SR Geek Picks: Honest ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Trailer; ‘Breaking Bad’ Home Cooking, Sweded TMNT & More!

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Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web. Today you’ll find Wall-E VS. Elysium; the top 5 superhero franchises at the box office; an honest trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness; and a sweded trailer for the 1990 TMNT. All that and more on this edition of SR’s Geek Picks!

To kick things off, FunnyOrDie has 7 Unlikely Breaking Bad Endings and Dr. Phil’s 5 Ways to Salvage the Final Season of Breaking Bad.

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Top 5 Superhero Franchises 570x894 SR Geek Picks: Honest Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer; Breaking Bad Home Cooking, Sweded TMNT & More!

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Honest Trailers – Star Trek Into Darkness (feat. HISHE)

For fans of Star Trek – Star Trek Into Darkness was one of the summer’s biggest let downs. We boldly go and revisit the action-packed tale of lens flare, over-recycled Trek cannon, and frozen torpedo body nonsense.


Disney’s Secret Sex Conspiracy (Conspiracy Cinema)

Is Disney using SEXUAL subliminal messages in their advertising and movies? John Doe blows the lid off one of the biggest CONSPIRACIES of the year, as his inside sources at the Disney Castle come clean and expose the biggest story of the year.


Time Travel, UFOs, Real Life Matrix & Cinema Conspiracies – CINEFIX NOW!

Norwood sits down with Will McFadden, host of Conspiracy Cinema, to get a behind-the-scenes take on the CineFix’s declassified exploration of Hollywood and cinema’s most infamous myths and legends.


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  1. Star Trek Into Darkness the summers biggest letdown? Please. Was it perfect? No. Was it a let down? Far from it. Try again.

    • Oh, it was completely atrocious, but not the only let down this year so far.


      • Troll

        • @Mal Reynolds

          Yeah, I was thinking you were a troll too.

          Bri is completely right. S:TID, TLR, MOS, all three were disappointing and not very good.

          • I know STID needed a colon, but I don’t think that’s quite the right place to put it.

          • I’d replace MOS with IM3.

            As for the colon in the 12th Star Trek movie’s title, although I maintain it SHOULD have had a colon, it had none.

            • IM3 was the number one disappointment.
              And not because of the Mandarin twist.
              It was everything except Downy, Jr.

              • In addition to STID being a disappointment, I agree that IM3 was as well. I believe you really appreciated Man of Steel, but I was also let down by that. Just a mediocre year in movies so far. I am hoping that The Hobbit – Desolation of Smaug will be everything I expect. We’ll see.

                • The year was mediocre, I agree.
                  Yeah, we did disagree on MOS.

                  • I appreciated that it was a serious movie, and not campy in the slightest way, but I guess I was hoping for a more traditional origin story, with a slow progression to and then grand reveal of Superman. I was also a little put off by all of the destruction and how quickly the movie seemed to wrap itself up after thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people were likely killed. I did like Henry Cavill as Superman, though.

                    • I hate all of you

                    • Dan…

                      We love you too.


      • I concur, it was a big let down. Abrams is so overrated. That “Honest Trailer” was spot on in so many ways.

        • I am happy with Abrams off the franchise.
          End these endless references to the past
          and boldly go where no film has before.

          • My thoughts as well. I am, and will also be, a fan of the original cast, show, and movies (I prefer them to the new), but after changing the timeline, and with space as the setting, you would think that Abrams would have set out to explore some strange new worlds and written something original and undone before.

            • The original show and cast will
              always be Star Trek for me too.

    • I did enjoy Into Darkness. Too much hate on this site for Into Darkness imo, but to each their own opinion. I found it to have good action and some good performances. Critic Consensus is 87% (rottentomatoes), probably best reviewed action movie this year.

  2. The Star Trek Into Darkness trailer was funny as hell precisely
    because it hits close to home and on the money for some points.

  3. Well let’s hope Thor is great.


  4. Man of Steel was the biggest let down of the summer by far for me.

    It never lived up to the hype. It was the only movie I watched this whole summer where I actually left the theater disappointed. It had so much potential and just fell completely flat.

    STID was good, but could have been better. IM3 was terrific and very entertaining, but WWZ was the best of the summer so far for me

  5. For me, “Man of Steel” was an excellent, entertaining film that confirmed my faith in the ability of WB/DC to deliver a quality movie-going experience amidst a great deal of blubbery waste. I am greatly anticipating the sequel/progression. “Star Trek Into Darkness” was fun but, ultimately, unsatisfying. When I walked out into the theater lobby, I felt the same way I had felt after “The Avengers”: I enjoyed my time, for the most part, in front of the screen but immediately left the experience as soon as the movie ended. Neither of those movies made more than a passing, if not actually negligible, impact on me. This feeling (or lack, thereof?) was with me after “The Lone Ranger” as well. As for “Iron Man 3″, I have no better, more accurate description for that piece of refuse than “CRAP”. It failed me in every way but one: RDJ was (as he tends to be) amazing. It’s a crying shame the movie in which he performed so wonderfully could not even hope to match the scuff marks on his shoes. Ah, well…”Thor: The Dark World” approaches; there is hope yet for “Phase 2″.

    In terms of Abrams’ interpretation of the Star Trek universe, he does the action well…I just think he is sorely lacking in the heart, originality, vision, and depth. C’est la vie…

    • You pretty much covered it, Archaeon.
      Not sure about Thor but there is hope.

      • I ALWAYS hope…


        • Hope is something I always have to work on.

  6. Star Trek into darkness for was just great and being a late Star Trek fan I found the movie to be very entertaining throughout and I just can’t figure out why so many die hard Trekkie fans didn’t like it. It was one of the best movies we have had this summer. Can’t wait to see what JJ bring to Star Wars

    • Can’t speak for all “die hard Trekkie fans”, but this one believes that neither the reboot or its sequel have matched the heart or storytelling of the original franchise. The copied scenes in the latest film, although I am sure they were meant to be a tip of the hat to Wrath of Khan, came across as corny and foolish, not to mention incredibly unoriginal. The new cast does well, but again, this fan prefers the original cast by a mile, probably because I grew up with them, and they were together for decades, through a brief, albeit now legendary, television series, as well as mutliple movies. Abrams, who admitted he was not a fan of the original, changed the timeline, kind of relegating everything that happened before to nothingness (although the original Spock still lives), and despite having space as his setting, he has not endeavored to write something truly original. I could go on, but I hope you get my point. Now having said all of that, I can see how “newbies” to the Trek universe might enjoy the latest incarnation of it.

    • Tony, I think Star Trek would look very different to
      someone as yourself coming later to Star Trek world.
      The new looks quite different if you started with the old.

      The cast is the best that one would expect to assemble
      these days to play iconic portrayals from the original.
      The altered timeline itself is most annoying to me
      followed by references to past events in films.
      Much of the rest I enjoyed well enough.

      More and better things can be done with this crew
      starting with better scripts and directing and
      there is a chance to set a truer course.

  7. If xmen can be in the poster then why not “avengers”? Seems odd.

    • Because Avengers are four franchises merged into one.

    • Because there was only one
      The Avengers movie thus far.

  8. I didn’t think Star Trek into Darkness was bad at all. It wasn’t as good as the first one, but it was good. The whole summer has been a let down really after such a great start with Iron Man 3 in the spring. I was bummed out by Pacific Rim, and The Wolverine and GI Joe.

    A tie for worst would have to be between The Lone Ranger and Man of Steel. Both of those were making me wish I hadn’t seen them. Both had huge bugets, and big stars and terrible results on screen. I honestly don’t know what was worse, the possessed prairie dogs from The Lone Ranger or the “S” stands for “hope” line from Superman, give me a break. Bad acting in both films all around and horrible story telling. I guess they were both equally awful.

    Here’s hoping for a better fall full of movies.

    • + 1,000,000 (except for the Star Trek stuff)

      STID was a bad movie, sorry, but it was. Kahn? Really?

      But I completely agree with you on MoS & TLR. I was SO excited to see MoS that I couldn’t wait and saw it at the midnight showing, and then I was crushed at how bad it really was. I guess I should have read the reviews. I actually laughed out loud at some of the horrible dialog in that thing. That movie could have been the beginning of something great for DC, but instead it was just terrible. I actually liked Superman Returns better. MoS was like a big budget episode of Smallville. If this is the future of DC movies, I’m done with them. The “S” should have stood for “stupid” or “diSappointment”.

      Same thing with The Lone Ranger, I was totally geeked for it, and saw it the day it opened, and what a disappointment it was. I just couldn’t believe it. Johnny Depp was awful, the whole thing was choppy. What a mess.

  9. What’s the date of that poster?

    Both The Avengers and Iron Man 3 are billion dollar worldwide films.

    • That poster is all sorts of messed up. They counted Iron Man 3 in the franchise total, but got their facts wrong in the statement at the end. How do you ignore it for one part of the poster but not the other?

      I can see making a case for The Avengers not quite fitting into that list though since it combines the heroes from previous movies (whereas X-Men started with them together and branched out later)

  10. The Star Trek Into Darkness honest trailer was funny as hell- I’m neither a fan or have I ever seen any of the movies but it was entertaining – and So Far the Best movie for 2013 imo was MOS – it’s the only movie that seems to be stuck in my head and I actually liked – I’ve been raving about since before it was released – and It lived up to my expectations – even with me reading 20 + reviews and listening SR Podcast