‘Star Trek 3′ Gets Three Writers; Aiming for 2016 Release Date

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star trek 3 screenwriters Star Trek 3 Gets Three Writers; Aiming for 2016 Release Date

2015 is shaping up as the Year of the Hollywood Franchise, but 2016 isn’t looking shabby either. A handful of genre tentpoles – like the Warcraft and Angry Birds game movies and The Mummy film reboot – have already been set for release that year, in addition to heavyweight sequels like Independence Day 2, Finding Dory and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (all of which had previously been eyed for a 2015 launch).

Paramount hopes to have Star Trek 3 – the third entry in the rebooted Star Trek movie continuity – ready for takeoff by 2016, seeing how that year marks the 50th anniversary of the late Gene Roddenberry’s original sci-fi TV show (which has become the basis for a multi-platform phenomena over the years since airing).

J.J. Abrams directed the Star Trek reboot and its sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness, but he’ll only be involved in a producer capacity – at the most – on the third film, since he currently has his hands full putting Star Wars: Episode VII together in time in order to make a December 2015 deadline. Nothing is set in stone yet, but filmmaker Joe Cornish (Attack the Block) is tapped as the favorite to replace Abrams at the helm for the U.S.S. Enterprise’s next space mission.

Star Trek Into Darkness Captain Kirk Commander Spock Star Trek 3 Gets Three Writers; Aiming for 2016 Release Date

THR has an update on the writer situation for Star Trek 3, following a previous report which indicated that the film will once again be penned by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (writers/producers on the last two installments). Orci is still onboard to script the third Star Trek, but Kurtzman is taking a pass; meanwhile, Patrick McKay and J.D. Payne – screenwriters on the slow-in-development Boilerplate comic book adaptation that Abrams is backing – will serve as Orci’s screenplay collaborators.

Orci and Kurtzman are still tapped to co-write The Amazing Spider-Man 3 (also slated for released in 2016) together with Jeff Pinkner, meaning the superhero blockbuster will reunite the scribe trio responsible for next year’s second installment, The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Combine that and Orci/Kurtzman’s ongoing responsibilities as co-creators/showrunners on Fox’s hit Sleepy Hollow TV Series – which has been confirmed for a second season in 2014 – and their involvement with ushering in a new era for Universal’s horror monster properties (The Mummy, Van Helsing, etc.), and it’s fair to say that Kurtzman probably has a legitimate excuse for skipping out on writing Star Trek 3.

Sagittarius A Orci and Kurtzman Star Trek 3 Gets Three Writers; Aiming for 2016 Release Date

Besides, the unproven writing additions to the film – in the shapes of McKay and Payne – could be the key to bringing the Star Trek franchise back to its roots (see: the hopeful outlook and progressive nature of the Enterprise’s missions in pre-reboot Trek movies/TV shows), following Abrams’ two installments – which are fun, but arguably more TV-style space drama/adventures, with regards to the execution.

Similarly, a storyteller like Cornish – also the co-writer of The Adventures of Tintin and Edgar Wright’s upcoming Ant-Man comic book movie – may be more inclined to embrace the intelligence and compassion of Roddenberry’s founding vision (with the proper geeky spirit), while still providing the requisite spectacle, shiny CGI effects and thrills necessary to satisfy the demands of a modern action movie template.

Now, that sounds like a fitting way to commemorate the series’ 50th birthday, yes?


We’ll keep you posted on Star Trek 3‘s development as more details are made available.

Source: THR

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  1. Let’s have Shatner play the Emperor Tiberius and have some real fun. Mirror Mirror.

  2. How many reboots do we need before we realize the 4 or 5 people they use to make all of this crap can’t come up with an original idea to save their lives? They get paid to reserve you chewed food. I’m a fan of the new Trek movies and see it for what it is, some dude’s idea rehashed to make Disneywood more money.(If they don’t own Paramount then they soon will). Please, do something better than cliff-notes and conveniently rearranged plotlines from the original films and series. I’ll be impressed and surprised and clap my hands as if to congratulate children for coloring within the lines. Then I’ll realize the amount of money made for doing otherwise. (Imploding the planet Vulcan is like blowing up Smallville, who cares?). The only inspiration I’ve seen in most Sci-Fi today is; bring a gun. That’s not Star Trek.

    • totally agree. i just finished watching the desolation of smaug and all i could think was that it was just a cheap, boring derivation of redundant archetypes that worked in LOTR to bring in the bucks. hollywood has no original ideas, just repackaged tripe repeated over and over. but hey, people eat that slop up like its nobody’s business, so, whatever.

      • Huh? A movie based on an already written, published and much loved book, is being compared to a rebooted sci fi franchise? Yeah, that makes sense. . .

        Also, you are aware that when making a film based on something thats already written, accusing it of a lack of originality is, at best wrong, and at worst simply ludicrous?

        Personally, i enjoyed both Trek reboots, and I’ll happily watch a third without spewing bile about its originality because, quite simply, they are entertaining films that are perfect for filling up an empty evening. They may not be Oscar worthy, but they are watch worthy.

  3. It would be awesome if the writers went back to at least some of the basics. The Enterprise crew were mavericks, but they were also explorers and humanitarians. And let’s focus on more than just the bromance between Kirk and Spock. I miss the interaction between the bridge crew, Scotty and Bones. And all the great one liners they had in the old movies.

    • Star Trek: The Reboot is a cliff notes two dimensional version of the original canon. I’m not even sure they can expand on the characters or ripped off storylines in any great depth.
      Captain Kirk will boink anything female: Check.
      Spock cannot deal with emotional issues: Check.
      Scotty, comedy relief: Check.
      Uhura – proof that Spock’s not gay: Check.
      Bones, in the original and ‘I’m a doctor, not a ..’, so: Check.
      The other two, one’s good with swords the other has an hilarious russian accent: Check.

  4. is Anton Yelchin gonna be in Star Trek 3? after doing the Reed Richards thing it might be weird going back to another Sci-Fi franchise, as a minor character.

  5. Oh god… these 2 will continue their vacuous and insipid writing,

    Empty drive me to the next action sequence plots. Myopic on the main characters.

    Two useless writers because we have a useless audience who choose not to know any better and pay to make these empty plot movies $$

  6. I am an old school treky. I have to say that the new Star Trek movies are absolutely amazing! I love the new cast and the new time lines! Keep up the great work! !!

  7. What about “The Cage”?

  8. The fact that Disney owns everything now, don’t expect anything original, they haven’t made an original film since… ever.

  9. Am a huge Roddenberry fan. Have been a trekkie since birth but love what abrams has done directing the newer ones enabling a whole new generation of trekkies. Am kinda dissapointed he wont b directing again.

  10. Why all the anger towards the new films from classic Trek fans? It obviously takes place in a parallel universe from the original so its bound to be ‘different’ in some ways subtle or otherwise. Why not enjoy them for what they are instead of complaining that they are not long enough to show deeper character development.

    I was way more disappointing with Star Trek: Enterprise. The new movies I enjoyed, Enterprise I really wanted to enjoy but I couldn’t do it without copious amounts of alcohol.

    • Thank you! That has always been my opinion. It is clearly an alternate universe, so I don’t really get why fans are getting so butthurt. I mean I love TOS and the new movies but they are clearly two completely different things that should be viewed independently.

    • It’s got nothing to do with parallel universes; it’s got everything to do with a lack of originality in the material. A parallel universe is no excuse for lazy writing. But that’s Hollywood. Creativity and originality are not often rewarded.

  11. Make a Star Trek 3 very soon!! I’m not a treky but I me and my kids love the first two and want more, after they came out I’ve went and bought both movies and love to watch them ,, maybe the next movie could show a good fight between the enterprise and warbirds d3 or whatever they are,, heck let me know if you need any actors !! Would love to be in the new movie, Jamie

  12. YES!!!! A NEW STAR TREK!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!

  13. Star Trek 3 came out 30 years ago.

  14. I would love to see Mila Kunis cast as a young hot Stella Mudd! She should be the main antagonist! Ashton Kutcher should do a cameo as Harry Mudd. The movie should end with Stella berating her husband with the “Harcord Fenton Mudd…..” speech taken from Mudd’s Planet!

  15. Excited about a lot of these movie and seasons. They can’t come soon enough.

  16. I’d love to see a blending of “City On The Edge Of Forever” with “Mirror, Mirror.” All of the principles could be on hand at the Guardian to search for Dr. Mccoy, but as soon as he escapes into the past, our next shot of the others reveal that they are from the Mirror universe! Suddenly regaining a missing doctor doesn’t seem that important to them, so they abandon him and return to ENTERPRISE. However, as time passes, all of the principles begin to feel appalled at what they see from the Mirror Federation,sensing that something isn’t right. This results in talk, speculation about their proximity to the Guardian when the Dr. went through, yadda-yadda-yadda…and a return to the Guardian to go through and find McCoy. And, most importantly: KEIRA KNIGHTLEY as “Edith Keeler”!

  17. Mila Kunis as Stella Mudd as the main villian!!! Then maybe a cameo of Ashton Kutcher or James Franko as Harry Mudd. I can imagine her as a smuggler who sparks an intersteller conflict with the Klingons! She uses her sensuallity to manipulate Kirk all the while being married. But, not fanatic about it. Most of all I want to hear the “Harcourt Fenton Mudd…” speech made famous in I, Mudd.

  18. SOONER!!!!

  19. I quite like the new Trek movies because the characters are quite like the ones in the books, at least their attitudes. The camerawork and production so far are great, and are definitely several thousand levels up on the old films in terms of quality and looks. I’m not really a fan of shaky cameras or lens flares when overused. The films look incredibly good except for a few scenes where you can see the characters are completely CGI (movement inconsistencies). I still enjoy the old movies as they are classic for what they are. The new story lines so far have been average, and a bit too “Hollywood”. They are somewhat lacking in that respect and do not do Star Trek credit in that respect. It would be nice for the third film if the story lines had a little bit more ‘out of the box’ thinking put into it.. a deeper Sci-Fi element. The scene where Kirk kicks the matter/antimatter injectors back into alignment is just silly, and also is completely wrong in the way his kick makes the injector move. It is leaning over and he kicks it downwards on the side its leaning over.. There is no way physics will allow it to suddenly move the other way unless it is sprung and was hooked on something. Having sprung injectors is not a good idea as it will result in insufficient power generation. Matter/antimatter injectors are meant to be un-sprung and built out of future materials which are strong. It actually leans over a bit more in one part. That scene aside, every part of the set looked amazing and the CGI team deserve medals for these movies. Wow. They managed to get the scale of things in a way that the old ones just couldn’t, and that crash scene was brilliant.

  20. I thought Star Trek 2009+2013 were turned into star wars then later read about the director being a star wars fan more than Star Trek and relized why I thought how Star Trek was turned into star wars and now I read how the director from the first 2 new Star Trek movies quit the Star Trek franchise to direct a new star wars movie. Hopefully Star Trek gets fixed and the new director makes an awesome Star Trek movie gor 2016

  21. What ever happens please keep the CGI to a minimum!!!!!! Gene Roddenberry didn’t use it and the original movies were still a great marvel of good effects. may be the younger generation may not notice that CGI has a hint of artificial and metallic ore to it because they know no better. Keep it true to the original!!!

  22. shatner has to be in it, no one can do lines like him,dig him up and dust off that toupee tighten up that corset and maybe grease the wheels of his zimmer frame and he will make us all feel good,he.s a legend
    live long and prosper

  23. Kirk…the only true Star Trek icon all who follow afterwards are secondary

  24. I think the reason a lot of Classic Trek fan are angry about this is because they’re trying to reboot a series that has already been over all the interesting things. That’s why they made Next Gen rather than just continuing the old series. The old characters are familiar and great and Hollywood is trying cash in on that.

    Unfortunately, unless one of the writers comes up with something new that catches the public eye the reboots are doomed to just be rewrites of the old stories wrapped up as a shiny new production.

    After all, the original series is still out there. It’s hard to compete with something that’s already perfect.

    So do I think the reboots will hold up in thirty years when the effects are out of date? No, but that doesn’t mean I’ll shun them for being what they are, a momentary diversion.