Michael Dorn Confirms He’s Working on a ‘Star Trek: Captain Worf’ TV Series

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star trek worf tv show Michael Dorn Confirms Hes Working on a Star Trek: Captain Worf TV Series

Geek favorites Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer have been forthcoming about their hopes for bringing Star Trek back to the small screen, after the release of J.J. Abrams’ elusive sequel to his Trek movie reboot next summer. However, it turns out those two aren’t the only ones with big dreams about a new TV series set in that sci-fi universe – Michael Dorn is also taking steps to reprise his signature Trek role on a spinoff, tentatively titled Star Trek: Captain Worf.

Worf, Son of Mogh, of course, is the first Klingon main character on a Star Trek TV series. He appeared on The Next Generation throughout its seven-season run, then became a Deep Space Nine regular for its last four seasons. Dorn portrayed Worf in all four Next Generation films; in addition, he played Worf’s grandfather, Colonel Worf, in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

Rumors and reports about a prospective Worf spinoff began circulating earlier this year – which, perhaps not-so-coincidentally, marks the 25th anniversary of The Next Generation. Trek News caught up with recently with Dorn, who gave them the following exclusive “scoop” on the project:

“I had come up with the idea because I love [Worf] and I think he’s a character that hasn’t been fully developed and hasn’t been fully realized. Once I started thinking about it, it became obvious to me that I wanted to at least put it out there, which I have, and the response has been pretty amazing. We’ve been contacted by different individuals–I can’t say who and all that–about wanting to come on board and be part of this. “

Deep Space Nine concluded with Worf being made Federation ambassador to the Klingon homeworld, Qo’noS. An official prequel comic book to Abrams’ Trek reboot featured Worf as a Klingon Empire General, who battles the Romulan Captain Nero (Eric Bana, in Abrams’ film). Worf sustained life-threatening injuries during the encounter, but it was indicated he was still alive by the story’s conclusion.

However, the overlap between events on DS9 and the Star Trek film continuity has always been kind of fuzzy; hence, it stands to reason that could also hold true for a Worf spinoff and the post-reboot movies. Dorn’s in the same boat of uncertainty as Fuller and Singer, when it comes to how his plans are affected by Abrams’ films – as he put it, “there’s all the political stuff going on with the new movies with J.J. Abrams and Paramount and all that stuff, which I have no clue about and what it all entails, but that’s where it is right now.”

star trek worf Michael Dorn Confirms Hes Working on a Star Trek: Captain Worf TV Series

The in-progress subtitle Captain Worf is open to interpretation, as far as indications for when, exactly, the TV series could take place. Such a Star Trek spinoff would, for certain, retain the ensemble format of its predecessors to some degree – with a focus on the adventures of Worf and a new group of space explorers. Morever, Dorn says the show isn’t so much a pipe dream as one might think (at first):

“Interestingly enough it has gotten traction. I was very surprised, I was on a movie not too long ago, where one of the producers was basically lobbying to be part of it. He was like “Michael, I’d love to write it, if you haven’t.” So at this point, my agents and my manager are looking at all the avenues and trying to figure out which is the best one. My agent and manager have been in the business for awhile, so they’re very savvy about where to start and how to get it going. Like I said, in this business you never know and I’ve been through pitching things and I never want to do that again [laughs]. It’s pretty brutal, but definitely I think once again, if Paramount or CBS or anybody thinks this is a viable thing, they’ll jump on it.”

Worf’s Klingon manner and instincts often put him at odds with his fellow officers on The Next Generation, as hilariously highlighted in this 15-minute compilation video; still, there were a few episodes on DS9 that explored Worf’s personal sense of duty and honor beyond the surface level. Nonetheless, there does remain room for further development of the character – even given the substantial amount of backstory already in place for Worf.

However, as Dorn mentions above, the Star Trek: Captain Worf television series is far from getting an official greenlight right now. Nevertheless, we will keep you up-to-date on the situation as more information is released (or Dorn continues to talk about it).


Source: Trek News [via Moviehole]

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  1. They failed with Enterprise, and Worf was never made Captain on screen so for me, it never happened. I’d love to see it, but I’m not holding my breath. Now if Riker was given a show, that could work.

    • Sulu was never promoted on screen, but was Captain of the Excelsior. There is precedent for it in cannon.

    • Enterprise grew into a fantastic fourth season, for the most part, though it was too late. It got better because of the talented new blood, the same reason the last movie was a success, so I think it’s unfair to expect more of the same problems from totally different people.

      As for promotions, they rarely happen on screen. Captain Sulu, Admiral Kirk, Admiral Janeway, Captain Spock, Captain Scott, Captain Riker, etc. Why can’t you take the story at its word if it says somebody got promoted? We do skip a lot of stuff, and gloss over innumerable non-filmed events over hundreds of years of fictional history in this franchise… Furthermore, it’s not at all out of the realm of possibilities that you would be granted your rather unreasonable request. Promoting Worf to Captain seems like a fairly obvious scene to throw into a show about him as a Captain, even if it’s a decade ago flashback.

      (Also please don’t be absurd in pointing out that Star Trek Nemesis was less than ten years ago, as one of the wonderful elements of fiction that fanatics lose track of is the fact that it is flexible. They can skip ten minutes from the last story, or in the case of TNG, they can skip about a century, and we can manage to catch up to the story anyway).

      In conclusion, perhaps you’d have more fun with this material if your perspective became more flexible on some matters. Just a thought.

      • Oh, I’m sorry. I thought I had a right to my opinion.

        • You do, but I agree with Josh. The final season of Enterprise showed that the wrong writers were used in the beginning. Of course, we’ll forget about the horrid final episode.

        • Ford Perfect you have the right to stay silent. Nobody cares about your opinion, you are no one. Go crawl back under the rock you came out from. Your still as useless as the day you were born.

          • You are proving the douchiness knows no bounds in this universe or any other….

    • I’d watch the hell out of a Riker Star Trek show.

  2. Not sure I like the idea of “another” Star Trek space exploration, but I think this could work if they looked at it from the Klingon perspective instead of the Federation perspective. Maybe have Worf command an ambassador ship for the Federation but centered around Klingons.

  3. I miss Trek on TV. I’d watch a series centered around Worf, Data, or even the Corp of Engineers. I just want some Trek on TV!

  4. I read that George Takei had suggested a series based on his now Captain Sulu character and featuring the Excelsior and crew.

    That didn’t happen and I can’t see this one really going anywhere.

    • I was part of the writing campaign to make that happen! It didn’t. So where’s the writing campaign for this unlikely prospect? Dorn should be considering that historic fan support tactically, but of course prioritizing having a great concept to sell the suits, since they won’t do us an favors unless the money is there.

  5. Mixed feelings. On one hand, I like Michael Dorn, and Worf is indeed a good, complex character. On the other hand, I kind of feel like the Star Trek franchise has maybe ridden the Next Generation continuity about as far as that train can take it. Then again, as someone else mentioned, a show from a Klingon perspective – that could be great. In any event, yes, get something back on TV!

  6. What’s the point of making more Star Trek series in the original timeline if the new movies basically rewrote the timeline? I know that technically both timelines still exist parallel to each other, but the original timeline is old and tired. Time for something new and fresh.

    Besides, here’s a summary of what every episode of “Captain Worf” would be:

    Officer: “Captain, there’s somethi-”
    Worf: “BLOW IT UP!!!”

    • Important points, but not deal breakers… Firstly, most people don’t really know or care about the details of how a Worf era story might fit in with or contradict a “new Kirk” era movie franchise, and since non Trekkies are absolutely critical to the success of everything Trek that hits the screen, that would not be a wise confusion to dwell upon. Much like the last movie, enough fan service to not anger the fans would be critical before getting on with the story, and letting any talk of different timelines, hundreds of years apart fall to the side. (Unless the whole series went parrallel universe happy like the classic Worf ep “Parrallels”…. Sounds like a gimmicky headache though). So address the destruction of Romulus, and then move forward and don’t look back. New Trek is a nonissue so far as story goes.

      Your other point is more of a concern. In order to proceed with any serious series proposal, I would hope that the very premise is intrinsically opposed to your worst case scenario. I’d expect that having Worf be a Starfleet captain is the way to go, being all inclusive and such,( paving the way for the inevitable bisexual Horta hologram Captain that we all see coming), and that a diverse crew is key, even if dominated by Klingons like Worf and Martok. Throw in some checks and balances from a Romulan, whom at least Worf has learned to tolerate as a species, hopefully a Cardassian (Garak would be fantastic), a token human “normal” , etc. and convince us that Worf has matured to the point where violence does not dictate his every decision. THEN find story reasons why he gets to be a powerful badass anyway! This can’t be a Klingon ship, at least not in spirit, or you have the issue you mentioned, and yet we all would love an excuse to see him be Klingon at heart. This is a difficult balance, and yet I believe it can be done extremely well with the right collaborative efforts. I wish they’d hire me to help them do this right. It must feel relevant, legitimate, plausible, unmistakably Trek, and be lots and lots of fun. It CAN be done. It probably won’t though, sadly. Awesome idea.

  7. Would love this. Dorn is a really good actor, and I think the most viable path for a Star trek TV show would be to stay in the original time stream. This is what would create the least distraction from the new films while still allowing those of us who loved STTNG and the other modern TV shows to geek out every week. And added bonus, as tight nit as the crew of STTNG is we could almost assuredly count on willing cameo appearances by other players from the shows.

  8. They could do a zombie version, “Dorn of The Dead”


    • *Groooooaaaannn!*

      (*pulls out phaser, sets to maximum setting [bomb]*), then coats handgrip with Krazy Glue and says, “Hey Pedrosaurus! CATCH!”

      • :D Yes, I know.

  9. I am just tired enough to laugh at that .
    Well Done.

    • Then there’s a vampire version, ‘From Dusk Till Dorn’


  10. Hmmmm. Since Worf accepted Klingon ambassadorship at the end of DS9, not sure how they will show him giving that up to be a captain. Worf always wanted to live on Qo’Nos, with his Klingon people, and then to have him give that up to become a Federation captain? They would have to come up with a real good reason for me to accept this. It can be done, but they’d better get a fantastic writer to make me accept it.

    • If Worf is an ambassador, he wouldn’t live on the homeworld anyway. He would visit occasionally to consult with his superiors for sure. Of course, this is all completely speculative until we hear if the plans have life of any kind.

      • How about Worf’s son Alexander, all grown up & command his own ship with Worf the ambassador consulting.

    • I’m not 100% comfident cuz it’s been a while, but hasn’t Worf already given up ambassadotship? In Nemesis he was back on the Enterprise as a Lt. Commander wasn’t he? So that issue was already dealt with…

      • I forget what they called him. It wasn’t Ambassador throughout, though it may have just been “Worf”. You are probably right. However he was only on the ship because he was at the wedding. They didn’t say he served on the Enterprise. Also, they just wanted to gloss over all that as usual, and didnt care who was troubled by continuity. They let Wesley appear, in uniform (?!) with no mention whatsoever of his quitting Starfleet and turning into a transdimensional space butterfly… They aren’t stressing on the details much. Remember how they brought Worf into the story for Trek 9? “Mr. Worf, what the hell are you doing here..?”. (conversation fades into the background as we forget that he ever left the Security job…). Ambassador was only a viable idea because it wasnt gonna be shown. It’s not exactly a riveting story premise for the old warrior. It was always just a line of dialogue away from being undone, if need be, just like every other thing that doesn’t fit in the latest $tar trek incarnation…

        • Transdimensional space butterfly: Love it! :-D

    • They won’t spend screen time explaining details that most people watching don’t know or care about. I want the answers you want, but expecting them to be a priority is unrealistic. A few subtle, specific comments are probably the best we can hope for, and if thought out properly I think that should be enough for me anyway. It’s not as if we ever got used to that reality either. They just tossed out a sentence or two in the last episode of a widely unappreciated show that ended over twelve years ago. Nobody is sweating the details you mentioned as anything but an afterthought, except for a few of us fans. I hope they don’t let us down, but I have other concerns about the show that are much more vital to me…

      • I suppose you’re right. One thing a Federation captain has to be is a diplomat, and even though Worf has evolved over the years, I still wouldn’t say he would make a good diplomat (especially if he had to talk to Romulans or Tellerites). His evolution into someone who could be a Federation captain would have to be explored.

  11. Me, I’d rather see a Captain Sulu series…

    • Yeah! Captain Sulu could spend every episode complaining about how Captain Kirk acted like the Captain back when Sulu was a lt. 48 years ago.

  12. Riker’s character would make an excellent story.

  13. They should go further into the future instead of doddling around in the past. Enterprise was a pain to watch, i didnt enjoy it. i really enjoyed voyager but these days as an experienced TV and film watcher, i know that script writers can make far more complex storys and lumping that in with a buttload of original content you could make an entire new series.

  14. I think a Worf-centered story in the TNG era would be fantastic, if done right. Without a doubt, the ship he would command would absolutely HAVE to be a Federation vessel. Matter of fact, I think the show should have him confronting, and destroying in battle, some Klingon ships. There’s a great opportunity there to really see what Worf is made of, where his loyalty lies, and the internal conflict. The show could really work, as long as Braga and Berman don’t get hold of it and destroy it!

  15. Or, they could of course resurrect the Titan series idea, with Riker.

  16. I would like either a Capt Worf or capt Sulu series.I can live without Ryker.

  17. Yeah, I could get into that! Captain Worf. I like it. Maybe not as inclusion in the title, but certainly would like to see a series around his character. I’m game to see the original Next Generation timeline again. Riker could make cameos. Him and Worf blowing the crap out of bad-ass aliens, I love it!! Bring it to life, please!

  18. I think ‘Captain Worf’ could work. However, so would Star Trek: Titan.
    Either way for trekkers like me, its a win-win.

  19. Captain Worf? Cool! Where do I sign up via social media to make this happen?

  20. From my perspective, any Trek actor trying to sell a series based on THEIR character is both egotistical and probably desperate for a paycheck. Why is Worf or Sulu so special as to get their own series?? Answer: they aren’t. Star Trek has never been about any specific character or race.

    Furthermore, Trek has had enough spinoffs based on the adventures of a specific ship’s (or space station’s) crew. In order for Star Trek to be revitalized, the producers must get away from this stale mentality of one ship/crew … and dare to be different and original.

    In that regards, the next Trek series should be called STAR TREK: FEDERATION WORLDS … where each weekly episode would showcase the missions of DIFFERENT ships, locations and fronts … as the Federation is menaced by a new breed of the Borg brought about by Captain Janeway’s alliance to defeat Species 8472 … OR an entirely new threat spun off from TNG’s episode “Conspiracy”. In other words … one week could be about the crew of the Enterprise-E … the next week, perhaps the crew of an upgraded Voyager … while the third week could be based on Starfleet’s Corp of Engineers developing ways to confront this new menace … and so on (The possiblities are endless). As the series progress, each ship, location or front can be REVISITED (as necessary) to continue from the last episode we saw them. A MULTI-FRONT Star Trek series would be more ambitious and costlier than ever before, but it is a format that fans have not yet experienced.

    BTW, JJ Abrams alternate reality universe SUCKS … big time. The whole point of his reality was to unshackle himself (and escape) from the constraints of Gene Roddenberry’s universe. Yet his team of clowns cannot come up with anything original that doesn’t tie into the prime universe. We have seen Klingons, Romulans, Khan or Gary Mitchell. Khan or Mitchell is supposed to be the focus of his next film. How utterly dull!!

  21. In many respects, Enterprise, with Scott Bakula, was the best of the Star Trek series. Admittedly, I think it started losing some quality following the Xindi resolution, but it was still very good. I was very surprised, and disappointed, when the show was not renewed for a fifth season. As for a series with Worf, I just can’t see it. Too much has happened since the show wrapped. Michael Dorn has not had that much television or movie exposure since then. I wonder if this might be an act of desperation on his part to get back on the small screen?

    • If you look on IMDb he has been working right along even through 2012. He just does a wide variety of things including voice work. I’m not so sure I would even watch a show with that character as star. The character wasn’t one of my favorites. Star Trek has always been a show of exploration. It was based out of Earth and interacted with those they encountered in space. I would rather it remained typical to its origins. I never liked Deep Space 9 at all and watched very few episodes. I have been a Star Trek fan since the series emerged on TV, conventions and other things. I would rather see them get Christopher Pine and Quinto and see if they could rangle them into a TV series and go from the perspective of the younger generation. I loved the movie they made even though I started out having my reservations. OR they could make it about some of the children who are now grown up and were associated to the original cast or at least TNG. I don’t think I could watch a show based solely on Klingons.

    • Really? I mean REALLY? I thought the first season of Enterprise was watchable. And I will admit that T’pol made wearing sweatpants rather than jeans a requirement when tuning in. But you actually think it was possibly the best show? I do advocate for a new show that just has T’pol rubbing the decontamination gel all over herself for 45 minutes.

      As far as Dorn needing a desperate act. I saw him on Castle quite a bit last season. I am sure if he just wanted to do TV he could easily get on and star/costar on a Military or Cop show without many problems. He’s a big guy (as in muscular) and a good actor.

      I think the show should be picked up. It’s more logical to have a show from the existing UNiverse so as not to cause any issues with the new films. And Paramount would have an installed fan base both from those who just discovered Star Trek via the new films and those who snubbed the new films for being unnecessary.

  22. Great idea! Loved the Worf character. since the time-line was re- written, who is to say that Worf accepted the Ambassadorship. In this new timeline he did not and went on to become Captain. The writers can really explore alter endings to many of the old and new Star Trek episodes that changed the continuum. This is a whole new frontier ready to be explorred.

    • @Double C … the JJ-verse did NOT re-write the timeline of the Prime (Gene Roddenberry) universe. Most fans who believes this has it wrong. Abrams’ whole premise was to create an ALTERNATE quantum reality divergent to the Prime reality. This was described in an interview with Orci and Kurtzman before the movie was released.

      Because of the sloppy way in which they portrayed the entry into this new reality … it has confused fans into wrongly believing it to be a timeline re-write. Watch the TNG episode “Parallels” and you know what I mean … where different quantum realities can operate independently due the the path in which a particular reality has taken.

  23. Absolutely LOVE the idea! Behind ‘Enterprise’, DS9 and TNG are my favorite series.

    Would love to see Dorn get a chance to bring Worf to the screen again

    IIRC the TNG books have him as first officer on Enterprise E under Picard post Riker getting Titan

  24. I’ve been saying for the last five or so years that Worf should have his own show! I thought he should be captain of the Defiant and have Miles O’Brian for the chief engineer. I think the holographic Doctor from Voyager should be aboard and maybe 7 of 9 as first officer. Star Trek: Defiant would totally rock! If you pull Travis Mayweather and Hoshi Sato into the future (they were the best characters in “Enterprise”) you’d have a crew that was diverse, interesting and kick butt.

  25. This is fantastic. Te potential is extraordinary! Imagine this with guest stars from the other series to really further the story of the universe we grew up with and loved! I’m so excited and really want this to happen!

  26. Worf series could work. I don’t like that the universe got so far from Roddenberry’s vision of a society with higher ideals. Just look the other way at every breaking of the rules and greedy scheme. A darker series could make good use of that vision and create intelligent drama

  27. I hope they get Ronald Moore back to do the writing ! He was one of the main reasons why the soo many episodes were GREAT !!

  28. I will watch anything they make, and I’m pretty sure everyone else will as well. So the commentary comes down to what we want to see, not if we want to see it.

    I personally think that the biggest problem with the reboot is the movie stars. Star Trek should always have television actors so that they can make both tv and movies with the same cast. More movie actors are jumping to television but the Star Trek cast is loaded with movie actors, it’s never going to happen.

    So idea of a Star Trek anthology series seems great to me. Someone else mentioned that. Not necessarily a different federation ship in each episode, but maybe a different scifi setting. Strange Worlds and New Galaxies.

    Or they could do like lost, take the individual movie actors and make stories just focusing on them. Do 3 or 4 a year and make them events.

    Anything to get more product out there. Star Trek was a cornerstone of our lives for years, and I miss it. Now that television production is so high value, we need it back.

    I don’t know who is driving the bus but it feels like the jocks from Revenge of the Nerds.


    Stop giving us reality TV and start making our shows again.

  29. I for one would be stocked to see a Captain Worf. I love Klingons.