‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Spoilers Discussion

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Star Trek into Darkness Spoilers Star Trek Into Darkness Spoilers Discussion

Our readers will soon get to talk about this movie in the comment section of our forthcoming Star Trek into Darkness review, but this is the place where you can discuss Star Trek Into Darkness spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Star Trek Into Darkness episode of the SR Underground podcast (featuring an interview with the film’s writer Roberto Orci).

In the meantime, we’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Star Trek Into Darkness for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Star Trek Into Darkness runs 132 minutes and is Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action and violence. Now playing 2D, 3D, and 3D IMAX theaters.

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  1. I loved it. Yes it had heaps of parallels to Wrath of Khan but I really liked it for that. I’m sure viewers who haven’t seen any other Star Trek (or just haven’t seen STII) could anjoy the action, the heartbreak, the character relationships, while for Trekkies there was a whole other level to the movie with all the references.
    I guess I’m just not picky enough with movies to go into depth about plot holes and stuff, so I just loved it. I’m going to go see it again; it made me laugh, it made me cry, it had me on the edge of my seat.

    • There shouldn’t be any parallels to Wrath of Khan, because the events that inspired Wrath of Khan haven’t happened yet, nor will they ever because of the altered timeline. As another poster pointed out, the lazy hacks who wrote this thing thought they could lift moments from Wrath of Khan and everyone would give them a free ride because, you know, fan-service and nostalgia and such.

      • “There shouldn’t be any parallels to Wrath of Khan, because the events that inspired Wrath of Khan haven’t happened yet, nor will they ever because of the altered timeline.”

        No, but other events happened that were caused by the turmoil that resulted from the destruction of Vulcan by the Romulans. Starfleet is more militarized, they obviously flew more interstellar patrols which lead to an early discovery of the sleeper ship with the supermans aboard instead of being discovered by the Enterprise.

        Yes, there are parallels, because some things stay the same despite the alternate time lines. Khan is still power hungry, Kirk is still a good guy, so they were bound to clash. Also, there is factor that some things transpire in a similar way, even though the preconditions have changed. Call it fate, if you will. We already knew about that aspect of the alternate timeline from the first movie, which saw the familiar crew come together even though much was changed (Kirks father dead instead of alive etc.) and the odds were against it.

        If that is enough to rile you about these movies then they probably aren’t for you and you should stay away from the next one, should there be one. I, however, like it and I prefer to make sense of it than just bashing the hell out of the them. ;)

        • *supermen

      • Nevermind the parallels, they lifted entire beats / scenes from Wrath of Khan. There was a whole lot of places (pretty much anywhere else, really) they could have gone that I would have accepted, but don’t tread that ground.

    • I agree; this is the perfect escapist movie. Every movie does not have to be some deep, intense, thought provoking creation. The script writer and actors respect the history, but are not afraid to have fun with it! To me, the relationships between characters are more important than a super tight plot. (and lots of great action scenes sure don’t hurt either!)

  2. First off let me just say that I have absolutely no knowledge of Star Trek before the ’09 movie- no TV series, no movies, no nothing. So sorry if I’m asking a question that the answer is obvious to.
    What I would like to know is why Khan is put back to sleep with his crew at the end? The movie says they were genetically modified, but even then no rational/sane human being would ruthlessly slaughter people because they were ‘inferior races’. Unless they were brainwashed, like SS soldiers in concentration traps in WW2. Now lets look at this hypothetically. Assuming Khan and his crew were genetically modified using the method we use today (using bacteria to duplicate DNA with modified genes then inserting into embryos) then they had all the modifications from when they were babies (which would explain why Khan thinks of his crew as his family). I’m thinking of a ‘Soldier’ type scenario here- bunch of genetically modified children raised from birth and brainwashed to be killers, have no fear or mercy, no morals, etc. If we think of them in this way, Khan and his crew are not technically responsible for their actions as they were victims of brainwashing by a bunch of people who are not revealed. If this is true, then Khan and his crew should be getting help in a psychiatric hospital, not left in a permanent sleep. It seems to me that the government or whoever is in charge in the Star Trek universe took the short and easy route. But hey, that’s just me. And maybe i’m missing some important detail that was in the former Star Trek movies and such, I don’t know.

    • Khan and his group are genetically modified humans, superior intelligence, strength, stamina, metabolism etc.

      With their power came arrogance and contempt for normal humans which lead Khan to establish his own kingdom on earth where he rose as top dog of the “enhanced” humans and ruled as dictator of millions.

      A conflict called the Eugenics Wars (eugenics being the group name for genetic sciences) between Khan and his enhanced and there followers and other independant states of earth. With defeat looming Khan and his followers escaped on the Botany Bay where they encountered Kirk and the Enterprise (original Timeline)

      Not seen Into Darkness yet so can’t comment on what happend to Khan after he fled earth…. seems like he’s been found by StarFleet and using his enhanced intellect he’s been developing new tech but at his core he still wants to rule.

      Whether there’s a specific incedent that kicks off the course of events in ID I dunno hopefully that’s explained or at least hinted at during the course of the film.

      As for his “defeat” sounds like they just stick him back in the fridge, from a film makers point of view it means he can come back and copying the Seti Alpha 5 solution from Space Seed might of been one homage to far in light of the some of the other grumblings regarding the re-use of elements from Wrath of Khan.

      Something would need to be done as Khan is do dangerous to be allowed to roam the galaxy and a prison wouldn’t hold him for long so maybe it makes sence to put him back with his crew in cryostasis.



    • I loved how they filmed that shout and how awesome it turned out! I was afraid it’s gonna be too silly hah :)

      • I thought spock yelling khan was cringeworthy. The only part of the film i thought that about

        • Agree. Everything else with twists worked for me.

  4. This question is for anyone who’s seen the movie AND have seen Star Trek 6: the undiscovered country-

    Didn’t you want Kirk to say at the end “second star to the right, and straight on till morning?” I feel like they missed a shout out to the fans there… but whatever, there were so many beautifully nuanced references in this film I realy can’t complain. I will try to see this as many times as possible in IMAX.

    The last movie to give me mad chills was the first Star Trek in ’09. So excited that this movie is out!

    • Yeah, I expected that. Instead we just got a “Punch it.”

      • at least he didn’t “make it so” lol

      • I was waiting for “out there” — wasn’t that the course kirk gave at the end of st4 or am I remembering a different franchise? I thought it should have been something other than punch it Bc that was pike’s line

    • Yeah, I totally expected that!

    • Well being that “second star to the right, and straight on till morning?” was a reference to Peter Pan in Star Trek 6, it might be a little cheesy to reference that again.

      I liked the line in Star Trek 6 but to reference a reference might be a little too much?

    • I was also thinking about the “Second star to the right…” line; although I believe it was also used in the Search for Spock.

  5. In real life when a bomb goes off in, say, Boston, that information is all over the world in seconds. In Star Trek they convene a meeting of the top Starfleet personnel to deal with a terrorist attack and the Admiral begins the meeting by saying “by now you may have heard of what happened in London…”

    The movie pretty much lost me there, to be honest. The action was quite good and the third act quite exciting but the script was so dreadful – so gaspingly idiotically stupid – that I barely had the patience to follow it.

    The villain, seemingly the Starfleet leader of the free world, openly let his daughter look at all his top secret, mutinous files? Sulu is amazed at Khan leaping 30ft but says nothing when Spock, with sudden inexplicable superstrength, does the exact same thing onto a moving vehicle? Scotty only thinks to Google an internationally wanted terrorist in the third act, when all other attempts to catch him have failed? The engine room of the most up-to date starship in the galaxy can’t be entered because of radiation? They have no radiation suits nearby? Who designs these things?

    The Khan twist wasn’t even a twist it was so signposted, as was our big “oh no way, it’s him!” villain reveal. The most fascinating part of the movie, Kirk’s violation of the prime directive in the opening and the influence it would have on the emerging civilisation, was completely abandoned.

    I’m genuinely baffled by the love for this movie, or maybe everyone is so starved of decent sci-fi they practically ejaculate when something in focus appears. It had moments, certainly, and the parallels to Wrath of Khan were a nice touch but the script was so lazy I couldn’t get past it. It frequently rewrote the rules of its own universe to justify set pieces, and the character motivations wavered in accordance with where they were required to be next.

    One final thing; Spock calls Kirk early on to tell him Scotty has found something suspicious. Cut to next scene where Scotty meets them to tell him he found something suspcious, completely ignoring why a lowly engineer was not only allowed access to a crime scene, but was also allowed to take away crucial evidence to show his friend, a man just demoted for reckless and untrustworthy behaviour. It makes literally no sense.

    Oh, and the Klingons looked like sub-par cosplay.

    Yeah, it was alright. But best sequel ever? Good grief people…

    • Okay…

      Firstly, a lot of what you’re mentioning should be a willing suspension of disbelief. I shan’t repeat this, but… IT’S A FANTASY UNIVERSE. THIS SHOULD NOT MATTER.


      ‘John Harrison’ was a ‘Starfleet Agent’. Meaning that a lot of what he carries out is under the radar. Coverups are rife in THIS time, let alone a future. Yes, this happens in a major city (where I actually live), but it can be covered up. And has been.

      I don’t get your point with the daughter. She was his daughter. Hence why she waited and had to tell Kirk several times to let her speak to him. Because Admiral wouldn’t blow up the ship with her on board. Because —> Daughter. Hence transporting her off ship.

      The Khan double-triple bluff (as you would have seen it if you weren’t busy picking ‘holes’ and just watched the damn thing) was expertly executed. I too saw Khan coming (thanks to comments on this site), and was twice amazed. Once when I saw Kirk and Khan as allies, fighting together. And again, when Khan returned to be the asshole he always was. Excellent work by Benedict, and just… just wow.

      And the Scotty thing…

      This is part of a very long tale of extraordinary humans traveling space to seek new and amazing worlds. Part of what I love about these new films is that they show just why exactly James Kirk values these people not just as friends, but as first class colleagues. Of course Scotty came through! You think an engineer couldn’t get through that kind of security in his position, when amateurs can hack governments?

      Oh, and the Klingons rocked. They’ll be in the next film. I guarantee.


    • Oy’vey.

      First, they recalled Starfleet Captains that were on assignment and recalled them to Earth, and it was Matter of Fact statement, not a Statement in “Hey Guys, someone blew up our London office.” And by protocol, people would know about an explosion, what they would not know is it was a rogue member of Starfleet, if you tell the populace that a member of Starfleet committed an act of terror, it would polarize the populace against every member of Starfleet.

      Even aboard a Nuclear Powered Ship, one cannot enter a Nuclear Reactor, even with a radiation suit. It is not the fact it cant be done, it the fact that even suits cannot protect against high levels of radation. Case in point…Japans Nuclear Reactor incident, there were radiation suits, but you cannot go into a “Hot” reactor.

      Vulcan are stronger than Humans and on Par in the strength department as Khan. Vulcans are three times stronger and more physically capable. So that is why Sulu was not surprised at Spocks Ability.

      Scotty is not a lowly engineer, he is a LT Commander and technically the third in command of the Enterprise. The fact you called Scotty a Lowly Engineer and bypassing the fact that it was HIS TRANSWARP BEAMING TECHNOLOGY. Which pretty much would not restrict his access.

      Dr Marcus was a weapons specialist, but even she did not know what the torpedos really were, and it was assumed they were a weapon capable of locking on to a specific genetic profile.

      So, lets reflect on your post. At least the vast majority of us know Scotty is not a lowly engineer.

    • @Dave Medlo

      I really cannot take you seriously. I re-read your post. You cannot talk about Into Darkness because with all due respect, you know nothing about Star Trek, period.

      You lost all of it when you called Scotty a Lowly Engineer.

  6. everybody, after three: KKKHHHHAAANNNNNN!!!!!! I for one loved the first ST: TWOK and this one as a semi reboot. Had heard the rumours about BC’s character but hadn’t paid them heed, but when Spock uses the ‘needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one’, It all came back. Ditto, ‘Carol Marcus’, also from ST2. Most of the comments made are valid. Thought the nods to the other original movies were cute and subtle too: The admiral uniforms (grey tunic, white bib) straight out of ‘The Motion Picture’ and the Enterprise falling out of orbit; ‘The Search for Spock’ anyone? Also, who else was fooled by the trailer into thinking it was the Enterprise crashing into San Francsisco bay? Also, they now have seatbelts! Awesome. Bring on the Klingon War.

    • I want to start the KHAN blast, which is much like the Shiva blast from The League, only “KHAAAAAAAAN!” lol

    • Uh, the term is Dickey, not Bib lol

    • Almost feel out of my chair laughing at the seat belts: about time!

  7. For me, it lacks certain Star Trek feel.
    It’s a good movie, but for Star Trek fans (or maybe just me) – it’s a little bit more like a non-trek action movie.

    • So in other words, you would rather it be boring, un-eventful, and mediocre?

      Comon, Star Trek 2 and 6 were about the best, that being said, the treasure trove of Star Trek Movies are all pretty crappy.

      How did this not feel like a Star Trek movie? It has so many references to the previous series it’s ridiculous.

  8. Probably won’t see. Plot on Wikipedia!!
    Did they even explain for those who haven’t seen the original series exactly who Kahn is and the eugenic wars at all?
    This could have been done correctly. In the beginning of the film they could have researched a database from Spock Prime’s reports and showed someone purposely searching for the Botany Bay. Then they could have played on Kirk’s destiny of battling Kahn. That would have maintained at least some degree of continuity without destroying the original. But no. Abrahams had to try to do a direct remake with a twist, like turning the knife in the gut. Such a hack!

    • How can you comment on something that you haven’t seen? Oh I forgot, you read it on Wickypeeeedia. It’s akin to not voting and criticizing the President.

    • Actually, they did explain it.

  9. Loved it!!!
    I wouldn’t call myself a die-hard fan. Of the original films I only really like 2,3 & 6. I liked the episodes from TOS that involved space battles. Wasn’t that bothered by `exploring new worlds` etc…
    So this really tickled my nostalgia bones.
    I`d avoided any attempts to dig for plot details proir to seeing it, so the Khan reveal was one of those cinema moments I`ll cherish…in a `Luke, I am your father` style.
    All that said…I know that the die-hards will be seriously conflicted.

  10. It was fantastic!! Loved it, was a true Star Wars fan before my brothers dragged me to the 2009 origins one. Since then I have watch all things Trekkie and this one has been by far the best!!

  11. Enjoyed every single minute of it.

    I was hoping there would be something in the post credits.

    Does anyone know if there was some bonus in it??

    • No post credit scene

  12. I loved this movie!!! I loved the 09 one as well, didn’t really become a Trek fan till after seeing that movie but I now love TOS. I thought Kahn was played amazingly by Benedict Cumberbatch (yes a bit biased, am a HUGE fan, but I stand by this opinion). And just want to point out, the suicide bomber at the beginning of the movie? That was Noel Clark aka Mickey from Doctor Who!!!! Excited to see him in a big movie like this!

  13. When Benedict Cumberbatch says that he is Khan it was freaking awesome. The battle scene on Kronos was crazy good. And the movie was 5/5 from me.

  14. I just got out of the midnight showing an hour ago so my first viewing review is an 8/10. I’ll watch it again in a few days. BC was fantastic I thought they were going to make him good for a bit there (you know with the whole “it’s a whole new timeline” thing…nope). Loved it.

  15. A solid film, and superior to the 2009 film in many ways. First, Kahn and Admiral Marcus where much better villians than Nero, with motivations I could believe. Kahn wanted to protect his “family” while Marcus was preparing for war. Nero, basically hid for twenty years due to a grudge he really shouldn’t of had in the first place.

    Second, Into Darkness, lacked a lot of plot conveniences of the first film that were wedged in order for Kirk to be on the ship, let alone command. The compromised emotion rule is one of the dumbest I’ve heard. Thankfully, halfway through Into Darkness, we know why Kirk was sent: he’s a vengeful brat, due to fail because of his own hubris, or at least as Marcus saw him.

    Finally, with all the introductions out of the way, we got the characters to interact and really shine in their roles. There was little to no chemistry between Kirk and Spock in the the 2009 film, but it is here in abundance, so much more that it outshines the chemistry of Spock and Uhura.

    I got one major gripe with this film though: it so wimps out with Kirk living. The entire film is about Kirk’s responsibility to his crew and friends,and what better way to show him doing that then having him pay the ultimate price. Imagine the gut punch, and the shock as you see the main character actually buy it in the end. I would of been so much more invested if Spock was chasing Kirk’s murderer in the finale, rather then the dude that got a near miss. Unfortunately, we see Kirk’s salvation telegraphed minutes earlier with Khan’s blood and the Tribble. I groan still thinking of it now.

    Sol close. This film could of been awesome. Instead, we get stuck with just good.

    • I am actually glad that they did “The Search for Kirk” in the last 5 minutes of the movie.

      Good lord, to have to sit through a whole movie like that again… lol

    • Actually, it was not Kirk Hubris sent to capture Khan. It was the fact that Kirk is so unpredictable, Admiral Marcus needed him out of the way and the fact he thought Kirk’s Anger would be enough to end Khan. He did not count on his daughter being aboard, or Scotty having a protective stance about the torpedoes. Kirk decided to listen to the people he trust and he went against the orders given to him. That is what makes James T Kirk a great Captain, one who follows the rules and one who will follow his gut and listen to his crew to do the right thing.

      As for Spock, Spock Prime no doubt told Spock on what Kirk did to save him and at what cost, or as Sarek said in The Search for Spock “At what Cost, your ship, your son.” Spock knew that in time, alternate or otherwise, he would do anything about duty to save his closest friend. Why Spock did what he had to do, to prevent Kirk from dying needlessly if he could prevent it.

  16. I appreciate all the positive comments. Reading the official reviews, I consider all of the reviewers and critics to be complete IDIOTS who live in oscar winning glasses.

    • Our review here at SR gave the film a 4/5 ;) So, saying “all” reviewers and critics live in Oscar winning glasses is definitely over-generalizing. Not every movie is intended to be a thought-provoking work of art – so why would we review every film from that perspective?

    • Which critics? It has mostly positive reviews on RT and the SR crew loved it :)

  17. How did the Enterprise, and supposedly the war ship as well, end up being pulled by Earth’s gravity when supposedly they were light years away having bumped into each other while in warp? If they were so close, why didn’t anybody come to help?

    • they were 250k km from earth, so sulu said, they were between the moon and the earth

    • They got bumped out of warp by the Moon man, you can clearly see the Moon’s backdrop at one point when the two ships are disabled.

      • Momentum. Even if it got bumped out of warp, a ship that size is going to have massive amounts of momentum which isn’t going to just go away. There is effectively zero friction in space, so it won’t just stop. It’s also going to descend in a arc, not a nosedive.

  18. OK, first things first – who was here 4 years ago for the 2009 Movie spoiler discussions?

    Fury is Back.

    • Hi, Fury, and Katherine at the top of the page. I’m in two camps about this sequel. A lot of good things about it, and many improvements made on the first film, but I suppose my problems with it boil down mainly to the wisdom (or not) of using Khan. Infinite possibilities after having dispensed with 45 years of accumulated history/baggage in 2009, and Abrams & co decided to revisit that particular storyline? After Harrison’s true identity was revealed and my heart sank a little, I thought “Okay, let’s see how they handle it then”.

      Ethnicity aside – that’s a long and fruitless argument all on its own – I thought Cumberbatch played the part excellently. Aloof, intelligent, scarily unstoppable and fluid in hand-to-hand combat. Underused and underdeveloped, though. Not exactly Nero all over again in terms of motivation and lack of screen time, but not that far removed. Marcus’s reasons for having revived him made sense, however, and Peter Weller made the most of his “corrupt Starfleet Admiral” trope.

      Kirk and Khan shooting over to the Vengeance was where the pace started to become too hyperactive in my view, as if Abrams had nothing more to say beyond “Here’s your secret shipyard, blah blah, throw in old Spock for a couple of seconds, Khan gets bigarse ship, Star Trek II, you know the drill, let’s gallop to the end and roll the credits”. I could have done without Spock’s “Attack Of The Clones” leaping between moving vehicles, and in the split-second before he yelled “KHAAAAANN!!!” I thought “Oh God, he’s not…oh, he just did…”.

      On the positive side, the main cast slotted back into their roles perfectly. Karl Urban can still do no wrong in my eyes. Some fine interaction and borderline bickering between McCoy, Spock and Kirk (the latter telling him to stop using metaphors made me laugh out loud), and a couple of great exchanges between Kirk and Pike. Scotty thankfully used for more than just comic relief this time around. Special effects impeccable as ever; production design certainly a step up on the brightly-lit brewery/Willy Wonka’s factory look of ST, the Enterprise engineering interiors looking more machinelike and functional. Lens flares? Not overdone. New Klingons? Not bad.

      With the exception of STIV, the Original Series movies became locked into a single-objective, one-villain template after The Wrath Of Khan. The Starfleet of the Abrams movies is a more militaristic entity than Gene Roddenberry’s creation, but the very fact of the Enterprise still embarking on its five-year mission to explore – not patrol or be used for one-off sorties – gives me hope that the template might at least be expanded to include something more than simply beating the next Bad Guy.

      What did you make of it?

      • D!

        I find your posts welcomed as much as you.

        I would just add that people who think that Khan needed to be of Indian descent somehow are not thinking clearly…today we have mixed ethnicities in all major countries. If J.J. needed to reimagine Khan for a new audience, so be it. Many people who are seeing this movie never saw a TOS episode or TWOK. This movie makes Star Trek cool to a whole new generation of fans. This movie was not meant to replace TWOK. I watched the movie again today and noticed that Giannchino used the violin-high note used in TWOK beautifully. We got Leonard Nimoy in another movie. Suspension of Disbelief is critical to enjoying the movie. Understanding reality is also important; this movie had to make a lot of money for Paramount to continue investing in new Star Trek. That requires a good story that appeals to many audiences who need not have seen any previous movie or series. Aside from the cringe of anyone trying to pull off “Khaaaaaaaan!” I cannot complain about this movie.

        In closing, I would just add that they don’t have to do anything in a movie, because continuity errors are not a concern to most viewers. Yes, McCoy called out to Nurse Chapel in the last movie and in this movie she apparently fled after Kirk broke her heart, but had no idea she was an Enterprise nurse. Oh well. I laughed at the line in this movie just as I got a warm fuzzy in the last one. Why the need to tear down an enjoyable movie?

  19. It was the best so far with the new cast. I enjoyed how they spun a new back story for Khan yet true the original. JJ Abrams did yet another great job. It has you thinking if he is able to do such a fantastic job with Star Trek so far can you imagine what he will do with Star Wars?

    • Yep, I agree, it will be nice that he will be able to inject fun and excitement in Star Wars. If anything, this movie was proof that he will be able to do that. Though, I am sure that the same people who hate this movie will be here in 2015 ripping on it because they miss their precious prequels..Haters are just gonna hate.

  20. Test.

  21. Was so against this..all the thoughts of who..why do Khan.




  22. I am a die hard ST fan, and i have to say that this movie definitely lived up to its billing. It tied nicely to the original timeline and circumtances while staying new and fresh…great references to several past trek films…and Khan was absolutely the right call, and his reveal was excellent…already pumped for Star Trek 3…booyaa

  23. 1.who cares if Khan is portayed in this reteliing as a caucasion?
    2. Abrams is one of the best directors and storytellers in hollywood right now
    3. this is not the wrath of Khan
    4. movies are meant to entertain…not be platforms for dumb plot hole finding
    5. get a life

  24. Either people do not realize, or they do not understand, that in order to enjoy a film, and fully appreciate the work, you have to suspend your disbelief,use your imagination, and surrender to what the artform is trying to convey. Just because a film does not neatly explain every thing and tie everything in a nice consumable bow for you, that the writers or director suck, then you know less than nothing about the filmmaking process, or the film viewing process for that matter…

    • i don’t get it…people are mad because something is different than the way they remember it, or “the canon” of past events (which are also up for debate because they also were made up) but people are also mad that they are the same(the khan character, nods to prior films)..so which way do you want it? you cant have your cake and eat it too…I think the proper way ,is…EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID…a little bit of both…nods to the past, while keeping the story NEW AND FRESH

    • *and you say that the writer….

    • Suspension of disbelief is one thing. Laziness in the script is another. In a pivotal scene where Spock and Khan are negotiating the exchange of their crews, Khan essentially says and I’m paraphrasing here: “Promise me that you will acually send me my crew and not real torpedoes.” Spock replies with “I’m Vulcan. Vulcans don’t lie.” and Kahn (who according to Old Spock is one of the smartest adversaries that they ever faced)basically says “Okay send them on over…” Of course they are real torpedoes, they explode and criple his ship. Just lazy and one many scenes that felt routine to an action film. Not smart, not clever, just standard to an action film. That to me is where the issues lied within this movie. It seems like they wanted an ACTION film. Not a smart, exciting adventure like the ’09 movie.

      • It was Spock’s human half doing the lying, starting with “I’m Vulcan…”

        • ..but yes Khan was a tad too trusting.

  25. I wonder how many hardcore trekkies enjoyed the film?

    Me, I consider myself hardcore, and I was really hoping that they wouldn’t use the “Khan card”, but they did. Thus, I’m forced to compare the movie with what happened in the original timeline.

    This is where the film comes up short:

    1. Look, I love Cumberbatch in the BBC Sherlock Holmes series, and he is good actor. However, he is no Ricardo Montalban. I mean, how could he possibly compare? Cumberbatch is decent, but not exceptional.
    2. Khan in the original timeline is a Sikh Indian. Cumberbatch obviously isn’t. Was this explained at all in the film? Or, did I just miss it?
    3. Kirk’s death (instead of Spock). Yes, a slight tweak, but we saw it once before (ie. TWOK). Any emotional impact is lost because of the predictable plot line, but more so because there really isn’t a sense of history with this crew.
    4. Spock’s KHAN moment (instead of Kirk). Again, another tweak, but also in TWOK. Was better presented in TWOK because of Kirk’s history with Khan.
    5. Kirk’s resurrection. Once Bones mentioned the unique properties in Khan’s blood, Kirk wasn’t dead (and you knew he was coming back because JJ didn’t want to do the Search for Kirk sequel). Thus, the plot line becomes stale and predictable.
    6. Spock to Spock Prime. Look, Spock, you can’t run to Spock Prime every time you’re in trouble and need a hint; that’s cheating!
    7. Khan blowing up the building at the beginning of the film. How did he get the father to assist him in this endeavor? Did he threaten to kill his family, after saving his child? Did he threaten to expose his work to the public (which was supposedly secret)?

    Now, if you can enjoy the fact that the film is in an alternative timeline, then some of the above problems become the good/fun parts of the movie:

    1. Kirk’s death, Spock to Spock Prime, Spock’s KHAN moment are a “wink” to the audience (look how portions of TWOK translate to the alternative timeline! Or, look, it’s Spock Prime!).
    2. Kirk and Khan working briefly together (unique to this series).
    3. Spock going after Khan (again, unique to this series).
    4. Klingons! Anyone notice any differences between JJ’s Klingons, and those in the original timeline? One thing I noticed was that they appear to be blue eyed…
    5. Alice Eve!
    6. Pike’s death (unique to this series). Compared to Kirk’s death, Pike’s had more emotional impact, mainly because we haven’t seen it before!
    7. Good action sequences (especially for Trek).

    My major quibble with the film is that it used a lot of recycled material (ie. TWOK references, Section 31) , and seemed to rely on it a lot to highlight the differences between the timelines (in a “nudge nudge wink wink” sort of way). That’s fun and all, but I’d really like to see this series distinguish itself from everything that has come before. Essentially, new ideas, original stories. I would hate to have the 3rd movie be another rehash of “spot the difference”.

    I give it a 3.5. Much more enjoyable than IM3, and really is the start of the summer movie season for me. I do intend to see it again (in IMAX 3D), just to see if I missed something.

    • “hard core Star Trek fan” here.

      I loved this movie. (And I experienced it in IMAX 3D tonight, too, which was stunning.)

      There were many technically-incorrect pieces in the 2009 movie. And we could all totally slam all the minutia of the 2013 movie. This scenario could develop to be like Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe: so many “fans” will rip it a new one that eventually the $$ decides to cancel it. And then…we got nothing.”

      Enjoy the movie, don’t nitpick, & look forward to ST3.

  26. Two problems with the movie

    While I enjoyed the overall it could have used bigger sets of action

    And biggest issue? Spaceship crashing into earth wasn’t long and detailed enough. I will be checking out in real imax next week to see if it improves.

    • How does one crash a starship into earth safely?

    • It was fantastic in IMAX 3D.

      But I also appreciated this was not thirty minutes of the Titanic sinking.

      A zillion-ton spaceship falling to earth will, fall pretty fast. To give it ten minutes of detailed, personal dialogue among characters, intense “OMG, we are falling to the earth” stuff…is just ridiculous. I’d rather see the 90 seconds that everyone has to deal with.

  27. Did anyone else here William Shatner’s voice when Kirk was waking up? Maybe I just imagined it. I really liked the movie and picking up on little things like Spock saying there was no such thing as miracles. That had to be a play on the god planet in the old movies, lol. Enjoyed the woman scorned in shuttle to Crosus (probably spelt wrong). Being military background I really get the one sacrifice to save the many, but who is to say if the one survived he wouldn’t prevent a larger loss later on. I did tear up with the hand on the door and doesn’t that hand symbol actually mean “live long and prosper”? I liked the Tribble being brought in, but why did they have a dead one on board? And I guess I’ve seen too many vampire movies because I got the reanimation from the blood right away. But on a religious note, how do you reanimate a soul? They still jumped the shark, but maybe only a black tip vice the Great White, lol! What happened to Scotty’s sidekick the whole time he was running around the new ship? Did not enjoy the face shield cracking on the suit, but I have no idea what the material was but the sound fx sure sounded like glass! Seems like any crack in space would create an instant vacuum, but I am no scientist. Guess they couldn’t come up with a better way for Kirk to have to rely on Khan for direction. You would think a possible laser track would have worked with one of those voices saying recalculating when they veered off course to avoid debris. I think they did a great job switching roles from old to present, of course, new Treksters wouldn’t understand the signifigance. Really missed the bug that would dig into the brain, but overall, it is a great movie! No way to please everyone, just isn’t possible!

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    • OMG. GTFO. LOL.

  29. Think it is time to end the Khan race.

    Khan Noonien Singh Is Sikh.

    Sikh is a religion

    Anyone can practice religion.

    India till 1947 was under British Rule.

    A Caucasian born in India would be a Caucasian Indian.

    Khan as a first name is Primarily Indian.

    Khan as a Last name however, Mongolian, Turks,Armenians, Georgians.

    So, there are possibilities that Khan can be white.

    Funny, I do not recall him known as Khan Noonien Singh in the movie..Just Khan.

    • Spock Prime referred to him by full name, but I think all the alternate universe characters just called him Khan (possible exception of alt Spock, in the back of my mind, I’m thinking he used the full name in the viewscreen exchange just after the “Mr. Spock” chat).

      • Thanks. I’ll watch for that after my second viewing.

    • > Funny, I do not recall him known as Khan Noonien Singh in the
      > movie..Just Khan.

      Yes, and if you look at it that way, Khan could be white.

      If you think of Khan as just a “title”, then he could be white.

      However, the JJ universe has done a pretty good job of mirroring the original timeline. Yes, there are tweaks to differentiate it (largely due to things that happened in the first movie), but the characters are still the same.

      Sulu is Asian (well, Korean, actually, due to John Cho playing the part).
      Chekov is Russian.

      So I was shocked to see Khan be something different.

      Everyone will rationalize it differently.

      • @Chetec

        That is my point exactly. His full name is Khan Noonien Singh, but we only heard him addressed as Khan.

        Pretty much leaving his race open for debate.