Star Trek: A Fresh Look At The New USS Enterprise

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new enterprise first look Star Trek: A Fresh Look At The New USS Enterprise

Star Trek fans have been VERY passionate in their opinions of the redesigned NCC-1701 (seen above). While a few people have stated they like the new design, the VAST majority disliked it (to put it mildly). When we posted the first image of the new USS Enterprise, that image received over 140 comments.

But today (thanks to we have some images looking at the redesigned ship from some different angles which may change your mind to the positive.

When the first trailer was released and we had a couple of brief glimpses of it in motion, some people (myself included) started to come around on the new design. People started saying “Maybe in motion on the big screen the ship would look better.” After all the NCC-1701D from The Next Generation is pretty hideous from a couple of angles.

Now these aren’t official images of the Enterprise – they were created by professional CGI artist Tobias Richter, the owner of The Light Works graphic studio in Germany. He’s actually done Star Trek renders in the past for The Official Star Trek Magazine (which you can see over at his site).

Tobias didn’t have any official wireframes or dimensions to go off of in the creation of these pics, he eyeballed the design from images, TV clips and trailers. He filled in the blanks with his own ideas where there was no detail available, but in the final analysis he did a heck of a job.

new enterprise1 Star Trek: A Fresh Look At The New USS Enterprise
A familiar angle on the new USS Enterprise

new enterprise2 Star Trek: A Fresh Look At The New USS Enterprise
Another view of the NCC-1701 we’ve seen many times

new enterprise3 Star Trek: A Fresh Look At The New USS Enterprise
A 3/4 rear view from above of the Enterprise

new enterprise4 Star Trek: A Fresh Look At The New USS Enterprise
3/4 rear view of the ship

new enterprise5 Star Trek: A Fresh Look At The New USS Enterprise
Finally, the new Enterprise approaches the USS Kelvin

The front part of the nacelles still look to big in proportion to everything else, and I still wish that they were spread a bit farther apart. But having said that, I must admit the ship is growing on me somewhat. I’m betting they’ve shot it from angles that highlight its best qualities in the upcoming Star Trek reboot.

For even more images and much higher res versions you can set as your computer desktop, head over to To see more of Tobias Richter work head over to The Light Works.

So based on these new images, what do you think? Do you still hate the redesigned Enterprise or is it looking better to you?

Star Trek opens on May 8, 2009.

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  1. The new enterprise looks good from the top. I’m not so crazy about the bottom views. It’s kind of squished front to back which makes it look funny at first but actually adds to a sense of it being a constitution class battlecruiser as opposed to some sort of science vessel. Now for some Treknobable:
    1The kelvin has two warp coils in the one nacelle so it can still generate a stable warp field.
    2 I loved how they used phasers as point defenses to shoot torpedoes as well as forward weapons.
    3 when they enter the debris field the small space junk shouldn’t hit them that’s what the giant freaking disk on the secondary hull is for. Unless sulu forgot to polarize the deflectors which I wouldn’t rule out.
    Last what’s with the view screen being an actual window now that seems rather dangerous although I love the new HUD style computer readouts.

  2. After watching the movie three times, I’ve come around a bit. All I have to say regarding the ship, is the 3rd time was most certainly not the charm with me. I still hate the design; it’s too bulky, especially the warp nacelles. The ship needs to resemble the original in much closer detail. The inside was a disaster, except for the Bridge. I didn’t quite agree with the Window instead of a viewing screen (which is much safer than glass), and I hated the Budweiser Engineering room. And yes, those were real Bear storages. *laughs*

    The externals of the ship was terrible! Very terrible! Nearly every angle looked horrible. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the original TOS Enterprise. All she needed was a little more detail for the silver screen, and she’d look fantastic. I saw the TOS Enterprise on the large screen before, and she still looked convincing, battle-ready, and noble.

    The Enterprise as she was, should remain. On the next film, I’d follow the original writers plan and blow this frigg’n thing out of the water. Based on a few articles I’ve come across, Paramount didn’t want to blow this design up; they told the writers not to do that. What a mistake it was.

    Long live the Original Enterprise; the legend that will never be replaced.


  3. Greeting, Star Trek fans! I’m signing in only for the Star Trek part. (I just took a peek at the Transformers review and I disagree with it, so….) Anyway, I was reading the comments by people who haven’t seen the movie yet, enjoying their speculations as by now I’ve seen it 3 times and I’ve just finished the movie-tie-in novel by Alan Dean Foster. (Before DVD extras, you read such books to get extra details, like character’s thoughts. Plus you can tell when the script changed sometime after the book went to press. For example, oh, that would be a “SPOILER” and some people hate them, whereas I hate surprises, though granted nice ones are better than bad ones, so I won’t give that example, as I’m not as spiteful as Conan O’Brian!) But anyway, I love the movie! (I love time travel and paradoxes don’t bother me, as my all-time favorite movie that I saw when in 1972, is “Slaughter-house Five”. Besides Montana Wildhack’s toplessness being fun to see, I could relate to Billy Pilgrim! My dreams make me feel like a Time Tripper! I also love “Doctor Who”, etc.) But the SF purity of it has been “tainted” with Fantasy elements, due to crossover elements that you folks, up to the point where I stopped reading, don’t seem to have considered. Perhaps because you aren’t yet aware of Poobala’s site? Remember the episode with “Nomad”? Remember his creator “Jackson Roykirk” I think his name was/is? A younger version of that same character was used in episodes of, now hold on, “Team Knight Rider”! The writers have confirmed that he is meant to be the same character as Nomad’s creator, only younger! (Now this is where Paramount’s old canon policy used to save the day, but with the new owners allowing the animated series to be canon now, complete with the use of MAGIC, well… Only they can say. Fans will base their choices on their preferences as usual.) In the universe continuity of “Knight Rider”, KITT and Michael met actor James Doohan, “the star of all ten STAR TREK movies!” at an ATM machine. (Also think about how many ST acting vets have appeared in “HEROES”, along with the new Spock, and how much of an ST fan Hiro is!) The latest version of “Knight Rider” crossed over with “LAS VEGAS” in the first pilot movie! “MEDIUM” also crossed over with “LAS VEGAS”. “DEAL OR NO DEAL” even had an installment that doubled as a very long prologue for one episode of “LAS VEGAS”, but Poobala doesn’t count game shows, et cetera. As the end credits were rolling for “DEAL OR NO DEAL”, Howie was being taken to Las Vegas so that he could meet Caan’s character whose name I forget at the moment. Also not counted by Poobala was how “LAS VEGAS” tied itself to a “Visa” commercial and the Winter Olympics of that year. But what he does count, well, “CROSSING JORDAN” also crossed over with “LAS VEGAS”. “HEROES” crossed over with “LAS VEGAS”! “PASSIONS” crossed over with “LAS VEGAS”! “PASSIONS” had previously crossed over with “BEWITCHED” and the spin-off “TABITHA”, with the pilot “TABATHA” not counting supposedly. So there you have it, a weird universe in which Samantha Stephens exists with Mister Spock thanks to the crossover link-pin of “LAS VEGAS”! Add to that, how some of the characters are actors who’ve played in ST and how some are fans of ST, to make it weirder! That’s the power of Magic for you! (If you go animated, “BEWITCHED” crossed over with “THE FLINTSTONES”, as “Hanna-Barbera” did the animated credits for “BEWITCHED” and were allowed to use those animated versions of Samantha and Darren in an episode! Little Tabitha might have even enjoyed seeing her parents in a cartoon on TV for all we know! Heck, she may have popped them into it just for fun!) Okay, then just add another factor. Abrams loves to have his stuff co-exist as evidenced by “LOST” and “ALIAS” sharing the same continuity. When the DVD and BLUE-RAY DISC are released, we may then learn if he connected the movie “STAR TREK” with those shows, other than using the name “Kelvin” for a starship. If he did, that’s 2 more crossovers for the list! So having Spock Prime connecting the movie to what has been before… Well, that may be the incentive some need to ask for an actual reboot, rather than this faux reboot.

  4. @ Jimmie Ray Giboney:

    WOW, that is some ranting tome you’ve got there!

    All I can contribute is concerning the name Kelvin, which I originally assumed was taken from Lord Kelvin, the 19th Century (as a matter of fact, Victorian era) British scientist & dignitary who lent his name to a whole new scale of calibration as concerned the interiors of stars & other spatial phenomena, as well as the name of Capt Robau’s (and Cmdr Kirk’s) ill-fated ship.

    Turns out (I read somewhere online), Kelvin was actually the name of JJ Abrams’ maternal grandfather, and as a matter of fact he uses that name in every project he’s ever tackled, kinda like Hitchcock’s showing up in every one of his films (he was the first to do that, btw), or Gene Hackman’s little end-of-the-fingers wave (the wave he got from his father when he left the family); I cannot answer as to whether it is true.

    With all your crossovers, I must say I am very impressed, GOOD POST!

    Having said that, I must confess I never got into ‘Lost’ all that much, it seems either it was always on opposite something else I preferred, or later (such as when it was run every night on the Sci-Fi Channel), I just forgot about it, missed too many episodes to keep up (it was like ’24′ in that respect, U know), and just gave up. Like the time I lucked out & caught the very last, series-closing episode of ‘The Secret Room’ – I enjoyed that. But I NEVER missed ‘Alias’!

    I always thought it would be fun if, when it was still on air, ‘Seaquest’ would’ve done a crossover with a young Zefram Cochrane, starring, say…Matthew Modine? Maybe? Whaddya think? Just an idea, it woulda been fun.

    For that matter, why not a time travel episode of the X-Files? Mulder & Scully encounter someone with astounding technology who, at the end of the day, beams up to their Fed starship in orbit, possibly leaving some of the tech behind…to be ultimately secreted away in the FBI basement’s X-Files…Doodoodoodooodoodoodoodoodoodoodoo…dum Dum dum Dum DUM DAAAA….doodoodoodoodooodoo-dooo-dooo….

    Seriously, you got my imagination going, I’ll say that!

    Always good to encounter a kindred spirit, Jimmie Ray…


  5. @ Johnny-O. (Or is it, “Johnny-0″?) Hey, my post stuck! I realized too late that I used my real name, when maybe I should have used a screen name instead, and I tried to change it. So I thought I’d ruined the effort, but getting your reply in my e-mail showed that my effort had not been in vain after all, so, whew! (Hmm. By the way, my younger brother is “Johnny Ray”! So I can’t help but think of him as I write to you.) Anyway, thanks for the nice, quick reply! I’m writing a fan-fiction chapter and was looking for pictures to maybe use, when I checked my e-mail again, and so here I am. Okay,uh, where to start? The links for “ALIAS” and “LOST” are “Oceanic Airlines” and one of Sydney’s favorite bands, is the band that has a member lost in “LOST”. (The guy that played a Hobbit.) I knew about Lord Kelvin, because just in time for the movie, I’d seen an episode of “NOVA” that was about the various thermometer inventors, including Mister Birdseye, who created quick freezing and thus frozen food and for whom the “S.S. BIRDSEYE” is named for. “Kelvin” was serendipity for Abrams, as it serves double duty by being an in-joke homage to his grandfather as well as in the movie’s reality, being named for a real scientist. But not having seen every episode of either “LOST” or “ALIAS”, I didn’t know in what context he’d used the name in those series. I was thinking if it had been used as a ship name, then there would be the nautical tradition carried on into the movie. (Takes another breath!) I forget in which episode of “STTNG” it appears, but one of the crew is doing some sort of research, or a task, on a computer. The monitor screen lists the United Planets Star Cruiser C-57D along with the skipper being Commander John J. Adams, both of “Forbidden Planet” fame. On the same list of ships, are ships named to honor both the “Seaview” and the “SeaQuest”! I’m not sure how this works crossover wise though. Anyone in charge of naming vessels may be prone to the idea of using fictional vessel names! As far as the series “SeaQuest, DSV” goes, I thought of it as a “Sea Trek”! As for a crossover, so far I seem to be the only one to recall this moment, and not having the DVD sets, I can’t vindicate my memory. But I seem to recall and episode guest starring Mark Hamill. His character falls from the roof of a building and impacts near what seemed to me, to be a memorial the Nomad space probe, due to the Nomad shape on top! But for all I know, a character in the show may be a Trekker who is also an artist! Funny that you mention “The X-Files”! You wouldn’t want anything else to crossover with it, due to what has crossed over with it before! This very long list of shows that fit in the huge block of crossovers, written about by Poobala at his site, ultimately mean that they are merely part of an autistic boy’s fantasies! (Due to the series finale for, “St. Elsewhere”!) The “Law & Order” franchise share the same reality as “The X-Files”! Thanks to this crossover block, one actor has the record for playing the same character in different shows, while one actress has the record for playing the most characters in different shows! Because the links eventually lead to “Saint Elsewhere”, then it is implied that they share the same fate, even the shows that haven’t been cancelled yet! (Whew! It didn’t close when I accidentally clicked on the “X”!) “Group 2″ begins alphabetically with “AFTERMASH” and ends with “The X-Files”! I like to begin like so: “JOEY” is a direct spin-off of “FRIENDS”, that in turn crossed over with, “Caroline in the City, “Hope and Gloria”, “Mad About You”, and “The Single Guy”. “MAD ABOUT YOU” crossed over with “Seinfeld” and “The Dick Van Dyke Show”. Well, it just goes on and on. To read more about it follow this link:

    I’ll close for now. Thanks for the warm welcome!

  6. @ Jimmie Ray:

    You certainly are welcome, JR (hey, it’s shorter, what can I say? Hahaha! May I so presume?).

    I forgot to mention the X-Files episode crossover with the excellent ‘Homicide: Life in the Street’ series, which starred the laconic stand-up comedian & wonderful actor Richard Belz (‘The Belz’) as Detective Ed Munch, of the ‘Homicide’ team; the episode took place in the lovely city of Baltimore, home of Ghiardello’s (Yaphet Koto, Parker in ‘Alien’) erstwhile team of sleuths, and involved sweatin’ down the three men of the publication known as ‘The Lone Gunman’, pals of Agent Mulder…the episode concerned Mulder’s discovery in Baltimore of alien bodies, an encounter with the mysterious ‘X’ (played by the black guy who was the leader of the team on ’21 Jump Street’, which also starred one of the DeLouise brothers, who also had connections with not only ‘Seaquest’ but with the massively – and if you ask me, inexplicably – successful series ‘Stargate SG-1′ – you talk about taking a breath!), and some startling conclusions on Detective Munch’s part.

    Anyhow, this crossover starred only The Belz, but the cool thing about it was that both series had different networks, different producers, and was, as the ad for the episode said, “the only show that could” cross over with the X-Files, something for which I admired Barry Levinson for very much.

    Richard Belz, btw, had a crossover connection with Law & Order, inasmuch as his character Detective Ed Munch was a cousin of Lennie Briscoe, one of the partners on that original show of the Franchise, played by the excellent late, great Jerry Orbach – who is sorely missed.

    Just a little rambling of my own, Jimmy Ray, and I will check out this ‘Poobala’ website, thanx so much for that. ‘Poobala’ – sounds like that little guy from the future who used to bug Fred Flintstone, hahahaha! Or was that ‘Poobah’? I think it was, lol!

    Got one suggestion for ya, though, and please take no offense at me saying this, I think you are one sharp dude –

    One word, JR: Paragraphs. It seems more organized, if you ask me, if you punch the Enter key once in a while, it just makes it easier to read (altho’, in both your and my case, it makes it considerably longer, HAHAHAHAHA!), also for the purposes of effect.

    Anyway, not wanting to pick, but one big MASSIVE paragraph is a bit daunting, if you don’t mind me saying so; that notwithstanding, ALWAYS a pleasure to hear from you. I must retain the email notification I got when you posted this, since I cannot seem to find my way back to this thread without it; I was not even able to verify that my post to you had even stuck, and this proves that it did.

    BTW, Jimmie Ray, there is a sort or ersatz group of us lost boys (and girls – well, one, a sweet-16 Aussie lass we call ‘Ingenue’) on the ‘Star Trek Review’ thread, about a dozen of us who started off critiqueing the JJ Abrams film and stuck around talking about everything Trek, such as a little guessing game we play where one of us throws out a quote from the Trek films (or any of the series, mostly TOS), and the rest of us try to guess where it’s from, and we have so many posts, it’s ASTONISHING! Vic Holtreman, the moderator (of this one, as well), has been very patient with us, and even put us all on successive pages, and there’s a very good reason why:

    IT’S HUGE! So far we have over 1,200 posts, the largest Trek thread on the internet, and we’re goin’ for the record (if we didn’t pass that already) the golden number of 1,701 – as in NCC-1701, the Enterprise’s registry number, get it? – and it seems like we’ll get there, too. And trust me, brother, we will.

    Anyway, don’t know if you’re interested in that sort of thing, but drop on by & introduce yourself, you will find yourself quite welcome.

    Fury, the Doc, Kahless, The Big Dentist, and Ingenue will be happy to meet, as I said earlier, a kindred spirit like you, Jimmie Ray.

    Glad my name reminds you of your bro, and NO, I am not Johnny-Zero. I just picked ‘O’ arbitrarily, since it’s Obama’s name’s first letter, and I got tired of coming up with new screen handles.

    See ya around, pal, good to hear from you again.


    PS: BTW, have you checked out Galactopedia or Ex Astis Scientia (the motto of Starfleet Academy)? There is a timeline on the latter that is nothing short of amazing! Check it out:


  7. @ Johnny-O, rather than the super-hero, Johnny Zero! ;-)

    Heh! The e-mail notification makes it seem as if you are censoring your words with, “&amp”! Oh, and within the confines of this tiny window, I couldn’t tell that it was one huge paragraph! Okay, now I know that being passive doesn’t work here, I have to actively think about spacing for them, so thanks for the tip! But anyway…..

    Yes, that’s the guy! He’s the actor with the record for playing the same character in the most series and thus making a big crossover link using him alone. Yes, he…. oh, breaking now to watch “Doctor Who”! Okay, I’m back, now where was I? Oh yeah….

    “The Belz”, his character “Munch” was not only in the shows that you mentioned, but his is now a part of the cast of “LAW & ORDER: Special Victims Unit”. (As opposed to “LAW & ORDER: Sport Utility Vehicle”.) So that alone connects all of the “L&O” franchise to “The X-Files” that begat (this forum doesn’t know about “begat”?!) “The Lone Gunmen” and crossed over with, “Millennium”, “COPS”, and “The SIMPSONS”. The actress that has played so many roles in a set of connected series, is uh, “Bibi”, drat, she was “Doctor Lilith Crane” on “Cheers” and “Frasier”. She has played so many different characters within the “L&O” franchise. Lilith herself counts as one of the characters in that set, for thanks to the City of Boston, having a few series set within it, allowed different series, even on different networks, to crossover. “Cheers” linked itself to “Saint Elsewhere” when some of the doctors checked out that pub/bar and “Norm” went to their hospital I think. (It has been awhile since I’ve seen the episodes when they were first run.) Also, I forget now how many times I’ve seen Munch make a cameo in other series. It goes along with his character being into conspiracy. Just as well since it is all but an autistic fantasy, so even cartoons may as well be in the mix.

    Yes, “JR” works for me in forums like this as Dad doesn’t frequent them. Otherwise in Real Life, that’s his moniker. But lately I’ve been going by “Leo Star Dragon 1″ because of my signs, I’m a “Leo the Lion” and a “Dragon”, and also because the Emperor Charlemagne is the oldest ancestor Dad has found in a our family tree, it seems fitting for the RPG purposes I use it for. But as “DALLAS” fans, we don’t mind going by the moniker of “JR” either! ;-)

    Hey I love the Stargaters and I have many pictures of me with various cast members to go along with the Trek Stars! (Pun intended!)

    Your invite seems intriguing to me! (Uh, pssst! Anybody there named “Derek Owen” though? It might be a problem if he’s there too.)

    Hey, yes I know about Bernd’s place as I refer to it often! I’ve also done used him as “Captain Bernd Schneider of the I.M.S. STAR SWAN” in my fan-fiction multiverse that I placed the link for in the “Website” box above. “Cygnus” is Latin or Greek, I forget which at the moment, for “Star Swan”, and it is the follow-up sister ship to the “U.S.S. CYGNUS” destroyed in the movie, “The Black Hole”.

    By the way, I’m looking for volunteers to let me use their virtual identities or real names, to be used by me to fill in the blanks for ship crew rosters. Know anybody that might permit that?

    Hey, good to see a reply from you again too! It it healthy for me to get a break from obsessively playing Oblivion!

    In awhile crocodile!


  8. @ Jimmie Ray:

    YESSSS! I completely forgot that ‘The Belz’ Belzer had long been a regular cast member on L&O/SVU (cracks me up, Sport Utility Vehicle! Hahaha! Very funny, I’ve thought of that m’self, lol!), along with Chris Meloni and the lovely Olivia played by Mariska Hargitay. I completely forgot he was on there! What is wrong with me??? Been a while since I watched the L&O franchise, I used to watch that when my dad was still alive, I watched it because HE did & I became a fan, CSI, too; now I watch pretty much all cable except for Medium, and when I can think of it, House.

    Yeah, The Belz gets around, don’t he? Hehehehe, and that woman who played Lilith is Bebe Neuwirth, and she has some cred on lots of different things, too, as you say, she even played a sort of librarian-type alien girl (you know, hair up, horn-rimmed glasses) on a TNG Star Trek; she had Riker over a barrel when he was a prisoner in disguise, and ‘always wanted to make love to an alien’ (Riker, in this case), and boy, did she! Even all uglied up, she wasn’t bad, she’s a good looking woman, if you ask me!

    Good to know you are a ‘Dr Who’ fan, btw, I liked Chris Ecceleson, love David Tennant, now; as for his travelling companions, naturally I preferred Billie Piper’s Rose the best, but that pretty little black gal was nice, too, what was her name? Right, Freema Agemon, something like that. I have a weakness for black ladies anyway! Ever since, HELLO? Nichelle Nichols’ Uhura. A forty year crush, lol!

    I believe I have seen The Belz on The Simpsons, now that I think of it, hahaha! That cracks me up, especially since I saw Leonard Nimoy on there – “Well, my work here is done…” and Barney the town drunk says, “But you didn’t do anything…” HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Oh, I wanted to clarify, I don’t have anything against the Stargate franchsise, as a matter of fact I watched both series whenever they had a fresh episode, I preferred Stargate: Atlantis, but I always found myself drwan to Stargate: SG-1, too. Besides, it wqas first.

    All I meant, JR (regards to your dad for letting me use his moniker, btw, thanx) was that, even though I liked both series, I was astonished that thy went on so long! they both lasted, maybe, what? Seven years, on the original, and I am not sure but I believe SG:Atlantis is still going, they just are on a really long hiatus on the Sci-Fi channel, but I’m not sure.

    As in anything else, as good as the series for TV are, none of them can beat the movie! Kurt Russel rocks!

    ‘Leo Star Dragon 1′, huh? Good handle, maybe I should use my astrological sign – Scorpio, hadn’t thought of that! Well, it’s okay with me if you wanna use my screen name, Johnny-O is yours if you wanna fill up a crew roster, knock yourself out, hahahaha!

    I know of no one named ‘Derek Owen’, JR, you are safe on the Star Trek Review thread, hahahaha!

    Yeah, it seems I’ve seen Berdt Scheider’s name in relation to a starship named ‘Cygnus’, and no, I didn’t know that it was Greek or Latin (Greek, I’ll bet!) for Star Swan, good to know. And yes, I really got into the Disney movie ‘The Black Hole’, I loved it! I just could not understand why the critics were so hard on it and called it insulting.

    I mean, just because the big red robot Maximillian went straight to hell…come on, it was some serious iconography, but hey, where else are ya gonna see Roddy MacDowall & Slim Pickens playing robots??? Hahahahaha! Seriously, I thought the special effects, direction and even the casting was really good, always been a big fan of Robert Forster & Maximillian Schell. Plus, I liked the name of the little ship, the Palomino. Nice design…

    Never heard of Oblivion, is it anything like Doom? I’m kinda an old fart, but a newbie to my own home PC, and a little afraid of losing m’self on one of these damn online game clubs, hahaha! But that’s just me, glad you like it!

    Good to hear from you again, pal, always nice to see your notification in my inbox.

    Later, ‘gator!


  9. @Jonny-O
    FYI Sg-1 lasted 10 seasons. (longest continuous running sci-fi series if I’m not mistaken) and SGA just ended with it’s fifth and final season. Stargate Universe is starting up sometime soon not sure exactly when. Loved both series and can’t wait for the new one.

  10. @ Johnny-O!

    Now the challenge of seeing how far I can get without the storm outside cutting me off mid-sentence!

    #00: Well, I spelled it out for cautionary clarification, as a lot of TV anchors, especially on “TODAY”, stumble on the title by saying “SUV” rather than “SVU”! When Ann Curry did it once, it was Al Roker who made a joke about how different that show would be. Something like, “You in the gas-guzzler! Pull over!” Now because I witnessed that one moment, I have to check myself to make sure I don’t stumble like she did!

    #01: Yeah, “Belzer” or “Munch”! Sometime I have to see if he flashes his badge or gun, to know if he is playing himself or playing his character for he has played himself before.

    #02: Ah, cable now is it? Spoiled brat are ya’? I live in a very rural area, so it is just broadcast TV for me! ;-)

    #03: “NBC” suddenly cancelled “MEDIUM” without warning, to save money, and probably to help make room for Jay Leno’s new 5/7 prime time variety show. Thankfully, “CBS” rescued it and will show it right after the brunette “GHOST WHISPERER”! It was hardly day or so after it last aired a first run fresh episode on “NBC” before “CBS” began advertising their new Friday Night line-up come this fall. Maybe they will meet each other on the same case!

    #04: Ironically I love Billie as “Rose” more than as herself or as her newer character in “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”. My first DW DVD is “Doctor Who: The Infinite Quest”, while my first DW VHS was “Doctor Who: Shada” I think it was. Oh, Lalla Ward! I see the show thanks to the local “PBS” affiliate “OETA”, Friday Nights at 10:25 P.M. or on Channel 13. Martha’s stories are what’s on for now.

    #05: “The X-Files” crossed over with “COPS” one night, when the usual mundane cop went to investigate a disturbance, and encountered Mulder and Scully, chasing what may or may not have been a werewolf. Then for an episode of “The SIMPSONS”, Mulder and Scully were the ones to investigate Homer’s UFO sighting. Uh, I forget for now in which series they encountered Munch though. Like was he in their show, or were they on his show at the time, or both? Or was it “The Lone Gunmen”?

    #06: Of the Stargate actresses, I don’t know who I enjoyed touching more, Teri, Amanda, Lexa, or Erica! The series “STARGATE SG-1″ is a sequel to the movie with 7 or so seasons for it, but apparently only 4 for “STARGATE ATLANTIS”!

    #07: Yes, Bebe Neuwirth! Hm. She didn’t change her name! In “Cheers” and “Frasier” she was “Dr. Lilith Sternin”. But for “L&O: Trial by Jury” and “L&): Special Victims Unit”, she was “A.D.A. Tracy Kibre”. Oh, she hyphenated the “Crane” to make it easier to drop in case of a divorce I see! For in “WINGS” she was also “Lilith”. (“Lanel” is her “STNG” character.) For “News Radio” and “Friends” she was “Sandi Angelini”. She was also “Lilith” for “Disneyland”! In “SVU” she was a modeling agent/suspect. I think I’ve seen her play a judge too! My point was, all of them exist in the same continuity universe!
    Yes, is quite the looker!

    #08: Nichelle Nichols is quite nice in person too! As is Grace Lee Whitney, Robin Curtis, Lolita Fatjo, Chase Masterson, and the rest! I’m into blondes.

    #09: “Oblivion” is short for, “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion” and is a Fantasy RPG. “DOOM”?! Back in 1995 or so, that was the addiction and I tried to keep up with every little release. But anyway, I first saw my best friend playing it, and when I saw the first topless female human, I just knew I had to have my own copy as I’ve been waiting for something like that ever since I saw “Deathstalker”!

    #10: Okay, uh, “Captain Johnny-O” of the “I.M.S. ___________”. Thanks for that.

    Uh, I’m feeling drowsy now. Also I’m amazed I made it this far thus far!

    Do you think the others would like to see their screen names used as characters?

    Happy Holiday Weekend!