Star Trek Already Breaking Records

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star trek trailer 32 Star Trek Already Breaking Records

J.J. Abrams’ re-imagined Star Trek movie hasn’t even hit theaters yet and it’s already broken one record: Most HD movie trailer downloads ever at for both an initial 24 hour period and the week since the debut of the trailer.

Funny, just today I was discussing what the opening weekend box office numbers might be like for Star Trek with my pal Jamie from ThinkMcFlyThink, and then an email from Paramount shows up in my inbox with this news. icon smile Star Trek Already Breaking Records

In its first 24 hours, the Star Trek trailer had 1.8 million downloads from – in its first five days, the trailer was downloaded over 5 million times.

These numbers include downloads to Mac, PC, iPhone and iPods with video.

On my Twitter account, I guessed that the film would open in the $70-80 million range on its first weekend. After hearing this news I feel more confident about that number.

The last Star Trek movie fans considered “good” was First Contact, and inflation-adjusted that one earned $49MM on opening weekend, $150MM domestic total and worldwide $238MM.

Combine the facts that JJ Abrams is attached to this and he’s very well known, the studio/marketing intent to draw in non-Trek audiences and the reaction to this latest Star Trek trailer, I’m thinking that a $70-80MM opening weekend is doable. The only major competition for it is X-Men Origins: Wolverine opening the week before and Terminator Salvation opening two weeks after.

This is my most anticipated film for 2009, so I’m dying to see if it lives up to my expectations AND how it does at the box office.

Star Trek opens on May 8, 2009.

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  1. Man I can’t it wait. It’s almost movie season. Every spring/summer my brother and I get together once every two weeks and double-dip on some great blockbuster movies. This year looks like it could be fun!

  2. May is defanitely going to be a stellar month. As a Trek fan, I’m hoping this movie beats Trek 2 and 8, the 2 best Trek movies to date, and reinvigorate a great franchise.

  3. I think the “Star Trek” film has a decent shot at being the big box office winner for the summer. Ironically, it’s got more of a mainstream following than any of the other competitors. What the promos make very clear is that this is not the average “Star Trek” film. While I think character-driven stories are important (something for which the franchise has always been reliable), I sometimes think the “Star Trek” films have forgotten a great sci-fi/fantasy film needs a bit more than that. It needs a certain look, and “Star Trek” has been behind the times in that aspect for a very long time. The reality has always been too claustrophobic. For the first time, I get the impression we’re going to really see more of what this future universe looks like, and it’s going to be impressive.

    A lot of the other “big” films set for this summer just don’t seem to possess the potential for wide appeal at the box office. “Wolverine” will probably suffer from how poor a film “X-Men III” was. This looks more interesting for the hard core fans of X-Men and Wolverine, since it doesn’t seem to really offer so much in the way of character development as an opportunity for Wolverine to truly be the main character of the film, tear things up and be all “I’m the best at what I do, and what I do isn’t very nice.” Ooooo…

    “Terminator: Salvation” might surprise folks, but I’m not getting a feel for what the character-development side of the story is to this film. So far, the new Terminator film just looks like a big action flick without much in the way of character development. It doesn’t seem to possess that slim touch of hope for the future that the first two films possessed, and even seems to take itself a bit too seriously. Seems more like an opportunity for John Connor to shoot up big robots and act all brooding and tough for two hours.

    As for “Transformers II,” I frankly can’t believe the second film has a chance in Hades given how bad the first film was. I say that because the people behind the film seem to think they got things right in the first film… which I find baffling.


    And the wait is killing me! But I will find a way! I must survive, no matter the cost!! :)

    I think you’re right Vic. For me it’s not a matter of if I’ll see Star Trek on it’s opening weekend, but a question of how many times!

    As for the other films that Bill mentioned: I’ll see Wolverine since my wife is an X-Men comics fan and one of her favorite characters is Gambit. The rest: Who cares!! Star Trek lives! Again.

  5. @Bill Blume

    Most people LOVED Transformers and it made a disgusting amount of money – as will the sequel.


  6. No doubt in mind. TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN will be the top grossing film this summer. *Sigh*

  7. Transformers may be the box office champ but I am more likely to go to the Trek move twice then Transformers,
    IF I go at all!

  8. Vic,
    Do you think with an early opening and some midnights screenings Star Trek come close to Iron Mans opening?
    I only ask because I thought your initial Iron man prediction was 80- 85 million wasnt it?
    Just hoping history repeats itself!

  9. @Gary

    I wouldn’t be surprised, but I didn’t want to go nuts with my number. :-)

    More people know Star Trek than knew Iron Man at the time it was released IMHO. The problem is the “geek factor” of Trek – will they be able to overcome that and bring people into the theater that always looked down at Trek and Trekkies?


  10. Vic, you make a good point about the “geek factor,” but that’s why I’m pretty optimistic about this film. I felt the teaser trailer did a nice job of bridging that gap and the quality of the trailers has held up. This looks like more than a good “Star Trek” film; it looks like a damn good sci-fi, action film. That it’s “Star Trek” just gives it some name recognition. To me, this isn’t unlike what the James Bond franchise did with “Casino Royale,” creating a Bond that would work for the general public and not just the hardcore fans of the franchise.

  11. @Bill Blume

    And that’s EXACTLY how they’re marketing it: As a kick-ass, sci-fi action film. Hopefully there’s more to it than that.


  12. Great minds think alike.

  13. @Vic… Yes, definitely agree. If they make these “upgrades” to “Star Trek” but then sacrifice the character-driven aspect… well, that would stink.

  14. @ Vic & Gary

    Even die hard “cannon” freaks will turn out in droves for this film. It’s been quite a while since such a stir has surrounded ANY Star Trek movie, and I honestly believe (Especially after weeing the most current trailer), that this movie will re-energize the franchise.

    I simply CAN NOT WAIT to get my ticket for this one. Its high time for another BIG Trek movie, and I know J.J. will deliver!

  15. I honestly have not seen this much interest in Trek since the Original Motion Picture was released. I love Trek, but it did need a reboot and I think the trailers show that JJ was being honest when he said that he was making this film for film fans and not for Trek fans.

    I would not worry about this film sacrificing the characters at the expense of action. If you’ve seen Lost or Cloverfield you know that Abrahams places a premium on the human elements of his stories.

    BTW I’ve also noticed that the bitching about the new NCC-1701 design has quieted down since the teaser came out and I think now, with the new trailer, it will die off altogether.

  16. I also notice that Star Trek seems to generate the most comments here.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that the Enterprise seems to have a lot more action. As in, in all the battle scenes in the trailer, the ship seems to be way more maneuverable than any other incarnation of the Enterprise in the past. I think this is a good choice, as in most of the movies and shows the Enterprise has mostly been shown to stay still and fire at moving targets.

  17. Transformers will gross out this summer! No doubt about that. But i’m putting trek a close second! This film has got non-trek fans drooling. Think itz a close one between terminator and wolverine!

  18. I forgot about films like harry potter which will take a obscence amount of money!

  19. It would be soo cool if they have the “Kobayashi Maru scenario” in the movie where Kirk cheats by reprogramming the computer simulation to be the first person to ever pass the no-win battle scenario at the Academy. LOL.

  20. @Manowar

    Oh man… that would rock!