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Arguably THE most anticipated blockbuster of summer 2013 – with perhaps the exception of the Superman reboot Man of Steel Star Trek Into Darkness has nonetheless remained shrouded in secrecy during the duration of its promotional campaign. J.J. Abrams and his screenwriting team of Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci (Fringe) and Damon Lindelof (Prometheus) have been trying to save the biggest reveals for the actual theatrical viewing experience – which means media like today’s gallery of high-res photos are all we get until that release date arrives.

As detailed in the Star Trek Into Darkness trailers, the sequel to Abrams’ successful reboot of the franchise will explore the terrorist acts of one “John Harrison” (Benedict Cumberbatch), a Machiavellian schemer whom Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise vow to bring to justice.  However, all is not what it seems with Harrison, and before long, Kirk and Co. find them selves on a mission that will test their bond as a crew, and threaten their very lives.

Included in the gallery are your standard close-up photos of the various crew members of the Enterprise – Kirk (Chris Pine), Spock (Zachary Quinto), Bones (Karl Urban), Uhura (Zoe Saldana), Sulu (John Cho), Scotty (Simon Pegg) and Chekov (Anton Yelchin) – along with new characters like Alive Eve as Dr. Carol Marcus, and of course, Cumberbatch as Harrison. While some of the photos are clearly taken from various action set pieces scattered throughout the film, the action sequences (save for the image of the Enterprise going down in flames) are not spoiled for forecasted by the images.

There are a couple of nice teasers in the gallery:

  1. What is it that Bones is looking for while extracting a DNA sample from an imprisoned Harrison? Perhaps evidence of a genetically-engineered superhuman? (Hint, hint.)
  2. That MC-9321 in the shot with Carol Marcus, Kirk, Bones and Scotty – is it some variation of the classic “Project Genesis” device? (Hint, hint.)
  3. Is that photo of Spock in his Volcano suit taken mere moments after a death-defying transporter save (given the background and all the smoke)?
  4. Is that “red room” photo not totally in the vein of Star Trek TOS???

UPDATE: We now have a new Star Trek Into Darkness poster, featuring John Harrison standing over a smoldering city – which is a followup to  the initial teaser poster for the film. Check out the new and old poster both, below:



Star Trek Into Darkness Posters 2013 570x845 New Star Trek Into Darkness Image Gallery & Poster   Enterprise Crew in High Resolution

Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser and Theatrical Posters John Harrison 570x426 New Star Trek Into Darkness Image Gallery & Poster   Enterprise Crew in High Resolution-

It’s been a nice change of pace to get excited for a movie whose biggest secrets and thrills we DON’T already know well in advanced. On the other hand, building up such anticipation can be something of a powder keg, if the movie doesn’t deliver the level of excitement and surprise that audiences have stored up in their minds. And, if certain rumors about Into Darkness turn out to be true after all, it could be something of a disappointment for (many?) fans, who hoped for something newer and fresher. Or it could just be one a kick-ass thrill ride which helps make summer 2013 a memorable time at the movies.


We’ll find out which way it goes when Star Trek Into Darkness hits theaters on May 17, 2013 in 3D IMAX.

Source: Paramount

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  1. The world premier is in Sydney Australia again.

    I’m calling the cinema in the morning and hope to get tickets though I am not sure they are opening up to the general public this time.

    Wish me luck. I’m so excited for this movie.

  2. This or Man of Steel is the most anticipated blockbusters of the summer??
    Wow, that is just so not true.
    Iron Man 3
    The Conjuring
    Pacific Rim
    Kick Ass 2
    Lone Ranger
    World War Z
    Fast 6
    After Earth

    Just name a few.

    • What’s the conjuring? I’ve not heard of it. Furthermore, no one gives a sh*t about “After Earth”. M Night’s going senile. The rest aren’t more anticipated except in groups of hardcore fans except for perhaps Iron Man, Pacific Rim, and Wolverine.

    • He specifically said “arguably” the most anticipated… The word arguably is always used to emphasize that what’s being stated is an opinion.

      I agree with Kofi however, Into Darkness is my number one. I’m excited to see Iron Man 3 but if I could see one or the other right NOW I would pick Into Darkness.

      The idea of “the MOST anticipated movie” of whichever timeframe is always going to be at least a little subjective dude..

    • Obviously you don’t know the meaning of “Most Anticipated”. You can’t name a thousand and say “Hey all of these are the MOST anticipated movies of the summer!!” It’s a singular meaning.

    • I don’t think the masses are gagging for fast and furious 6.

      The big three would be man of steel, star trek and ironman.

      Some of the others listed will be good but just not the anticipation as there is for those three.

  3. Actually, for me, the most anticipated film is still the hobbit. Granted, Jackson could’ve done better, but I really want to see that Necromancer storyline.

    • Hobbit comes out in the winter.

  4. What’s that “pistol” Uhura has? Certainly doesn’t look like Federation issue. It strikes me as Klingon or maybe Romulan. Could be a mild hint at some plot point.

    • That is, in my mind, DEFINITELY a Klingon disruptor.

  5. Wow.

    Genesis Device was possible to David Marcus using the unstable Protomatter
    And since he has not been born.

    If you look at the device, it has something to do with the Enterprise. I am thinking MC-9321 is distracting.

    If you look forward vertically…you will see CVN-65. I have a feeling this is a device on the lines of Genesis, but it is what might quickly repair the enterprise, or it could be a temporal device.

  6. Also, if you look on the nosecone, you will also see CVN-65.

  7. CVN-65 is the registry for the USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier in real life, nice little nod to that.

  8. Zachary Quinto is coming to my college today for a speech/forum/Q&A sesh. I’ve been looking forward to it all week :) I hope he takes pics with everybody.

    • @Treky

      They do not have to explain the destruction of Vulcan, as Kirk was there and he knew it, and Picard will learn about it through history.

      The timeline forward is unaffected.

  9. I’d love to know how much screenrant gets paid to tell us all what movies we most want to see. But we do get the teasers. Teasy teasy teasy. Fun, popcorn, tease. Can’t use these catchphrases enough!

    I’m disappointed that they didn’t tell us all “and we really almost are practically sure we know the exact “classic” star trek villain Cumberbach is playing,…… part 56.8. Maybe the cash payment wasn’t enough from Into Darkness, and Co.

    • And who do you mean “We Know the exact classic villain”

  10. I would doubt Screenrant is a big enough site to get bribes for good reviews. Their small enough to still be fanish but big enough to get good pics and info. That’s why I like it.

  11. Star trek rules