Enterprise vs. Galactica: Who Would Win?

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galactica vs enterprise01 p Enterprise vs. Galactica: Who Would Win?

Have you ever wondered how cool it would be for some of your favorite shows to mix characters across the different networks or franchises?

Way back in the day (WAY back) I always wanted to see Airwolf, Blue Thunder and K.I.T.T. bring it to the bad guys in the same show.  Yet whenever a superhero crossover ever happened in the comics, they always seemed to duke it out between themselves first.  And this is what I thought of when I saw an inspired idea over on DVICE where they decided to match the technologies of the original U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 up against the Battlestar Galactica in a pitched and heated battle.

Well, a theorized battle, anyway.

However I think the folks over at DVICE might be a little biased.  According to them, the Battlestar would come out on top against the Heavy Cruiser.  I think they aren’t being fair.  A Colonial Battlestar against a Federation Cruiser?  I would pitch a Federation Dreadnought against the Battlestar, but that’s just me.

As it is, I’ll work within the framework of what DVICE started from, but still, from my side of things, I think the outcome would be a bit different.  I’ll touch on the same points they did and we’ll see where it takes us!

Phasers vs. Kinetic Energy Turrets:  DVICE gave the edge to the phaser (Phased Energy Rectification Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) because it could cut through unshielded ships.  I agree with that so the first point goes to the Federation.
Enterprise: 1, Galactica: 0.

Photon Torpedoes vs Nukes.  The argument is that the Enterprise couldn’t take a nuke hit while the Galactica could take a photon torpedo hit.  This one goes to Galactica on DVICE, but then they don’t exactly go into what kind of punch a Photon torpedo can do.  Let me.

According to some estimations, a Photon torpedo can pack a 64 megaton punch.  According to the Galactica Wiki, Galactica Nukes yield 5 to 150 Kilotons, depending on what is dialed in.

150 kilotons = 625 Joules, and 64 Megatons = ~269 Joules.  So the hitting power does go to the Galactica.
Enterprise: 1, Galactica: 1.

Sensors vs Dradis:  For some reason, DVICE gave this one to the Dradis on Galactica.  Are they kidding?  I have to digress here and give the edge to the Enterprise.  The Federation sensors can sense when a mouse farts!  The Dradis seems to only see ships.  Have I missed something.  If not, I’m changing their score and giving this tech edge to the Enterprise.
Enterprise: 2, Galactica: 1.

Shuttlecraft vs Vipers:  Is this even a comparison?  This goes to the Galactica with their fully armed Vipers versus the original series shuttlecraft.
Enterprise: 2, Galactica: 2.

Impulse engines and Warp Drives vs Ion Engines and FTL drives:  They argue that the Enterprise is more agile on impulse and warp drives.  I tend to agree that the smaller Enterprise can dance all around the Galactica.  The Enterprise has varying degrees of Warp speed, while the Galactica is a go / no-go, one speed ship when it comes to light speed travel. But the Galactica’s FTL drives are pretty cool as far as popping in and out of places, including popping out of planet atmospheres during free-fall.  (Was that not cool when the Galactica did that free-fall over New Caprica?) But it takes a lot of calculations for the Galactica to pop around and time for the FTL to spin up.  I think with all the flitting around the Enterprise can do compared to the Galactica, I’ll agree and give the edge to the Enterprise.
Enterprise: 3, Galactica: 2.

Transporters vs Raptors;  Is this even a fair comparison?  Enterprise, hands down.  They can just beam boarding parties on the Galactica.  Heck, they can beam the crews out of the Raptors!  In Star Fleet Battles (a board game I played) boarding parties were one of my best tricks once shields were down.
Enterprise: 4, Galactica: 2.

Shields vs Point-Defense Cannons:  As far as taking a beating, the Galactica took a nuke hit!  The PDC’s can dish out serious suppressive fire while the ship can absorb whatever gets through.  The Enterprise takes a shield hit or two and panels spark and people fly!  Technically, regardless of the flying bridge crew, I’d think the Enterprise has the edge, though DVICE gave this one to the Galactica.  Can PDC’s stop a Phaser?  I don’t think so.  The Enterprise can stand off and fire at will.
Enterprise: 5, Galactica: 2.

So somehow, in the end DVICE gave this comparison to the Galactica.   I want to go into a little reasoning on some things.

They didn’t consider sizes of the two ships though engine comparisons and the weight they push around was touched on:
The Enterprise:  Length: 947 feet; Overall Beam(width): 417 feet
The Galactica:  Length: 4640 feet; Overall Beam(width): 1821 feet

enterprise over galactica Enterprise vs. Galactica: Who Would Win?

Being big is great, but sheesh.  Enterprise?  What Enterprise?  You mean that spot on the paint?  Ramming speed Galactica!  But the small ship would probably be able to dance around the big boy.  This is the classic argument of light sword, many hits; heavy sword, one good hit.  These size comparisons sure make it seem like the Galactica might be able to dust the little guy but technology always wins out gang.

enterprise d over galactica Enterprise vs. Galactica: Who Would Win?

Of course this whole comparison thing pits the Galactica up against the NCC-1701.  This wouldn’t even be a question if they were looking at the 1701-D Galaxy Class from Star Trek: The Next Generation.  On the D, the shuttle craft had phasers and photons, didn’t they?  On Voyager, Janeway’s shuttle was armed to the teeth.  Or how much more punch would a Federation Dreadnought have?

But why would DVICE weigh their scales the way they did?  DVICE is part of the network with the Sci Fi Wire and the Sci-Fi Channel…  so ya gotta take this comparison with a grain of salt and have fun with it.  FUN, I say.

In the aspect of fun, let’s look at a few other things:

Society:  If we start looking at some of the intricacies, Starfleet personnel have a rather organized society.  The Galactica fleet really have their heads frakked up right now because their destined goal of humanity’s salvation, Earth, was a wasteland.  Oops.  They’d probably just give up!

battlestar galactica girls Enterprise vs. Galactica: Who Would Win?Captain Kirk Vs Admiral Adama:  Kirk would have Spock baffle Adama with calculations of probabilities of their outcome while Kirk would end up making out with No. 6, or Sharon or whatever warm blooded woman on the Galactica he could snag and go about his day.  Meanwhile, Adama might get Athena to plug into the Enterprise and send it to the “edge of the galaxy”… again.

The fun of it all:  In the end, these kinds of comparisons are for fun and could endlessly go on as we think of other shows we could pit against each other.  Rather than pitting all of Star Trek against Battlestar Galactica, or against Babylon 5, or what ever franchise we like, I say we stack all the good guys from all the shows on one side, give The Hulk a space suit and see how that works out for everyone!

Speaking of cross-overs, I remember a comic book where the classic Enterprise encountered who I think was a member of Marvel’s Kree race.  The panels were fun to go through.  Sulu tells Kirk that sensors are picking up a man outside the ship.  Kirk confusedly asks what he’s doing.  Sulu says he looks like he’s going to punch the ship.  Suddenly the bridge staff go flying when the Kree decks the ship.  I loved that scene but I just don’t have the time to dig through my garage sized collection of comics to verify it was the Kree.  If anyone can help me remember, that would be cool.

Basically, in the end, I say we line up all the good guys vs all the bad guys from the different sci-fi shows and have a massive crossover.  That would really mess with all the legal teams!

Are there any team-ups, or face-offs you’d like to see?  Let us know.

Sources:  DVICE, Stardestroyer.net, Sideview images: ship schemantics.netst-minutia.com, wolf’s shipyard; ex astris scientia; Image (almost to scale) overlays by Bruce Simmons

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  1. Screw that, I vote for the Daedalus from Stargate, with Asgard shield technology and Naquada enhanced nuclear weapons… 😛

    OK, I’ll shut up…

  2. @robin

    What’s so realistic about a ship in the far-flung future being tied to current science? Would it have been more realistic for the ancient Greeks to have imagined 20th century civilization using swords instead of “magically propelled bits of lead”?

  3. Hang on, The Enterprise 1701 wins by completeing the kessel run before the contest even began!

  4. @ cleantalkingchimp & nowhereman

    lol, awesome video eh? I re-watched it and still laughed out loud – even the intro of Picard in his room and Riker with the ladies was funny, let alone Data laughing.

    @ Vic,

    It’s true – I was in hotel and it was late and I was tired and really trying to get one of my multiple re-typed messages to show up – I thought it might be the wireless connection I was on or something as I didn’t see those messages show up in the spam.

  5. Holy crap, the geek inside of me is screaming to get out so I have to get in on this!!
    Enterprise, hands down, wouldn’t last 5 minutes.
    Side note: I would LOVE for somebody to explain to me how they figured out what yeild a photon torp or galactica missle has!!
    Side note 2:How exactly is 64 megatonnes (equivalent of 64 MILLION lbs. of TNT) have LESS joules than 115 Kilotonnes (115 THOUSAND tonnes)?!?
    Many, many battles in history have been decided by small tech. advvantages by one side. When you consider that the Enterprise has better engines, weapons (accuracy and firepower), sensors, Galactica doesn’t even HAVE frickin’ shields that CAN take a nuke hit (hello? “Balance of Terror” anyone? they took a Romulan nuke at point blank range!) etc. Besides how fast could those BSG missiles possibly travel. Even if it traveled at .1c (18,620 miles per second–I really don’t think so) the Enterprise could dance around the damn thing at half-impulse! The Enterprise (or the Defiant–look at the ST:Enterprise episodes “Through a Mirror Darkly” for a good look at the manuverability/firepower of a constitution class starship) would easily be able to do massive amounts of damage (better sensors to find the weak points which the torps can hit with pinpoint accuracy) long, long before the BSG can close to weapons range. Even if by some miracle the Galactica FTL’d nose to nose with the Enterpise (somehow, with a moving target) 20 mm bullets are never going to penetrate the shields nor a duranium hull. For a good idea of what the phasers would do, I suggest looking at how the Shadows on B5 used their ‘phasers’–by slicing through their opponents ships like a pissed-off buzz saw!! I could go on and on. There were damn few other technologies on other shows that I thought would stack up against Starfleet. The peacekeepers/scarrans on Farscape, maybe (there’s no real way to know–of course you could say that about this). The Vorlons and Shadows on B5, sure (millions of years in advance of us). But the Galactica?!? Much as I love the show, just no fracking way!!! ’nuff said…

    • You made an error when you said 64 Megatonnes is equal to 64 million lbs. You should’ve said 64 million TONS of TNT!

  6. @ Patrick

    “Side note: I would LOVE for somebody to explain to me how they figured out what yeild a photon torp or galactica missle has!!
    Side note 2:How exactly is 64 megatonnes (equivalent of 64 MILLION lbs. of TNT) have LESS joules than 115 Kilotonnes (115 THOUSAND tonnes)?!?”

    It’s simple math:

    Let me explain

    1 gram TNT = 4184 Joules
    1 tonne TNT= 4.184 x 10(9) joules
    1 kiloton = 1000 tons therefore = 4.184×10(12) Joules..
    1 Megaton=1000 Kilotons= 4.184x 10(15) joules
    so a 65 megoton photon torpedo would be 65x(4.184×10(15)Joules=2.7196×10(17) Joules=271.96 PJ with is no matter how you do the math is a lot of force to be applied to anything

    You can do the math for the Galactica nukes…regardless 1 Megaton of TNT is alot more pwerful than 150 Kilotons of TNT..

  7. And I corrected my previous post when I stated that the Galactica nukes where more powerful than a photon torpedo…65 megatons is much, much larger than a 150 kilotons…

  8. Actually one photon torpedo would be equal to 2200-2400 Galactica nukes if my math is correct and that would be a big if.. :) depending on rounding and sinificant figures you used to calculate this..

  9. Instead of predicting which ship would win ,
    I will just say if I had a choice which vessel to serve on during this conflict,
    I would choose the Enterprise .

  10. The Enterprise against a Battlestar? Are we kidding? You might as well put Superman against Spiderman. Yeah, I know, it was done but Supes knocked Spidey into a building without even touching him. Any way, Jae Senn explains it very well on why Star Trek could exist in the BSG universe.

    Now, my take on this is the Enterprise took multiple blasts from the Doomsday device that destroyed solar systems. This alone tells me that BSG wouldn’t stand a chance. A better matchup, to me, would be the Enterprise vs. the Deathstar; I still think the Enterprise wins but it would be a longer battle.

  11. The original enterprise survived a nuke in one episode when they went to the NAZI planet. A photon tordeo was supposed to be way more dangerous.

  12. Enterprise vs. The Death star?
    The Enterprise hands down that would be the easiest battle ever The NCC-1701 dances circles around it

  13. @Martin Horowitz
    Actually, they destroyed the nukes before they got to the Enterprise. The only time it was hit with a nuclear bomb was against the Romulans.

    Trek rules! The Death Star was designed to take a lot of damage; that’s why I said the battle would last longer. That beam from the DS would be a problem for Kirk and Spock but since warp engines wouldn’t be needed for battle, Scotty would probably increase the strength of the shields. But since the DS takes soo long to power up the weapon, Sulu would probably just dodge the beam. They wouldn’t even have to shoot the TY Fighters since blasters wouldn’t do any damage.

    I love these types of discussions. :-)

  14. What was it Kirk would always say? “We’re on a PEACEFUL mission”. Yet the Enterprise is armed to the teeth? Kirk ain’t foolin’ nobody! That ship could make mince meat out of almost any other Sci-Fi ships. Speak softly…and carry…a big stick! (Dramatic pauses…Kirk style.)

  15. Haha, this is an awesome discussion! Rob, that video is hilarious, I forwarded it to my buddy who’s a huge Star Wars fan. Speaking of that video, as soon as Vader started choking the crew, Data would have launched a barrage of photon torpedos that would have destroyed the Star Destroyer.

    This is a bit off topic, but did anyone read the Star Trek: TNG novel when they came across the X-men? The novel is called Planet X and it was written by Michael Jan Friedman. Very cool.

  16. Enterprise vs. Death Star – Look at it, the Enterprise won’t even be in the Death Star’s line of fire! The Enterprise will zip about all around the death stars while taking pot-shots, and in the meantime Scotty will be rigging up a modified photon torpedo that can lock on to the Death Star’s energy core so that the Enterprise can place one shot right down the chute and get the heck away from there.

    Or heck, why bother with the trouble – just cleave a massive hole on the side of the Death Star with the phasers, and bombard its core with photon torpedoes. Game over.

    I remember in an episode of ST:TNG, the Enterprise D’s phasers could be use to blast a planet’s surface to start some geothermic reaction or something.. This goes to show the the phasers are powerful enough to be fired from orbit and yet penetrate a planet’s crust. The Death Star doesn’t stand a chance!

  17. Beam a photon torp into the core. set it to go off. game over. NEXT!!

  18. MY scenario: the Death Star is sucked into a wormhole,
    when they come out the other side in the 24th century
    the ships is surrounded and overrun by a renegande group of klingon ships.
    They take over the Death Star.
    Scotty beams Tribbles into the engine room .
    They surround the warp core .
    the Klingons open fire on the tribbles BOOM!
    Problem solved.
    The tribbles making the ultimate sacrifice .
    Members of Starflett Intelligence that Volunteered for the Covert Op.

  19. my coco pops would beat it all :)

  20. The Babe’s in Battlestar have more impact than Enterprise! Babe’s WIN! -Stark

  21. I don’t know; those green Orion slave girls look pretty hot. And what about T’Pol and Seven of Nine….YEOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!

  22. John:

    The power of “Sex-Appeal”: When 7 of 9 was introduced on Voyager, it marked the first time in the series run that ratings went UP rather than bringing in stagnate or declining numbers.

    And yea, she can BORG me anytime!!!

    OK, enough of that.

  23. This webpage is nothing but troll-bait, and you all fell for it. Only the most clueless idiot would actually think that the BSG would even stand a chance. No one is that dumb.

  24. LOL

  25. The thing is, the power of Star Trek weaponry has always been variable depending on the needs of the plot.

    Back in the original series episode “The Doomsday Machine” the explosion of the U.S.S. Constellation’s impulse engines destroyed the titular device when normal weapons systems from the Enterprise had no effect. That was likened to a 98 megaton nuclear explosion.

    In Star Trek VI the Enterprise’s shields deflected multiple photon torpedoes before collapsing, but when one got through the damage it did to the ship’s interior was less than even the smallest nuclear weapon would have caused.

  26. You also need to take into consideration that the BSG actually has tech that makes sense and actually could be created. If you stripped the Enterprise down of all it’s ridiculous junk like “beaming” the BSG would easily crush the Enterprise.

    While both the Enterprise and BSG both exist in a sci-fi universe, the Enterprise has a ton of tech that the BSG would only be able to dream of. The Enterprise is using photon torps while the BSG is still on nukes. My point is that, you can’t fairly pitt the two ships against each other if one of them has some crap that the other one doesn’t have.

    If you limited the Enterprise to BSG tech or if you gave the BSG all of the Enterprise tech, the BSG would win. Either way.

    If the Enterprise could simply beam photon torps into ships, Star Trek would be the most boring show ever. Not that it isn’t anyway….

    As for the Enterprise being able to simply “run circles around the BSG” I think we are overestimating the Enterprise. It is not that maneuverable and the BSG would send out it’s Raptors and Vipers.

    I think that if you limited the Enterprise to BSG tech, the BSG would win any day.

    And for a matter of the shows, Star Trek is about shooting people with little bolt’s of energy, while BSG is about sex and nukes. 8) BSG any day.