‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Spoilers Discussion

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Star Trek into Darkness Spoilers Star Trek Into Darkness Spoilers Discussion

Our readers will soon get to talk about this movie in the comment section of our forthcoming Star Trek into Darkness review, but this is the place where you can discuss Star Trek Into Darkness spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Star Trek Into Darkness episode of the SR Underground podcast (featuring an interview with the film’s writer Roberto Orci).

In the meantime, we’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Star Trek Into Darkness for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Star Trek Into Darkness runs 132 minutes and is Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action and violence. Now playing 2D, 3D, and 3D IMAX theaters.

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  1. Not seen it yet, gonna have to be next weekend at the earliest :( but I don’t care about spoilers… give me knowledge.

    Is it AWESOME

    Is Benidict as fab as it looks like he’ll be from the trailers

    Is it another disappointment like IM3

    Input, need input….

    • It’s most definitely awesome. I was really stoked when it was over.

      Benedict did a bit of overacting but it was still in the green zone.

      No disappointment at all. It’s one of the best sequels I’ve ever seen and hits all the right notes. I’m very happy with how it turned out.

    • @TheLostWinchester – agree with you that it is one the the best sequels. It was always going to be a challenge to deliver a sequel that would be able to match up to the reboot and boy did they deliver!!

      • *one of the best sequels, not, one the the sequels

    • Go see it. Brilliant for a sequel!!

    • @Jonathan

      IM3 wasn’t a disappointment at all.

      I’m with you though, I don’t care for spoilers about this movie, just wanna know what’s going on and then see it when it airs for free next year on TV. That’s why I’m here, even if I never really liked Trek.

      • Yes it was. IM3 was a huge disappointment. Star Trek Into Darkness is AMAZING and Benedict Cumberbatch plays the sort of villain that Ben Kingsley should have been allowed to play in IM3.

        • +1 (^-^)

        • ::In a Bevis voice:: Thankgod!

  2. Okay, I was a bit distracted by all the eyecandy so I must have missed something, but how exactly did Khan manage to hide his people in the torpedoes? How did he get access to the cryopods, how did he get access to the torpedoes and how didn’t anyone notice? The movie kinda glossed over the whole thing in Khan’s expositional speech. I found that even more far-fetched than the portable star system to star system transporter. Otherwise a great movie, though.

    • He was the one with knowledge to build the weapons, he was incharge, that’s why the secrecy at the Archives, Khan is easily brilliant enough to hide his crew (Marcus knew about it though). Without Khan, that mega Enterprise ship wouldn’t have been built, Khan was using Marcus as much as Marcus was using Khan.

    • Khan didn’t hide his crew in the torpedos. He developed the technology and a secret dept of Starfleet used the torpedoes as a cover to hold Khan’s crew in stasis. This gave the character played by Peter Weller, Admiral Marcus (I can’t remember), the perfect excuse to destroy Kahn’s crew by using them as a secret weapon to destroy “John Harrison”.

      • Thank you, guys. I really need to watch the movie again and listen more closely to the dialogue. ;)

  3. i know IMDB isnt a great source. But they have Benidict listed as Khan…

    • And that’s who is.

      • *he is

  4. It’s pretty underwhelming I’m sorry to say. Nothing wrong with any of the performances or direction. Cumberbatch is great but it lacks the spirit of fun the first movie had and overall lacks coherency in the story it’s trying to tell with several dangling/under-developed plot threads. By all means go and enjoy it but temper your expectations.

    • Maybe I need to see it again.

    • I’m sure I’ll end up loving it

      • It’s possible. On the first viewing movies often clash with one’s expecations, while you can only really appreciate the movie for what it actually is on the second try.

        • Didn’t you want more Klingon stuff? Didn’t you think bones needed more screen time? Didn’t Khan kinda go out like a punk?
          I’m going again on Tuesday night. I’m sure I’ll change my tune

          • Didn’t you want more Klingon stuff? Didn’t you think bones needed more screen time? Didn’t John Harrison kinda go out like a punk?
            I’m going again on Tuesday night. I’m sure I’ll change my tune

          • Nah, I kinda got an overdose of Klingons with Deep Space Nine. Besides, with all that foreshadowing there probably will be plenty of Klingons in the next Trek movie, should there be one.

            Yeah, Bones could have used more scenes, but it’s hard to shoehorn a medical doctor into scenes that don’t need one. He was already was out of place in the torpedo defusion scene.

            Nah, I think even a super human gets tired eventually, and taking multiple stun shots without going down is no small feat. He got blindsided… happens to the best of them.

            • Y’see I’ve only seen the reboot, wrath of k and 1 or 2 episodes of the original series so I’m viewing it from a different perspective. Should I watch DS9?

              • DS9 is awesome. especially season 5 and 6

              • DS9 is very good. It has interesting character dynamics with Starfleet as a stabilization force in a war-ridden region of space that is trying to establish peace. It has lot more facets than the other more clear cut Star Trek shows. Definitely more than just 50 shades of grey. ;)

              • Yes Watch DS9, first 3 season are a little bit ropey as it finds its feet and sets up the story beats for the rest of it’s run but once Worf arrives it really does pick up.

                Not saying that seasons 1-3 are bad (they’re not) but the number of brilliant episodes increases in Season 4 onwards

        • This is actually what happened with me with Iron Man 3.

          I was so pissed about the Mandarin on first viewing. Second viewing I knew what was coming and felt much better about the movie

          • I should be good then. Haven’t seen Iron Man 3 yet, but I already know about the twist and don’t care too much. ;)

        • totally agreed…there are many films that improve after watching a second time..

  5. Saw it last night in the UK.

    For fans of ST the series and the films there is so much to enjoy.

    There was one shot of the Enterprise that was taken straight out of the second ST movie and I actually shouted at the screen. In fact there were so many of those moments that I’m surprised I wasn’t thrown out.

    I can’t watch the film without a fan’s head on so I don’t know if it would have the same impact as someone who doesn’t get the references, but for me the original story / people it is based on was so fantastically well woven into this new alternate trek universe it would be impossible not to like it.

    That being said maybe the bolder move would have been to come up with a completely original story, but hey that’s what the third film will be right ?

    One moment near the end I think was put in there especially for the JJ Abrams TV show fans was the ship crashing into Alcatraz and utterly destroying it. No hard feelings for that TV show then !

    Not actually many spoilers in this post, as I really don’t want to, I want people to experience the whole thing as it is without prior knowledge.

    • I agree with you man, my friends had never seen a Star Trek film and during the big character reveal, they couldn’t understand why i was having what appeared to be a heart attack.

      The tribbles as well! i loved it.

      and the whole scene in the warp drive was so moving

      this was so well done and Abrams is the master of misdirection.

  6. Having Seen it the day it came out here in Australia and being a moderate trekkie i’ll say this. The film for hard-core dressed up and went to the midnight sessions this film is a 3/10 and totally messes with the mythology (as did the last) and fails to explore the mythology/ethics/morals and philosophies that a truly strong ‘pure’ trek film would have delved into.
    Where this movie misses the point is the Khan allegory to Lucifer in Miltons Paradise lost, who undergoes a very similar character ark.

    For people like me that are moderate trekkies and enjoy a good Sci Fi action paked adventure this is a strong 7 or 8. The action is great the banter fun and Scotty just makes some great comic relief. But it ultimatly feels shallow when things like Kirks death are given five – 10 seconds of breathing time in between insane action set pieces. Again the philosphies are not well explored nor the principals of what it means for Khan to be seeking justice rather than being simply a batsh*t terrorist. I feel like the movie could have been stronger if he was more likeable and they spent more time allowing for his character to be sympathized with.

    For people that havent seen star trek 2 this movie is awesome fun.

    Warp Speed in 3D was awesome and worthwhile seeing, even if the whole film was nothing but farting and then warp speed in 3D i would still think it great. Kirks death was imactful but the way out far too obvious, they also didn’t quite show how they got Khan to stay down they kinda skipped over that.

    What does everyone else think?

  7. Quality film, I thought the Khan twist was good and one that as a member of the audience you wanted to happen.

    At the same time it might have been better for John Harrison to just be a star fleet officer who was experimented on with knowledge that Khan had given to Archer. His reasoning for attacking star fleet could have then have been one to do with impact of war, an officer who was used to the idea of possibly giving his life for star fleet having to deal with the mental impact of potential all out war in which he would be a near indestructible WMD and wanting to protect the unawakened crewe from going through this again as they did in their previous war on earth – he viewed them as his surrogate family, hence his actions in the film. Then at the end of the film a very ill khan could have been shown, explanation to his illness could have been that his cryo chamber broke and archer wanted to keep extracting information from him and that is why he was not put back to sleep. Kirk would have then put them both to sleep at the conclusion of the film, as archer is now dead, saving two awesome villains for a future film.

    Overall though I did think the film was amazing (regardless of my previous paragraph, I just like suggesting alternative plots :) ). Really looking forward to the inevitable sequel that literally has no boundaries due to the five year mission and I like the fact that we could see this incarnation of Khan again, spiffing job Benedict!!! Visuals were amazing, amazing and more amazing. The sequence where the USS Vengence comes up behind the Enterprise during warp was soooooo cool, what a beast of a ship! The new look Klingons were cool to. Man they looked fricking hard as nails. That looks like a cool conflict on the horizon. Also the Enterprise has some pretty ladies on board these days ;) Great job team JJ and Bad Robot. Good acting all round. “Never trust a Klingon”, one of the many greatly delivered lines in the film. Waaaaay better than IM3 in my opinion. Potentially one of the movies of the summer. Will be going to see this again in the cinema :)

  8. So some people think its the best sequel ever, and others are dissapointed. Seems like every other damn movie that gets released.

    • Yeah, that’s because people have different tastes. There isn’t a single movie in existence that everyone likes.

      All you can really do in order to come to proper conclusion based on other people’s opinions is to look what else they like and don’t like, and compare how many overlaps you have with them.

      • Toy Story

          • Yes, Khan it is.

  9. It is terrific.

    There are a couple of painful moments in it. Spock screaming Khaaaaaan. Dear lord what were they thinking.

    There is also a cameo that is just forced. So bad.

    And the villain is Khan which means this is the third Wrath of Khan knock off in a row with Nemesis and trk 09 being copies also.

    And yet I loved the film despite the first two face palm moments.

    The scene were Spock cannot stop caalign Kirk captain is nice. The scene where Kirk is getting dressed down by Pike gives the film some depth very early.

    And over all there is a lot of terrific dialogue. I always remember Kirk as being on his game when it came to intellectually being sharper than those he was confronting and his confrontation with Admiral Marcus really shows that off.

    Pine really does capture the spirit of Kirk so well.

    • True, so here it is:

      Just like Abrams first Star Trek movie Into Darkness is a great space adventure ride. The character moments between Kirk, Spock, Bones, Uhura and Scotty were once again spot on. With all that quipping and banter they really recaptured the classic Star Trek magic that made the original series and movies so enjoyable. The whole cast does a wonderful job, although Simon Pegg should dial down Scotty’s quirkiness a notch or two. James Doohan’s Scotty was much a cooler and laid back guy with dry humor, while Pegg’s Scotty comes across as a bit too squirrely. Perhaps he had too much caffeine? All things considered it’s great, though.

      On top of that we have some fantastic action scenes and set pieces that really are a lot of fun to watch. Whereas similar scenes in the Star Wars prequels were just bland and boring Abrams really knows how to makes these scenes feel grounded and real and how to put me on the edge of my seat even though I already knew what the outcome would be. The volcano sequence in the beginning, the ship chase with the Klingons (with a lot of Star Wars feel) and the subsequent fight on the ground, the short space battle with the Dreadnought, the boarding scene Dead Space style, the loss of energy and the final showdown were are all just great and expertly executed. Fantastic sci-fi action all around that didn’t disappoint.

      However, at first I was kind of disappointed that they actually decided to revisit the Khan storyline, but they put a couple of nice twists on it that really reinvented the story and made it their own. In the end I was very happy about it. Cumberbatch does a great job as Khan, although he slipped into Bond villain mode a couple of times. His overacting in these scenes is nowhere near as bad as Montalban’s rendition, though. I liked him.

      The visual effects, sound and music was beyond criticism in my opinion. Everything top notch here. I can’t wait to see that Into Darkness again and again. Loved it!

      My score: 4.5/5

  10. Reading a lot of the press reviews, it does seem that a certain level of Trek knowledge is required (hopefully I measure up) with lots of nods to cannon (which was supposed to of been discarded with the alternate universe in Trek’09) and I think the “K” word is mentioned which if true is a shame as awesome as “K” is something new would be refreshing.

    Be nice if they could explore new worlds, seek out new civilisations and to boldly go where noone has gone before……

    Still can’t wait to see it next week though

  11. ScreenRant, great job posting a spoiler thread so early for this. I wouldnt mind being spoiled for this one. I know how some people like to comment spoilers in non-spoiler threads. Keep up the great work!

  12. @Ben Kendrick – my comment has been in moderation for around 50 mins now. Is there a problem with it? Or is it just because its a long post? Just wondering…

    • Hahaha, classic! As soon as I post this it has been moderated. Cheers Ben :)

    • No problem! We’ve got an auto-mod set up for the word Khan – to keep people from spoiling the film in non-spoiler threads until the film opens in the US. So, that affects this thread too, unfortunately! But, we did want to put a post so that viewers who have seen the film could start talking about it. We’re going to try to keep an eye on this post as best we can to make sure there isn’t too much of a delay in getting any Khan-related comments unflagged!

      • Have you seen it yet? Could you some up your view in 3 words?

        • Sum

          • It’s more than three words but the best I can give you is: star wars is in safe hands

            • hell yea it is…great six words!

        • I have seen it. Still embargoed though! Our official review (along with some interviews) will launch alongside the US release Weds.

  13. The main spoiler people are really looking for here is the fact it is indeed a Wrath of Khan(berbatch) movie, as a whole, I really enjoyed it, I’m not a die hard Trekkie although I did watch the movie with one who found it as thoroughly enjoyable as I did, definite must see for Trek and Science fiction fans alike

  14. Going to echo some other posts:

    This film is really good. I don’t want to go blowing my balls saying its the new dark knight or anything, but as a lifelong star trek fan, this is the kind of film the 8 year old version of me would have loved to see. For me, it’s a masterclass in delivering a sequel that is better than the original.

    I’m going to need to see it again, but this film was fun from start to finish. The pacing is spot on, the effects and set pieces are epic, without going over the top, and each character and actor is just right for the story.

    Khan is well realised by Cumberbatch. I have never met a genetically enhanced super being, but if I did, I would expect it to behave like Khan does in this film. At points I was almost rooting for him.

    My overall favourite part has to be way in which the effects of the first film ripple out into the new timeline and change what happens from the original timeline. If it had not have been for Nero’s attack, then Kirk etc would have found Khan as they did in TOS. However, after the attack Starfleet went on the defensive found Khan and used him to make advanced tech. Genius! That one change meant that when it came to the crunch, it was Kirk who got the life ending dose of radiation, not Spock.

    Other great bits:
    1. The chase/battle at warp speed.
    2. The new warp effect in general – in 3D!
    3. Khan taking a rage beating from Kirk and not even caring.
    4. The little engineer dude.
    5. Spock shouting Khan. Started as another Noooooooooo! but I think given Spock’s character it fitted.
    6. Sulu showing some Captain credentials.
    7. Kirk (character and performance) is a lot better this time around.

    I can’t really think of any negatives. Loved it.

    • One thing I will say though is, if Bones needed Khan’s blood to save Kirk, why not just defrost one of the other super dudes in sick bay and use that? That way Spock could’ve just carried on punching.

      • Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Also, why would he need him alive? I’m sure the blood would still be good for as long as it would take to get a sample, even if he was dead. From that I’ve seen the Abrams Trek phasers don’t vaporize people yet.

        • Possible Cumberbatch unfreezing in Trek 3? J.J. Abrams is a smart cookie and it would be a bit of a shame to limit your ability to use such a fantastic Actor/character again (if the story fits logically). I too thought that using one of the other crew members’ blood would have been the way to go, but I wasn’t put off by the ending in any way.

          • Bones knew for a fact that Khan’s blood could bring Kirk back to life and he had no time to ‘bring back to life’ one of the other crew members properly. There was a line of dialogue that stated if someone is taken out of cryostasis too quickly, it could kill them. That’s why when they did take one of the crew members out of the cryostasis tube to put Kirk in it, Bones said “Keep him in a medically induced coma.” Also keeping Khan ‘alive’ means they could use him for Star Trek 3.

        • It was no sure thing that the blood from the others would work. Why risk it when they new for a fact that Kahn’s blood did work on the marsupial? I think it played out well. Also, they wanted Spock to stop so he wouldn’t kick Kahn off the hover freight carrier and risk losing him and his super-cell blood for good..

      • Maybe it was just too risky to defrost another superdude and have hi/her run amok too!?

  15. watching the movie this Sunday, sneak preview for the military.

  16. Really good film my only problem is the amount of knowledge needed. I know nothing about star trek besides what the first film had so the khan twist and all the other nods flew right over my head. At times the visualls distracted from the story which isnt exactly a complaint. Really good 4/5 second fav film of the summer

  17. I was bitterly disappointed. I knew Khan was going to be involved but I was really shocked by just how much stuff got recycled from The Wrath of Khan. Why bother? It just shows a complete lack of imagination on the writer’s part.

    The plot seemed ludicrous in places and will not stand up to scrutiny. This film is great if you’re not a fan of the old Star Trek. If you are a long time Trekkie, like myself, you could find yourself alienated a little by what you see here.

    And I REALLY tried to like it. Perhaps I just need to watch it a bunch of times again.

    Star Trek Into The Wrath of Khan II

    • I guess I agree that it does show something of a lack of imagination I can understand why. If they used khan but changed too much every moderate (like myself) to full Trekkie would lose their sh*t. They have to appeal to so many different groups that they had to do their best to cover all. My biggest dissapointment was that khan and his crew were not left on SETI alpha 5 ( at least that’s what I think it was called) like in the original series.

  18. So disappointed in this movie…

    I’m a Star Trek Fan and I think Wrath of Khan was the best Star Trek movie. There was no reason to redo or reimagine that movie.

    In Wrath of Khan the crew had almost 20 years together. They had a history and fans had the same connection to them as they did to each other. Without that connection the impact of everything that follows doesn’t hit as hard. The death scene at the end just doesn’t mean anything if the crew has only been together for a couple of years.

    Also in Wrath of Khan, Khan had GREAT motivation. Khan wanted to kill Kirk. He didn’t care about anything else. He just wanted to make Kirk suffer as much as he believed Kirk had made him suffer. He wanted revenge for the death of his wife and being stranded on a world that became inhospitable shortly after Kirk dropped him off. Now Khan is just a home grown terrorist with an assumed name.

    • You’re not thinking in timelines my friend. As Q would say you must open yourself up to new ways of thinking that something done in the future can have an impact on the past. Remember we are reimagining the beginning of the 5 year mission before Space Seed and before Wrath of Khan. So in this reimaging the Bottany Bay was not found by Kirk. So from then on the story will fold significantly different and you cannot expect a Wrath of Khan movie similar to the first one because this is the first interaction between Kirk and Khan in the new timeline. Remember the characters do not know what you know.

      • It’s essentially the same story though, they even threw in original Spock to let you know that it was pretty much the same guy. I fully agree that in the future it can go any one of a thousand directions but from the reveal that he is Khan on, it was just about the same story line, they just swapped Kirk and Spock. That’s not to say it was a bad movie, but for those who have seen the original Wrath of Khan, it felt way too familiar.

  19. I’m glad I read other, less glossy reviews before coming here. I knew the first couple of posters would shill for the movie, as being the greatest movie of all time. I fully intend to spoil the living —- out of myself, before paying to see this.
    Orci and Kurtzman write exactly the same movie every time now. Humor that kills the drama, overblown explosion pieces, and over-dramatized scenes that leave you wondering “why are they doing THIS, at this point?”

    So Cumberbach is Khan. Big surprise there. Now Bay isn’t the only Hollywood liar / director. To proceed with even more nonsense points, what was the purpose of all the secrecy anyway? Wait, don’t answer that. It either has to do with rampaging ego, or the almighty dollar, so in either case, I don’t want to know.

    • So, I’m a shill for liking the movie, am I? What does that make you? A plant from a competing studio trying to badmouth it? ;)

  20. Overall i enjoyed it a lot. It was fun and entertaining to watch and did provide general excitement. As a summer blockbuster it was superior to IM3 in the sense that it was far more subtle and wittier with it’s humour but never allowed the comedic moments to take away from the seriousness of the story.

    Pine was excellent and the movie definitely has him more centre stage than the other characters. Pegg managed to make a bigger impression than Quinto, Saldana and Urban for sure.

    Now onto the main talking point. Khan. Whilst not as bad a use of a big villain as per IM3, It just didn’t feel right. Was the character’s inclusion necessary? not really. Did it hurt the films quality? Probably not either. Cumberbatch did carry a threat for sure but needed more screen time to truly dominate. I feel the writers went wrong in that at the start Khan is an all out villain, then halfway through things are change to the point where he’s almost one of the good guys before shifting again. This constant changing with the character’s motivation just affected the overall impact that the character could’ve had. I think the movie was better with Anderson as an original character.

    I also feel they overdid it with all the Wrath of Khan references. Now to younger audiences who haven’t seen the 1982 movie this wouldn’t have mattered. But i guess it just shows again the lack of originality from this rebooted franchise. The Khan role itself felt underwritten and then switching it so Kirk makes the sacrifice instead of Spock had little impact as you knew they were going to revive him anyway. Spock screaming ‘Khan!!!’ was just silly and at the stage they were taking it too far.

    I still liked it but as with IM3 it kinda had a ‘so what’ feeling towards the end. Yes these films are far more flashier and exciting than the older Trek movies, but they also lack the sense of meaning or substance that those films had. For anyone that hasn’t seen Wrath of Khan, you should watch it and then you would see exactly what was lacking from Into Darkness.

    Still the best summer blockbuster of 2013 so far.

  21. Do they explain how K h a n is suddenly caucasian? Nothing that happened prior to the changing in the timeline caused by Nero’s introduction in Trek ’09 would have been affected, so how is it that K h a n’s ethnicity is different?

    • Khan to my knowledge was actually originally intended to be Caucasian with European ancestry, it wasn’t until they saw that other actor that they wrote him slightly differently.

      • The original intent of the screenwriter is one thing, but what ended up on film was an antagonist of Indian ancestry who was quite obviously not caucasian. If this is not addressed in the film, it only goes to prove how very little the writers – two of the biggest, laziest, most uncreative hacks in the industry, in my opinion – and Abrams – who I am also not fond of – care about crafting a solid story. Special effects are no substitute for a good script, and that is not to be expected from the Bad Robot crew. Trek ’09 had one of the dumbest screenplays in recent memory and only just skated by on the chemistry of its cast. But make no mistake, it was a very dumb movie and while I haven’t seen the film myself, there are things in it that I’ve read about that lead me to believe that Into Darkness will be just another glib “turn-off-your-brain-and-you’ll-like-it” product from the Abrams/Orci/Kurtzman/Lindelof brain trust.

        • are you serious…you obviously have no idea what you are talking about

    • I think that’s why the the sick child at the beginning was half Indian/half black. He could just be part Indian

    • Besides, the original K h a n looks Caucasian

  22. Besides, the original Khan looks Caucasian

    • Ricardo Montalbán was from Mexico. Back in the day it wasn’t specified and you really didn’t notice that much.
      My problem is why do this Kahn thing at all? It shows a virtual lack of imagination. Wrath of Kahn was the best of the films and considered high on the list of sci-fi films in general. There is no creativity in Hollywood today. Thus all the bad remakes. Abrams and Orci thought they’d just retool something that worked and get a free ride. I’ve seen other efforts by these two. Big hype and little thought or substance when you get to the end. Overall about what I expected.

      • Yeah, I didn’t think he looked Indian. Maybe not Caucasian but definitely not Indian

        • Ricardo Montalban was a Mexican actor playing an Indian character. Either way, K h a n is clearly not caucasian and it is definitively established in “Space Seed” that K h a n is Indian in origin.

    • He definitely does not look caucasian in “Space Seed” which predates the event in Trek ’09 that led to the timeline change. His change of ethnicity is a major plot point that must be addressed because nothing that happened before that event was altered.

      • I should be clear: “Space Seed” does not predate the moment of the timeline alteration in Trek ’09, but in “Space Seed” it is established that Khan is a genetically-engineered superhuman of Indian origin from the year 1996. Therefore, since his birth predates the moment of the timeline alteration, there is no logical way his ethnicity could have been altered. So, why is he caucasian in Star Trek Into Darkness?

        • becoz benicio del toro pulled out!

        • Actually. Did anyone pay attention to Admiral Marcus Office. You saw the NX-01 Enterprise.

          Archers Enterprise encountered a faction of the Augments/Eugenics. So the information on the Botany Bay is already part of Starfleet Record. So it would not be out the realm for Section 31 to follow the projected path the Botany Bay would have taken for 300 Years as a Vessel traveling at less than sublight speed. The ship could have only gotten so far in 300 years at space normal speed.

      • Noted. I’ve only seen JJ’s films but am interested in the lore.

  23. I constantly see people calling this a nod to “wrath of khan”, and in all fairness it is becoming somewhat annoying. Ill grant that its possible a lot of the commentors are “modern” trekkie fans and possibly have limited knowledge of “the original series”.

    In Wrath of Khan, Kirk and crew had allready encountered Khan and his followers. Leadi g to the latter groups exile and subsequent decimation. This in turn leads to their eventual escape and “Mobey Dickensian” hunt for Kirk and vengeance. In Wrath Kirks age is given as 49, as opposed to an estimated age of around 28 during their first encounter during the original series episode “Space seed”.

    Jump back now to the 09 Trek movie, where kirk is around 20 by dates given. Then come forward to into darkness and kirik is now stated to be 25, and at the conclusion of the movie Kirk and the Enterprise crew once again embark on their 5 year journey having allready met and defeated Khan.

    Basically the two modern movies have only just reached the chronological start of the Star Trek story let alone the era in which the original motion pictures were set. So its impossible for either of them to honestly be considered a remake so much as a prequel to a now altered timeline. That Khan has allready featured is clearly a side effect of the timeline changes.

    From here they can really take it in any direction they want and it would still take the another 20 years before they reached the point in time that Wrath i habits. So rather than try to poi t out their lack of imagination or fualty story telling, maybe sit back and wait 20 years and see what happens.

    • thank you

  24. I constantly see people calling this a nod to “wrath of khan”, and in all fairness it is becoming somewhat annoying. Ill grant that its possible a lot of the commentors are “modern” trekkie fans and possibly have limited knowledge of “the original series”.

    In Wrath of Khan, Kirk and crew had allready encountered Khan and his followers. Leadi g to the latter groups exile and subsequent decimation. This in turn leads to their eventual escape and “Mobey Dickensian” hunt for Kirk and vengeance. In Wrath Kirks age is given as 49, as opposed to an estimated age of around 28 during their first encounter during the original series episode “Space seed”.

    Jump back now to the 09 Trek movie, where kirk is around 20 by dates given. Then come forward to into darkness and kirik is now stated to be 25, and at the conclusion of the movie Kirk and the Enterprise crew once again embark on their 5 year journey having allready met and defeated Khan.

    Basically the two modern movies have only just reached the chronological start of the Star Trek story let alone the era in which the original motion pictures were set. So its impossible for either of them to honestly be considered a remake so much as a prequel to a now altered timeline. That Khan has allready featured is clearly a side effect of the timeline changes.

    From here they can really take it in any direction they want and it would still take the another 20 years before they reached the point in time that Wrath inhabits. So rather than try to poi t out their lack of imagination or fualty story telling, maybe sit back and wait 20 years and see what happens.

  25. So everyone that is complaining about Khans ethnicity, I suppose you are also upset about Perry White and Electro being portrayed by African American actors when the characters have traditionaly been white guys? I for one couldn’t care less, I just want to see good acting.

    • Perry White and Max Dillon could be African American names though. Khan Singh doesn’t really have a caucasian ring to it, does it. Might as well have created an entirely new character

    • No, because it isn’t the same thing. Man of Steel and Amazing Spider-Man 2 take place in their own universes that are completely disconnected from everything that came before them. The changes to the ethnicity of Perry White and Electro in those films are perfectly logical. They aren’t violating any previously established rules for their respective worlds and are perfectly consistent. The universe of the new Trek movies is the exact same universe of the original television series up until the point of Nero’s arrival and the destruction of the Kelvin in the beginning of Trek ’09. Therefore, it is not consistent for K h a n’s ethnicity to be different in Star Trek Into Darkness than what it was in “Space Seed” because the K h a n of 20th century Earth is the exact same K h a n of 23rd century Earth. This is a major plot failing and a sign of complete indifference to good storytelling on behalf of the writers and director.


      • IMHO if a character’s ethnicity is important to the characterisation of said character then yes, the ethnicity of the actor portraying the character does matter. For example, it would be wrong to have a black man portray James Bond as it’s been established over the years that he’s a Caucasian Scotsman. However, a character like Perry White, who although has previously been portrayed as Caucasian, ethnicity isn’t intrinsic to his characterisation, but his gruff, no-nonsense nature is. Likewise, if you’re going to have a character named Khan Singh, chances are the character’s meant to be South Asian. Just my humble two cents.

  26. I wanted to see the Klingon war they intimated at, not a remake of wrath of Khan, and I certainly don’t want to wait four or five years to see this war. The first third of the movie, I thought, was excellent, pretty much up to the reveal of Kahn, then it turned into a remake, this was just simply lazy writing, they didn’t even change many of the lines, just switched them and the death scene about, which, owing to time constraints, meant less than nothing – Kirk dead, one top of train fight later (when Kahn suddenly turned into a pu… wimp – after defeating all those Klingons), Kirk alive.
    Marcus should have been the main villain, starting a war with the Klingons – that would have made Star Trek Reboot fresh and exciting.
    The effects, music, 3D and action were all awesome, let down by the tired writing in the Kahn Remake part.

    • Think you summed it up just about perfectly. Overall not a bad movie, but the story felt lazy once it revealed Khan. Looking forward to the Klingon war though, if it happens since they’re just now starting on their five year exploration journey.

  27. We have seen it yesterday in 3D and it was well worth it. I have to repeat (as mentioned in my Prometheus review)I am certainly NOT a SciFi fan by any stretch, but this was a great sequel and very well made in 3D. Often you wouldn’t care about the 3D, but in this case it enhanced the experience greatly.
    One thing was strange: I don’t know if this is in the movie or was just a glitch in our theater, but in all the scenes on the bridge there were colored glares sometimes all across the screen caused by light leaking into the cameras !?
    I couldn’t believe that they would tolerate something like that in such a high budget movie.
    Any comment?

    Otherwise a full 5 stars from me