Michael Dorn Confirms He’s Working on a ‘Star Trek: Captain Worf’ TV Series

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star trek worf tv show Michael Dorn Confirms Hes Working on a Star Trek: Captain Worf TV Series

Geek favorites Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer have been forthcoming about their hopes for bringing Star Trek back to the small screen, after the release of J.J. Abrams’ elusive sequel to his Trek movie reboot next summer. However, it turns out those two aren’t the only ones with big dreams about a new TV series set in that sci-fi universe – Michael Dorn is also taking steps to reprise his signature Trek role on a spinoff, tentatively titled Star Trek: Captain Worf.

Worf, Son of Mogh, of course, is the first Klingon main character on a Star Trek TV series. He appeared on The Next Generation throughout its seven-season run, then became a Deep Space Nine regular for its last four seasons. Dorn portrayed Worf in all four Next Generation films; in addition, he played Worf’s grandfather, Colonel Worf, in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

Rumors and reports about a prospective Worf spinoff began circulating earlier this year – which, perhaps not-so-coincidentally, marks the 25th anniversary of The Next Generation. Trek News caught up with recently with Dorn, who gave them the following exclusive “scoop” on the project:

“I had come up with the idea because I love [Worf] and I think he’s a character that hasn’t been fully developed and hasn’t been fully realized. Once I started thinking about it, it became obvious to me that I wanted to at least put it out there, which I have, and the response has been pretty amazing. We’ve been contacted by different individuals–I can’t say who and all that–about wanting to come on board and be part of this. “

Deep Space Nine concluded with Worf being made Federation ambassador to the Klingon homeworld, Qo’noS. An official prequel comic book to Abrams’ Trek reboot featured Worf as a Klingon Empire General, who battles the Romulan Captain Nero (Eric Bana, in Abrams’ film). Worf sustained life-threatening injuries during the encounter, but it was indicated he was still alive by the story’s conclusion.

However, the overlap between events on DS9 and the Star Trek film continuity has always been kind of fuzzy; hence, it stands to reason that could also hold true for a Worf spinoff and the post-reboot movies. Dorn’s in the same boat of uncertainty as Fuller and Singer, when it comes to how his plans are affected by Abrams’ films – as he put it, “there’s all the political stuff going on with the new movies with J.J. Abrams and Paramount and all that stuff, which I have no clue about and what it all entails, but that’s where it is right now.”

star trek worf Michael Dorn Confirms Hes Working on a Star Trek: Captain Worf TV Series

The in-progress subtitle Captain Worf is open to interpretation, as far as indications for when, exactly, the TV series could take place. Such a Star Trek spinoff would, for certain, retain the ensemble format of its predecessors to some degree – with a focus on the adventures of Worf and a new group of space explorers. Morever, Dorn says the show isn’t so much a pipe dream as one might think (at first):

“Interestingly enough it has gotten traction. I was very surprised, I was on a movie not too long ago, where one of the producers was basically lobbying to be part of it. He was like “Michael, I’d love to write it, if you haven’t.” So at this point, my agents and my manager are looking at all the avenues and trying to figure out which is the best one. My agent and manager have been in the business for awhile, so they’re very savvy about where to start and how to get it going. Like I said, in this business you never know and I’ve been through pitching things and I never want to do that again [laughs]. It’s pretty brutal, but definitely I think once again, if Paramount or CBS or anybody thinks this is a viable thing, they’ll jump on it.”

Worf’s Klingon manner and instincts often put him at odds with his fellow officers on The Next Generation, as hilariously highlighted in this 15-minute compilation video; still, there were a few episodes on DS9 that explored Worf’s personal sense of duty and honor beyond the surface level. Nonetheless, there does remain room for further development of the character – even given the substantial amount of backstory already in place for Worf.

However, as Dorn mentions above, the Star Trek: Captain Worf television series is far from getting an official greenlight right now. Nevertheless, we will keep you up-to-date on the situation as more information is released (or Dorn continues to talk about it).


Source: Trek News [via Moviehole]

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  1. Paramount needs to give Peter David a huge amount of money to get him to produce a TNG series based on his New Frontier novel series. They’re bt far, the best thing going on in the Star Trek TNG universe and unfortunately they’re not canon as novels.

    • Wolfsbane,

      Excellent idea, I read some of the new frontier stuff and P. David has it down pat for the Star Trek TNG universe. Very good stuff.

    • Just my 2 cents…take it or leave it…for a full-out series, i would say no to New Frontier…simply because its already been written and developed to a long degree. Why retell it? I do love NV though; I would be up for something shorter… like a mini-series?

    • I can’t stand those novels. Titan would be a LOT better series.

      • Agreed. I find Peter David’s desire to connect EVERYTHING to everything in the Star Trek universe a bit… annoying. I’ve liked his writing on many other things (mostly his run “Hulk”) but no, I don’t want him for Star Trek.

        Your suggestion for Titan is a fantastic one!

    • Unfortunately, CBS Studios would never make a TV show based on a novel series set in the old universe-that universe is dead as a doornail. And they won’t make a Star Trek show because CBS TV won’t have one on or spend the money to make one, either, due to Leslie Moonves not liking science fiction or Star Trek. The reality is that the only Star Trek out there is the movies (and no, they aren’t a cynical marketing ploy, any more than Voyager or Enterprise was thought to be. Fan shows made into a network show won’t work either, since they acting level on them is below what’s considered standard for TV or movies.

      • Where did the Leslie Moonves not liking scifi information come from?

    • One thing to say over and over and ove again …. lens flare, lens flar, lens flare … etc….

  2. The Next Generation is dead. Let it rest in peace. It’s time to move on to something new.

    • If the next generation is dead what do you think of the original series and the jj abrams revamp ?
      I agree with you that we should move on . I think the Next Generation Should be given more credit than its currently getting but weve got to be aware its been 11 years since Michael dorn did worf , ok nowadays actors are not so ‘exposed’ by the passage of time and im sure dorn could still do it but it feels like producers just dont have the courage to envisage something entirely new.

      To me Star Trek is about looking forward. Yes celebrate the past …but dont live in it

      • I’ve pretty much given up on seeing anything new in the Star Trek universe. First it was Enterprise, now it’s JJ’s reboot. Oh well, at least we have Doctor Who.

        • Tell me something. What do you “dislike” about JJ’s reboot? And yeah we do have Doctor Who but it seems to me that Doctor Who is sort of running out of steam….because it seems that we getting closer to coming full circle with Doctor Who..especially the cliffhanger that will lead to the 50th Anniversary special..getting off topic a bit..

          • for me i ask the question – whats the difference between jj abrams first star trek and something like starship troopers – nothing .
            After the commercial and critical failure of Nemesis i can understand the need to reevaluate Star Trek movies. However Abrams star trek feels like a cynical marketing exercise to push a product that ticks all the right boxes but presents little substance. Its also a lazy film – lets not explain why old spock is on the same planet as scotty and why scotty has invented a technology that surpasses 24th transporter. Its a lazy film because market research suggests target audiences arent bothered and dont necessarily want their films to make sense as long as there is spectacle , noise, cool dudes and adrenaline rush.
            I only hope the success of the first film has given abrams the confidence to add some original substance to the follow up which can pave the way for actual quality and some inspiration instead of lazy box ticking.

            • It seems like geej takes moves at face value and has no clue about the back story of Star Trek. JJ made a new movie, because there is money in it and people still love ST and Scifi films.
              Scotty in the movie, did not invent 24th century teleport tech, but was given it by Spock. I think the only person here is you, but thank you for the time in reading an article on a subject you absolutely hate.

              • Dont quite understand your last sentence but yes do take films at face value – what else can you do ? that’s what’s presented – you can only experience the world the producers allow you to see . Sure there are novels , special editions, deleted scenes etc but its that 90 min – 2 hour event that matters the most.

                ok ( keeping on subject ) … what about Worf in the 3rd Star Trek movie ..

              • You like the JJ films; good for you. This does not stop them from being bad films, which they are.

                JJTrek is Star Wars. Not even good Star Wars, but still Star Wars. IT IS SIMPLY NOT STAR TREK. Thus, it is reviled by many, many classic Trek fans. This is not hated for JJTrek being “new”: it is hated for it lacking any actual intellect, and for being devoid of the moral core of classic Trek, from TOS through Enterprise.

                Classic Trek was very focused on attempting to be scientifically plausible, even tho our views on what they considered plausible back then make the originals seem a bit childish, at times. The spirit of the show was hope: disparate beings eventually working towards civilized, peaceable accord, based upon classic “Enlightenment” era philosophical ideals. This was ever the case, even in TOS, which was far more action-oriented than any of the following series.

                Your comment “I think the only person here is you”: is this meant to indicate geej is alone in disliking JJTrek? If so, you are in error here as well, at least half of Trek fans, even those sick to death of Berman’s tenure, vociferously despise JJTrek.

                Much of this stems from one cause: JJ had NO idea of what Trek was about, and he simply DIDN’T CARE. Trek was a business decision for him, period: one that he did not invest any actual caring into. He straight up admitted this in interviews. That the movies were off-target and soulless was therefore inevitable.

                BTW, with regard to the extant discussion you were having w/geej, you still haven’t answered the primary question: why *would* Spock Prime just happen to be on the same planet as Scotty? This just happening to be the very same planet that Nu-Spock jettisoned Kirk onto, as well.

                • You did pick up on the idea that JJ Abrams version IS a continuation of the Gene Roddenberry/Rick Berman universe, right? That it is in a n alternate universe set in motion during the events of ‘First Contact’, which altered the timeline and the events afterwards, including that which is seen in the TV show ‘Enterprise’. Have you watched ‘Star Trek- Into Darkness’ yet? Notice when Kirk is talking to that admiral about going after Kahn, and there’s a moment where you see all the models of all the ships that held the name Enterprise, and one of them is the Enterprise NX-01? JJ Abram did NOT remake or reboot the Star Trek story.

                  I have to wonder what the TRUE reasons people hate JJ Abram so much, considering there are hundreds more that love what he’s done (that’s not including the TV shows he’s done). ‘Super 8′ was a great tribute to classic Spielberg, and both Star Trek films were awesome. I look forward to seeing what he will do for Star Wars, especially IF the storyline is based on Timothy Zahn’s ‘Heir To The Empire’ novel series.

        • Give them time. give them time.

      • Dead and should never have been revive.

  3. They did explain how he came to that planet…it was during the mind meld sequence n as for Scotty inventing that technology..Spock gave him the formula..where u asleep or was it too fast for you that you blink and miss it? As for that market research you were talking about it’s probably why the Transformers trilogy were such box office hits especially the last one. Aside from perhaps the 1st one all of them were turds, stupid n sometimes didn’t make sense at all

    • i think i fell asleep – well without watching that sequence again i suppose spock is ok giving 23rd federation 25th (?) century technology without repercussons. Also must ve fallen asleep when young spock decided to waste federation hardware by marooning kirk on a planet when he couldve simply locked him in a cell ? why maroon a guy on a planet near a federation outpost but also populated by large carniverous creatures – how did scotty survive so long …etc .etc
      i mustve also fallen alseep when they explained why super computer minded spock got his timing wrong and missed the destruction of romulus in the first place or what exactly that red stuff was … etc etc ad nauseum. you can see it is a lazy film … Spock created the kobyashi maru …. hmmmm… box ticking .. but who cares – our target audience certainly didnt !!

      As for comparing star trek to transformers – really ? thats my other point. Sadly this star trek IS comparable to a transformers movie.

      • I understand how you feel though..like you I also have my issues with the “reboot” because like you I don’t feel like it’s the Star Trek Roddenberry created so long ago..but this is a “reboot” and JJ flat out said he wasn’t a fan of Star Trek..so in his way he try to “fix” what wasn’t broken I guess. You got to admit though while the story has some rather “big holes” per se the cast was just perfect and I guess for Spock it was easier to maroon him on a planet then a cell because he probably figure if he was smart enough not only to rewrite the Kobayashi Maru scenario and get aboard the Enterprise (with Bones help) he would be smart enough to escape the cell and cause trouble again..point taken though

        • @HT- This is NOT a reboot. Amazing Spider-Man was a reboot, the second Hulk film was a reboot. The definition of a reboot is a complete rework of the original characters and story from scratch, with no original actors playing any part to the story.
          Star Trek also involves this thing called the ‘Space/Time Continuum’ that sets up situations like paradoxes and alternate timelines, which is what happens when someone does something while traveling through time. If you were to go into the future, then a alternate ‘future’ would occur, because between the very moment you step through time to the point you arrive, you would cease to exist, and everything and everyone that would have been affected by your presence IF you were still there would be changed. You go back, live a normal life and the timeline changes again, maybe in ways you don’t realized for, because you did something and brought back something to change life on earth (like a virus from the future).
          What if you go to the past? What IF you were to carry with you, say, in your lungs…a molecule that did not exist in the past? The molecule creates a deadly virus, you cause a chain reaction which the virus KILLS your parents and you are never born….

          …but, if you are never born, how did you go back in time?

          JJ Abrams created a continuation, NOT a reboot.

      • Addressing some of your points:
        * The timeline Spock came from was already destroyed as a result of Nero’s actions (especially destroying Vulcan!). Giving Scotty the formula for trans-warp beaming couldn’t do much harm at that point and it partially restored the original timeline by at least arranging for Kirk to become captain of the Enterprise.
        * Spock presumably stranded Kirk because he (possibly rightly) suspected the brig wouldn’t contain him. Spock was also emotionally compromised at the time and not thinking his clearest.
        * Scotty presumably survived so long on the planet by never leaving the Federation outpost. Kirk would probably have been perfectly safe too had he not left the escape pod.
        * (Future) Spock presumably worked as fast as he could to save Romulus but wasn’t quite fast enough. Also, even in the future, stellar dynamics probably still aren’t understood perfectly.
        * The red stuff was ‘red matter’ and it falls under the same ‘sufficiently advanced technology’ clause as transporters and faster than light travel. It appeared to be an experimental development during Future Spock’s time. It probably would’ve made a great anti-Borg weapon.

        Honestly, the movie wasn’t perfect, but the things you’re pointing out as plot holes actually weren’t. If you watch it again, I think you’ll find most of your concerns are already addressed.

        • Gawd … I hate it when a Star Trek “fan” thinks they understand Jar Jar Abrams’ intent with Nero and his “time travel” bit in the reboot. Such “fans” are truly ignorant of what really happen.

          No … the Prime Reality Universe was not a “timeline” that was destroyed. It is very much still in existence (along with countless other realities) and Vulcan was only blown up in the Jar Jar-verse.

          Please read up on (and FULLY UNDERSTAND) Quantum Realities and the Many Worlds Theory before posting because whenever a “fan” talks about “alternate timelines” and the that Nero’s actions “destroyed” the Prime, it really make me roll my eyes because I can see that the idea of Quantum Realities have completely gone over their heads.

          • Have you not seen Star Trek First contact? the borg go into the past, and they had turned everyone into borg eccept for the enterprise. So how did this movie not remove all the star trek series eccept for enterprise from being part of the continuity?

            • Actually this is covered in an episode of Voyager. When discussing time travel with some 29th century folks, Seven of Nine mentions the events of First Contact as an example of a causal paradox. The Borg assimilating Earth caused Picard to decide to go back in time and it turns out is was the Enterprise crew that helped Cochran launch his mission after all. Much like the Data’s head/Samuel Clemons episode and other time paradoxes. The Borg assimilating Earth caused First Contact with the Vulcans in the past thus preventing the assimilation of Earth.

        • i have watched it again – and no, its not better

          Why assume old Spock came from a timeline that nero destroyed ? wouldnt that assume old spock has no memory of old kirk ? acchh temporal plotlines. i’m not looking for scientific accuracy an adventure movie has to move its derriere or we end up with ‘TMP’ BUT there is a Trek ‘comon sense’ a Trek lineage built by a LOT of creative people who have managed to keep it together for past 30 – 40 years. So now we have some executives worried about a cash cow that wont deliver so they made a decision to dump that lineage in pursuit of consumers .

          Yes spock was emotionally compromised and thats a problem with this movie – theyre so keen to tick that box and jettison common sense; Spock fails romulus why ? . again jettisoning common sense. Common sense in Trek means additional plot which may result in drama which would slow down the movie which keeps away the target audience which means the film doesnt make money which means you cant make more films like this and make even more money.

          Like i said i hope the new film is more confident , more substantia … even though the poster i saw looks like misison impossible!

          ANYWAY – this section IS about Michael Dorn wanting to reprise role of Worf as a Captain. maybe Screen Rant should have a Reboot blog or something. The Ten Best Reboots

    • You must have been asleep yourself to misunderstand the actual question of why Spock was there.

      The question is not how did all three characters get there, but rather **how can one realistically expect the audience to suspend disbelief that all three characters from the classic crew just happen to end up on the same, nearly uninhabited backwater iceball, out of literally hundreds of worlds they might have been on?** Add to this, that Kirk should have been in the Enterprise’s BRIG, anyway, and not jettisoned.

      This is WAY too big a coincidence, and Kirk even gets *saved by* Spock Prime. Ridiculous.

      In the old days when writers wrote based on knowledge of classic literature, and the ability to think plots through logically, rather than just catering dialogue to support how scenes look on a screen, a competent producer would be handing this back to Lindorf and JJ and saying “nice try, but come back in 10 yrs when you’ve learned how to write an actual script.”

  4. he should get together with the folks doing Star Trek: Renegade. That combination would be awsome!

  5. If Michael Dorn does Captain Worf I will be watching!

  6. Oh my goodness, I would love a Captain Worf Trek series. He was wonderful then and it would probably be more than fantastic now. His character was skillfully acted to the point of realism and I always wanted more. Please find a way to make this happen. Tired of all the stupid comedies and gruesome dramas. Let me know if you need my help. Sent with much love.

  7. I for one would love to see Captain Worf as Michael Dorn would have the personal connections to bring in people like Levar Burton,Johnathan Frankes,and others from the previous group of series to help insure the late 24th century feels right and doesn’t get Lost Or Fringe uped to where the audience could revolt. Whether Worf would be working under the Klingons during a rough patch with the Federation or for the Federation itself Worf should be put in charge of the Galaxy Class Dreadnought Enterprise from the last episode of TNG with the backstory that Picard and Riker lobbied heavily for the wrecked saucer section of the Enterprise to be rebuilt and intergrated into a Dreadnought and after the second borg invasion Starfleet did it and just renamed it the Excelsior or something because if there’s one guy who looks tailor made for a Kirkesque shoot first and ask questions later Warship it’s Worf and the endless parade of potential gueststars that could come on that show. Plus two words Admiral Picard.

  8. I love this idea. I am all for this.

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  10. David Mack`s Star Trek Destiny, would be the best way to start a new television series. That book is amazing! The origin of the Borg, the Caeliar, characters from TNG,Voyager,Enterprise and DS9. This book could easily be a trilogy movie. The tv series could then be based from the movies.

  11. WORF TREK!

    “Good tea. Nice show.”

    • LOL. Actually, let me amend/edit my own comment to correct the show’s name, since Worf is a Klingon of action, and this would likely end up being in the JJ universe. .

      The show should be called…


      (Cue John Williams & brass section. Sorry Jerry, Goldsmith. . .you’re out on this one)

  12. oh man I would love it if they did a show with Worf…

  13. I wish to add my two cents to a discussion in these comments about kirk and spock in the reboot. It is not really a reboot. It is a cold restart. Kirk’s father was alive in the original series at least long enough to see him become captain of the flagship. In the restart his father died. He did not have the support he did in TOS. He sees himself as not needing the guidence his father would have given him and latches on the Captain Pike as a father-figure. In the two movies, kirk begins to become the captain who we saw in the 60s series. He is brash and young and decides what orders to follow, but is beginning to see that his actions have consequences for not just himself, but for his crew.

    Oh and. I think TNG is finished, but Worf was popular. Fans enjoyed his character who should have been fleshed out so much better. A traitor to his people more than once. Disowned and dishonored. He was a warrior raised among scientists and explorers.

  14. I wish to add my two cents to a discussion in these comments about kirk and spock in the reboot. It is not really a reboot. It is a cold restart. Kirk’s father was alive in the original series at least long enough to see him become captain of the flagship. In the restart his father died. He did not have the support he did in TOS. He sees himself as not needing the guidence his father would have given him and latches on the Captain Pike as a father-figure. In the two movies, kirk begins to become the captain who we saw in the 60s series. He is brash and young and decides what orders to follow, but is beginning to see that his actions have consequences for not just himself, but for his crew.
    Oh and. I think TNG is finished, but Worf was popular. Fans enjoyed his character who should have been fleshed out so much better. A traitor to his people more than once. Disowned and dishonored. He was a warrior raised among scientists and explorers.

    • I agree TNG has lost out against today’s trend but dont discount its achievements . The sad thing is there isnt a quality space based show to fire our imaginations while asking us to look at ourselves once in while. ( Yes some may Doctor Who ) That seems to be an old-fashioned and unfortunately expensive endeavour . I’d hoped fan based, internet projects would revive those ideas but even fans realise iconography gets you everywhere.

      Maybe before i draw my pension someday I will hear theres a New Star Trek … new crew … set in 25th century or further …….

  15. i would sooo pay extra just to be able to watch ST Captain Wolf on Netflix Canada since i dont have tv.

  16. That would suck to have a Klingon captain. “You know not every day is a good day to die. Maybe today is a good day to clean out the garage. Chill out man.”

  17. I’m all about star trek. Bring it on. I would have to think if you would do anything though, it would have to be in the future past what has already happened. With the reboot of the original star trek to the JJ Abrams version would allow a much different take on things. For instance I could see Worf being a captain (maybe even of the enterprise) because of the crazy stuff Nero did to the Klingon fleet (47 birds of pray), and you know the romulans would capitalize on that. The Klingons would hate the romulans and maybe the Klingons would become part of the federation. I think the possibilities are exciting and even endless. You could even bring back more of the case like jordy or data and maybe captain pecard would be an admiral or the head of star fleet. I think this would be one of the best things on TV, though Worf would have to have a cool head to be captain. I’m all about it. Every trekky would watch it, though now you would need much better computer effects and more action. Like make it start in the middle of a giant war between the romulans and the federation or something. Sweet. Looking forward to it. You could even through in the carrdassians and Andorians. Make it interesting. Do it!! :-)

  18. I can not possibly imagine a better idea for a television series. Possibilities are endless, such as, for example, a Grandfather Word mentoring his grandson and describing his life which would be the basis of the various stories; or, using the most popular stories from the past shows and writing a show describing what happened behind the scenes; or, simply writing new stories altogether. In DS9, his character started to get some development, and he was fantastic.

  19. Worf, the hardworkingest Klingon in the Federation – lol. But as a star character? We will see. Worf is like a York peppermint patty, awesome but can you sit down and handle an entire bag? We will see.

  20. I could see a show with a Captain Worf, but not one titled “Captain Worf”. Star Trek has always had its leading characters, but it’s the relationships between characters that makes the shows work (or not work).

  21. As far as a Worf series, I’d be far more interested in them sticking to DS9 canon and have this series be about Worf as ambassador to Qo’nos and the changing of the Klingon Empire to Martok’s/Worf’s vision. I think of that conversation between Erzi Dax and Worf in the last few episodes about how the Empire isn’t nearly as honorable as Klingons would like to think it is. Build on that.

  22. Remarkable! Its in fact awesome paragraph,
    I have got much clear idea on the topic of from
    this paragraph.

  23. Dorn should not fall into the trap though that I hear Richard Hatch fell into though. He tryed to ressurrect the 1978 Battlestar Galactica version of characters and story and then realized it wasnt up to him and he was kind of wasting his time. Dorn should work on something new for his career and not try to bring back a character that has seen its day. I mean that character is pre Voyager and Pre Enterprise. No green light yet. I am not surprised. It wont happen.
    That said I love Star Trek, bring back another tv series based on the style of the new movies and I am their in a heart beat.

    • I hated the new BSG from the moment I saw the opening credits and saw how they screwed with the established characters. Violates what making a new series in an established universe, is about.

  24. They don’t even necessarily keep him on a UFP ship for the series too… I would LOVE to see him assume the captainship of a Klingon vessel, and finally get a chance to explore the Klingon culture in depth in a regular series, while he continues to figure out for himself just what it is for him to be Klingon.

    • That’s a great premise for a show

  25. I would watch a Worf-centric show religiously, Especially if Nog just happened to be an Officer on his ship, and there’ll always be a greedy ferengi in him, so it’d be fun to see him try to maintain a federation attitude, and he should still have ties to the great writer, Jake Sisko, who will still be trying to contact his father, be it through religion or wormhole travel, I want to know exactly what happened to sisko, because DS9 had one of the worst endings ever, in my opinion of course, I think Worf should not be over Jadzia’s death, that would make for great character development, also what about the O’brien children, who else thought that th episode where jake is old and trying to bring his dad back from subspace was one of the saddest episodes ever.

    • And he was having Picard like hallucinations and thinking he keeps seeing jadzia, and still keeping in contact with zero cuz she’s the closest he can get to her , but that ticks off bashir, and WHAT THE HELL ODO!!!,it’s like we stopped fighting 5 minutes ago with my pure evil race , but were not fighting anymore so it’s ok to go running back straight away, the dominion still pose a threat for gods sake, srsly dude, and the Borg should return

      • Ezri not zero

  26. I loved TNG, so I’m super excited to see Michael back on tv–fingers crossed!!
    I despise the loathsome new “reboot” of Trek…It’s just typical Hollywood re-constituted garbage. I can appreciate the little nuances they put in as homage to the original series but it simply is an abomination against all that is Trek.
    The Powers That Be really need to just go back to the basics…If they’re looking to rehash the franchise, just retool old eps in HD and throw in various clips/endings that haven’t been seen before…And lets explore where we can go with the various characters, like Worf.
    This new Trek is as unholy as rebooting “Xena” using Miley Cyrus {{shudder}}

  27. oh please God ***** no!!!

    the only Star Trek character more annoying that Wesley Crusher was God Damn Worf.

    They should never have changed the elegant Klingons into retarded turtle head half wits like worffle.

  28. I loved the Worf character, just loved him, but I think re-hashing his character would kill it for me. I love all things sci-Fi althought the second JJ Abrams Star Trek film was abysmal :-(. Bring back Firefly :-)

  29. Jeezus.. how STUPID are these executives NOT to jump foaming at the mouth all over this possibility!! Anyone who doesn’t option and produce this should be relegated to the status of morons and not trusted with anything significant again! How can one NOT go for a slam dunk hit.. This must be done, and done right!

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