Analyzing The First ‘Star Trek 2′ Teaser Trailer – What Can We Learn?

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Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Logo Analyzing The First Star Trek 2 Teaser Trailer   What Can We Learn?

Ignoring the three-frame clip J.J. Abrams jokingly brought to Conan, the very first official footage from Star Trek Into Darkness was released by Paramount Pictures this morning in a one-minute teaser trailer.

Even with less than 60 seconds of actual footage, there is a lot to take in and dissect, beyond the special effects heavy visuals. So, let’s analyze what scenes and plot points were showcased in our first look at Star Trek 2.


Breaking down the trailer into the sequences, we can pull out the specific moments. Some are obvious, while others we’ll have to wait and see what they are and how they factor into the story.

  • Kirk giving a speech at a funeral – with a flyover aerial salute – after what we assume is an attack that resulted in his mother’s death since the plot synopsis specially states the crew of the Enterprise is his only family after the Starfleet was “detonated” and the Earth put into a “state of crisis.”
  • We see a red temple with McCoy and Kirk robed and running away from something, jumping off a cliff into the water. What is this place and why are they there?
  • First look at Alice Eve‘s new character in two separate uniforms, and a scene with her having an eye-to-eye moment with Kirk.
  • Cumberbatch makes a grand entrance with a flying leap, shooting an opponent while in the air and grabbing an overly large weapon to take out what looks to be a Gorn. Is this paying homage to the episode “Arena” from season one of the original Star Trek where Kirk fistfights a Gorn? Or is it a Klingon as some suggest, as the outfit resembles that of the Star Trek 1 deleted scene featuring Klingons?
  • Spock descends into a volcano with equipment. This is the same footage from the three-frame clip Abrams showed while on Conan and from previous set photos of Zachary Quinto suited up in front of a green screen. Where is this and why is Spock down there? Are they trying to quell a natural disaster? Are they looking for someone?
  • An unknown Starfleet vessel with familiar warp engines rises from the water, different hull than the Enterprise. The designation code following “NCC” is not visible.
  • Spock chases Cumberbatch on Earth, through the streets and into a building. When does this take place relative to the attack on Earth?
  • Kirk enters a bridge of a ship (not the Enterprise) to see Cumberbatch in the Captain’s chair in Starfleet apparel, reminiscent of the scene from Abrams’ first Star Trek with Kirk sporting a black shirt sitting in the chair.
  • In the Japanese version of the teaser, there’s a few seconds of extra footage which strongly hint at the major sacrifice teased in the official synopsis. It looks like Kirk and Spock’s hands on opposite sides of protective glass, potentially replicating the of the emotional conclusion to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan where Spock dies to save the Enterprise. Except this time, the roles could be reversed if the synopsis is of any indication. Quite the tease.

There’s no dialogue from any of the familiar cast members and the entire one-minute trailer is narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch’s character who swears vengeance. Who wronged him? Fans will no doubt draw comparisons to the infamous Khan Noonien Singh in terms of the confident, tyrannical voice vowing to serve vengeance. Not to mention the superhuman strength and intelligence. This may add more fuel to those previous rumors.

Gary Mitchell Benedict Cumberbatch 570x285 Analyzing The First Star Trek 2 Teaser Trailer   What Can We Learn?

The obvious difference is that whoever or whatever wronged Benedict Cumberbatch’s character wasn’t James T. Kirk as this will mark their first encounter. Clearly though, there’s an origin story that plays into the plot of how the character acquired superhuman strength and what his motivations are.

The more common theory, and strongly hinted at in the official plot synopsis, is that Cumberbatch is playing a variation of Starfleet officer Gary Mitchell (pictured above) who in the original canon was best pals with Kirk throughout Starfleet Academy and later served under him on the Enterprise. Mitchell, along with psychiatrist Elizabeth Dehner, were both significantly altered in a mission that saw the Enterprise breaching the galactic barrier. Mitchell became too dangerous after being granted psychic powers and Kirk was forced to kill him with the help of Dehner (who also gained ESP abilities). She also happens to look very similar to Alice Eve (see comparison image below).

Alice Eve Elizabeth Dehner 570x285 Analyzing The First Star Trek 2 Teaser Trailer   What Can We Learn?


The fact that we don’t know who Cumberbatch is playing and that there may be much more at work behind what we’re being shown only builds on the anticipation and excitement. For all we know, he may not be a villain at all, in the traditional sense.

The full two-minute trailer releases next week along with a full nine-minute sequence shot in IMAX for IMAX attendees of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Tell us your thoughts and theories on the trailer, the story, the scenes depicted and of course, the two new characters mentioned above.

J.J. Abrams returns to direct Star Trek Into Darkness off a screenplay by Alex Kurtzman, Damon Lindelof and Roberto Orci. It stars Chris Pine, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, John Cho, Anton Yelchin and Simon Pegg.

Star Trek Into Darkness opens in theaters (regular and IMAX 3D) on May 17th, 2013.

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  1. I’m really starting to climb aboard the GARTH bandwagon.

    • Yes, seems more similar to Garth then Garry.

  2. Spock in the lava?

    It’s the Horta!


  3. Start polishing those white contact lens

    • silver

      • white….no colour tv at our house when we first watched it

  4. The hand thing is puzzling. If Kirk dies…end of movie run. If Spock dies and it plays out according to the original movie version they bring him back to life. Perhaps in this case it only appears that that one or the other is going to die. Star Trek is not Star Trek if one of them is missing. This ought to be interesting.

    As Spock would say, “Facinating.”

    • I think I can squash Kirk or Spock dying in the Movie, or anyone crucial.

      JJ Abrams and company breathed new life into Star Trek, therefore, why kill off a major character in the second movie?

      Now with The Wrath of Khan. Some of you may or may not know the particulars. But Lenoard Nimoy gave the idea to kill Spock, because he was weary of the role and wanted to move on to other things. So it was agreed to kill Spock. But TWOK Was such a critical success, it warranted yet a third movie. Well Lenoard Nimoy did not want to do Spock, but he was offered the Director’s Chair for Search for Spock and Voyage Home, so he reprised his role of Spock in agreement to direct his first feature movies.

      So, that is why neither Spock or Kirk will die. They are not tired of their iconic characters….yet.

      • “So, that is why neither Spock or Kirk will die. They are not tired of their iconic characters….yet.”

        Not so fast my friend.

        • Does not mean Spock cant be recast.

          But Quinto may be tiring of Spock, but Pine has moved passed Kirk, and taken on a new icon…Jack Ryan.

          So who knows.

          • They are both under contract for 3 movies

    • If anyone dies, they can’t bring them back because it’s too early in Dr. Marcus’s research for Genesis. Nobody would be brought back ever, because Dr. Marcus was supposed to meet Kirk in Star Fleet and have David. But this never happened. So she’s out doing research, and who knows, maybe she will or won’t work on Genesis but it’s twenty years down the road from this timeline, Mirror universe. Who knows.

    • Remember Trek Fans: That the actor now playing SPOCK made the comment a week ago, that he might not becoming back to play SPOCK again. That he wants to do other things. Perhaps they Kill SPOCK off only to bring him back played by another actor in a later Flick??

  5. What’s with this other trailer I saw on YouTube showing Cumberbach frozen or asleep in a chamber and someone wiping frost off a consol. Sounds fairly “Kahnish” to me. And yes that’s Carol Marcus.

    • uh, you heard, or Saw?

    • See that is the funny thing.

      Botnay Bay was not a cryogenic ship, it was a sleeper ship. Suspended Animation was the cause, not freezing. SO there was no frost to wipe off.

    • @Tim

      Oh you mean the Unoffically released hast nothing to do with Paramount or Bad Robot Production FAN MADE TRAILER?

      That is the one?

      Was easy to find..You tube and put in FAN MADE STAR TREK 2 TRAILER-KHAN.

      Yeah, I do not put any weight into those.

  6. For the funeral scene, it can be Gary Mitchell’s funeral at the end of the movie. After all, in TOS Kirk buried his friend Gary.

    From the very 1st set photos of Alice Eve, I knew she had to be Elizabeth Dehner. The haircut, the sudden entry into the crew, and her blue shirt is a dead give away. Liz was only in one episode of Star Trek and that’s the episode of Gary Mitchell.

    For those who don’t know TOS, the Blue shirt means that you’re apart the science or medical field.

    • As I said in the other Teaser Thread. I ‘has’ to be Gary Mitchell and Elizabeth Dehner. With the altered timeline, it would be easy enough that Mitchell went to the ‘Edge of the Galaxy’ on another ship..hence..him saying “I have returned…”

      Perhaps the ‘accident’ in the other ship with Mitchell happened sometime prior, and Mitchell was presumed dead, along with the crew of whatever ship he was on…now that I think about it…perhaps the ship that is crashing in the ocean is the ‘arrival’ of the ship that Mitchell was on..just a instant thought there.

      Either way, this movie is going to ROCK!

      • @Kevin, Makes sense. I agree and also agree that “this movie is going to ROCK!”

        Yeah, he could be the Capt. of his own ship. It would make sense on why we didn’t see him aboard the Enterprise in the 1st movie.

        I have a feeling that this version of Gary Mitchell will be across between him and Captain Ronald Tracey from The Omega Glory episode, where the planet with the red vegetation (prob at the edge of the galaxy) has to do with Gary and Liz’s power.

        From the teaser, it seems like Abrams is putting tons of pieces in from TOS into this movie. The planet with the red vegetation reminds of a planet we’ve seen in TOS but I can’t put my finger on which one.

        Who knows, maybe that Temple is the Temple of Vaal.

        Also, in the Japanese trailer at the end, that might be Liz’s hand and Gary’s hand against the glass. Yeah, they put it in the trailer cuz to a moderate fan they’d be like “KAHN!” but if you look at the two people shown there, one has a blue shirt and the other has a black. So far in the teaser, we’ve only seen Cumberbatch’s character with a black shirt and any good fan can tell you that Liz wears a blue shirt. She can be saying good-bye to him during that scene because after all, she did help Kirk defeat Gary Mitchell.

        • yea, but the blue shirt makes a vulcan farewell sign with their fingers…i dont think liz was vulcan was she?

          • I re-watched the trailer (9x), Liz is wearing a short sleeve blue s***. So, yeah it was Spock most likely but whoever it was, that blue shirt is standing in an open area.

            The scene in Wrath of Khan, Spock was in the inclosed area.

            Despite anything else, there is no way Khan will be in the new movie.

            • Oops.

  7. This looks AWFUL. Action pulp barf-nausea, wolf in star trek clothing, devoid of philosophy, dialogue, upliftingness. I pray this is not as dreadful as it looks.

    • Oh boy, how ignorant can people get. What kind of film did you expect after watching 2009′s Star Trek? It’s going to be action-based, big deal.

    • Have you watched the trailers for the classic Trek movies lately? They’re entirely made of ‘splosions, space battles and Kirk yelling “Fire!”

      • Exactly. The TV shows had hundreds of hours for intelligent story telling. The movies are for things that the TV shows didn’t have the budget for.

        • Star Trek IV The Voyage Home has the distinction of being the only Star Trek Movie to date, that you nary saw a Phaser or Photon Torpedo hit.

          Was in space a combined 5 minutes if that. And the Movie was fun.

  8. Any possibility that Cumberbatch is playing Dr. Soong who designed the augmented chappies like Khan …and then went on to designing Data and Lor… he talks of family and possibly the Eugenics wars have exterminated Khan like Augments ? Hence …revenge …vengeance?
    Was Dr. Soong himself a Augment ? ..I feel slightly nauseated that I actually have access to this useless information!

    Wasn’t there a Starfleet Captain that went insane … I vaguely remember that old episode. I mean if we are talking Gary Mitchell we may as well bring up all the bit parts …Commander Green …those aliens in the big bubble ikea lamp …not the Triskelians who traded quatloos … the other bubble types that borrowed Kirk and spocks bodies for a afternoon….maybe Q…or that Squire who played the harpsichord.

    Personally I used to the love the whole exploration aspect of the show but I can see there is only money in putting everyone ( including Superman ) into some form of a Dark Knight outfit with fake muscles and crotch …strange how crashing ships and explosions become sort of boring after awhile and all the stories that surround them are basically the same. I will still watch it though because at the end of the day …its Star Trek ..or something vaguely reminiscent of it.

    • That Soong was the great-grandfather of the one who created Data and Lore; he was from the Archer/Enterprise 22nd century, long after the Eugenics Wars, and (probably – he wasn’t an Augment himself) would have been long-dead by the time this story took place.

      • He could still be alive. It is Possible that Dr. Soong is alive.

        Because if Admiral Archers Prized Beagle can be transported and not reapear, is possible for Dr. Soong to be alive.

        • He could be – bearing in mind McCoy was pushing 140 by the time of TNG and Archer would have been even older by the time of the last movie – but that beagle should be renamed Methuselah if it’s the same one he had on board the Enterprise! Soong gave up his genetic research, though, and wouldn’t have even met Kirk at this point. He wasn’t a violent type either.

    • It’s not Star Trek just because they slap on the label. It has to PROVE itself Star Trek. Ask fans : how many people really consider “Spock’s Brain” an authentic episode? It doesn’t make canon just because they say so. It has to meet the mark. Will it meet the mark?

      • No one can say Spock’s Brain is not Canon.

        As it happened in TOS

        It happened to a main character.

        It is Star Trek.

        Those that think it is not Canon are IDIOTS…They do not have any right or reason to say Spock Brain is Not Canon, and I would laugh at anyone who begs to differ.

      • “authentic episode”?

        I saw “Spock’s Brain” when it originally aired on TV.

        That means it was part of a regular season of Star Trek.

        Ergo: “authentic episode” (regardless of your opinion).

        What a silly thing to say.

      • Spock’s Brain is Canon

        Period. End of Discussion. If it happened in the course of Star Trek and is among the original episodes, it is without a doubt Canon. Anyone who cares to disagree, do not know the meaning of the word Canon.

        • Then why did Gene Roddenberry himself once say that the events in Star Trek V and even possibly Star Trek IV could be considered “apocryphal?” (The source for this is the Star Trek Encyclopedia.) Someone later in this thread mentioned that perhaps the baddie is Sybok — but again, Roddenberry wasn’t keen on that whole scheme. And also consider that using “canonical” warp speeds there is absolutely no way the Enterprise could have even traveled to that “god” planet. Even going by what Memory Alpha notes, if the ST5 planet is 7,000 light years closer than what we were told, that is still a few years travel time at canonical warp speeds.

          • Now you know there are two meanings to the word Apocryphal?

            One to cast doubt.

            The other to capitalize on existence of subject?

            Now, if neither one of them were considered canon.

            Now, you need to check for yourself as I did Hube. Roddenberry is credited as Creative Consultant on both Star Trek IV and V.

            So if it is not Canon, then why attach your name to it?

            • To be honest I’ve never heard of that second definition of the word, and without doubt Roddenberry meant “of questionable authenticity” when he referred to V and VI (not IV), plus, by all accounts, the animated series. I’m not sure what his objections to VI were – beyond people in Federation uniforms talking smack about another race – but he definitely didn’t like V’s script or the way it was handled…which might in turn have had something to do his own 1975 script for the first movie having the working title of The God Thing and containing some similar themes. His diplomatic summary after its release was: “No one person made it terrible, and no one wanted it to be terrible.” Which I always picture him saying through gritted teeth before downing a LARGE Scotch in one hit.

              I do agree, however, that if it’s on the screen it’s canon. For better or worse, it happened. Whether it’s any good or not is another matter entirely. Once someone, anyone – even the show’s own creator – starts selecting which episodes or movies pass official muster and which the audience should take the blue pill for, it just descends into madness.

              • It was ST4, not 6, BD. And the animated series too, with the exception of one episode about Spock’s childhood. “Yesteryear” I believe it was called, if memory serves.

                • Are you sure? Memory Alpha has it via the Star Trek Chronology as VI. Can’t find anything specific, but Roddenberry was certainly wary about the portrayal of negative Federation attitudes towards the Klingons, especially after having already put one on the bridge of the Enterprise in TNG, and I don’t see much in IV that he might have thrown his toys out of the pram about.

                  • D’OH! I stand 100% corrected. I just spent 20 mins. tracking down where I read it in the ST Encyclopedia, and you were right — it was ST6!! All this time I thought it was 4. (Thought the “I” was before the “V” and not after, I guess!) Thank you for straightening me out, BD!

                    Though, I fail to see how Gene could have been that miffed at the Feds’ portrayal of the Klingons and how certain SF officers felt about ‘em. It seems like a logical progression for blood enemies who are working towards a peace … and Worf is a result of all the hard work.

                    • Yeah, I think that’s exactly what won him round in the end: that going through the Cold War “They’re animals” prejudice stage makes the eventual accord all the more meaningful.

                      Although I found this gem on Memory Alpha as well: “Gene Roddenberry saw the movie three days before he died. According to William Shatner’s Star Trek Movie Memories, Roddenberry, after seeing the film, gave thumbs up all round, and then went back and phoned his lawyer, angrily demanding a full quarter-hour of the film’s more militaristic moments be removed from the film, but Gene died before his lawyer could present his demands to the studio.”

                      He does seem to have a history of changing like the wind on Trek-related issues he wasn’t directly involved with (and several he was too), which leads me to believe that some of his more arbitrary opinions should be taken with a good fistful of salt… :-)

                  • Actually The Big Denist.

                    That was cleared up with the addition of Col Worf in The Undiscovered Country.

                    Also the overall story led to the begining of trust between Federation and the Klingons, and Kirk finally accepting his sons death.

                    So it was all good.

                    • That it was!

            • As I said, Roddenberry ALSO said that he considered the events in ST4 and ST5 apocryphal. And it had the first meaning, not the second. Speaking of semantics. Sheesh.

  9. Love the new dress and formal uniforms.

  10. For the people who think it is Khan. Prove it. Show me the proof it is Khan.

    But here is why I think it is not Khan.

    The Time line was Change with the death of Kirks Father and destruction of the Kelvin. From that point on. The Timeline has been different.

    SS Botnay Bay was launched in the 21st Century, and therefore not subject to the change in the TIME Line. So Khan is and his people are still out there awaiting The Enterprise and Kirk to thaw them out.

    The Crew of the Enterprise did not meet Khan till the year 2267. This Current Timeline starts at 2258-2261. So there is still 6 years to go before Khan.

    Khan has followers, never once it is mention in any leaks or Synopis that the antagonist had a group or team. Everything we witness so far, it is one man.

    There is no need for Khan to seek revenge on Kirk, or the Enterprise, even he went willingly off the Enterprise to Ceti Alpha V, With Marla McGiver..The sole reason, the sole purpose of his vengance,is something happens to his beloved Marla…That is what happens to make him seek his Wrath, not being abandoned, but because no one came to check on them, and he held Kirk responsible.

    Plus here is the politcally correct reason. They kept the Characters the same, do you think they would get a caucasian to play an person of Indian decent? That would not be politically correct. And would be viewed as racist towards the the Indian Community. So Abrams would not want the bad press.

    I have given you my reason to think it is not Khan.

    Now tell me why it is Khan?

    • It’s not Khan because Khan was Middle Eastern. Boom.

    • For the people who think it is Khan. Prove it. Show me the proof it is Khan.

      Khan doesn’t need to have met Kirk to want vengeance. He is a former despot who ruled 1/4 of Earth, was defeated, and he and his minions rocketed off to the depths of space in suspended animation. Why wouldn’t someone who dealt with that want vengeance?

      Plus here is the politcally correct reason. They kept the Characters the same, do you think they would get a caucasian to play an person of Indian decent? That would not be politically correct. And would be viewed as racist towards the the Indian Community. So Abrams would not want the bad press.

      You don’t realize how PC works. Having a Caucasian replace a minority as a villain is perfectly PC. Just look at Tom Clancy’s The Sum of All Fears. The movie’s bad guys were neo-Nazis; the novel’s baddies were radical Islamists. Why the change? Political correctness!

      • Because Khan does not possess the strength that Cumberbatch is displaying. He is an agument, not a super power being, and not really a one man weapon of mass destruction.

        Key phrase

        ONE MAN


        • Because Khan does not possess the strength that Cumberbatch is displaying. He is an agument, not a super power being, and not really a one man weapon of mass destruction.

          “One Man” and “Weapon of Mass Destruction” can be mutually exclusive. And you seem to keep forgetting that in this alternate reality, anything can change — and dramatically.

          • Hube, really. semantics are what you are going against?

            You are hoping for Khan, but everything that is alluding to Khan, is missing.

            His People, there were 60+ people with Khan.

            You think Khan would have the intellect to power, operate and control Advance Star Ships design.

            So Hube, GIVE YOUR REASON…not anyone elses reason, Give me your reason you think it is Khan.
            A Starship cannot opperate with a crew of 1.

            For it to be Khan, would simply state it was Khan, there is no reason to hide it, unless it was a Character already developed. Now the reason why Abrams was giving the Reigns was to Reboot Star Trek, but even he as a Director would not go against not just one of the best Star Trek Movies, he is going against one of the best SCI Movies Period.

            • Curious to know what you think now.

      • Why would Khan want to strike vengeance on a planet that is 300 years more advanced and have moved pass his time?

        This is not 1996.

        • Why would Khan want to strike vengeance on a planet that is 300 years more advanced and have moved pass his time?

          Uh, for the reasons I cited previously?

          To Khan 1996 was yesterday, and to someone with his genetically enhanced intellect, 300 years isn’t much of a challenge.

          • Yet he could not find the Override of the Shields?

            Did not know entering a nebula would bring the shields down?

            One Dimensional Thinking?

            The Ability to Bring a Starship down?

            Someone inside STARFLEET?

            • This. Is. An. Alternate. Reality.

      • Different Times, 60s on television. They raised a stink on Kirk and Uhura kissing.

        JJ Abrams is not the type, Khan is of Indian decent,and he would be played by such.

        • That may certainly be, but again, PC usually involves change for the positive regarding minorities (see also Skyfall and Moneypenny), and negative for Caucasians.

          • Hube, so getting a Caucasian playing a role played by a person of Mexican decent playing a character of Indian Decent.

            You do know Khan is from Northen India. I know the Eugenics were made of different genetics, but I think you can get someone to play Khan of Indian Decent.

            Tell me what is wrong with that? You cannot pass a Caucasian or African American off as someone of the last name of Singh.

            • You cannot pass a Caucasian or African American off as someone of the last name of Singh.

              Right. As if there’s no such thing as interracial marriage and childrearing. But I’ll keep that in mind the next time I see a black “Lee,” or a a Caucasian “Jackson.”

  11. I totally noticed the similarities between Alice eve and Dehner I always loved Khan I thought he was a great villain in both the tv show and in the movie and I think in the trailer Cumberbatch looks a lot like Khan at least he reminded me of him he’s also a fantastic actor I love him so much in Sherlock I can’t wait to see him go toe to toe with Zachary Quinto as Spock and Chris Pine as Kirk just because they’re all really good actors and I just want to see them all in a movie together and seeing Pine and Quinto against Cumberbatch just makes me smile :). Can’t wait for this one.

  12. The funeral scene could be a memorial for Spock at the end of the movie…

    • I seriously doubt that Spock will die in this one. For one thing, Quintos has stated that he is locked in for ‘one more’ after this one. And knowing JJ, he isn’t going to follow the ‘Search for Spock’ formula.

    • i agree…It is a funeral fitting for Spock…probably a little overboard to think it would be for mitchell or Kahn..

  13. The more I think of it. It looks more like a commencement speech. With the flyover.

    Usally flyovers for falling or missing commrades one plane is missing from the formation.

    Now the one accelerating out could be the missing man formation.

    Or it could be kirk giving a speech to new graduates.

    The only reason I bring this up, I was commencement speaker once for the Coastguard Graduation Class.

  14. Considering JJ Abrams gift for the twist.

    I am going to once again go out on a limb. Here is another One in a Billion shot.

    Gary Seven.

  15. Anyone think Alice Eve could be Dr. Carol Marcus?

    • definitely a possibility…

  16. truthfully i don’t know who Alice Eve is going to play. there’s Janice Rand, Carol Marcus or Elizabeth Dehner. People also believe that Benedict Cumberbatch could be playing either Gary Mitchell or Khan. and that last scene in the Japanese trailer could give us a major spoiler. or it could be in the middle of the movie. I’m just going to sit tight until the 2 minute trailer comes out for me to make my predictions.

  17. Here’s my prediction:

    It’ll be more awesomer than the first

    I’m calling it!!! (When I’m proven right, consider a staff job for me SR)

  18. What if Cumberbatch is playing Sybok? Doesn’t Cumberbatch’s ears look pointed? The destruction of Vulcan is his motivation against Star Fleet. Everyone is assuming he has a need for vengence against Kirk. Why couldn’t this rage be targeted at Spock?

    • And the Newguy just stepped up to the plate…takes a swing……..To quote the great Harry Kalas..”That ball is outttttttaaaaaa here….Home Run!

  19. I’m hoping the Cumberbatch’s character is Gary Mitchell, he would make an excellent villain and add a more personal dilemma for Kirk.
    There’s much evidence that supports that it’s Gary Mitchell who is indeed the villain, considering early in development one of the creative minds behind the project listed some iconic characters and noted that one of the aforementioned characters was the sequel’s antagonist, the official plot synopsis also states that the villain is a threat from “within their own organization”, and a “one man weapon of mass destruction.”
    Plus, Cumberbatch stated in an interview that his character isn’t a “black and white” portrayal of a bad guy.
    Probably the most obvious and overlooked evidence is Karl Urban speaking on Cumberbatch’s role, explicitly mentioning Gary Mitchell.
    However, there are minor bits of evidence, mostly speculation, supporting the Khan theory, notably the extra footage seen at the end of the Japanese announcement trailer, being an homage to the iconic ending of “The Wrath of Khan”, but in my opinion, this scene was placed to create speculation amongst fans, it seems it has worked to do just that. Just like every bit of footage in the announcement trailer, this scene is out of context, along with the overall narration, therefore nothing is certain.

    • Here’s the actual quote from Karl Urban, “He’s awesome, he’s a great addition, and I think his Gary Mitchell is going to be exemplary.” You know you can trust him, I mean.. “He’s a doctor, not a liar!” As McCoy would say. Lol.

    • Also, the official synopsis mentions an “epic chess game…”, as well all know Kirk and Mitchell played chess during the original episode and (here is where things get interesting) the creator of the ‘Star Trek: Ongoing’ comic series, which has Bob Orci as a creative consultant and thus is in fact Trek canon, mentions that there is a hint to a subplot of the upcoming sequel hidden within the first issue; the plot of which is an adaption of the original series’ episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before” and features Kirk and Mitchell playing chess. Could this be the “hint” and add more evidence to the theory that Cumberbatch is Gary Mitchell? Just a thought.

  20. My thoughts: Cumberbatch is Gary Mitchell, but he sacrifices himself in the Engine Room like Spock did in original Wrath of Khan movie(1982)to save the ship. Mitchell is Dead. His body is jettisoned into space and given military honors. Thru his exposure to antimatter or whatever , he comes back to life, like Spock, but changed; he is evil and wants revenge. Alice Eve (Elizabeth Dehner) was probably Cumberbath’s girlfriend, but Kirk probably got her on the rebound after Mitchell’s death. Now Cumberbatch has come back to reclaim her and take the Enterprise away from Kirk as we see Cumberbatch is seen in Kirk’s Captain’s chair. Cumberbatch (Mitchell) wants to take everything Kirk loves, away from him; the Enterprise, including Earth, his mother and his best friends on the Enterprise.

    • Umm.

      Anitmatter on contact with Matter would result in ….a really big bang.

  21. So according to

    Someone saw a second trailer, and it opens more. Evidently, it is not Khan, or Gary Mitchell, or Gareth.

    It is Sybok, who rejected his Vulcan heritage, cropped his ears somewhat, and joined Starfleet, but due to the destruction of vulcan has a vendetta against Starfleet.

    and the Hands at the end, are actually Spock and Sybok.

    If true…DID NOT SEE THAT COMING. But it would explain why Spock is chasing him with Authority.

    • Wow … indeed! I doubt anyone would have seen that coming!

      • Well, the funny thing is key.

        “Your World.”

        It would still be Khans world, and his arrogance would be to say he would retake “His World”

        Gary Mitchell the same.

        Sybok on the other hand, no connection to Earth an therefore he can say you thought you were “Safe.”

    • I hope that’s not it. It would be like repeating the movie that came before it. I thought Sybok, too. But not as a destroyer, but as someone warning the federation of an even bigger threat. Someone trying to save his only family… Spock and Sarek and the Earth for that matter. “Into Darkness” might also be based on “Heart of Darkness.” The book that “Apocalypse Now” was based on.

  22. Lets put this into perspective.

    Khan, although strong, is not without his limits. He is not Superhumanly strong. He could fight a klingon, but not overpower one.

    In a stronger gravity, would negate his strength.

    Gary Mitchell would not have the need to get physical. He could, but his powers does not increase is physical strength, just his mental powers.

    Gareth is insane, not strong.

    Vulcans are three times stronger than human, and on a planet with a lighter gravity, they would be even stronger, which would allow a vulcan to handle a heavy weapon quite easily, able to leap up or down from a great distance, and run exceptionally fast on earth. Spock could outrun anyone on earth, and he would be able to chase after another vulcan.

    Spock as all know is half Human, and Sybok is full Vulcan. Sybok would have the intelligence to take down a starship. In Star Trek V he did manage to toss kirk around like a rag down. A Regenerate Spock on Genesis was able to throw a klingon a good distance.

    Soooooooooooooooooooo. And truth be known, saying it would be Khan would not prevent anyone from seeing Into Darkness, or Gary Mitchell, neither gives us that WOW Factor.

    SYBOK Does give us that…WTF DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!

    So we shall see.

  23. “Friendships will be torn apart.”

    Part of the Synopis.

    Now Khan would not tear friendships apart.

    Gary Mitchell could tear a friendship apart,

    Sybok…Kirk wants to kill him…Spock wants to save and help his brother.


  24. Could he possibly be Kodos the Executioner??

  25. Too young to be Kodos, Wrong haircut for Khan, Too physical and hardware dependent to be Mitchell, Sybok is an interesting conjecture as there’s just a hint of green in his complexion, but he was never in Starfleet and who would want that toxic connection to ST5?.

    Could it be possible that they actually took the time and trouble to INVENT A NEW VILLAIN? Probably too much to hope for. I just pray it’s not round three for a vengeance-driven, super-powerful megalomaniac with an improbably gigantic ship.

    The only upside to that scenario is that after it bombs, the resulting organizational shake-up may provide me with an opportunity to get my spec script through the cracks.

  26. I think that the villain is from the Book of Relevation found in the Holy Bible. The word Revelation in Greek means “apocalypse”. During this time, there will be a cosmic conflict between God and some evil force, usually called Satan. Good vs Evil. Cumberbatch is playing Satan and because this evil force is known by many names, not just “Satan”, the name John Harrison is irrelevant. It is just a vanilla label name for the greatest evil being in the universe.
    In Revelation, many destructive events happen in the universe and on Earth. The protagonist is Jesus(Good) and the antagonist is the ultimate adversary, Satan(Evil). At the end of the battle, Satan loses and the people of Earth will suffer no more. (There is a lot of things that happen in Revelation, but it is impossible to describe here.)
    I’m not a Bible expert to say the least, but I bet my bottom dollar Cumberbatch plays Satan, the ultimate adversary.

  27. Colonel Green, maybe?

  28. i really think it’s mirror universe