‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ – SR Underground Ep. 92 (w/ Roberto Orci)

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The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode ninety-two of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, Kofi Outlaw and special guest Vic Holtreman as we review Star Trek Into Darkness followed by a spoiler-filled conversation with writer and executive producer Roberto Orci.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 92 - ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

We review Star Trek Into Darkness followed by a spoiler-filled conversation with writer and executive producer Roberto Orci.

[0:00] Review: Star Trek Into Darkness (read our full written review)

[39:32] Star Trek Into Darkness SPOILERS conversation (check out our full spoilers discussion)

[1:30:28] Interview [SPOILERS]: Star Trek Into Darkness writer and executive producer Roberto Orci.

[1:57:06] Twitter Handles and Contact Information.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw – with special guest Vic Holtreman.



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  1. Whoa! Already! Cool!

  2. Whoa, whats with the Friday podcast?

    • Just wanted to get it out a few days early since it was ready!

      • Oh great. I have nothing at all to do today, so I’m gonna give it a listen.

    • Super special awesome Star Trek secret edition!


    • I was shocked to see him haha I never knew he got cast in a role

  4. Oh snaps! I haven’t seen it yet… :(

  5. Really awesome how you guys got Roberto Orci to do this episode. I’m looking forward to listening to it. Still need to catch up with last week’s…

  6. I remember chatting with Joe Gatt, a few months ago about him in Star Trek: ITD, We were also talking Star Wars, too… How cool would it be if he showed upi in Star Wars?

  7. About the mind-control worms, I think they went with a more realistic, terrorist type take on that by having Jon Harrison manipulate Noel Clarke’s character to attack London, which also alludes to the movie’s theme of “is there anything you would not do for your family.”

  8. About the mind-control worms, I think they went with a more realistic, terror type take on that by having Jon Harrison manipulate another character to attack London, which also alludes to the movie’s theme of family.

  9. I thought it was pretty great and like Vic it was one of my most anticipated for the summer(Man of Steel #1) but I admit I watched more of Next Generations TV Show & caught up with the original Star Trek Movies/TV Show, so I don’t consider myself a purist. I can kinda get why some people say it’s more Star Wars then Star Trek but at the same time the timeline is altered so I get why things are different in terms of the tone/feel but a retread/homage of the same stuff would probably have been worse(see Superman Returns)

    Ben I think it’s better that you wanted more from this movie then if it was too long but Benedict Cumberbatch owns with action & presents, I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed it as much if it was Benecio Del Toro because the “freshface” aspect really made it better.

    I feel like Alice Eve does well for what her part called for but I think they did that on purpose to play up her role in the sequel, which makes sense as far as furthering the growth of Kirk.

    I thought of Rob when I saw Joe Gatt!!!

    • :)

  10. 1 – Fast Six
    2 – The Hangover Part III
    3 – Star Trek
    4 – Epic
    5 – Iron Man 3
    10 – Peeples

  11. I think the guy that got blown out the airlock by Scotty is the “Redshirt Death” of the film. Technically he is a security officer for a federation ship. :-p

    • That’s true, but it usually applies to red shirts going on away teams. That leads to one common outcome, haha

      • I laughed so hard when Kirk told Chekov to put on a red shirt and Chekov gave a very concerned look.

  12. I just saw the movie and came back home and put this podcast on (I’ve never listened to a podcast ever!). But I wanted to ask if you guys noticed another easter egg:

    In one of the earlier conversations between Carol and Kirk, she mentions that she knows Christine Chapel and implies that Kirk slept with her. I believe Christine Chapel was the nurse in the original series played by Majel Barrett, aka Mrs. Roddenberry :)

    • Fingolfin225,

      Ah! That’s right – totally forgot about that one. :)

  13. I didn’t get too far. After I listened to the first ten to fifteen minutes, I decided to shut the podcast down. All the reviewers said, “I love Star Trek: Into Darkness… like… like… like… I love Star Trek: Into Darkness”. While I do love listening to these podcasts, I found this particular one rather annoying.

    Second, Roberto Orci is most likely a nice guy; however, I did not like his script for “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”, “Mission Impossible III”, and “Watchmen”. I do not know. When it comes to “Star Trek: Into Darkness”, I will approach it with an open mind.

    • Thanks Vic for making the podcast available.

    • So… you only like the podcasts that slam movies? If we all happen to agree a movie is good (for once), what are we supposed to do? And if you’d listened further, we did have a few nitpicks with it.

      • “So… you only like the podcasts that slam movies?” ~ Vic


        Absolutely untrue. I do not know where you came up with that idea. I am not going to even guess. *rolls eyes* When it comes to the “Star Trek” franchise, I am approaching it with some tough love. Regardless about what anyone says about the movie, I will have to see it before drawing any conclusions. While I respect the interviewer’s opinions, I would have liked to have heard the critique first. If everyone held back the gushing, until the end, I would have taken the reviews a little more seriously. Once I heard, “I love… I love… I love…”, I felt like the podcast was going to be filled with hero worshiping. Its introduction told me everything I needed to know about this particular podcast. I do not need to hear an hour of “I love it…. I love it…”.

        • As a rule you should always listen/read/watch the whole thing before you pass judgment. Reviews usually follow some kind of structure, and it’s not uncommon that some of them list the pros first and then get to the cons later, or vice versa.

          “While I respect the interviewer’s opinions, I would have liked to have heard the critique first. If everyone held back the gushing, until the end, I would have taken the reviews a little more seriously. ”

          No, you don’t respect their opinions. If you did you would have stuck around and let them make their case why they loved it. And the notion that hating something is to be taken more seriously than loving it is downright ridiculous.

        • Marcus –

          In general, the criticisms tend to come in the spoilers section – because we are talking about specifics at that point. Especially in the case of Star Trek into Darkness, a film most of us really enjoyed, there was a lot of spoilery info – and we were trying to be very careful about not getting too specific and ruining listeners’ experience with the film ahead of time. As a result, the first part is general impressions – maybe more so than usual. We definitely didn’t trash this one like we’ve done some films in the past but there were plenty of questions and criticisms that were raised later on.

          That said, as you know, our podcast is designed to be casual (while analytical at the same time) – but this means that sometimes we might be harder or easier on a film than we would be in a full-fledged written review. We want it to be natural conversation – not a forced program where we feel obligated to cover every base.

          That’s why we have the written review on the site – to provide a calculated critical analysis of a film. I was actually pretty happy with this episode – and think it has a lot to offer people who’ve seen the movie. Especially since we get to ask Orci questions about some of the biggest points of contention. Still, if this one wasn’t for you, no worries!

          • The problem with the spoilers section on the screen rant podcast is before you guys get to spoilers you say the words “when we get to spoilers” 50 times. I wish the team would just give details about the film, a little review like what is on the site, then go directly into spoilers. For me it would be better if you spent much more time in spoilers talking about the film or films of the week. You know you could do more than 1 film as well.

            Just my opinion guys, love the podcast and listen every week

            • I can definitely understand what you mean. I think, in general, we’re trying to also get as much info out non-spoilers for people still trying to decide if they want to see the film – which, in some cases, leads to holding info back and breaking up the convo. Sometimes we can talk a lot about a movie without spoiling it, other times we do end up having to reserve certain parts for later discussion.

              I can understand why that would be frustrating sometimes – good for us to keep in mind.

      • In all honesty, the movie was really that good, everything just clicked and the character interactions, especially Karl Urban as McCoy, were fantastic. It doesn’t surprise me that the guys at Screen Rant praised it so much.

        • I actually didnt like carl urban this time around. Idk if the way he talks but it felt weird. But loved everyone else

          • I agree. McCoy seemed a little forced this time around like they tried to get as many one-liner complaints for him in as possible.

  14. Movie was good but subject matter no go. Being old trekie, Khan was 1st seen by Kirk in year 2267 in 2/16/1967 T.V. show. Where as movie is suppose to be in year 2146. How does that work? Maybe newbies won’t catch it but as is story line just doesn’t work. Great action flim bad story line for me anyway as old trekie.

    • Easy. The destruction of Vulcan and the annihilation of a big part of Starfleet’s ship destabilized relations in the sector. As a result Starfleet was more militarized, more patrols were flown and because of that the sleeper ship was discovered much sooner than it was in the original timeline, and by a different ship. There: a completely plausible explanation. You may not like it but it absolutely works.

      • Now your talking time travel? May work for you not me. If that’s the case should have sent Khan and crew out on the botany bay at end of movie so Kirk could find Khan in 2267 and tell everyone oh I forgot we defeated this bad guy in 2146. Because Kirk would have been so old he could have claimed he forgot. Yeah right. Face it bad story line for people that know Star-Trek.

        • Yes, time travel. Remember? The story of Star Trek (2009)? If that doesn’t work for you shouldn’t have watched Into Darkness, because every movie in the reboot universe will build on the consequences of that time travel. Take it or leave it.

          • THANK YOU!!! Now go to the spoilers and the review thread and tell the guys who are bashing the film for this very reason this.

            Someone should really do something about those guys spoiling the movie on the non spoiler page.

            Screenrant… are you listening?

            • We’ve been monitoring the review for spoilers and certain key words are already on auto-mod but… people are finding ways around it and it’s been hard to keep up. We’re trying though!

            • Yeap, I tried to dissect that in the cast, with regards to new Vulvan changing Kirk and Starfleet’s efforts (which is how they found you know who earlier in this timeline)

        • Um the first movie occurred in 2258

    • Ghost, STID takes place in 2259.

      • Nero traveled back in time in 2233,

        A lot of different things happened between the 25 year span. Hence all the stupid complaints by the people who don’t accept the 09 film or didn’t pay attention and expect this one to be Canon to the original timeline. *facepalm*

        Spock and the 09 movie happened in 2258

        Into Darkness is 2259

        Their first 5 year mission is 2260.

        I’m really REALLY excited to see how this plays out. I really want to know if the Enterprise will actually travel to the edge of the milky way galaxy like they did in the original timeline.

        *giggles like a girl*

        The original timeline their first five year mission is 2269.

        Can’t wait for Star Trek 3.

  15. I don’t think the villain in the 1st Star Trek was lackluster as one of you said in the podcast, I think he should have been used in the movie more. At first I thought the same thing but after re-watching it, I noticed.
    Well…between this podcast(spoiler free part) and a toss up of a coin giving Trek 2 out of 3 over IM3, I am going to see Star Trek today..mu..s..t re..s..ist… IM3….

  16. Before i listen i just hope you guys dont crap on it, i had to stop listening to igns keepin it reel 209 because they wouldnt stop b**ching about the film with their stupid nitpicks. Way more so than kofis rant on ironman 3 and very intolerable as they werent even critiques.
    Okay, that said, lets download.

    • Alright, glad you guys recognize that this is a GOOD movie and liked it, as did I.

    • That website should remain nameless but it’s true they really lauded over Shane Black & how ridiculously funny Iron Man 3 was & then bagged/nitpicked Star Trek like it was supposed to be one of the great works to stand the test of time, it was actually pretty disappointing for them to go that rout.

  17. Just saw Star Trek best action movie so far this year

    • Totally agree. 4.3/5 …Ha

  18. Isaw Star Trek last night and I LOVED it. I thought the story overall was better than the first, and I thought the cast did a job well done (With special emphasis on Cumberbatch. He didn’t have many scenes but he stole the show in the scenes he did have). My favorite scenes are when Kirk and the gang go to Kronos to capture Harrison, as well as the all out brawl between Spock and Harrison at the end. It was a good film that I can’t wait to own.

    What I really liked was the revelation that John Harrison was Khan(I figured he was for a while now). The only nitpick I had was that they hinted at the “Eugenics Wars”. I wish they had gone into that a bit more (though I know that would have given away his identity sooner into the film).

    Mr. Glass

    • That’s exactly my thought – they gloss over the history behind the character as if there’s no time for it. But, that element of the story is pretty interesting. I’d have happily sat through a bit more exposition there.

      • Ben,

        I would have enjoyed hearing about the Eugenics Wars as well. In fact, I was thinking that the minute (or less) that we saw of Kirk with the “Tailed alien women” could have been used to talk about Eugenics Wars, (Or at least flesh out Carol Marcus’ character some more).

        The only problem would have been that talking about the EW would have given away Harrison’s identity alot earlier. One thing’s for sure, I hope that’s not the last we’ve seen of Khan in this time line. Although I’d like the next film to revolve around exploration, the idea of Khan and the other Augments attempting to take over again sounds VERY cool(He hinted that that was their ultimate goal in the film).

        Mr. Glass

  19. @Ben.: I was listening to the podcast,and I agree with you completly about the need to have epanded on some plot elements. A good example of is when we find out that Harrison is Khan, he alludes to the “Eugenics Wars” in passing. It would have been nice if they had expaned on that(That was a slight let down to an otherwise fantastic film).

    @Kofi: You asked which portrayal of Khan was better. While I like both portrayals, I thought Cumberbatch’s Khan was more dangerous. That’s becuase If you think about Kirk’d dealings with Khan (i.e. “Space Seed” and “Wrath of Khan”), he benefitted from the fact that Khan had no real military knowledge. In “Wrath”, Spcok acknowledges this saying “He’s intelligent, but not experienced”. In this universe, that goes out the window by virtue of the fact that Khan was involved with Section-31(Working as an agent, designing weapons for Admiral Marcus..etc.). That means he was in a good position to attack Starfleet. That said, Ido like both performances(Montalban, to me, was a legend.I iked his performance in “Space Seed” more than “Wrath”).

    Mr. Glass

    • Exactly, I would have loved to hear more about the Eugenics war – and how it informs this alternate timeline.

  20. …New Drinking game , …Between the first reboot and this one everytime you see a ” Lens Flare”…Take a shot..

    • Ud be dead in 25 minutes lol

      • That sounds like a pretty accurate timeframe.

      • After the first opening 10 minutes your BAC is close to Alcohol Poisoning.

    • there actually wasnt as much flare in this one.

  21. I agree with pretty much everything. Especially the part about the klingons and there 0 development and honor thing.. i also hated the
    Klingon fight scene. It was like a dust filled droid battle and the camera cutting and moving everywhere made it unwatchable for me. I couldnt only bare to watch when the camera stopped moving on cumberbatch. All in alk 4/5 it excelled because great dialouge. (Which i found far more entertaining than the action)

    • The fight sequences were dirtied up quite a bit and I agree it was hard to actually see their fighting skill.

  22. The film was OK. I’m becoming less a fan of Abrams with each film he makes. STOP with the close up’s dude, and get a steady cam. Cloverfield was great but I wanted to puke after being bounded around for 2 hours. It’s the same with S.T.I.D. The SPFX were outstanding, the story was OK. I’m really glad I didn’t see it in 3D or imax…jmo

    • I loved this movie, it was well done. But I do agree, during the fighting with the Klingons… It could have been done without the close ups.

      But overall, I give this movie a 4.9 out of 5. Undiscovered Country still being my number one favorite Trek movie of all time. This one definitely up in the top three.

  23. One of my favorite moments is when Kirk tells Checkov to go put on a red shirt and chekov’s reaction. As we all know in the original series everyone who dies is wearing a red shirt…cool Easter egg

  24. Man, I thought Chekov was doomed when Kirk told him to put a red shirt on. I was like, “Wow. That’s some blatant foreshadowing right there!” Happy he made it through the film though.

    It was great to hear the SR Underground team just gush about a film on the podcast. That hasn’t happened in a while. This film was really awesome. Cumberbatch, the returning cast, the action, the character moments. It was great. My grandpa is a huge Trekkie (a lot more so than me. I’m only into this franchise because of the Abrams movies) and he enjoyed it as much as I did. It was cool.

    Ben, I agree. I think someone has to die for the third one… I wrote about this with a theory on how to bring the series full circle: http://whatculture.com/film/star-trek-into-darkness-4-major-questions-it-poses-for-the-future.php/4

    • Awesome. I’ll check out the link.

  25. I saw the movie last night and loved it. I imediately went home and watched Space Seed on Netflix. I know it’s a minor point but since the Eugenics wars took place in the mid 1990′s and we now know that really didn’t happen. Was there a way of explaining this?

  26. Man, this is the movie to beat this summer. The only one on the horizon with a chance of matching this is Man of Steel. The movie was fantastic. Benedict was amazing, hell the entire cast was perfect. The action, everything. 4.5/5.

    • You might be surprised by The Wolverine…

  27. 1. Fast six
    2. Hangover
    3. Trek
    4. Epic
    5. Ironman
    10. Oblivion

  28. Did anyone get the Homage to Gene Roddenberry?

    • If you’re talking about pine’s look? yes !!!

  29. 1. Fast six
    2. Epic
    3. The hangover
    4. Trek
    5. Iron man
    10. Mud