well as the interaction with his sucessor, Captain Sheridan, Mr Garibaldi and the others on Babylon 4, plus an alternate bad end for the Station and all hands, and they did it all without a single glitch in the timeline, BECAUSE IT WAS ALL PLANNED OUT IN ADVANCE, do U see?

    I understand your meaning, though. The fascinating question with timeline varegations is the same wistful question that haunts every traumatic spike in history. If somehow you could prevent JFK’s assassination, for example, would he get re-elected in 1964? It was by no means a lock, U know. If not, would Project Apollo ever have happened? Or would it have just happened under a later president, such as Johnson or Nixon, or someone else? If we had never gone to the moon, at least not in only nine years, would the human race have any future in space? I believe most people would agree it was the martyrdom of Jack Kennedy which propelled America into the space age, possibly even into the age we are in now (whatever that is); could someone radically, unpredictably alter the past (and with it, our distant future and even our destiny), by time-travelling back to the bookstore on Dealy Plaza and shooting Lee Harvey Oswald? On the surface, that works for me. But playing God can come back on you and bite everyone right in the ass.

    What you seem to be saying (and I can get next to this), is that, if one TRIED to save JFK, he would fail; but maybe we might find out who was on the Grassy Knoll – hahaha! Just kidding, I don’t believe it was anyone but Oswald, let’s not open that can of worms again! But something would change, maybe instead of Oswald getting arrested it would be our time-traveller, too late to stop the assassination but with his fingerprints all over the Mannlicher/Carcanno rifle, am I right? Hmmmm… Fascinating, as a certain popular Vulcan might say.

    You mock us as being ‘Self-proclaimed professors of Timeline Mechanics’, I suppose we deserve that! It’s just that some of us (I believe I can speak for Purist, no doubt as well as others), we are ass-sore sick and tired of the altered timeline scenario being done so frequently, and in some cases, so somewhat haphazardly, as in the episodes, if you will forgive me, of the ST/Enterprise series, which, like TOS, had to struggle to make three years. I like Scott Bakula, and I understand that you and some fans liked the series, but really, there were glaring, outlandish anachronisms, like Romulan ships far more advanced than the ship encountered by the Enterprise in ‘Ballance of Terror’, or the fact that no one, as far as we knew, in the Federation had ever seen a Romulan before that TOS episode, and never knew their similarity to the Vulcans; I don’t know, temporal chimeras give me a headache.

    Which is not to say that your position is not one with merit…after all, there ARE, REAL anachronisms, actual temporal chimeras which cannot be explained and must not be denied, simply because, like many ‘serious’ scientists, we just don’t like thinking about them –

    Like the Bhagdad Battery, found in the thousands, which turns into a working wet cell when you fill it with wine or vinegar, probably used for electroplating; or the string computer found in the jungles of South America, which no one can figure out how to work; or tiny, precision-engraved, perfectly spherical nodules, found in billion-year-old basalt rock…

    Who’s to say that time travel hasn’t already happened, perhaps time and again (pardon the pun)?

    I have myself on more than one occasion wondered if we really got through the Cold War without actually blowing ourselves up – did WWIII really happen, say, back at the Cuban Missile Crisis? Were we all rebooted by time-travellers from the future, unwilling to allow such a promising civilization to be wiped out? Think about it.

    What you say is food for thought, and in fact, though I have mocked it in this very thread, the immutability of the timeline is in fact a central issue if the Terminator Anthology, which…has a new installment coming out this very summer.

    Imagine that.

    All if this does NOT change the unpalability of Richard Nixon remaining President, well into the 80s, ala ‘Back to the Future III’! I don’t care HOW smart he was, lol!


  5. Btw, K Bone, m’friend,

    I forgot, most ungraciously, to thank you for your kind words as to my WWII musings, vis a vis the Hitler/Stalin inevitability scenario. It is not that often that someone refers to my deductions as “brilliant”, and I DO thank you.

    And for the record, I think the handle ‘K Bone’ absolutely rocks! Why can’t I come up with a cool username like that?

    Oh, yeah, I remember now – I’m afraid i’ll forget it…

    It’ll happen to you too, senior moments are a part of life.

    Thanx again, brother (like that, too),


  6. Whoops!

    I just realized, I misspelled the name of the race who produced the messiah-like character Valen, who was actually the Babylon-5 Station Commander Jonathan Sinclair, miraculously transformed by an alien crystalline device on a voyage through the space/time continuum into the ancient past – and the homeworld of the remarkable people known as the Minbari.

    The MINBARI – they deserve to get their name spelled right…


  7. Well, I have to admit. You all have me at the additional disadvantage in that with this stupid government internet in the desert, I can’t watch a single damn trailer. Savor them for me.

    Don’t get me wrong. I have become VERY wary of time travel in the hands of PARAMOUNT in regards to TREK (thinking of a few VOYAGER episodes that seemed like season filler), but it could be worse and I still love the idea. And come on, no points for the FIRST CONTACT joke? What I am musing towards in my perception of the ‘fresh take,’ to use your Kennedy example, is what happens when someone SAVES Kennedy? If someone violates the TemPriDir? Destroys the future as it is known? What if you CHANGED history? Is that the direction this movie takes? Did the antagonist change history? Did Spock fail, and the rest of the movie is now we try to fill the breach and stop further damage? That is my premise. The parallel time in which the past has split of from the path it would go and now we are in this altered state that is irrepairable, but further action must be stopped.

    This has potential. Just trying to be an optimist. I love time travel, I just hate seeing it in the same cookie cutter cause/effect/solution/wesavedtheday. *sigh* I was not even going to consider this movie when I saw the ship. I was like, “Well if they are gonna *%$# that up, what possibly will survive of the show?” It’s grown on me, and now I am looking forward to giving it a shot. Hearing preliminaries that it rocks certainly helps.

    BTW, I think you, Purist, and Vic are in the same camp I am in. My prof joke was more of a jab at the universe 1-4;2A explanation someone gave earlier. Furthermore, couldn’t relate to the B5 example, never got into it (never coherent on TV) and haven’t rented it. Any good? I am sure it was accurate though. Dunno if I need to wait til old age to forget things, I am aready starting to loose my hearing from too many flown sorties. See you guys back in the States soon. :)

  8. A lot of discussion going (which is great!)

    However, I remain firm in my opinions regarding timelines and Star Trek. I wouldn’t have minded the odd (preferalbly rare) use of altered timelines for plot material, but you gotta admit, see an ENTIRE SEASON of them got awfully tiresome! (i.e. Season 2 of ST:Enterprise)

    Actually, K Bone, you answered (and defeated – in my opinion) your own question and the very end of your comment “The question is: What gets changed?”

    That’s the whole point (if I understood you correctly. If not, I apologize in advance). Nothing gets changed (at least in the ST use of altered timelines). And if nothing gets changed, why bother (with that episode or movie, that is)?

    You pointed out, quite correctly, that science-fiction is the only genre where altered timelines can work. Granted. But to make it work, some very heave thought has to be put into it. For example, Babylon 5 was mentioned. Awesome show. But one could tell, as Johnny-O stated, it was all pre-planned (and wonderfully so at that).

    Another show, which hasn’t been mentioned (much to my surprise, considering the main actor later played a Starfleet Captain) is “Quantum Leap”. Here’s where things get a bit dicey for me. After all, I just finished complaing about an entire season of time travel, and here’s a show which (I’ll admit I watched) has, as it’s entrie reason for being, TIME TRAVEL. However, there is one very important difference. At the end of every episode, THINGS CHANGED (for the better). They may have been unimportant things on a global scale, but they changed nonetheless (I never did see the episode regardng the JFK assassination so I can’t speak to that).

    Bottom line. If you’re gonna use timeline alteration, time travel, etc., then you had better make damn sure you do one or both of two things. Make sure it’s extremely well plotted (like Babylon 5), and or make sure things change. If you can’t or won’t(in my ever to be humble opinion) don’t bother.

  9. Oops, my mistake, Starfleet wasn’t around when Captain commaded. I meant to say “Starship Captain”

  10. I completely agree with you on the abuses of to our beloved show in the name of ‘good’ time travel (which is rarely delivered, but oh so nice when it is).

    I believe you are right, like I said, this is what is different. Someone SUCCEEDED in altering history. Permanently. But more is going to happen and that is what must be stopped. To quote that AMAZING trailer, “James T Kirk was a great man . . . but that was another life.” Sounds like exactly what I am hoping for (and trying to poorly articulate, apologies). Like this altered past will result in a parallel and different timeline (while the other endures), possibly. Or makes this the FEDERATION’s darkest hour, as it is robbed of its future (similar to the destruction of the 12 colonies of man). Only this remnant past remains of the apparently imparelled UFP. This is going to be quite a story, and I PRAY they don’t f*** this up, because I might kill someone. lol.

  11. Try that again. Starfleet wasn’t around when Captain Archer commanded.

  12. To humbly correct you, Starfleet was always Starfleet. The FEDERATION however was post-2161. Before that it was the Starfleet of the United Earth. But it always had that name. So you were correct the first time.

  13. @ K Bone & Purist:

    Boyyyy, have you guys got ME ginned up! I don’t where to begin, but I am just like you, P, I think all this discussion is just great! How did we ever have any sharing of ideas at all before the Internet, huh?

    First of all, K Bone, U are absolutely right, it was an oversight not to credit you for your ‘First Contact’ reference of the lovely Marina Sirtis (Counselor Deanna Troi) drunkenly going on about not having time to talk about time, lol! It was so cool to see that usually well-mannered character, so controlled in her discipline, getting s***faced, totally swacked, ‘blending in’, as she said, just to get Dr Cochrane to open up (“You’re pretty blended, all right…” said Cmdr Riker). Lol!

    The Voyager mini-series-within-a-series you mention was called the ‘Year of Hell’: Chakotay & Harry Kim were captured by the commander of the Krenim Imperium mothership, played by actor Kurtwood Smith, best known as Red Forman, father of Eric, from ‘That 70′s Show’.

    This man was so disconsolate with grief over the death of his wife, he was driven quietly insane, and used his culture’s technology to that end of bringing her back at any cost – something I understand is in common with the Romulan Nero in this new film, not surprisingly. I actually thought it was pretty good, for one reason – the series regular Chakotay was sort of ‘infected’ by the timeline-modification bug, a sort of Stockholm Syndrome, despite Ensign Kim’s protestations of his consorting with a madman. He actually sorta bonded with the Commander, and willingly became fascinated with trying to shape the timeline to desired ends.

    It was at that point, sad to say, that the wheels, to put it mildly, just sort of came off the wagon. In the end the Voyager, a total shambles from a year of grappling with these people (the Year of Hell) crashed right into the Krenim mothership, rebooting the timeline, making it all an acedemic exercise (hence Purist’s, mine, and many others’ frustration – WHY, WHY, WHY???) You talk about your season filler! AARRRRGGGHHH!

    And by the way, K Bone, your parallel timeline reference was part of Chakotay’s fascination, too; makes me wonder about the old chestnut that you CAN’T change the future, all you do is create a brand new timeline, leaving the world you come from one that you are now totally closed off to, should you try to go back to the future. Makes you wonder if that’s now even an issue, doesn’t it?

    Right about here is where somebody really should make a Red Forman joke, to the effect: “Make anymore silly, pointless timetravel episodes, DUMBASS, and I’ll put my foot in your ass!” Lol! Poor Eric…he was a Jedi fan, btw.

    And P, I completely forgot about Quantum Leap! How’d we ever miss that Bakula connection??? JEEZ! I too liked the way Bakula’s character subtly changed, for the better, the lives of the people he touched; I also found his manner of timetravel very interesting, too – not physically going back in time (which physicists are now saying is not impossible, if you happen to possess a starship), but non-corporeally, as the temporary inhabitant of someone, leaping into another person’s body – also, as I recall, Bakula could only go back to periods of history when he was alive, not before his birth…VERY interesting! But not very relevant to our discourse, I suppose.

    Except for one thing, the crucial thing, as you just so eloquently stated: Things were changed. K Bone was dead-on about that, and YOU saw it. That pretty much sums it up in a nutshell, in my book.

    I am old enough to remember another TV series dedicated to time travel, P: Irwin Allen’s show ‘Time Tunnel’, starring crooner James Darren. Remember that one?

    Apparently the US Military built an artificial wormhole out underneath the desert, only this one wasn’t for space travel (Stargate SG-1, anybody?), but for tumbling through time. It really wasn’t bad, and in it’s own way and time (concurrent with ST/TOS) was less of an embarrassment than ‘Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea’ (remember SSRN Seaview?), ‘Land of the Giants’, or (Ohhhh, Don’t even get me started!!!) ‘Lost in Space’. That’s right, the program CBS picked over Star Trek. All by the same man who brought you the original ‘Posidien Adventure’, which at least made money.

    Everybody join me now fo a group “EWWWWWW!”

    Okay, now I feel better…

    Oh! Btw, guys, I recalled what may be the VERY FIRST time travel story ever written, and like ‘Somewhere In Time’, it didn’t have a whisker of science fiction! Something about a sort of reverse-Rip van Winkle story…

    Give up? You are all gonna love this one:

    ‘A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court’ by (drum roll please):

    Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain!

    Can you believe that? I read the story in school when I was just a little shaver, and I know I saw an old B&W movie, made in the 50s, if I’m not mistaken, starring William Bendix, I believe.

    As I recall from the movie, the most serious timeline disruption was that the main character built, loaded & fired, using only a midevial armorer’s tools & materiel, a working Snubnose .38 revolver, including the bullets AND a workable form of gunpowder.

    How much of a TemPriDir violation is that? Can you imagine the consequences of firearms introduced 1200 years ago???


    Jus’ me musings,


    PS: K Bone, Rent all 5 seasons of Babylon-5, and anyone else who hasn’t seen it, you WON’T regret it, it’s excellent; but pass on the ill-fated sequel, ‘Crusade’, inasmuch as I liked Gary Cole (Cap’n of the Saratoga – between ST, ‘Space, Above & Beyond’, and this show, that name gets around, don’t it?) it was just a sad exercise, although the ship was cool, since it was huge & carried those B-5 Thunderbolt fighters, but it didn’t survive even one season. Kinda sucked.

    Sorry about your hearing, bro, that hasn’t happened to me yet, gratefully; keep flying, buddy!


  14. Hi, Everyone:

    I have to address a couple of things, just glad I caught one glaring error on my part before someone else did, it’s soooo embarrassing!

    First of all, Purist, good pick-up on K Bone’s part, I was gonna ‘gently correct you’, as he did, on the fact that Starfleet was the product of the joint Earth/Vulcan co-operative effort as far back as the life of Zefram Cochrane; I didn’t know the exact year of the founding of the Federation, 2161, but that makes sense, thanx, K Bone.

    I do recall the 5 original signatories, though: Earth, Vulcan (of COURSE), Andor (remember the blueskins?), Tellar (the folks descended from swine-like primates), and last but not least, Alpha Centauri (whose homeworld capital, Quiberon Prime, according to canonical sources, was originally populated by humans abducted by powerful ancient aliens 4000 years ago from, as I recall, the Medeterranean area), they are racially humans.

    This may also explain how the Romulans & the Vulcans wound up on different worlds, even though they are closely related, come to think of it…Hmmm, hey, that just came to me – I still got it! Lol!

    Secondly, despite my inspired revelation just now, I have to correct something serious I just blathered on about for the last two days, a really big, tie-me-to-a-hog-&-drag-me-thru’-the-mud whoops, as you put it, P.

    The Voyager ‘miniseries’ season, ‘The Year of Hell’, which I articulated at length above, was somewhat off in my narration due to a misfiring of some of my 56-yr-old neurons:

    The ST/VOY character I remember as being Ensign Harry Kim’s fellow prisoner on the Krenim Imperium’s mothership, despite my clear recollecton to the contrary, was NOT First Officer Chakotay. HE was still aboard Voyager, even as it crumbled around him, presenting a pocketwatch similar to that of British explorer Captain Cray to Captain Janeway; I remember that now, very clearly, and it could not have been some other episode. They couldn’t even go to warp without losing pieces of the ship; no, it wasn’t him with Harry Kim.

    It was the dark-skinned Vulcan Science Officer, Tuvok, who was enraptured by the Krenim Imerium’s Commander’s obsession with timeline manipulation. This likely explains why a Starfleet officer would allow himself to be so swayed – he is first & foremost a Vulcan, after all, and a scientist to boot!

    I still can’t believe my misremembering, though, I was SURE it was Chakotay! But it could not have been, logically…

    I just hope this doesn’t happen to any of you, maybe I need a brain dump, HAHAHAHA!

    Perhaps the entire aforementioned season of Voyager, as well as, more specifically, the character of Tuvok, represents a cross-section of how many of us feel about this timeline/timetravel business: Like that season of one theme, (which had no impact at all, ultimately, since all was reset to zero in the end) it is enough to make you wanna pull your hair out; and yet, like Tuvok, some of us just cannot resist the fascination with the possibilities, even if the result may be irreconcilable chaos…

    Well, glad I cleared that up. Soldier on, people.


  15. Whoops! Big whoops, I thought I made a mistake but it turned out later I was wrong.

    Just zip on through the following, if you just can’t TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! Lol.

    Okay, I just pulled up ‘The Year of Hell’ on Google; it seems I was right the first time – it WAS Chakotay, onboard the Krenim Imperium Temporal Incursion Ship (that’s what it’s called), and it wasn’t Harry Kim but Lt Tom Paris who was with him – I know I remember that the younger was unwilling to go along with the elder’s seduction by the fixation of timeline manipulation, so it couldn’t have been Paris who was under Commander Annorax’s (Kurtwood Smith’s character’s name) spell. At any rate, it was only a two-parter, a season-ending cliffhanger-style, tho’ I SWEAR they must’ve been 90-minute or 2-hour episodes!!! Maybe it just seemed like a whole season…

    Anyway, at the risk of making a lot of people very angry, here is the entire text of that Google article:

    A huge ship appears in the sky of a distant, alien world. Firing a massive beam, the planet’s surface changes from a bustling city to mountains and fields. As the wave encompasses the planet, the ship is unharmed- and the wave itself leaves the planet, causing a ripple effect which expands into every direction.

    On board Voyager, Captain Janeway is informed by Seven of Nine that the area of space they are currently in belongs to a species that the Borg know as the Krenim, a space faring race who possess devastating temporal weaponry. At this time, a small vessel appears off of Voyager’s port bow and hails them. The ship is a Krenim destroyer, and the captain of the vessel (unnamed) barks an ultimatum at Janeway that Voyager must leave Krenim space or be destroyed. Janeway gives the order for Voyager to traverse the area of space anyway, because as small as the Krenim vessel is, it would obviously be no match for Voyager. Further into the area, Voyager comes upon the dominant species of the space in question- the Zahl, and their minister, who readily agrees to a discussion with the Krenim captain along with Janeway acting as a mediator. During this discussion, the Krenim captain and the Zahl minister belittle each other, just as Janeway advises them to focus on the matter at hand, Tuvok receives ship readings that a temporal disruption involving the homeworld of the Zahl race has just occurred (the planet before the opening credits). As they stand there trying to understand what has happened, the wave reaches their sector of space.

    Ship readings confirm that the temporal wave is fast approaching both ships, and just as Janeway gives the order to ‘Standfast’, the wave hits all three ships- wiping the Zahl race from existence, effectively making the Krenim vessel bigger and more powerful- while Voyager’s bridge changes to a smoke filled room, a dead ensign on the deck, and Janeway must contend with the Krenim captain on her own. Now cocky and more arrogant, he tells her that Voyager must submit to the Krenim Imperium and prepare to be boarded. Janeway gives the order for Voyager to fire upon the Krenim vessel and then make a quick break for it, to which the Krenim vessel does not give chase. A scan of the region in Astrometrics provides the answer: Krenim warships dominate this region of space and it will be hard for Voyager to actually sneak past them. Because they have not yet identified the source of the temporal waves, Janeway has Torres and Seven of Nine modify the ship’s shields to protect them from the temporal waves- and unknowingly, the temporal changes to the timeline itself.

    Voyager begins a running battle with many Krenim ships over a period of eight months. Voyager suffers heavy damages, and the crew heavy casualties; even Tuvok is blinded and (non-fatally) burned in one attack. The biggest obstacle is the ‘Time Ship’, the gigantic ship based temporal weapon. Krenim scientist Annorax has developed a technology that can cause “temporal incursions” which can be used to erase events from history. Each temporal incursion must be meticulously calculated so the removal of one event from the timeline has no negative effects on other events. This is rarely possible of course. Using this ship, Annorax attempted to restore the Krenim empire to the apex of its power by destroying its archenemies, but by doing so he prevented the development of an antibody in his people, and they became vulnerable to a plague. 50 million of his people died, including his beloved wife, because of his actions. Now he is bent on undoing his mistakes. The more temporal incursions he creates in the attempt only causes more disruptions in the timeline. Civilizations are being erased from existence. In one timeline, Annorax is able to restore a half of the Krenim’s empire, only to have the next temporal incursion revert the Krenim territory to less than even half of what it had been, caused by Voyager’s temporal shielding. Annorax makes the decision to catalogue and destroy the ship which made his earlier attempt fail, and upon finding Voyager, promptly fires the time ship’s temporal beam cannon in an effort to push Voyager out of normal space time. They manage to escape using the warp drive as Voyager is faster but this causes even more damage to the ship. Janeway is forced to order all but the senior staff to abandon ship as the ship has taken too much damage and can no longer sustain a crew. She and the senior staff remain behind in an attempt to rescue Chakotay and Paris who were captured by the time ship. The senior staff remain on board as long as possible to effect enough repairs to rescue them but given the damage they end up having to abandon ship afterwards as well.

    Captain Janeway eventually makes an alliance with two species known as the Nihydron and the Mawasi to attack the Krenim timeship. Torres and Kim are sent to one ship while Tuvok, the Doctor, Neelix and Seven are sent to another. Janeway remains behind alone on Voyager to pilot the ship herself although Tuvok warns her it will likely not survive the battle due to the extensive damage it already has. During the battle two of the allied ships are destroyed along with presumably Torres and Kim. With the help of a dissatisfied crew member Chakotay and Paris take the time ship’s temporal core offline rendering it vulnerable to attack and beam to the nearest allied ship. Unfortunately, even vulnerable and without temporal weaponry, the time ship is much too powerful and the two remaining allied ships are disabled and Voyager is badly damaged when one of the ships loses helm control and crashes over the saucer section of Voyager. Ordering the fleet to drop their temporal shields, Janeway rams Voyager into the time-ship while it is powering up for another temporal incursion (having apparently somewhat restored power to the temporal core) destroying Voyager and causing the time ship’s temporal core to destabilize. This causes the time ship to suffer a massive temporal incursion itself- restoring Annorax’s wife and Voyager to its undamaged state, as it was prior to the year before, and all of the species wiped out by the timeship were restored, thus restoring the true timeline that would have happened if not for the ship’s intervention. In the new timeline, Voyager ventures into Krenim space and the captain of the Krenim warship is friendlier- he advises Voyager not to venture through Krenim space as it is still under dispute before wishing them a safe journey. After thanking the Krenim captain for his warning of the mentioned area, Janeway orders helm control to plot around Krenim space so that Voyager will not have to cross that section of space. Janeway remarks to Chakotay that she’s thinking of replicating a bottle of wine for Voyager’s rededication ceremony, one that came from a ‘good year’. And on the colony which he spent so long trying to restore, Annorax is at last reunited with his wife. Working on temporal calculations in his home study, his wife asks him to spend the day with her instead, and he stops studying to instead enjoy the day with her, stating that he supposes he can “make the time.”

    So you see, it wasn’t all for nothing, Cap’n Annorax did get his wife back, safe and sound.

    Forgive me, one & all, I HAD to set the record straight on this – perhaps a manifestation of the whole timeline thing…



    U know how you remember to do something AFTER you already did something to make yourself look like an idiot?

    Well, BINGO.

    I called up ‘The Year of Hell’ on Google, just to make sure – and it seems I was RIGHT the first time – D’OH!

    This post is my own precis of that article, which I copy/pasted for this thread, but it has not shown up yet; I suppose Vic flagged & rejected it for being too long. I really do no blame him, it is rather rambling, even for me – I just thought it might make interesting & relevant reading, but that’s okay, I’d rather say it in my own words, anyway. Good thing I like to type, lol…

    It WAS Chakotay, and apparently, Lt Tom Paris, held prisoner by Annorax (Kurtwood Smith), the Krenim Imperium Temporal Incursion Ship commander. I do remember it was the younger of the two (Paris or Kim, both junior officers and pals, so in my mind they’re practically interchangable) who objected to the older officer’s co-operation with Annorax, so it must’ve been Tuvok who gave Capt Janeway the watch.

    Apparently, the story only covered a season-closing cliffhanger & conclusion, a 2-parter, though I SWEAR they must’ve been 90 minute or 2-hour episodes, it seemed so strung out. It sure as hell SEEMED like a whole season…

    And, as confirmed, the Krenim timeship had a special weapon which fired ‘chronoton particles’ that could reverse the timeline history of entire peoples – pretty cool tool, if, as K Bone speculated, you wanted to wipe out your enemies just by obviating their entire existence.

    In one of these assaults, Annorax wiped out the history of a world where an antidote to a deadly virus came from; when his colony got hit, his wife became one of the virus’s victims. He was now overcome with grief, obsessed at undoing the damage he had done, but Starship Voyager kept getting in the way.

    The story came to screeching conclusion only when Janeway, detecting the mothership’s recharging its chronoton weapon, with Voyager having been turned into a flying junk pile, crashed into the heart of Annorax’s vessel.

    Reboot city.

    However, I was wrong when I said nothing changed – Annorax got his lovely wife back, safe & sound.

    And of course, he had more peaceful pursuits now, since like everyone else in the galaxy, he had absolutely no clue as to what had happened.

    So I guess there is something to this timeline manipulation business, after all, lol!

    Okay, I’m done!


  17. Okay . . . I may loose some street cred, but I enjoyed ‘Year of Hell’ (a little). Not what I had in mind, but accurate. I was talking about the one where the ship was fragmented into sections with the Kazon, Macro-virus, children grown up as officers, and still in the alpha quadrant. That was pointless. And a little boring.

    Now that that is out of the way, I just wanted to ask,


    And in my other post (for the trailer), did anyone notice the line, “James T Kirk was a great man . . . but that was a different life.” Clearly something has changed.

    THIS IS GOING TO BE AMAZING! I am a 24 year old military veteran, and this trailer makes me as giddy as a 13 year old school girl at a Hannah Montana concert.

    Like I said earlier, I was up in arms over the 1701 reveil, but its grown on me, and this trailer (along with the timeline plot) totally won me over to full support. I just PRAY it delivers, or I might kill someone. lol.

  18. Sorry, I probably should have put ‘possible spoiler’. I figure though, you saw it too . . . so you get what I got. If I upset anyone, forgive me. I am a little too excited. It’s just about freggin time someone ramped up TREK into what it IS and CAN BE as opposed to (what I feel) have been some half a$$ efforts at pushing the franchise along. “Hey, I have a lame story that could net us 100 million dollars or so . . .” NOT. For the love of everything good, you execu-clowns: YOU DON’T HAVE TO HAVE STAR TREK RUNNING CONTINUOUSLY!!! Get a plot going and THEN go. Any of you heard that rumor about ————— a possible new series where the Romulans have detonated OMEGA all over the damn quadrant, so the FEDERATION is seperated from it self in many places? I doubt it, but I really hope they just give it a rest and stop trying to film for the sake of filming. If they would do it right, it could be interesting, but I don’t trust commercial entities farther than I can toss them.

    But back to the *SPOILER******* VULCAN thing . . . WTF, right? And that quote? I mean, is this great or what?

  19. @ K Bone:

    I totally agree, and your Hannah Montana comment is mild hyperblole, compared to the way I feel. If you ask me, I cannot F***in’ WAIT for May 8th! NEVER caught a movie the first week, let alone the first day, are you kiddin’ me???

    I’m gonna be there the first showing, ever!

    On the other hand, this is the second time you’ve threatened to shoot someone – K, they have these wonderful coffees out now, they’re decaffienated but they taste just like the REAL THING, you should check ‘em out…Hahahaha, just yankin’ your chain, relax soldier! Besides, I feel the same way.

    And as for spoilers, hell, they showed it in the trailer, didn’t they? And as you so succinctly put it, WTF? I didn’t know it was Vulcan, someone else said Romulus, and I thought it was Earth. So you see, I’m just happy to know, to be honest wit’ ya. Did look a bit arid for Earth, I must admit. That explains why Uhura was giving Spock a hug (and he was hugging her back, as much as a Vulcan is wont to do), he had just lost, as Carrie Fisher said about the destruction of Princess Leia’s planet Alderaan, his parents, all his record albums, everything. Makes sense, now. Thanks. Holy smokes, Vulcan…

    And I am haunted by that quote, too, “James T Kirk was a great man – but that was another life!”

    It LOOKS like an older, hard labor-worn Nero, but that didn’t sound like Eric Bana; it sounded like Kris Kristofferson; is he in it too? That would be interesting.

    And why would he admire Jim Kirk?

    Curiouser & curiouser, as they say…

    I’m with you though, cowboy. If this movie is all flash & no substance, I’m gonna snap.

    Abrams had better know what the hell he’s doing, and I think there’s a lot to what Purist said, we may be expecting crap from these – what’d you call them? Execu-clowns? – and be very, very pleasantly surprised.

    At least I hope so.

    Or THIS puppy’s gonna shoot someone!

    Hang in there, May 8th’s cumming,


  20. John, we are on the same page. Dude, that was totally Nero that said it. I mean, it was him . . . wasn’t it? *13th viewing* Yeah, that’s totally Nero. But I figured the Vulcan thing out when I saw the same balcony Spock was on in a photo now with the beam in the distance. (There looks like a second landscape too, Earth maybe???) Then you see an planet that looks REMARKABLY like Vulcan (and I mean . . . what else would you go back to stop or would the Romulans LOVE to rid the galaxy of?). Plus, my friend, you don’t necessarily have to be in admoration to identify that your Kirk (if your enemy) was a force of nature, and single handedly save the UFP over and over, right?

    This is like crack. I have a problem. I need help.

    Hahahahahahahahaha! My wife is going to (if she doesn’t already) think I am nuts. :)

  21. BTW, what state are you guys in? Anyone in OK? (My station.) Cause this is a total collaboration movie for TREK fans. And besides the little woman, I need to see this with some serious junkies. lol.

  22. HI John,

    You said you were “going to be there for the first showing, ever”. If you meant you were going to be there for the first showing anywhere (as opposed to the first time going to the first showing in your city, town,etc), then you must either live in Alberta, Canada or are planning to go there. Word has it that the absolute first showing anywhere is going to be (believe it or not) in Vulcan, Alberta, Canada (population a few thousand – if that). Not only that, but Leonard Nimoy himself is the one who pushed for it.

    If you’re not familiar with Vulcan, Alberta, it a town that has devoted itself be a fan-town of Star Trek. In fact, there’s a big friggin’ mock up of the Enterprise-A as it was supposed to look in the TV series that never was “The Lost Season”. If that weren’t enough, there are quite a few people in town who’ve taken it upon themselves to learn and speak Klingon (fluently they claim). It’s about as arid as the planet Vulcan, too (LOL).

    As for as the statement “James T. Kirk was a great man, but that was another life”, we can postulate all week about what that means, but we’ll just have to wait until the movie comes out to know for sure.

  23. I made a bit of an error above. The movie will not be shown first in Vulcan, AB, much to their chagrin. However, 300 lucky Vulcans (an oxymoron, eh) will be invited to an advance showing of the movie on May 6th (two day before the general release dae) in Calgary, Alberta. Keep on Trekkin!

  24. K Bone, Purist, et al,

    K Bone, buddy, I thank ya for invitation, I really do! As a matter o’fact, I DO have a sister & her family down there in OK City, who I haven’t visited for some time; if I wasn’t so broke, and with the premeire only a week away, I’d definitely take you up on it! I’m just an old pensioner right now, tryin’ to find work online – any of ya got any ideas, I’ll listen. I know what you all are thinking – PUSSYYYYYY! I know, you’re right, I admit it…

    And Purist, I didn’t mean (pusuant to what I said above) that I would travel anywhere to be at the very first opening, hahaha! That would kick ass, but no; I only meant, U know, at my local 20-plex down the street. They will I’m sure open the film on the 8th, and I can assure you, I won’t wait till evening, I will catch the first matinee (cheaper, too), and I am getting the biggest popcorn they have.

    And I have heard about the town of Vulcan, Alberta, P; I know I’ve seen that not-ready-for-prime-time Enterprise, somewhere. I believe I have that in my Pictures file, I’ll have to look. That was the one for the show Roddenberry & Company planned for the 70s, if I’m not mistaken, and then Star Wars hit the theaters like an H-bomb, forcing them to retool everything for a big-budget movie (ST/TMP). How lucky are they, to not to have to wait two whole days for the regular opening (are we pathetic, or WHAT??? Lol)?

    Also (I can’t believe someone else hasn’t mentioned this), has anyone heard what the good folks of Riverside, Iowa, have planned for the 8th of May? I would imagine they are planning to PARTY F***IN’ DOWN! You just know they are gonna go apeshit, they are supposed to be Jim Kirk’s hometown, plus, I think they are very likely in the movie, right? GOTTA be! That’s GOT to be an honor.

    Anyone? I am understandably curioius, as Spock might say.

    (F’Chrissakes, I’ve got it too, K Bone…HELLLLP MEEEE!!!!)


  25. LOL. I know. I am so excited to get back to the States. This is gonna be fantastic! Anyone else planning on going in some kind of TREK gear? Gotta put that hostile fire pay to good use. lol.

  26. @ K Bone:

    Well, I do have an old sweater with Spock’s picture on it, but hell, that was tight on me back when I was a size 38…now, I’m a plump (but still good lookin’!) size 44.

    U know, I just might wear it anyway! I might wash it & stretch it, maybe, get some geek points for that!

    Pretty sure it won’t get me laid, but these days, with the weather still chilly enough to warrant a sweater, who knows, right? Hahaha?

    Trek on, brothers!


  27. I see you guys are talking about OK (Oklahoma?) city and getting back to the States. I know we use avatar names is our discussions, but would I be correct in my assumption that K Bone and Johnny-O are from the good ole USA?

    I just been wondering where we’re all from. I’ll start. I’m from a place called Red Deer, Alberta. It’s located directly half way between Edmonton and Calgary (Canada) and (as fate would have it, about 3 hours drive north of (you guessed) Vulcan, AB. I wondering how many time zones are happening in this discussion.

    Back to Trek. I am in total agreement with K Bone on one thing. I too am happy that someone at Paramount is willing to (as you put it) ramp up ST (special effectswise) into what it should and could be. For me, the absolute worst movie for special effects was ST5 The Final Frontier (directed by William Shatner (another Canadian)). The shot of the shuttle going to warp speed just long enough to get to the ship and crashing into the shuttle bay was absolutely disgraceful. Wil Shatner should stick to writing books and acting the odd self-abasing bit parts but stay far, far away from directing.

    The second worse for FX was ST:TMP. Not because they looked bad, but because they spent way, way, way, a million times way too long on that stupid V’Ger cloud. How long did that part last anyway? Half an hour? It’s like the writers realized they were going to have a very short movie and instead of developing the plot more, they decided to fill time with that D***ED cloud.

    Perhaps that’s the ST2 remains my favorite. If I’m not mistaken, that’s when they went to Lucas’ Industrial Lights & Magic. Maybe there’s hope for those Movie Exec.’s after all.

  28. @ Purist:

    So tell me, P, is it true what they say about Vulcan women?

    HA HA HA HA HA HA! Sorry, Purist, just couldn’t resist that!

    As for myself being a Yank, YOU’D BETTER BELIEVE IT, HOSER! Hahaha, sorry, only Canuck slang I know, from good ole Doug & Bob McKenzie (Rick Moranis & Dave Thomas) of The Great White North, heh? Second City (Chicago) TV, years ago. Sittin’ around drinking that good Elsinore Beer, Take OFF, HEY? I loved it, in their movie, when they doused the fire in the brewery by whizzing on it! But that’s probably about as accurate as the portrayal of Meen-a-SO-tans in tbe movie ‘Fargo’, right? Hahahaha, nice to learn about ya, pal!

    Can’t speak for K Bone, from what he says (hints at, I should say), he’s 100% American & 1000% military, and can’t wait to get home, AM I RIGHT, ‘BONE?

    I’ll bet I am; he mentions being out-of-country and how he can’t wait to be back, I wonder if he’s in the Sandbox? Probably is, hate to get him in dutch with anyone, but in any case, yeah, he’s from Oklahoma. Probably serving his country right now. More than I ever did.

    Anyway, I am John Strode of Independence, Missouri; I’m 56 & single, retired, and itching to get back to work, I can’t take retirement anymore, lol! I don’t use any avatar, just a password, and I’ll keep that to m’self if ya don’t mind, but it’s nice to meet ya, Purist. Red Deer sounds like a nice place – the great white north, I suppose? Between Edmonton & Calgary, I imagine so, lots of snow.

    As I write this, it’s about 20 minutes past midnight, and that’s kinda early for me, I won’t be hittin’ the rack for probably another 3 or 4 hours, usually. But I sure like this chat group, I’ll tell ya that!

    As for Shatner, don’t be too hard on him, I know, DON’T LET HIM DIRECT!!! But, let’s face it, he did grow a great sense of humor, and he definitely deserves that Emmy he got for playing “Denny Crane!” on ‘Boston Legal’, not to mention as the ‘Negotiator’ on those priceless Priceline commercials.

    “Hi, I’m Denny Crane,” (he says to beautiful woman) “I’m a lawyer here. If you’re a client, I’ll get you off. If not, the same offer still applies…” Lol! He cracks me up.

    Plus, a number of years ago, he produced, directed, and co-starred in a miniseries starring Greg Evigan called ‘Tekwar’ which was pretty damn good, really. I was surprised.

    I sure agree with U about ST/V, I believe I said on here, I read somewhere even Roddenberry considered it ‘apochryphal’; that’s about as official as it gets. Spock’s brother Sybok? Eighty decks in the Enterprise? GOD??? Awful, just awful! For all that, my neice Kelle & her husband, Jeff, both very intelligent medical doctors from St Louis, just LOVED it, kinda makes you realize what we fans are up against over this movie. But if it brings more folks into the fold, I guess, what the hell, why not?

    ST/TMP was like you said it was, too, as far as I was concerned; it followed the same pattern as the series, if you think about it – the first, too cerebral, the next, more action/adventure, and of course, dead on. You shoulda seen the Director’s Cut, it was even longer. As for myself, I was so jazzed with the new Enterprise (still the best, in many ways), I just didn’t even care all that much, U know?

    STII/Wrath of Khan did have Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic; it also had Nicholas Meyer. That guy is a dedicated genius, in my opinion, they shoulda used him again (I think they did, on the next one, which as someone on here said, was actually the second part of a really long movie), because that fella knew his stuff! Now, the director’s cut of the Wrath of Khan, on the other hand (saw it on TV, with commercials), was actually better! No surprise there.

    My own feelings, after seeing Transformers, is that JJ Abrams is every good as Meyer is. I hope he is.

    I hope the special effects are good in this one, the scene of the Big E going into warp is, as Vic said, SOOOOO much better than the old ‘rubber band’ effect they used in all the movies and all the series. It looks WAAAY cool!

    Well, nice to learn about U, Purist. Got a first name?

    Jus’ curious, no big deal,


  29. Leaving very soon! Clearly I will be absent a few days, as I have been away for a LONG time. Then it will be time for the movie, and then I will come straight home and rave with all of you on how awesome this movie was. lol.

    Purist, can I just say that I love you guys. We have a bunch of Canadians attached to our unit, and if it wasn’t for the uniforms and the occasional ‘eh’, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. They always say, “America has no truer friend then Great Britain.” I believe that what goes without saying is that America has no truer BROTHER than in Canada. They too are excited to see this.

    I agree 100% on that damndable cloud/shroud that V’GER was veiled in. I am so ready to see this movie. See you all after the show!