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Star Trek Into Darkness Easter Eggs TriviaWith as rich a history and extended fiction as Star Trek Into Darkness is drawing from - the original show, the later films and TV series, and J.J. Abram's reboot - it's no surprise that plenty of subtle nods and hidden connections were buried in even the most action-packed sequences of the film.In case movie fans or Trekkies needed yet another reason to head back for a repeat viewing of Into Darkness (read our review), we've gathered a few of our favorite easter eggs and mentions that even the most devoted fans may have missed.Needless to say, there will be plenty of spoilers in our list of Star Trek Into Darkness Easter Eggs & Trivia, so read at your own risk.

Wise Words, Mr. Spock

Star Trek Into Darkness Trivia Spock Quote

The film doesn't take long to start paying tribute to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982), even if the most iconic dialogue has been somewhat shifted.In the opening scene following Spock (Zachary Quinto) on his descent into the bowels of an active volcano, one of the character's most memorable lines from the original film - "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." - is given new context. While the line was previously spoken by Spock as foreshadowing his sacrifice to save the Enterprise, its placement in Into Darkness kept the spirit of Spock's logic intact, while hinting that the alternate reality of Abrams' universe is similar, but not identical to that of previous films. As did McCoy's outburst: "shut up Spock, we're trying to rescue you!" - from "The Immunity Syndrome" episode of The Original Series.

Body Movin'

Star Trek Into Darkness Trivia Beastie BoysContinuing the tradition of featuring the Beastie Boys in his Trek universe (the young Kirk's Corvette joyride in Star Trek was set to the band's "Sabotage") moviegoers are treated to yet another Beastie Boys single in Into Darknes.When Kirk (Chris Pine) is found emerging from bed - accompanied by a pair of tailed young ladies (played by real-life identical twins Katie and Kellie Cockrell) - a sample of "Body Movin' (Fatboy Slim Remix)" plays prominently in the background.More than keeping up a running joke, the scene seems to imply that Kirk is, in fact, a fan of the 20th Century New York musicians. What that means for the paradoxical mention of 'Mr. Spock' in the band's song "Intergalactic"...we still can't explain.

The Daystrom Institute

Star Trek Into Darkness Daystrom Institute

When John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) sets his master plan into motion, setting off an explosion in the Kelvin Memorial Archive, the heads of Starfleet convene in a single boardroom to determine their response. One might wonder why it is that Admiral Pike and Kirk are called to the soaring "Daystrom Institute," not some heavily-fortified bunker, but Trekkies recognized the nod immediately.Named for the brilliant human scientist Dr. Richard Daystrom, the prestigious institute has appeared in several Trek series as the gathering place for Starfleet's top minds, and most groundbreaking technology.Since the institute survives well into the 24th century, we have to assume they upgraded their security shortly after the events of the film.

Section 31

Star Trek Into Darkness Trivia Section 31

When the target of Harrison's bombing is revealed to be not a simple archive, but a secret 'Section 31' installation, most audiences wouldn't bat an eye.The name 'Section 31' certainly sounds like a top secret government facility, even if they are up to some incredibly dangerous and morally questionable affairs. For starters: extorting Harrison to work for their cause, and building even more devastating weapons technology (with built-in passengers!).Of course, considering the history of Section 31 in Star Trek: Enterprise and Deep Space Nine, fans know that nothing is below the shadowy division. For those in the know, the mention raised suspicion even before the film's many twists were revealed.

Caped Crusaders

Star Trek Into Darkness Trivia BatmanDespite being one of the most trustworthy and meaningful mentors to Jim Kirk, Admiral Pike (Bruce Greenwood) isn't able to provide Kirk and his crew with advice on how to deal with Admiral Marcus (Peter Weller) - a true shame, since he would know the man's mind better than most....Not due to their rank, but because both actors have voiced Batman. That in itself is an odd twist of fate, but the versions of the Dark Knight played by each is even more serendipitous: Greenwood voiced the hero in the animated feature Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010) and the Young Justice animated series, centering on the hero's greatest failure and successes as a father figure, respectively.Weller? He voiced the character in the animated adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns (2012) - a dark tale of an older, angrier Batman willing to do terrible things to save a world he feels is on the brink. Hmmm...

Call Me a Collector

Star Trek Into Darkness Trivia Model ShipsSurely every fan noticed the extensive spaceship models displayed proudly on Admiral Marcus' desk during his meeting with Kirk and Spock, but the exact ships being shown may have slipped by all but the most discerning eye.In order, the ships are miniature replicas of: the real-life NASA shuttle Enterprise, the USS Enterprise XCV 330 (an early Vulcan design that led to a dead-end), the Enterprise NX-01 (the groundbreaking ship and star of Enterprise), the Phoenix (featured in First Contact for its instigation of contact with Vulcan), and the then-unrevealed USS Vengeance.Besides tying real space history into that of Starfleet, the models also illustrate Marcus' vision of the dreadnaught Vengeance paving the way for humanity's future.

Nurse Chapel

Star Trek Into Darkness Trivia Nurse ChapelThere are few Starfleet bachelors with as much of a reputation as Jim Kirk, even if he can't quite keep all his romantic conquests straight. When Dr. Carol Marcus (Alice Eve) first informs Kirk that his reputation has preceded him, she mentions a mutual acquaintance, Christine Chapel - a woman he has no memory of whatsoever.Kirk may not remember, but Trekkies will; Nurse Chapel was not only a med-bay mainstay on the original TV series, but was also played by Majel Barrett, the future wife of series creator Gene Roddenberry.Bones (Karl Urban) made reference to an off-screen 'Nurse Chapel' in the reboot, but these lines prove that even the slightest changes in this alternate timeline are significant to anyone who notices them.

Red Shirt, Mr. Chekov

Star Trek Into Darkness Chekov Red Shirt

As any Star Trek fan knows, a red shirt means death is all but guaranteed. So when Kirk instructs Chekov to replace his uniform with that worn by the engineering crew - "put on a red shirt" - fans knew why the order gave Chekov pause.It was played for a laugh, but the hint that Chekov may be in serious peril was a deliberate choice by the writers. In fact, every main member of the cast who had previously been out of the action comes face-to-face with death in Into Darkness.Spock in the volcano, Uhura against the Klingons, Bones and the torpedo, Scotty aboard the Vengeance - the list goes on and on. Could the curse of the red shirt now be broken?

A Weakened Kronos?

Star Trek Into Darkness Klingons PraxisFans of the Star Trek feature films will already be familiar with the changing attitudes (and constant tension) between the Federation and the Klingons. In Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991), the Klingons are forced to pursue peace when their homeworld's moon, Praxis, explodes catastrophically, crippling energy production and tearing apart Kronos' ozone layer.Into Darkness, like Star Trek VI, shows Hikaru Sulu take command of his own ship, but that's not all they have in common; as seen in the latest film, Kronos already features the remains of an exploded moon in orbit around the race's home planet.Could Praxis already have exploded in this alternate timeline? It's a question we'll have to wait to see answered, but Kronos did seem like an inhospitable world, with the Ketha province (a farming lowland) already completely devoid of life...

The Mudd Incident

Star Trek Into Darkness Trivia MuddAnother easy one to miss: when Kirk starts to explain his plan for landing on Kronos to apprehend John Harrison, he cites the need to erase all connections to Starfleet - beginning with transportation. What to use instead of a shuttle? A merchant vessel commandeered during "the Mudd Incident last month."When pulled out of the surrounding film, it's impossible for any Trekkie to miss the allusion to Harcourt "Harry" Mudd, a space-pirate/smuggler/con man that was used mainly for comic relief in the original series (for obvious reasons).The Into Darkness prequel comic explains that the "incident" actually centers on Mudd's daughter, but the nod to the memorable character is one of our favorites.

Hello Again, Cupcake

Star Trek Into Darkness Trivia Cupcake HendorffMost eagle-eyed fans of J.J. Abrams' reboot noticed the return appearance of actor Jason Matthew Smith - the Starfleet officer affectionately dubbed 'Cupcake' by Kirk. But it's no coincidence that Kirk selects him as part of his hand-picked crew meant to capture John Harrison on a hostile world.As the accompanying Star Trek comic book series showed, Cupcake - referred to by his actual name, G.P. Hendorff, in Into Darkness - went on to become one of the most committed and capable members of the new Enterprise's crew, and promised to follow Kirk, despite him being promoted over Spock.For fans of the original TV series, Hendorff was one of the many red shirts killed in the episode "The Apple" - in the alternate timeline of the movies, he was saved by Spock.

Elementary, My Dear Spock

Star Trek Into Darkness Trivia SherlockIt's no secret, even if it is a little known fact, that Leonard Nimoy played Sherlock Holmes on stage following the end of the original Star Trek series. The role may not be his most iconic, but it did lay the groundwork for one heck of a strange coincidence.Spock's explanation of the alternate-reality-wormhole theory in the previous film was based largely on the assertion that “once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth” - taken at the time as a nod to Nimoy, since the quote is attributed to the fictional detective.For the sequel, what were the odds that the villain should be played by a man perhaps most famous for his portrayal of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock; albeit on television, not the stage.


Star Trek Into Darkness Trivia Joseph GattEasily one of the most alarming and memorable members of the bridge crew, the entity known as 'Science Officer 0718' and played by Joseph Gatt (pictured left) also possesses an odd Easter egg. One look at the man's glowing eyes and augmented voice reveal him to be not-quite-human, but it's the round device on the back of his head that we're interested in.Besides a blue glow, makeup supervisor David LeRoy Anderson decided that something had to go into the transparent device on the back of Gatt's head. As a tribute to the one part of the Enterprise bridge that audiences almost never see, Anderson embedded a small model of the bridge's ceiling into the receptacle.A miniaturized reflection of a rarely-seen piece of set design is an odd choice, but given the prominence of the character, we may be getting more chances to see it firsthand.

You Sound Familiar

Star Trek Into Darkness Trivia Bill HaderAudiences may have been too distracted by the cool blue and snappy uniforms seen aboard the USS Vengeance to pay attention to what they were hearing, not seeing. Mainly, Saturday Night Live alum Bill Hader's voice.After lending his voice to the disembodied narration and commentary of Scott Pilgrim vs the World (2010), Hader as apparently gotten quite the promotion, voicing the computers of the USS Vengeance.It's nothing new for a human voice to be used to bring life to a starship's more rote functions: in J.J. Abrams' reboot, Gene Roddenberry's wife Majel Barrett was called upon to give the Enterprise a voice (continuing the tradition started in the many series and films). Since the actress passed away in 2008, the Enterprise's voice is largely downplayed for the sequel.

Returning Regulars

Star Trek Into Darkness Trivia CameosDirector J.J. Abrams has a bit of a habit when it comes to casting friends for smaller roles in his films, and Into Darkness is no exception. Besides once again casting Christopher Doohan - the son of James Doohan (the original Scotty) - as a Transport Officer, Abrams also recast his father and father in-law as Starfleet admirals during Kirk's memorial speech; the pair had previously appeared at the Iowa bar in Star Trek (2009).Abrams didn't stop there, casting real-life veterans as Starfleet guards, and even legendary video game actor Nolan North as one of the Vengeance's bridge crew - just because he and his son love video games.Those are the only cameos we know of so far, but we're positive more will crop up over time.


Star Trek Into Darkness Easter Eggs TriviaThose are all the nods and Easter eggs we've been able to spot, but be sure to point out ones you feel are worth mentioning. We've tried to avoid the obvious adapted elements of previous storylines and villains, and will do our best to keep them updated as more arrive.If you haven't already, be sure to check out: Star Trek Into Darkness is in theaters now.-----Follow me on Twitter @andrew_dyce.
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  1. What a good movie. I think I’m gonna go see it again.

  2. Kronos was the wrong spelling in the movie.

    Qo’noS is the correct spelling.

    • Your heart is truly Klingon!!!


      • In Klingon, you are 100% right. Seems the movie went with the English spelling. Klingons better not find out about that.

        • Klingons need to shut up and go back to reading Shakespeare in the Klingon original.

          • And petulant humaaans, who hunt fairy tales, need to get a spine!!! :-D

            • We need to get a spine? We don’t end up being paralyzed just because an empty plastic container lands on our head. Puny Klingon!

        • They had to go Kronos in the movie

          Had they went Qo’nos, I would be thinking Quiznos. Then I would be looking for one that was open and getting a veal parm.

          Just saying.

    • My friend, who isn’t much of a Trek fan, noticed that one, and asked me after the film if he was mistaken. I pointed out the correct spelling.

    • The Ketha provence on Qo’nos is where Chancellor Martok (from DS9) comes from and it even matches the description from The Left Hand of Destiny novels

    • Qo’nos is the correct spelling.

      Translator translates it to Kronos.

      Technically, Qo’nos is not the orginal name of Klingons Home World, it is Klin First books refered to it as Klinzha and another was Kling.

      They only started speaking Klingon in STMP.

      Until that point, they were known as “Swarthy” Klingons.

      Then Enterprise explained it.

      Yeah, I am just that nerdy.

      • Geek!

    • Have you ever noticed how people from one culture change the spelling and pronunciation of other culture’s words? “Kronos”, a fitting historical reference, has been established as the human version of the Klingon word for their planet. Otherwise you are right…

  3. Actually, Spock said “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” pretty early on in WOK, at which point Kirk replies, “Or the one”. They, of course, reverse the roles right before Spock dies.

    • No, Kirk reversed it in The Search for Spock.

      Where he told Sarek, the needs of the One outweigh the needs of the many.

      • Yes, but they do reverse it in WOK.

        • They also use it again in 4 when his mother says that he survives despite the old axiom. I believe it was eventually attributed to Surak, the father of Vulcan wisdom..( during the time of cataclysm when the Vulcans under the bird of prey banner abandoned their homeland and found Romulus). Just as “today is a good day to die” was eventually, unsurprisingly attributed to Kahless the Unforgettable, famous for brawling with his bro, losing his Bat’ leth, and making pithy comments. No offense!

  4. I don’t think the Daystrom Institute was in TOS. The scientist, Daystrom, was in TOS but I don’t think they had created the institute yet.

    • Good call! I think you are right! Also, if there was a trivia question that said “who was the black guy in TOS?”, the answer would be Daystrom, which is largely why I didn’t think the movie would connect that black father to the institute. Does every black guy in the future work in the same building? Was that guy named, and was he Daystrom? I may have missed that…

  5. Are you sure Section 31 was in Enterprise? I remember someone saying something about section 31 of the Starfleet charter but I don’t remember the group Section 31 being in Enterprise.

    • I’d thought Peter Weller’s character in Enterprise either had ties or mentioned Section 31 in his story arc…?

      • I thought he was a member of Terra Ferma?

          • Yep. People need to watch that series! The last season was mostly fantastic, and much better Star Trek than these fun movies have been.

    • Section 31 is indeed in Enterprise, as well as Deep Space Nine (where it was introduced into the franchise) and Voyager. It was *not* in TNG as the article mentions.

      • Noted and changed, thanks for the correction. I, for one, am glad to see Enterprise given such a solid inclusion throughout the film. I loved that show.

        • *high fives Andrew*

          I’m a big fan of Enterprise as well. Just finished rewatching season 1 via the recently-released Blu-ray set. I understand why folks don’t care for it, but it seems like the massive rage it garners sometimes is way overblown.

          I wasn’t sure whether I had actually seen the NX-01 on Marcus’ desk or not in that scene, since I didn’t register what I was seeing until the end of that shot where I recognized the Vengeance from that promo image.

          • Agreed. I believe that people who “hate” Enterprise gave up on it early. To be fair to detractors, I felt a real sense of dread as the decent episodes piled up for two whole years without achieving a level of urgency, relevance and fresh inspiration. Most were pretty good stories, and many were great, but in a time when Trek needed direction desperately, they seemed content to meander with the weekly effort as though Voyager’s moments of mediocrity were not truly behind us. In retrospect, those were not bad seasons or eps, and I enjoy them all as I knew I someday would, but they took too long to become brilliant and vital to the larger saga. Suddenly, and very late, they got a lot of nerve and made the third season into a single story arc, dwarfing DS9′s record holding story arcs that topped around 11 episodes. It was a bold experiment, it was a gutsy risk, and it gave much needed purpose and weight to the weekly updates for the 22nd century. That season was great fun, but the fourth and final season was even better. It was loaded with multipart stories, great ideas, solid actors, better writing, loads of Trek lore relevance, and plenty of inspiration. Few seasons of any trek can be compared to the overall quality of that season. Sadly it was too late to save the show, and the people who ditched it in the first few seasons were not coming back. Berman and Braga needed to do more than start strong and maintain standards of quality, they needed to be inspired and to inspire us, and to show Trek’s detractors that the disappointments of the Voyager show’s low points would not be repeated in the new show. By failing at that challenge, I believe they foolishly “earned” the cancellation of what became a great modern Trek series.

            The changes which drove the last two seasons to excellence did not come from the top 2 guys, but from the people who stepped in when they stepped back: Names like Shiban, Black, and perhaps most of all Judy and Garfield Reeves-Stephens (who write all of the Shatner Trek books). The show was built strong from the start, but lacked the momentum that comes from driving purpose. Having finally become great, I can finally go back and enjoy nearly every incidental story there is, but I can see why the show didn’t hold the audience it started with. Too bad.

      • Ummm… Having trouble recalling any Voyager connection to 31. I may be wrong, but then it must have been one very brief connection to slip my mind….

      • Ah, yes, you are right! Don’t let that go to your head. :-P

      • My punishment for not remembering Malcomb being an agent….I must watch every episode of Enterprise again. I know, it’s such a harsh penalty. HeHe! I mean, woe is me. :-D

        • Darn!

          That is too harsh.

        • An honorable penance. Your blood is worthy.

    • I do not remember Section 31 being in “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. I know they showed up on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”.

  6. Chekov wearing a red shirt was a reference to the ret-conning of his character from Wrath Of Khan, I think. He wasn’t in the original series when Space Seed aired, so when Khan recognized him in WOK it was a continuity error which fans explained that he’d been transferred to a red shirt at the time explaining his absence in Space Seed.

    • The despair on Anton Yelchin’s face when Chekov is asked to put on the red shirt makes it pretty obvious that it is meant to be a clever joke for initiated fans. I’ve seen it twice and both times it got snickers.

      • People forget that in Picard’s time the gold and red jobs are reversed. The most famous redshirt not to die? Captain Picard. Also, the gold shirted security and engineering staff don’t do an inordinate, obvious, and disproportional amount of dying. It was just a transparently weak part of the TOS stories that the ONLY guest star was there as cannon fodder.

  7. You guys forgot the nod to Kirk’s son David when he and Dr. Marcus talk about talk towards the end and she says “It’s noce to have a family.” I know it’s connected to events in the film as well but it seems also like an indirect allusion to David.

  8. When cap Kirk is coming out of his “death” im pretty sure I heard William Shattners voice. I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am

    • I’m glad someone else caught that! At first I thought it was just me, but it was his voice.

      • Probably an impression, like when Pine is getting choked or leaning on his elbow. I thought they were CGI ing some Shatner face in the last film! Probably not though…

  9. I’m glad someone else caught the Praxis allusion. ST:VI is probably my favorite of the originals…

    • Oh, you have no idea how many of our writers were hoping to see more than just Sulu take over the Enterprise’s Captain’s chair…

      • I thought we might be introduced to an alternate version of the Excelsior class ship, and then at least a little foreshadowing… Many don’t realize that Sulu was SUPPOSED to be made captain in TWOK when the crew is shuttling to the Enterprise. Shatner famously and conveniently soured the scene with mumbling, a lack of eye contact and serious lack of enthusiasm. Takie practically begged him to make a real effort for this pivotal moment, but the scene was considered unusable and left out. FOUR MOVIES LATER the script starts with “Captain Sulu sips his coffe on board the bridge of the Excelsior.”

  10. Surprised Tribbles aren’t mentioned in the article. Maybe too obvious to be called an ‘Easter Egg’, but a big reference nonetheless.

    • I was thinking that too. No love for the Tribbles I guess.

      • Those furry things should all be incinerated!!!


        • Awww..

          Big bad Klingon wussy afraid of a wee little cute tribble.

          Fierce Warriors indeed.

          • Think about this, tribbles breed like, well, tribbles. McCoy injected them with Khan’s super blood so now they’re immune to disease as well. Perhaps with the new blood their offspring will have more intelligence and since their rate of re-productivity is so fast their evolution & intelligence will increase exponentially. I predict the next film will be invasion of the tribbles.

            Be better than that load of sh*te I just watched :P

          • SKREEEE! SKREEE!

            Get that filthy thing away from me!!!!!

            Wow! I’ve never seen a Klingon run so fast.


          • They are a menace! Plus, they are born pregnant, which seems to be quite a time saver. Surprised they didn’t mention that.

    • A Tribble was in the first movie. Didn’t know they had already met Cerano Jones. :-)

    • The Tribbles definitely deserve a shout out.

      • Considering that the writers can’t seem to resist using Klingons and tribbles in every film, I expect a bigger Klingon presence in the next one, and the mention of a super-Tribble infestation doesn’t sound as far fetched a plot point as it might be…

  11. Number 12. Yeah. That and that in the Sherlock tv show, Sherlock used the “whatever remains must be the truth” quote and Watson makes a joke that he’s acting like Spock.

  12. Also, Bones mentioned the Gorn in a passing comment some time in the sickbay, I don’t quite remember but I think it was when we first saw the tribble. Also *SPOILER* I really liked the subtle nod of John Harrison to Khan, I mean they never outright stated it but I think we can all see past the hints ;)

    • …”subtle nod”…?

      • In case you couldn’t tell that whole sentence after the Gorn was sarcasm :)

        • Very, well, apologies. Sarcasm so rarely translates well to text. You can ask my ex-girlfriend about that…

  13. Easter Eggs from Star Trek Into Darkness vs Star Trek II: ***Spoilers*** (since you didn’t reveal biggest spoiler in article)

    1. Kirk asks Adm Marcus to spare his crew, as he does with Khan in STII
    2. Khan is concerned with torpedo(s) in both films.
    3. STN2D Dr. Marcus to her father “I am ashamed to be your daughter” STII David Marcus to Kirk “I am proud to be your son.”
    4. Both movies has a Marcus’s identity revealed to the audience.
    5. Both movies have someone questioning Khans “word”
    6. Both movies have Khan explain there is really no word given.
    7. Both movies are standoff between Enterprise and another Starfleet ship.
    8. Both movies have Khan commandeering a Starfleet ship.
    9. Khan has a coat or shirt that is wrapped in the same huge accordion shaped collar.
    10. Both movies revolve around a secret Starfleet does not want to let out.

    • Few more Star Trek II nods:

      11. Both films have Khan manipulating Starfleet officers to obey his command.
      12. Both films Enterprises enemy vessel is disabled through deception.
      13. Both films the torpedoes mean different things to different people
      14. Both films Khan gets what he wants but has to go that one step further.
      15. Both films Spock performs a mind meld & a nerve pinch.
      16. At end of both films Kirk addresses a gathering of mourners.
      17. Both movies slow camera pan to reveal someone may come back in a sequel
      18. Khan is surprised to learn Kirk’s rank in both films “Captain?” “Admiral?”

    • Also many took images of the villain in a Starfleet uniform to be proof that he was NOT Khan, even though Khan wore a similar uniform in the episode Space Seed.

  14. Lots of Easter eggs for sure. One that stood out was what Scotty said about being in the military in his opposition to the torpedoes. Made me think of Malcom’s opposition to having military personnel onboard NX-01 during the Xindi operation. Season 3 Of Enterprise.

    Using the original score from ToS at the end of the film was a nice touch.

    • it’s basically the same end credits music as the first Abrams Star Trek film. Done as a “rondo” with the original Alexander Courage “samba” theme and the Star Trek “fanfare” acting as a sort of refrain while thematic material from Michael Giacchino’s score serves as “verses”.

      • While you are of course correct where the song came from, it was repurposed into the Next Generation theme and associated with hundreds of episodes, rerun a billion times. Hence more people would recognize it as TNG, and it almost qualifies as a nod to that show. (The only other reference to that group is the Pheonix, I believe.)

  15. Loved the Mudd Easter Egg. I thought I was the only one who realized the reference, in the theater.

    The report left out the Tribbles. I actually thought they were gonna send all the Tribbles to the USS Vengeance, like they did in the show.

    Like in the first movie, they only mentioned Nurse Chapel. I had high hopes in seeing her in this movie. Remember that she is the one who originally had feelings for Spock.

  16. You mean the tribble is not an Easter Egg? Anyone miss that?!

  17. “Tribbles” – surely they deserves to be on this list !

    And is it just me or did the whole ‘stranded at the edge of the Klingon planet with engines failing’ bit not resemble the ‘Kobiyashi Maru’ test ? Any thoughts ?

    Also , I’m pretty sure Bones going all “I’m a doctor, dammit, not a torpedo technician (something like that)” counts as a nod to the original series, right ?

    • Tribbles is an odd one, since they’re outright referred to on screen by name. In the first movie, quietly mewling in the background – I’d say that fits the description perfectly.

      As for the Kobiyashi Maru, that irony is definitely not lost on any fan :D

      Love that Bones got a chance to throw out more of those, and Scotty using his “miracle worker” line.

  18. How about Bones performing surgery on a torpedo?

    • Undiscovered country reference! :D

  19. As others have said, the trouble with this list is no mention of the “Trouble with Tribbles.”

  20. I dont know if its been mentioned but Nibiru is an easter egg i believe. Its the planet that is supposed to destroy earth and pops up in conspiracy
    stuff all the time.

  21. Joseph Gatt did modeling for my life drawing classes. its the craziest thing seeing this guy on tv and in movies now.

  22. Great movie, fantastic movie. Was up in my seat the entire time. J.J. is getting better and better.

  23. I love these articles. Thanks, Dyce.

    • It’s an outlet for my neuroses, but I’ll accept your thanks anyway :)

  24. What a great movie, thanks for all the Easter eggs!

  25. “Since the institute survives well into the 24th century, we have to assume they upgraded their security shortly after the events of the film.”

    New universe, nothing has to survive anything :)

  26. The whole part that referenced the ending of Wrath of Khan had me in tears. I saw it coming from the first visual reference to it. And still, it made me cry… even knowing they damned well couldn’t just kill off a main character. The scene was STILL heart-rending.

  27. Just wondering why of all the Easter Eggs that they pointed out, why did they not mention the Tribble? Other than the Managerie, there’s no episode that’s more recognizable episode than the Trouble with Tribbles one.

    • I was wondering that too. With what happened to Pike in this one, theres no way the events of the Managerie.

      I also noticed with the tribble bones was trying to find out why it was sick, the same thing they were wondering why all the tribbles were dead in the trouble with tribbles episode.

      Also one has to wonder, since Khan wasn’t sent to Ceti Alpha 5 (or was it 6?) the chance that Khan wont come after Kirk for revenge is slim.

      i did find it interesting that at the beginning of the film kirk gets nailed for violating the prime directive the thing Sooooo many captains have a hard tine avoiding yet never get their ship taken from them xp

      For a while i was assuming the torpedoes were the genesis device since dr marcus was sooooooooo interested in them. but now that shes a member of the enterprise, i guess that wont happen.

      I also noticed the hidden nod to the fact that Sulu was getting a little too comfortable in the captain’s chair, since he is destined to become the captain of the excelcior (a ship that ironically was saboaged by scotty just as he sabotaged the new starfleet ship in this one)

      did anyone notice how kirk was unable to get khan to even flinch but the fully enraged spock managed to beat him down? Was he really needed alive though? it would have been just as easy to get the blood from him if he were dead.

      i wonder if bones will try to ask kirk about going where no man has gone before like he asked spock after his revival in st4. hehe

  28. Praxis isn’t the homeworld moon, i double checked in a few other locations, so this is just another fragmented moon

    • Then why did Spock say, in Trek 6, that the Klingon home world would be uninhabitable because of the moon exploding?

  29. Not sure if it was mentioned, but JJ last night on Conan said that he put a R2-D2 in the movie, as well as Slusho (I didn’t see either)…. Anyone pick them out?