Enterprise vs. Galactica: Who Would Win?

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galactica vs enterprise01 p Enterprise vs. Galactica: Who Would Win?

Have you ever wondered how cool it would be for some of your favorite shows to mix characters across the different networks or franchises?

Way back in the day (WAY back) I always wanted to see Airwolf, Blue Thunder and K.I.T.T. bring it to the bad guys in the same show.  Yet whenever a superhero crossover ever happened in the comics, they always seemed to duke it out between themselves first.  And this is what I thought of when I saw an inspired idea over on DVICE where they decided to match the technologies of the original U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 up against the Battlestar Galactica in a pitched and heated battle.

Well, a theorized battle, anyway.

However I think the folks over at DVICE might be a little biased.  According to them, the Battlestar would come out on top against the Heavy Cruiser.  I think they aren’t being fair.  A Colonial Battlestar against a Federation Cruiser?  I would pitch a Federation Dreadnought against the Battlestar, but that’s just me.

As it is, I’ll work within the framework of what DVICE started from, but still, from my side of things, I think the outcome would be a bit different.  I’ll touch on the same points they did and we’ll see where it takes us!

Phasers vs. Kinetic Energy Turrets:  DVICE gave the edge to the phaser (Phased Energy Rectification Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) because it could cut through unshielded ships.  I agree with that so the first point goes to the Federation.
Enterprise: 1, Galactica: 0.

Photon Torpedoes vs Nukes.  The argument is that the Enterprise couldn’t take a nuke hit while the Galactica could take a photon torpedo hit.  This one goes to Galactica on DVICE, but then they don’t exactly go into what kind of punch a Photon torpedo can do.  Let me.

According to some estimations, a Photon torpedo can pack a 64 megaton punch.  According to the Galactica Wiki, Galactica Nukes yield 5 to 150 Kilotons, depending on what is dialed in.

150 kilotons = 625 Joules, and 64 Megatons = ~269 Joules.  So the hitting power does go to the Galactica.
Enterprise: 1, Galactica: 1.

Sensors vs Dradis:  For some reason, DVICE gave this one to the Dradis on Galactica.  Are they kidding?  I have to digress here and give the edge to the Enterprise.  The Federation sensors can sense when a mouse farts!  The Dradis seems to only see ships.  Have I missed something.  If not, I’m changing their score and giving this tech edge to the Enterprise.
Enterprise: 2, Galactica: 1.

Shuttlecraft vs Vipers:  Is this even a comparison?  This goes to the Galactica with their fully armed Vipers versus the original series shuttlecraft.
Enterprise: 2, Galactica: 2.

Impulse engines and Warp Drives vs Ion Engines and FTL drives:  They argue that the Enterprise is more agile on impulse and warp drives.  I tend to agree that the smaller Enterprise can dance all around the Galactica.  The Enterprise has varying degrees of Warp speed, while the Galactica is a go / no-go, one speed ship when it comes to light speed travel. But the Galactica’s FTL drives are pretty cool as far as popping in and out of places, including popping out of planet atmospheres during free-fall.  (Was that not cool when the Galactica did that free-fall over New Caprica?) But it takes a lot of calculations for the Galactica to pop around and time for the FTL to spin up.  I think with all the flitting around the Enterprise can do compared to the Galactica, I’ll agree and give the edge to the Enterprise.
Enterprise: 3, Galactica: 2.

Transporters vs Raptors;  Is this even a fair comparison?  Enterprise, hands down.  They can just beam boarding parties on the Galactica.  Heck, they can beam the crews out of the Raptors!  In Star Fleet Battles (a board game I played) boarding parties were one of my best tricks once shields were down.
Enterprise: 4, Galactica: 2.

Shields vs Point-Defense Cannons:  As far as taking a beating, the Galactica took a nuke hit!  The PDC’s can dish out serious suppressive fire while the ship can absorb whatever gets through.  The Enterprise takes a shield hit or two and panels spark and people fly!  Technically, regardless of the flying bridge crew, I’d think the Enterprise has the edge, though DVICE gave this one to the Galactica.  Can PDC’s stop a Phaser?  I don’t think so.  The Enterprise can stand off and fire at will.
Enterprise: 5, Galactica: 2.

So somehow, in the end DVICE gave this comparison to the Galactica.   I want to go into a little reasoning on some things.

They didn’t consider sizes of the two ships though engine comparisons and the weight they push around was touched on:
The Enterprise:  Length: 947 feet; Overall Beam(width): 417 feet
The Galactica:  Length: 4640 feet; Overall Beam(width): 1821 feet

enterprise over galactica Enterprise vs. Galactica: Who Would Win?

Being big is great, but sheesh.  Enterprise?  What Enterprise?  You mean that spot on the paint?  Ramming speed Galactica!  But the small ship would probably be able to dance around the big boy.  This is the classic argument of light sword, many hits; heavy sword, one good hit.  These size comparisons sure make it seem like the Galactica might be able to dust the little guy but technology always wins out gang.

enterprise d over galactica Enterprise vs. Galactica: Who Would Win?

Of course this whole comparison thing pits the Galactica up against the NCC-1701.  This wouldn’t even be a question if they were looking at the 1701-D Galaxy Class from Star Trek: The Next Generation.  On the D, the shuttle craft had phasers and photons, didn’t they?  On Voyager, Janeway’s shuttle was armed to the teeth.  Or how much more punch would a Federation Dreadnought have?

But why would DVICE weigh their scales the way they did?  DVICE is part of the network with the Sci Fi Wire and the Sci-Fi Channel…  so ya gotta take this comparison with a grain of salt and have fun with it.  FUN, I say.

In the aspect of fun, let’s look at a few other things:

Society:  If we start looking at some of the intricacies, Starfleet personnel have a rather organized society.  The Galactica fleet really have their heads frakked up right now because their destined goal of humanity’s salvation, Earth, was a wasteland.  Oops.  They’d probably just give up!

battlestar galactica girls Enterprise vs. Galactica: Who Would Win?Captain Kirk Vs Admiral Adama:  Kirk would have Spock baffle Adama with calculations of probabilities of their outcome while Kirk would end up making out with No. 6, or Sharon or whatever warm blooded woman on the Galactica he could snag and go about his day.  Meanwhile, Adama might get Athena to plug into the Enterprise and send it to the “edge of the galaxy”… again.

The fun of it all:  In the end, these kinds of comparisons are for fun and could endlessly go on as we think of other shows we could pit against each other.  Rather than pitting all of Star Trek against Battlestar Galactica, or against Babylon 5, or what ever franchise we like, I say we stack all the good guys from all the shows on one side, give The Hulk a space suit and see how that works out for everyone!

Speaking of cross-overs, I remember a comic book where the classic Enterprise encountered who I think was a member of Marvel’s Kree race.  The panels were fun to go through.  Sulu tells Kirk that sensors are picking up a man outside the ship.  Kirk confusedly asks what he’s doing.  Sulu says he looks like he’s going to punch the ship.  Suddenly the bridge staff go flying when the Kree decks the ship.  I loved that scene but I just don’t have the time to dig through my garage sized collection of comics to verify it was the Kree.  If anyone can help me remember, that would be cool.

Basically, in the end, I say we line up all the good guys vs all the bad guys from the different sci-fi shows and have a massive crossover.  That would really mess with all the legal teams!

Are there any team-ups, or face-offs you’d like to see?  Let us know.

Sources:  DVICE, Stardestroyer.net, Sideview images: ship schemantics.netst-minutia.com, wolf’s shipyard; ex astris scientia; Image (almost to scale) overlays by Bruce Simmons

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  1. When talking about joules, I was under the impression that 1 joule = 0.239 calories so 269 joules would be in layman terms the amount of energy required to lift 269 apples a height of one meter..Now I am no physicist but at either 625 Joules or 269 joules neither of these weapons would pack any punch. Unless it was a punch in the face..

    Are you sure you were referring to joules..Megatons of power I can see but joules no way unless it was a terajoule(TJ) or bigger like exajoule(EJ), zettajoule(ZJ), oryottajoule(YJ)..

  2. Here is my reasoning for my statement above…

    1 gram of TNT = 4184 Joules
    1 tonne TNT = 909 kilograms TNT = 3,803,636,363 Joules


    1 Megaton = 3,803,636,363 x 4.184×109 J which is a pretty freakin large number

    60,532,645,860,947,025,454,545,454,545 Joules

    which is roughly rounded

    6.05 x 10(28) Joules (that’s lifting a lot of apples a lot higher than a meter) which is bigger than a yottajoule(YJ)

    Either way Galactica wins with roughly 2.5 times the punch of the Enterprises photon torpedoes.. Big bang is only a joke..

  3. The last portion of my last post was completely wrong since a megaton is 1000 times bigger than a kiloton so

    150 kilotons = 6.276 x 10(11) joules= a maximum galactica nuke

    65 Megatons = 2.677 x 10(14) joules = a photon torpedo

    SO the Enterprise would win this category too…Yeah Federation!!

    I hope this is all right and that my calculations are ok..Geez I’m a knob..

  4. Screw the Enterprise D, set the Galactica against the far more powerful Enterprise-E. The ship that can take down Borg Cubes.

  5. Great post Bruce,

    I didn’t plan on reading the whole article but I did anyways, lol (at a hotel right now) but I have a few more points to raise.

    Any missiles or nukes the battlestar throws at a federation ship would be shot down instantly before even coming close to hitting the Enterprise…So that comparison is null, hehe.

    Also, Photo Torpedos move at warp speed and nothing could stop it from making impact. The power of that weapon would completely take out a battlestar in just a few hits.

    Phaser beams as seen on TNG era starships are 100% accurate and instantaneous. There’s an episode of TNG where the Enterprise takes out over dozen smaller unshielded ships in less than a second.

    Obvious comparisons just from the shows makes the Enterprise win in every category – not too mention that the Federation ships can actually maneuver and travel fast – way faster than those rocket propelled nukes from BSG.

    BSG is completely primitive and antiquated in every form of tech compared to Trek so these ‘who would win’ scenarios end up the same. Trek also beats Star Wars for those who wonder.

    On that note and in the spirit of the fun of these – Here is the best Star Trek vs. Video of all time:

  6. There is one more thing you failed to mention. The Enterprises (especially D and E) have been self-sustaining. In terms of food or whatever they need, they just replicate. Whereas the Galactica relied on other ships for fuel, food, etc. The Star Trek ships can survive for much longer. I mean, just look at Voyager, some 7 years without direct help from Starfleet.

  7. Geeze – I wrote a massive response and it didn’t show.

    Quick Summary of my intended post:

    *Missiles/Nukes from BSG ship can’t hit a federation ship – that rocket propelled crap would be shot down instantaneously by phasers.

    *Photon torps move at warp speed therefore cant miss a BSG ship = WIN for Enterprise (again)

    *Fed ships can actually maneuver and move fast


    *BSG tech primitive and antiquated in all ways from Trek. Trek wins as it would be Star Wars.

    For fun, here is the best Star Trek Vs. vid of all time. It is a MUST WATCH:

  8. You know what would have been a better comparison; Galactica vs. the SDF-1 from Robotech. Then you’d have nukes vs. synchro-cannons, Vipers vs. Veritechs and spacefolds vs. FTL drives. And they are much closer together in scale. Try that one sometime.

  9. These comparisons are fun, BUT, they can be tough to put together as one chases lots of information all over the net.

    Ya get cross eyed.

    That’s a great idea Lee-Unit. They do seem closer in compatibility. I was focused on DVICE and their outcome, so I got tunnel focused!

  10. I dont think the weapon thing is fair, you compared the poewer of one weapon.. however.. how many nukes does BSG as? how many photon.. or quantum torpedoes does teh enterprise have? how fast can they shoot em? now you could get an idea of the destructive power.. The enterprise could simply shoot down those slow nuke missiles, while unleashing 10 or so torpedoe in one volley.. Enterprise D or E would make quick work of a battlestar.. i doubt ballistic weapon got much of a chance againts shields (however, nukes are another story)

  11. Kirk’s ship took two up close hits from various nukes. Once when Balok’s probe was destroyed and again when the Romulin commander hid one (used for self-destruction) in space debris. Both destroyed by phaser fire, both at close range. Balok’s probe may not have been a bomb, but the Romulin’s sure was and carried a real kick. Too many of those from Galactica get through the phasers and the Enterprise would be done for.

    Still, I think Galactica wouldn’t stand a chance, as Greenknight pointed out, a couple photon torpedos, which totally out class Galactica’s nukes, and it would be all over.

    Better yet, why not use the transporter to beam one on to Galactica and detonate it? Don’t bother looking for survivors!

  12. Just for a laugh, I’d love to see a Star Trek – The Next Generation & Doctor Who crossover. Just imagine what a Borg assimilated Dalek would be like. That is if the Borg could get close enough in the first place!

  13. What in the name of Mike happened to 790?

  14. @greenknight

    Been wondering that myself. I think he probably migrated over the movie site that he writes for.

    Bummer. Been missing his comments. But it seems that Ken J has come in to fill the vacuum. :-P


  15. @Rob

    LOL, of all people you should know to just shoot me an email if one of your comments doesn’t show up. :-P


  16. Depends on where the battle happens. If it happens in the space time continuim then Galactica wins hands down, since none of the enterprises technology works here.
    Star Trek is a sceinceFICTION show, ie. a fantasy set in the future. BSG is a SCEINCEfiction show, ie a work of fiction grounded in the real and explainable.
    All of the numbers for star trek are pulled out of thin air to satisfy the whims of the plot. Star trek isn’t internally consistent while BSG is completely internally consistent. As a matter of fact barring a few points BSG is consistent with reality as we understand it.
    Galactica Versus Enterprise is as assinine and pointless as Who would win if Mohammed Alli and superman had a fight….

  17. @Robin

    If it’s so “assinine and pointless” then why bother to go to any trouble to even make your, um, point?

    And why wouldn’t Trek tech work in the Galactica universe? It’s the same universe. Oh, wait… why am I asking you a pointless question…



  18. @ RObin707

    Try Superman Vs Mohammed Ali a comic book from the fall of 1978 with Mohammed Ali defeating Supes a on planet with a red sun thereby reducing Superman to the class of mere mortal..Ali knocks him out.

    They should have “Scrubb”ed that idea…

    What you call assinine & pointless I call hypothetical fun and Bruce did mention in the article that it is just for fun…

  19. @Rob Keyes
    Trek also beats Star Wars for those who wonder.

    Do not under estimate the power of the Force!!

  20. Thanks greenknight333.

    Indeed I did add the DISCLAIMER that this was fun, hence my THE FUN OF IT ALL heading.

    It’s great point that as I think about it, it’s a rather pointed statement that BSG is rooted in reality. No transporters, no phasers. Almost all equipment rooted in reality.

    But that FTL drive thingy drags them right into the same drawer of socks with the Trek-verse! Never mind cyborgs destroying humanity.

    And yes, I had not thought of it until after I wrote this post that it would be a 1 point game! Transport 1 nuke into the middle of the ship. Game over!

    Still, we don’t mind all the different opinions. As long as you keep them on the subject matter and not toss barbs at the people. I mean heck, I didn’t start this. I was just motivated.

    So say we all? So say some of us?

  21. @ Vic
    umm… no it’s not the same universe. Which is the whole point of my statement.
    The Star trek universe is one in which the location and vector of a subatomic particle can be known at the same time. Check the schemetics for the enterprise, there is a device known as “The Heisenberg negeiter”.
    Whereas the BSG universe is one that is obeys the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. QED Not the same universe.
    Greenknight brought up the DC Superman Vs Ali comic. In this the critical question in determining the answer to who won that fight was where the fight happened. Which is exactly my point in Enterprise Vs BSG.
    The OP brought up Adama Vs Kirk. Kirk was trained by Starfleet, an exploritory agency akin to NASA. Adama has militery training. So i say that point goes to Adama. Stratagy and tatics trumps exploritory theory and Prime directive.
    As i said with a FEW EXCEPTIONS BSG uses real technology. They have CO2 scrubbers, whereas oxygen just happens on the enterprise, etc,etc. I find it a bit of a stretch to say that they are both in the same sock drawer as far as realism.
    I realise that this is all hypothetical, but the amount of research you put into points that support your argument makes me wonder at why you are quick you are to dismiss my refutation of them as being unfun…

    • Those who think that Starfleet is just an exploratory agency are in error. This is a myth perpetuated by anti-military/anti-war types that love Star Trek, but hate all things military. Captain Kirk even made a statement indicating that Starfleet was the military. In fact, they were exploring for the United Earth Space Probe Agency, not for Starfleet. This means that they were on loan from Starfleet. This kind of inter-agency cooperation does occur between military and non-military agencies in real life. Same here on the show. Captain Kirk is a military officer with outstanding military training.

  22. Bruce:

    The comic scene was from a one-shot called Star Trek\X-Men (or vice versa). The alien who hit the ship was Gladiator from the Shiar race.

  23. Galactica launches nuke…. Enterprise locks on to it, beams it on the bridge of the Galactica. Battle over. Or, before that happens, Enterprise beams the Galactica bridge crew into space or the Enterprise Brig. (depending on your sensibilities) Not much of a fight I think.

  24. @ Rob Keyes

    OMG!!! I just fell out of my chair laughing at the enterprise crew’s reaction to “LASERS?”, and the way Picard cut Vader off in mid rant was classic! Just a really good fan made spoof! Thanks for the link, mate! J)

    @ Robin 707

    If you want facts about real world physics and how powerful either side would actually fare when existing technology is applied, then check this out….

    All I have to do is hit a button on my remote, and poof! All vessels cease to exist without my firing a single shot!
    Asinine, perhaps….but very effective, yes?

  25. Robin,

    It’s actually the Heisenberg Compensator. In fact, particle physicists are trying to do just that – to create new ways of detecting particles and measuring their quantities without perturbing their quantum state!

    As for warp drives, heck, that’s in the works too, albeit theoretically. Negative energy densities and all.

    Impulse drive – it’s a fusion reactor venting plasma out the rear end, and it’s pretty efficient. Think microwave-excited plasma propulsion (something that’s currently working with existing technology) and you’ll see the early forms of impulse propulsion.

    Phasers are coherent plasma weapons. That’s just like lasers, except that you use something with more momentum than photons, i.e. plasma. That’s being developed in the real world too.

    Photon torpedoes use matter-antimatter and sadly, they won’t explode the way they do in the movies because matter-antimatter reactions just produce plenty of radiation, not explosions. Nevertheless, a matter-antimatter reaction is 100% efficient while a thermonuclear bomb is only 0.5% efficient at best.

    Trek not taking place in this universe, but BSG is? The last time I checked, the speed of light still can’t be exceeded and we still can’t fold space or create wormholes or any other viable FTL capabilities. So I don’t see how BSG takes place in this universe either..

    At the end of the day, they’re both SCIENCE FICTION, with Trek more forward-looking than BSG.

  26. Typhon: Thank you thank you thank you! My sanity is one step closer to staying even keeled!

    Funny options Derek. I like it.

    nowhereman: Your powers are insurmountable!! All franchise mythos should quake in fear of your abilities! Dang, so we, the viewing audience wins!

  27. Heres a Match Up The Millennium Falcon Vs. The NCC-1701

  28. Millennium Falcon vs NCC-1701?

    Match 1: Kessel Run

    Millennium Falcon wins because it could get past all those black holes. NCC-1701 would have slingshot through time due to the lightspeed breakaway factor.

    Match 2: Klingons

    Enterprise wins (sort of) because it could put up a fight but had been set to self-destruct when the Klingon landing party has beamed aboard. Millennium Falcon would have been destroyed by the Bird of Prey from millions of miles away with photon torpedoes.

  29. @Robin

    I was just ribbing you since you said it was a pointless comparison after you took the time to argue in favor of BSG. :-)


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