‘Star Trek 3′, ‘Transformers 5′ & More Planned for 2016 Release

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Kirk and Spock bros for life Star Trek 3, Transformers 5 & More Planned for 2016 Release

2014 is almost halfway over, which means that it’s definitely time to start planning which movies we’re all going to see in theaters in 2016. Though not yet quite as busy as 2015 (which will bring titans like The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Star Wars: Episode VII), 2016 already has a respectable number of major releases lined up, including Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Avatar 2.

Since producer and screenwriter Roberto Orci was recently reported to be set as director for Star Trek 3, it was fairly safe to assume that the production would clash with previous director J.J. Abrams’ commitment to the new Star Wars trilogy, and that therefore Paramount is planning to set things in motion for Star Trek 3 fairly soon. Sure enough, Paramount Pictures International SVP, EMEA Edward Ryan has now announced that Star Trek 3 is coming in 2016 (also the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek brand, by no coincidence), along with several other major Paramount releases.

Speaking at the CineEurope conference in Spain, THR reports that Ryan walked attendees through Paramount’s plans for 2015 and beyond. The 2015 releases were all movies that we already know about, but Ryan revealed that Star Trek 3, Transformers 5G.I. Joe 3, and Hansel and Gretel 2 are all on track to release in 2016 (along with Beverly Hills Cop 4 and Timur Bekmambetov’s Ben-Hur, which already have official 2016 dates). The list probably won’t please those who are tired of sequels, reboots and remakes, but for fans of any of those franchises it’s an exciting line-up.

hansel gretel witch hunters red band trailer1 Star Trek 3, Transformers 5 & More Planned for 2016 Release

Hansel and Gretel 2 was greenlit last year, but this is the first we’ve heard since then of any concrete plans. The first movie was written and directed by Tommy Wirkola, whose most recent release was a sequel to his 2009 Nazi zombie horror Dead Snow, but it’s currently unclear whether he’ll return for this sequel as well. Presumably, Jeremy Renner is still onboard to reprise as Hansel, which might in part explain Bourne 5 being delayed.

It’s not good news for everyone, however. According to THR, Ryan also said that Paranormal Activity 5 has now been pushed back to 2016 despite original plans to release it in the fall of this year. The Paranormal Activity movies are one of Paramount’s most reliably profitable properties, with this year’s spin-off Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones grossing over $90 million at the box office (with a $5 million production budget), so it’s somewhat surprising that the studio would want to push back Paranormal Activity 5‘s release a second time.

Are you excited about Paramount’s plans for 2016, or does just looking at that list give you sequel fatigue?


Star Trek 3, Transformers 5, Ben-Hur, G.I. Joe 3, Hansel and Gretel 2, Paranormal Activity 5 and Beverly Hills Cop 4 are all either scheduled or expected to release in 2016.

Source: THR

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  1. FIRST*

    Transformer 5?
    enough is enough.

    • your name says it all…
      why say no to money? also why do you need to complain? its obvious people love the movies… they go to see it and it must get multiple views to earn a billion.

      • well okay to be honest
        I might watch it probably i dont know at the movies with some friends or just watch it at home. but seriously the whole franchise is just dragging itself. I’ll be watching it for references but story? haha no dude. its things like these that made me cringe. they should have been conscious about the story way back. they already have a good visual for it of course Mr Bay want it the easier way. hire all the skilled concept artist and let the awesome designs speak for it selves, then profit.

        • Like saying I’m going to eat cake but no I’m not yet I’m going to. You’re going to watch it at some point.

          • Yeah after all the years eating it. it’s not the best tasting cake like it used to be. I’ll probably eat it later or somethin.

  2. i really want them to plant seeds to have an over arching story with unicron as the final villain in 6. i also really wanna get starscream involved. i know he is meant to be a coward and thats his character but i want more from him.

    • If your a Starscream-er, the Underbase storyline from back in the day would be a good one to play with.

  3. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring more TRANSFORMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hansel and gretel 2 sounds good as well. I enjoyed the first one as a mindless popcorn flick. I am happy!!! can’t wait for 2016!!!

    • I’m curious if Michael Bay will direct or if some one else will finally step in, I read somewhere David yates was a front runner for helming that franchise.

      • 4 is supposed to be Bay’s last as director as be passed it over to someone else…. I’m sure he’ll still be involved as a producer.

  4. Hansel and Gretel 2? really ? I know Paramount doesn’t do HELLBOY but a friggin Hansel and Gretel sequel BEFORE a HELLBOY 3 gets made? something aint right with that one :/

    • Because clearly Hansel and Gretel was the new Citizen Kane.

    • Yeah but Hansel and Gretal made insane bank! And while they both have a ton of FX, H&G wasn’t DelToro level quality. It will cost less to make then Hellboy 3 would, and they think it will make insane money.

      I think Hellboy 3 would be a much better investment. A final Hellboy movie would play WAAAY better at today’s box office.

      • H&G made 55m in the states and 226m world-wide. FAR from ‘insane bank’ dumbf**k.
        The Winter Soldier is @710m.
        Now THAT’S ‘insane bank’.

        • you t@rd (aptly named btw)

          50 million to make (production budget) 226 made worldwide. They more than tripled their money. That is insane bank in my book.

          Not that the movie was that good or anything because that is not what you are referring to.

          However im sure a rocking wheeling dealing money maker like yourself may not think that.

        • In today’s market that’s just crazy good bank.
          You gotta cross a billion to get the “insane” moniker IMO.

          But yeah, H&G didn’t even make slightly crazy bank, let alone “insane.”

  5. I just hope I live long enough to see all of the great stuff that is coming out.

    • Damn are you sick or somethin ?

  6. Hansel & Gretel 2? First was horrible.
    GI Joe 3? GI Joe 2 was low budget crap. enough! How about something original, stupid Hollywood!?

    • Blame audiences, not Hollywood.

    • Ever heard of independent movies? Plenty of original movies out, if you take the time to look.

  7. You know if they come up with an original story it will be the first time in 14 years that a Star Trek film has been made that is not a copy of Wrath of Khan.

    How good would that be.

    • Make that 18 years. Not that I liked Insurrrection but the peed off wrath of insert villain name here stories have really been way overdone, had been when Nemesis was made.

  8. Put me down for Avengers: Age of Ultron, Hansel & Gretel 2; & Ben-Hur off of this article’s list. I will be there for those.

  9. Call this a heresy, but the Star Trek franchises were never really much for me…although if I had to vote on my 2 favorites, I would list Next Generation as the best one, and Voyager as my second choice.

    • DS9 from season 4 (well 3.5) is worth a hit.

  10. I want to see Star Trek 3 Transformers maybe and GI Joe 3 if they have a new director and writers and Serpentor as the villain and they bring Duke back.

    • Ohhh Serpentor, I like that, they could do his origin story and the Joe attack on Springfield (not that one).
      That was the first time I saw anywhere (TV/Film/Comic) the old “cauterize a bullet wound with a red hot knife” trick. Genetic Super Solider shenanigans.

  11. Trek 3, be interesting to see what someone else does with this rebooted universe, the first one was good but not great, ITD was a bit flat I’m afraid.

    It will depend on the story (duh!) whether we’ll see them ON their 5 year mission or whether it will deal with an incident after that trek and the crew are a bit more universe savvy.

    Transformers 5, as with all of them I’ll wait for the DVD/Netflix release, I automatically assume it will be terrible and I’ve not been let down by that assumption yet. Maybe 4 will change that and 4 is supposed to be Bay’s last before he passes the torch (or All-Spark if you will) to someone else.

    GI-Joe3 and Hansel 2, if they keep the same tones as there direct prequels (Joe2 is way more fun than Joe1-stupid robo suits, not the concept, the execution) then these should both be fun popcorn and beer satday night movies. – Brain off have a good time – without being offensively bad like an Adam Sandler movie

    Could be worse movie in the pipeline, would be nice to see a bit more new and/or original material in the multiplexs

    Oh got nothing to do with this article but saw Godzilla on Sunday (FINALLY!!!) it’s frickin’ AWESOME.

    So much so it inspired me to finish my Godzilla collection so £60.00 later I’m now only missing Son of Godzilla (terrible) and Destroy All Monsters (wicked, even with the stock footage) Can’t wait for Edwards to finish poncing about with THE FETT (the dude deserves capital’s) and get back to the G-MAN (so does he) – here’s my 10c

  12. Transformers 5 eh??…. I would imagine just recycled special effects from the first 4 movies hashed together with some teenagers hot legs & breasts, Michael Bay you’ve done it again $$$$$$$$… Not forgetting lots of slow motion diving and we have Transformers 5…. Cant wait :)

  13. i wish michael bay would get the ball rolling on bad boys 3, bad boys 2 came out in 2003 which is over 10 years,it had a 130 million dollar budget and grossed over 270 million not to mention what it made on dvd sales, Will Smith hasnt done a bad movie since then except after earth and if bay would add one more big name star to be a villian i think it would make a killing, the bad boys franchise is one of a few movies where the action, comedy and story is grade A…i dont know bay future for transformers but he needs to just give up the helm and let soemoen else direct and just let bay produce and focus on other projects like bad boys 3 and get back to his good films like the rock and armageddon

    • Hitch? Anchorman 2?

  14. I wont watch Paranormal Activity 5.. They are ridiculous movie. I saw 1-3 I think but I wont watched part 4 and now this. No thanks.

  15. GI Joe 3!!!?? WOW hope its better than 2 cause that was H O R R I B L E !!! I liked the first one though… maybe we can just forget about the 2nd and call the 3rd one number 2 :)

  16. looking forward to Bevery Hills Cop… i mean if it’s great like 1 i’ll love it… if it’s fun like 2 i’ll love it… if it’s dreadful like 3 i’ll love it on a sarcastic level…

    and not sold on orci… feels like trek is getting the backseat again

  17. and beverly hills cop has to have bronson pinchot…

  18. Why in all of the holy blue hell is someone remaking Ben Hur. Is there really such a demand for biblical epics in this day and age? Beside the fact that the original is one of those films that is almost perfect. Of course this just goes to show how much of difference world wide box office makes. Noah was made on a $125,000,000 budget, it made $100,000,000 in the US, but over 300,000,000 overseas. I’m not too worried about a sequel in this case, but I think this Ben Hur remake is a bad idea.

  19. Enjoyed all he Transformers, 4 looks like it’s gonna be good so looking forward to 5.
    Loved Hansel and Gretel, so a 2nd’s more good news.
    Loved GI Joe 1, but felt 2 was a step down even though it was still entertaining.

  20. I bet TF5 gets pushed back a year if the box office is lower than expected for Age of Extinction. 2017 isn’t an Avengers year but rumored to be a Star Wars E8 year.

  21. As a Trek fan (if you didn’t realize that from my avatar :-) ), I was really disappointed with STID (Trek 2009 was OK). I wish they would get some writers who actually know Star Trek; these writers seem to want to make Star Trek into Star Wars. I’ll still see it but I doubt there will be multiple viewings.

  22. I want Transformers 5 movie action figure toys for the movie.