New ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Images May Reveal Secrets from the Film

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[WARNING: Potential 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Spoilers Below.]

Star Trek Into Darkness may be less than two months from release, but J.J. Abram’s second adventure with the crew of the USS Enterprise – and one of our most anticipated films of 2013 - has maintained the same level of mystery and intrigue as previous Abrams productions Super 8 and Cloverfield.

Considering the widespread critical and financial success of the 2009 reboot, fans both new and old have been rabidly analyzing every bit of information regarding the intricacies of the film’s plot, especially surrounding Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain.

Now, a few new stills from an upcoming Empire cover story on Star Trek Into Darkness have made their way online and may reveal additional details from the film’s plot. Click below to view the gallery:

The first couple of shots appear to take place during some sort of battle scene (perhaps one of the attacks by Cumberbatch’s character?). However, the final shot – which features several characters, including Alice Eve’s Carol Marcus – looking up at something off-camera is perhaps the most intriguing one. This particular image, available from Empire via Coming Soon, was discovered by fans who scanned the Empire cover using the film’s official app.

The big question, of course, is what the mysterious item – dubbed MC-9321 – actually is. Possibilities include anything from an unmanned space vessel to some form of missile. But the most intriguing possibility is that this object is some variation on the Genesis device featured in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

In that 1982 film, the Genesis device is a planet-destroying (or creating?) weapon wielded by Khan, the very character that Cumberbatch has long been rumored to be playing. Add to that the fact that Dr. Carol Marcus (portrayed by Eve in Into Darkness) is the one who developed Genesis in Wrath of Khan, and it’s once again starting to look like Abrams’ Star Trek 2 shares at least some story elements with that film. After all, we know Into Darkness will honor the franchise’s history.

Of course, this is just speculation, but considering that this image required a bit more digging on the part of the fans lends a bit more credence to the theory that it hints at a critical plot point – unless it’s a red herring. At this point, we’ll likely have to wait until the film’s release to be sure about how all this fits together.

Do you think MC-9321 indicates the involvement of the Genesis device? Let us know your theories in the comments section below.

Star Trek Into Darkness opens in theaters (regular and IMAX 3D) on May 17th, 2013. Select IMAX 3D theaters will open May 15th.


Sources: Empire [via Coming Soon]

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  1. Misa need more flares

    • “The ability to speak does not make you intelligent.” -Qui Gon Jin.

  2. Well, considering that in the original timeline the Genesis device wasn’t created until considerably after the Enterprise’s initial tour of duty (“on a 5 year mission…” if I recall correctly), and then all of the characters had been “out of the game” for a number of years at the point in the story where “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” occurs, that would mean that Wrath of Khan has to be at a minimum 10 years after the events of the reboot are taking place, if not more (my suspicion is closer to 20 years).

    The Genesis Device, therefore, was not built until that point, which means at least 15-20 years further along the new timeline for our new cinematic crew. It can’t be Genesis.

    It also can’t be Khan. Khan is in suspended animation at this time, floating around somewhere in space. He can’t suddenly appear unless the writers decide that some OTHER starship crew are going to thaw him out. Early.

    • Arguably, the change in the timeline could’ve altered a multitude of things. I’m not saying it should or shouldn’t (or will or won’t) be that way, but I just don’t know that J.J. Abrams cares all that much about adhering to those chronological details.

      • I’m pretty sure Khan was sent into space in the late 90s which is well before the events which caused the divergence in the time lines. So Khan could very well still be in cryo sleep out there.

  3. 1. I don’t think he’s khan at all. Early on people said he was spocks brother. If he is khan wheres all the other super humans ? It doesn’t make sense. People want to see Khan return but the reality is there’s nothing to prove or indicate he actually is khan.

    2. People speculating on a single shot that shows them working on some kind of device… how do you know this isn’t just a shot of them walking through a cargo bay and that item is nothing important. Its probably not even a 30 second clip of the movie and here fanboys are drooling over the stupid thing which probably serves zero significance.

  4. It’s doubtful that is anything to do with the Genesis project, that was started in 2284. The events of Star Trek occur in 2258, The research and development of the Genesis Project only too about a year, so unless she had a lot of time on her hands, of Abrams has really messed with the timeline this doesn’t make sense. Also, we need to take into account the 25 years of study Marcus would need to be able to develop it, plus raise David.

    Much credit to Memory Alpha for the specifics on this:

  5. While the timeline may have changed, it should be noted that Kirk’s son David Marcus helped design the Genesis device and sped up its production by taking shortcuts . Carol Marcus didn’t do it alone. Change the timeline all you want, they could not complete Genesis ahead of schedule in the new timeline. David hasn’t been born yet.

    The only remote (*very remote*) possibility is that Spock Prime carries traces of the original Genesis project in his DNA and the bright minds have reversed engineered the Genesis device,minus the flaws, hoping to “rebuild” Vulcan.

  6. Possibly a red herring but if this IS the Genesis Device, maybe its to (re)create a new Vulcan? Or maybe …maybe I’ll just wait another month or so and enjoy this flick.

  7. Probably a photo torpedo.

  8. Well I didn’t read the article because I don’t want to be spoiled. ;) I did notice the pictures though and that looks like a space probe that has been talked about in so many Star Trek episodes that it’s like wallpaper. However on the off chance that it’s part of the plot then I would have to say it motivates the antagonist in the story in some way. Perhaps it accidentally kills someone close to him and that sets him on the revenge path that we see him act through the trailers.

    While it doesn’t quite look like the requisite and recurring conversation about Khan it does have the possible same motivations as Khan or the last Trek movie! Someone out for revenge. This one might have the benefit of being a little closer to the event that starts everything off than ‘Star Trek II’ we may actually see Harrison’s loved ones die. That would make it a little harder to hate him all out and more about how revenge leads to just greater suffering for everyone involved and where is justice in the world or in this case the universe…

  9. Based on the security guard standing with them, it seems to be something the crew came across. I’m not sure what the “MC” designation is.

    My guess is that it’s a hibernation chamber/ship, and it contains Cumberpatch’s character (whatever the hell his name really is).

    A deep space probe?

  10. Chris Fawkes: I considered that it might be a photon torpedo. It says “photon” right on it. But I would hope that they’re a little more careful and not that casual around a photon torpedo.

    And why would a scientist, the Chief Engineer and the Captain be eyeballing it?

  11. I think the first two shots have Spock and Ohura holding Klingon weapons. Not sure about the third shot.

  12. khan? which khan was it? shah rukh khan? salman? or saif ali?

  13. First of all, Khan didn’t invent the Genesis device in star trek II. Second of all the movie looks cool regardless what that device is. :)

  14. i think it is either a cryogenic tube….or a PHOTON TUBE like the one that they shot Spock on to genesis with (different version obviously)..


  15. Whatever the device is…It has something to do with the Enterprise.

    Between the MC-9321 Script Designation forward on the pylon/wing?

    Written is CVN-65. Which is the Naval Desination for the Retired Carrier Enterprise.

    So it is a red herring.

  16. Could they be looking up at the Botany Bay?

  17. The Time line.

    The Time line was effected at the point of Kirk’s birth.

    Botany Bay was launched in 1996.

    Spock Prime by his own admission did not tell Spock he was around, and that he could not deprive him of the revelation of the friendship between him and Kirk and all that they would accomplish together. Botany Bay and Khan to Genesis is part of Starfleet History. If they did find the Botany Bay, then they had first hand knowledge of what Khan was intending, and as such would remove any chance of him taking over the Enterprise, and he would not have enough followers to take over all of Starfleet.

  18. Khaaaaaannnnn!

    Maybe Cumberbatch is Khan and this movie is like “Space Seed” not “Wrath” where Kirk first encounters him (so no need to bring in the Genesis device plot).

    • i agree…if it is Khan, then this will be the FIRST encounter…

  19. I think the “item” is the torpedo they are modifying to put down the volcano on the planet they are on at the beginning of the film. Carol Marcus is there because it will a form of “terra” forming because they will be altering the geological patterns of the planet.

  20. Its a snow cone maker, no wait it’s an esspresso machine……

  21. Eh… I’m all for strong women in movies and I like Uhura and have no problems with Zoe Saldana. But I’m actually getting LESS excited about this film as more glimpses of the big battle-scenes are revealed.

    I’m aware that I’m jumping the gun here. But… WHY is Uhura with Kirk and Spock on that mission in the stills? She’s a communications officer; she has no reason to be there, nor has she the further training (beyond the basic stuff Starfleet would give all its officers) needed to go into hostile situations. Her being there is also frigging dangerous, given that she’s in a relationship with Spock and it could affect her judgement.
    Kirk was a womaniser in TOS, but even he gave thought to messing around with crew members and the consequences of that. When Uhura flirted with Spock as he was getting ready to drop into the volcano? Urgh… I cringed so much. You don’t flirt with a guy whilst he’s trying to get ready to SAVE A PLANET, woman!

    I get the impression that this film is gonna be about lines in the sand; when it is and is not acceptable to break protocol. And what happens when you cross the lines that are set, not matter who you are and what results your actions had.
    Clearly Kirk seems to be getting called out for being so gung-ho. I hope to God that someone calls Uhura out too.

    Don;t get me started on the recent poster…

  22. I think “where no man has gone before”.
    Gary Mitchell the antagonist. As the episode rebooted.

    • IT’S THE GORN!!!!

    • On top of the answer to that quote being “into darkness”, after seeing the newest viral ad with Cumberbatch, I can definitely “see” that we’re looking at Gary Mitchell. You see him with unusually blue eyes in the spot.

      You can see it here:

  23. I saw the first of the latest Star Trek movies and I was appalled by it. Star Trek was meant to about exploration and interaction between people of different races and societies. Now, all it contains is violence.