‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Clip Reveals Klingons; New TV Spots and IMAX Poster

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The antagonist of director J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness is John Harrison, as played by the award-winning lead on BBC’s Sherlock TV mini-series, Benedict Cumberbatch. From the beginning, Paramount decided to make this enigmatic (former) Starfleet officer-turned “terrorist” – brought to life by Cumberbatch with a mix of sensitive vulnerability and ominous gravitas – the focal point of marketing for the much-discussed sci-fi blockbuster.

We’ve rounded up the latest Into Darkness TV spots and clips, which includes new footage of Harrison causing general mayhem. However, amidst the non-stop action and chilling Cumberbatch monologues, is a glimpse at the other antagonists: the Klingons, whose redesigned physical appearances in this film have been kept a secret up to now (for the public, anyway – see our Into Darkness set visit).

First, check out the second new Star Trek Into Darkness TV spot below:

Next, we have a clip/promo where Harrison deconstructs Uhura (Zoe Saldana) and threatens – or, rather, promises menacingly – to exploit her personal weaknesses for his gain, like he did for Kirk (Chris Pine) and Spock (Zachary Quinto) during the previously-released character featurettes. However, it’s within there that we get our first glimpse at the Klingons in the rebooted Star Trek continuity (without their armor and helmets on, that is).

Have a look at the clip below, followed by a screenshot of the Klingon (hat tip to Screen Crush):


star trek darkness klingon 570x380 Star Trek Into Darkness Clip Reveals Klingons; New TV Spots and IMAX Poster

It seems the famous Star Trek aliens have been altered to more closely resemble the Klingons featured in Star Trek: The Motion Picture; though, the general skin texture and multiple earrings are a newfound touch. Abrams has described their role in the story as “definitely adversarial,” but the indication seems to be the race has been wronged by the Federation and that is why they form an alliance (?) with Harrison against Starfleet (or, at least, are sympathetic to his cause).

Case in point: watch this recently-unveiled clip – where an enraged Kirk confronts his stoic prisoner (Harrison) – and decide if you think that the coordinates that are recited by Cumberbatch will take the Enterprise to a location where some hidden atrocity was committed by the Federation against the Klingons or another non-human race (and for those reading this who already know the answer – no spoilers, please).

This scene is a nice illustration of Cumberbatch’s serpentine approach to playing Harrison, who represents the kind of authoritarian, disciplined and principled leader that Kirk must evolve into over the course of the film; possibly, setting the stage for quite the emotional finale that could rival that of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (if everything goes to plan, that is).

However, before that happens, our favorite Captain and his trusted Enterprise crew will find themselves overwhelmed by Harrison and the firepower at his disposal – as reflected in the official IMAX poster (not the artwork by Mark Englert), with the U.S.S. Enterprise being pursed by the massive U.S.S. Vengeance (yep, that’s what it’s called).

Have a look at that one-sheet below:


star trek into darkness imax poster Star Trek Into Darkness Clip Reveals Klingons; New TV Spots and IMAX Poster———

Star Trek Into Darkness opens in (U.S.) theaters in 3D/IMAX on May 15th, 2013. It begins a regular theatrical release on May 17th.

Source: Paramount Pictures

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  1. I haven’t watched a STID clip in weeks in order to be somewhat surprised by the actual movie when I see it.

    • Ditto!

  2. ScreenRant – How did you guys find out the ship is called the U.S.S. Vengeance? And isn’t that a little bit of a spoiler??

      • Thanks! I was just wondering. Didn’t know if the whole Starfleet ship had anything to do with twists in the movie. Thanks Sandy!

        • No prob, that’s what I’m here for. 😉

    • John Paul Jones commanded the USS Vengeance in the Revolutionary War. FWIW

      • He also played bass and keyboards in Led Zeppelin. XD

  3. May I say the presence of Christopher Pike as mentor (almost father) to
    Kirk is and has been a great aspect of this reboot series and I hope
    that Pike survives long into sequels unlike the original series fate.

    The Bruce Greenwood casting as Pike is inspired, he is a favorite
    actor of mine, and when Bruce speaks he commands attention.

    Whilst I like seeing these clips, these are amongst the best,
    I have about OD’d on Star Trek previews and I prefer the
    almost stealth promotion of Man Of Steel by comparison.

    • I always thought Christopher Pike was a bland actor who played similar roles in everything he’s in.

      • His name was Jeffrey Hunter and if you think he was a bland actor, you clearly know nothing about great acting and early to mid 20th century cinema.

        • Jeffrey’s great performance at the age of 20 in The Searchers proved his
          talent working the greats of Hollywood and holding his own with all of them.

        • Plus, he played Jesus! Is Jesus not good enough for you?!

          Only kidding, but I believe that he did, and that’s what counts. Heh.

    • Agree with you about the Pike (Greenwood) character. Next to having Nimoy repise his role as the original Spock in the reboot, Pike was my favorite thing about the movie. I was otherwise unimpressed with it and am hoping that Into Darkness is better.

      • My favorite too…let’s hope Pike’s presence in this sequel
        is as prominent and pivotal as the trailers indicate it might be
        and that Pike lives long and prospers well into future installments.

      • I liked Greenwood’s Pike more than Quinto’s Spock. Kirk being different I understand, but Spock should be more aloof and aristocratic than Quinto plays him.

        The one very right part in Quinto’s role was his interplay w/McCoy: “If morale would be better served by my roaming the halls weeping, I will gladly defer to your medical advice.”

        Greenwood nailed it tho. He even looked a bit like Pike.

        Oddly, some old pics of Hunter make me think Ben Browder could have matched pretty well for the face, tho the manner might have needed work.

        • Quinto’s Spock is still young, thus more brash (if that can be said about a Vulcan) than a fully adult Vulcan. Also, Spock being half-breed, his temper should reflect his human side as well as his vulcan side. In this regard, Quinto’s Spock is more “spock-on” (hrmm, sorry) than Nimoy’s who was closer to the usual vulcan temper.

          • Yes. New Spock is potentially a more appropriate representation of a half breed, and that’s fine with me. Funny how people often remark that being half human should mean that his human emotions would make him different. Seems more reasonable to say that if anything it is his lack of pure Vulcan physiology that effects his ability to contain his emotions. The discipline that is learned may also have a connection to biology. But as for why he’d be moody…well, he’s a Vulcan. They have a lot of inner turmoil. I accept Quinto as a more in-touch-with-his-feelings version, perhaps attributable to the idea that it honors his deceased mother. In the opening of the first original movie, Spock is prepared to accept Kolinar and purge all emotion, thus symbolically choosing his father’s way while parting ways with his mother. This idea was touched on in the last movie, and she assured him it was fine, but when he sought that purging she was alive and well. In this reality, young Spock may honor his dead mother by seeking a balance that took the other Spock decades to even WANT. Plus, meeting old Spock, and seeing him comfortable in his skin (which he should be, it’s very loose fitting!) may have nudged him away from the desire to be cold and pure.

            Original Spock would pass for a pure blood to most eyes, whereas new Spock acts more like the vulcans before the teachings of Surak were recoved in the fantastic fourth season of Enterprise. In that series they were much closer to their feelings, remaining pretty calm but not constantly trying to display neutrality. The rediscovery of ancient texts written by the father of Vulcan wisdom himself, dating back to the times of the great divergence of the Romulans forefathers under the banner of the raptor, was kind of an important event in their history.

            The relevance and handling of trek lore in that season was absolutely unmatched. If you gave up on the show in the first two seasons, you should revisit it. Three was a bold, fun and worthy season, but four just kicked all kinds of ass.

            • Why would you find it funny? Emotions are the result of the brain’s inner workings, the direct consequence of our physiology. These two notions are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, they’re heavily connected.

              • Not sure I see what you are disagreeing with here… My point was that people often remark that if Spock is half human then he should be more emotional than the vulcans, and this to me is faulty reasoning, or at least a big assumption. Non-fans tend to think Vulcans have no emotion, whereas we know tht they are deeply emotional and so profoundly effected by their feelings that their entire culture grew towards the notion of strictly controlled emotion. (This dramatic choice led to the schism that separated all the one-day Romulans from the followers of Surak). So to simply say that his humanity would make him emotional is more of an uninformed statement, rather than an opinion about which elements of each species’ physiology would dominate in terms of emotional tendencies and physiological advantages or disadvantages regarding mental discipline. I didn’t see what point you were making, but maybe my wording was unclear.

                • Nerd fight!

                  • Jerm, grown-ups call it discussing, you might wanna learn to do that at some point in your life instead of mocking non-existent feuds.

                    Josh, I’m not disagreeing per se. I’m just stressing that the brain’s functions (such as emotions) can’t be separated from its physiology. Thus, different species probably having different physiologies, their brains feel emotions differently and a half-breed WILL be different from full-bloods. Though I’m not as well-versed in Trek lore as you, I never said vulcans ARE less emotional than humans and I understand they only ACT less emotional. I have seen the 2009 reboot and that’s clear enough. Maybe it is my own wording (or understanding) which was unclear: although I happen to speak a pretty good english, it’s not my native language and I can still make errors.

                    • Sorry you do not have a sense of humor. Being a nerd myself, I tend to laugh at things like this.

                    • It’s all good folks. No bad blood here, just talking. Bfg666 is totally correct, and makes an interesting point. The brains of differing species and half breeds are fundamentally nuanced in their own ways. A point I am getting at is the larger discussion of what ways they are or may be different, and from what source we we attribute any given attribute. So, if Spock is grumpy we might imagine that he has a Vulcan temper, but he may also have a stronger genetic ability to control him emotion… But he might weaken that with his human genetics, and he also might actually BE less emotionally intense because he is only a half breed… Lots of questions, and little specific lore that addresses these sorts of questions, so it just becomes conversational.

                      Also, Bfg666, any odd speaking (typing) is easily blamed on hasty typos. Our miscommunication may have been lingual or cultural, but I’d not have guessed you were an English as a Second Language person. Good for you! I wouldn’t have the skills to enter a Spanish web conversation with any confidence, and that’s MY “second language.”

                      One correction: (unless it was just a mistake)- you said you “Speak a pretty good English.”. The “a” doesn’t belong in the sentence, and while the remaining sentence is perfectly fine, the technically correct wording would be “I speak English pretty well.”. So many rules…

                      Nice to discuss things with you. Now I wonder where you came from and what nationality you have.

                    • Sorry Jerm, I tend to have less and less patience with trolls these days and I thought that was what you were doing. No hard feelings.

                      Josh, I’m glad we came to understand each other. I’m french actually. I began learning english at age 10 and I’ve been good at it since day one. I spent quite a few holidays in english-speaking countries and I watch all foreign movies in their original language with french subs. It helps.

                      Thanks for the compliment and for correcting my mistake, though I’m pretty sure I’ve previously read this sentence worded like that and I don’t recall ever reading it without the “a”. And yeah, it’s nice to have this kind of educated discussion, it’s a relief from the usual childish bickering of the rigid-minded jerks who proliferate around here.

      • Agreed

    • In regards to the “almost father” role…I think that’s why they say Kirk has no family left. I think he’s doomed, unfortunately.

      • Plus I am hoping that they kill of Carol Marcus, which would be killing of his FUTURE family, even though he and half the audience may not realize it.

        • I was only just telling my wife about the Kirk/Marcus relationship tonight.
          That would make for an interesting retell of The Search For Spock…

          • Especially if they do it so subtly that while the fans get a creepy chill, nobody ignorant of her is left wondering what they missed. A post- death line from Kirk about what might have been, or the realization that without a worthy mate he will just be a planet-hopping womanizer would be plenty.

  4. I wonder if Harrison could be a Klingon? We know the human like variety existed at the time. Perhaps Kang, Kor,Korax or Koloth?

    Maybe even Chang or Kruge?

    • I wondered that as well, hoping for a connection to that story element, AND the augmented humans of the eugenics wars, but it’s just incredibly obvious that it’s Khan. Nothing else makes any sense.

  5. Seriously? If I was trying to avoid Spoilers I would be seriously pissed at the fact ScreenRant have plastered STAR TREK KLINGONS (along with a picture) right at the top of their website…

    • I kind of agree. I haven’t watched any clips since the last trailer came out. Would have been a nice surprise…

    • It’s been known for a while that Klingons would be in this film; it’s not a spoiler.

      • dont you understand what they are saying? they have purposely avoided star trek stuff but screen rant has every thing posted right in front of them. its unavoidable.

        • Then why even come to a Star Trek thread?

          • It was on the front page at the top. It was “spoiled” without clicking on a article.

        • I’ll second Kahless on this. If you want to be as unspoiled
          as possible you have to avoid reading a thread on the film.
          And as I have said, this is promotional footage put out there
          by the studios so in actuality it does not qualify as a spoiler.

          • I think they mean … the title of this article spoiled something for them. They didn’t have to click the link. All they did was come to ScreenRant and the first newest article (this one) had in the title a spoiler.

            I don’t agree with them, but that’s what they mean.

            • Yes, I see. I see too Screen Rant is justified
              using it the title since it is a studio reveal.
              Like you I don’t agree but can sympathize.

              • It’s not because the studio revealed it that it has to be forcefed to the ones who don’t want to know until they actually watch the movie. That said, ScreenRant is not a good place to be if you want to know nothing beforehand.

    • It’s in the trailer clip so it’s fair game.
      I do think though there are too many clips
      promoting this film and they are hard to avoid.

    • It’s a screenshot from a trailer that’s being broadcast to the entire world through Television, Internet and other media. We just paused the footage.

  6. I thought constitution class vessels were the largest in the fleet during this time period? Plus the USS Vengeance looks like something out of the next generation time period….

    • Yeah. I think it’s safe to say Starfleet didn’t build this… Unless it was for some secret purpose or something. Doubt it. It’s just based on some fleet geometry or speculative blueprint I assume.

      • I try to not think too hard about it…
        I stopped at: Starfleet made it.The economics, resources and the physics behind the Vengeance at the time, outweighed the task of building any more of that design. Basically, they could have written it off as an expensive experiment…

        • Yes, they may yet give us a reason, but considering the supposed state of the art flagship is dwarfed by the new ship, and that the design sensibilities have altered substantially, I just really doubt that it is a Starfleet ship. I glimpsed a cool view through the center of the saucer! Plus it looks like another VERY slick ship is the one hitting the buildings, and I might suppose that it is the Admiral’s Ship. Pike that is. It has a relatively futuristic and sleek saucer, some interesting geometry on top, and some very industrially solid pylons out to the nacelles… Having three almost brand new state of the art ships with very little in common would be bizarre.

  7. i think the Klingons in the movie look awesome. i kinda wonder if they will ever do a next generation follow up to these star trek movies. that would be pretty awesome though

  8. Forget Klingons, this movie will be all about Alice Eve looking hot.

  9. Didn’t Khan have 72 followers in ‘Space Seed’?

    • Bingo.

      So once again, either it IS Khan, or someone is goingWAY too far to make us think that it is.
      Recent dialogue seals it. “I am better…(at) everything.”. “I will have my vengeance”. (As in superhuman revenge).

      • The Cucumber Batch is not necessarily Khan. The way I see it, when the writers realized the similarities between the two characters, they purposely added all those hints as a nod to the fans of Khan.

        • Nah. It’s plausible. But the number of references, the strength/obviousness of them, and the consistent delivery of more and more hints makes me think only some really obnoxious jerks would do all that implying just to reveal to the hardcore fans that have figured it out that they were completely wrong and all the proof was intentionally manufactured to throw us all off. I think they’d rather delight us than piss us off. Got any theories left? Or ideas?

          Personally I think that they should have a scene where Kirk and Carol Marcus hit it off, preferably after an Irish friend introduces him to the the young nursing student, and before any relationship can form she is killed. Handled properly this would have surface value to the story, but also a subtle double meaning for those of us that know she and he might have fallen in love and had a child. Knowing this chance at happiness, home, family and maturity was to be denied to him in this reality would be one way to help diverge the two realities and reward the people who care about both. It also works to calm the angry fans who resent the new reality because it says to them ” we aren’t trying to forget and destroy the stories you love. By changing them we are also remembering and honoring them, rather than forgetting them and sweeping them under the carpet.”. Being a fan of the old material needs to be an asset, not a reason to dislike the new stuff. That’s why an ugly ridged head Klingon minus any explainations. Is gonna feel like a cop out. Hope to be pleasantly surprised. I’d be shocked if Pike survives, but second to killing him off as surrogate father, taking out Kirk’s FUTURE family would be an interesting double whammy…

          • But isn’t Khan named, uhh… Khan?

  10. Looks like a Klingon Invasion. The Klingon’s on board are genetically altered to look human. John Harrison is being accused incorrectly.

    He could of been trying the stop a Klingon progression assault, during the Starfleet explosion. If he John Harrison did cause the explosion, his argument could be, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

  11. That looks like a cheap dime store mask and makeup cobbled together with a tin foil helmet and homeless guys jacket.

  12. All I’m going to say is…..the answer to ‘who’ he is was answered without a ‘shred’ of doubt in one of the clips.

    • so it has something to do with the shredder from TMNT and Dr who? hmm…

      isit batman?

    • Yep.
      As if there was any doubt leftafter the last few trailers worth of villain dialogue…
      73 reasons. ha!

  13. I think John Harrison is a Eugenic like Khan who may also be a rogue Section 31 agent. Based on all previews & clips/trailers, Section 31 is a big player in everything.

  14. harrison is khan…sort of and a member of sectio 31 which is where the ship comes from too. i thought early on there may be a section 31 connection surprised to find out i was right.

    • What is the connection or theory? Surely not the look of the uniform and the sophistication of the ship alone? That isn’t remotely convincing, so I don’t know what you mean.

  15. in the first clip, Harrison says, “I will have my vengeance”. sounds an awful lot like Khan.

    • Except he could be referring to his Ship.

  16. so… the Klingons were s*** monsters? I don’t remember them being s*** monsters in TOS or TNG, or any of the rest of the franchise. Abrams is really put his own spin on things.

    • Klingons were brutal killers in TOS; in TNG and beyond, they had more honor but they were still killers.

      • In theory and lore they were brutal killers… On screen I don’t believe even one of them ever killed a single person until the movies. In fact, did they kill anybody other than Kirk’s son? Also I think it would be argued that the Klingon species didn’t “have more honor” in the time of Picard, so much as we were exposed to more of the subject matter in those character-deepening days of Ron Moore and Quonos council warriors. Has the Klingon heart ever really changed? (swigs bloodwine wistfully)

  17. now we wait for the Captain Ahab quotes…. :-)

  18. I think John Harrison is a Eugenic like Khan who may also be a rogue Section 31 agent. Based on all previews & clips/trailers, Section 31 is a big player in everything.

  19. I hope this movie is not going to be some preach fest metaphore suggesting that the U.S is really resposnible for p-ing off all the terrorist.

    I would expect a bunch of brainwashed uni students to spend 200mill if they could doing something like that. I hope that is not what this is suggesting.

  20. Does anyone else think that these Kligons look like 3 Musketeers Bars?

  21. Why, oh why? Why did they have to redesign Klingons into these Orc wannabes?

    • Yeah. That was the biggest letdown for me. Other than that, I loced this movie.

  22. To reiterate what I’ve said for weeks now, it MUST be Khan, or else they are f^%<ing with us to the extreme. If they really went to meticulous lengths to write and film the movie with loads of Khan references and then NOT have Khan…well, they be jerks, right? I think they'd rather satisfy the big fans than piss em all off.

    The final, most recent "proof" is the line about all the reasons onboard. That number was the compliment of the Botany Bay.
    Tah dah!
    Case closed.

  23. The Klingon looks butt-ugly, and not half as cool as the best from DS9 and TNG, but reminiscent of Kang from ST6. Sad not to see them looking their best. Hope they have a great Bat’leth fight scene.

  24. I realize the last poster doesn’t give a great view of the ship pursuing the enterprise, but it looks a lot like the Enterprise-E. Am I the only one who noticed?

    • Interesting. I don’t see it well, but I know the E well, so I’d love to know what details you are noticing. Mostly it looks to me like a cross between a Starfleet ship and the Scimitar from trek 10. The wicked weaponry, color scheme, and emerging pieces remind me of that “predator”. Also the layout of saucer to hull to nacelles is full of right angles and perpendicular attachments, at least internally, which makes it look more classic trek than next gen tv/movie era. The D, E, and Voyager for instance get more of that curving and sloping look like they melted a more ridged model. Hull and saucer sort of meld together in those models.

  25. The Klingon looks like Tiny Lister.

  26. Does anyone else think the new Klingons look like Louis Gossett Jr.s character ‘Jerry’ in Enemy Mine?? They look like Dracs.

    • They look like sh*t. Literally. Big, fat, brown sh*t people.

      • Wish I could disagree. To think JJ got the balls to show their faces, and then not only (probably) ignores the issue entirely (despite a super relevant, Khan centered lore explaination from Enterprise, and the best opportunity ever to make sense of it for the general public), but he also made boring, ugly Klingons! Maybe some are better. If the next movie uses them, and it likely will, they may yet use better ones. It would be cool if they had classic Klingons recast with heads like Kang, Kor, etc. But all out war is possible in the new series, and I think they want to cash in on more Klingon nostalgia.

        • Yeah well, let’s hope they’ll refine the design for future installments. Why the hell did they feel the need to redesign Klingons in the first place? The classic look was great. As of now, this is the one and only letdown of JJ’s cinematographic career for me. But to be fair, not all Klingons in the original series looked good either and some were plain ridiculous.

          • The classic Klingons from the 60’s suffered from a super low budget and little attempt to create depth of character beyond piratey allegories for cold war Russians. By the time the first movie was getting made with a sizable budget, (setting the stage for the Wrath of Khan director to claim he could make a much better film for half the cost), a more alien costume and physiology seemed obligatory to reach a scifi audience. The Search for Spock was the first time the species was really in the spotlight, and Christopher Lloyd brought character to the lead villain that had never been attempted. Since then all trek films have had a Klingon presence, though in 8,9, and 10 it was only Warf.

            The sixth film brought a radical subtlety to the foreheads when Christopher Plummer showed up with tiny little ridges. Here they seem to be implying that there is variety to how pronounced these features are, and the newest image looks like it suits that reading while being also a dull and dissapointing representation of the species.

            It was the third season of of TNG, I believe, when Ron Moore started to bring depth and complexity to the Klingons. We learned that Warf’s humorless stoicism is not a species trait or cultural norm, and that Klingons had plenty of complexity, political upheaval and pride. The heads looked amazing, and only became more elaborate and wickedly wrinkly as DS9 introduced a constant Klingon presence in the fourth season when Warf joined. In fact, Sisko looked like a great Klingon in one disguise story…

            When Enterprise launched, the pilot introduced Klingons to humans in a First Contact involving the ridge heads only, but then got very bold and decided to explain the whole thing once and for all. The episodes “Borderland”, “Cold Station 12″, and “The Augments” tell a fun and relevant tale that makes great sense of the genetic variations. The stories geust star Brent Spiner as an ancestor of Dr. Noonien Soong with a desire to raise the child survivors of the Eugenics War, super humans like Khan Noonien Sing (no relationship known- long story). Since Khan was now a part of the Klingon forehead story, it would have been nice if this new film had found the balls to acknowledge the lore somehow. I know it’s a can of worms, but it would be doable. And since Robocop there also played the final villain in that series it would be nice if he were playing the same man, even though he’d be super old. Sadly I don’t expect enough fan service, but we’ll see.

            If you have Netflix then I highly reccomend those eps and shows! I get them on Xbox, since they don’t sell much HD yet.

            • To be honest, besides the movies, I haven’t watched much Trek. I enjoy an episode of the original series once in a while but only for its campy, unintentional comic. I have occasionally seen very few episodes of TNG and DS9 (but none of Enterprise) and they seemed quite good, so I’ll probably get to watch these shows someday. At the time of their broadcasting, I wasn’t into TV series yet but I’ve been curious about Trek since I played the PC games Klingon Honor Guard and Elite Force back in late 90’s/early 00’s (I especially loved the Borg sequences in the latter). Thanks for sharing your vast Trek lore knowledge.

              • Elite Force was awesome! Walking around the Voyager and even a Constitution class ship like Kirk’s Enterprise was so much fun. Wish the new game had been half that fun…

                By the way, despite Gene Roddenberry inventing Trek and having some good ideas, he also damaged it with some poor choices and design decisions. Most infamously, in my opinion, was his belief that humans would leave behind fundamental aspects of our nature in a few hundred years. He felt that we would evolve past our pettiness, jealousy and strife as a species, and there would be no discord between humans. You will hence find that every human tends to get along with every other human, always, during the first two series at least. I think his optimism was a little silly in this case.

                They tried to muddy the waters with DS9, with a cast that finally was not all good and happy with each other. You could say that they honored tradition by making the aliens the really tumultuous characters, but there was never an ep of TOS or TNG in which main characters ended a story with bad blood between them. DS9 was a bold show, and unlike every other trek, problems were never solved by flying away to some new location. Despite concerns that a station-centric trek would not work, not only was exploration an travel a consistent theme, but the drama was greatly served by not leaving every character and story in the dust. On the contrary, relevance only deepened as local cultures like Cardassians, Klingons, Jem Hadar and Ferengi were there to stay. The show gathered an unheard of number of recurring geust stars, many with major story arcs, and felt like a story about dozens of characters rather than just a handful. It broke old rules and forged a path so unique it was all but disowned by the powers that be, who were focused on the tragically flawed Voyager.

                I have enjoyed every series for what it did well, but DS9 was the most outstanding and had the most week to week relevance BY FAR until Enterprise did a season long arc and several multi parts in the last two seasons. While Picard remains my favorite actor/character, Sisko had the best show. It took three or four years to become solidly great and find a voice and vibe, but I would reccomend the whole show from pilot to finale as a great scifi and trek experience. When Klingons roam the station and fleet battles are frequently taking the action to new heights, you realize that the journey has been building steadily towards a climax the other shows never even approached. It is flawed, as they all are, but the pieces add up to something brilliant. So I’d say do yourself a favor and find some trek you can get into and buckle up for four to seven seasons of fun.

                Thanks for the compliment! I am happy to discuss this anytime, so feel free to ask about anything you find interesting, and you could always click my name and leave a note at my site if you need a “trexpert.”. (that was awful…I apologize). The best trek is not found in the popcorn movies, so if you want advice about what series or eps you might dig most, feel free to ask. (That goes for anybody who cares and doesnt suck as a person). I am an encyclopedia of useless esoterica! Cheers.

  27. Wtf is that its not a Klingon it looks like evilene from the wiz had a sex change