Rumor Patrol: ‘Star Trek 3′ Script Duties Currently in Hands of ‘Thor’ Writers

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Star Trek Into Darkness Easter Egg Guide Rumor Patrol: Star Trek 3 Script Duties Currently in Hands of Thor Writers

Despite a slow opening weekend, J.J. Abrams’ sci-fi sequel Star Trek Into Darkness ultimately proved to be a decent hit for Paramount Pictures, making over $225m domestically and currently retaining a place just inside the top 10 highest grossing films of 2013 so far. This is good news for fans of Abrams’ rebooted vision of the universe, as it means that Star Trek 3 is still solidly on track to head into production within the next couple of years.

The talent that will return to the franchise, however, is another matter entirely. With no writers or directors currently announced for Star Trek 3, the series could potentially go in a number of different directions: either bringing back all of the old team or, as the latest rumors suggest, bringing in some fresh voices.

Badass Digest says that “excellent sources” have revealed the new writers currently attached to Star Trek 3 are Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz, a long-standing team who are perhaps best known for co-writing Thor alongside Don Payne (who sadly passed away earlier this year). Miller and Stentz also worked on the script for X-Men: First Class, and have also done some work on the script for 20th Century Fox’s reboot of Fantastic Four.

Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci are reportedly remaining onboard as writers and were instrumental in the decision to bring in the new blood. Miller and Stentz have previously written episodes of Abrams, Kurtzman and Orci’s TV show Fringe, so the decision to involve them in writing the script for Star Trek 3 makes sense. Having said that, Badass Digest states that this isn’t a “done deal,” only that at this point the Star Trek 3 writing collaboration is “Stentz and Miller’s job to lose.”

Chris Hemworth in battle as Thor Rumor Patrol: Star Trek 3 Script Duties Currently in Hands of Thor Writers

If the story is true, this won’t be Miller and Stentz’s first brush with Gene Roddenberry material. The writing partners previously collaborated on many episodes of sci-fi show Andromeda, which was based on Roddenberry’s notes for his 1973 TV pilot Genesis II and as such was sometimes referred to as Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda.

Star Trek 3 doesn’t currently have a director attached, and reports as to who might be likely to take the helm have been conflicting. The rumor mill mentioned Joe Cornish (Attack the Block) as one of the names on a list of possibilities, but Zachary Quinto has said that Abrams is still interested in directing the third installment himself, and the Badass Digest article reports heavy rumors that the director is on the verge of dropping out of Star Wars: Episode VII. The reasons behind his possible discontentment are unclear, with Abrams havingĀ expressed irritation at being forced to shoot the film in England and uproot his family for several months. Could this have been enough to drive him back into the arms of Star Trek, or is the buzz just misguided?

There’s plenty of food for thought here, but with about three years left to go before Star Trek 3′s release, anything might change between now and the start of production. Would you like the old writing and directing team back to complete their trilogy, or do you like the idea of some new blood?


Star Trek 3 is expected to be releasedĀ some time in 2016.

Source: Badass Digest

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  1. If jj leaves his “dream” job it’s because Disney wouldn’t give him the control paramount did.

  2. Star Trek Into Darkness has made $225 million domestically, not $250 million.

    • Thanks, corrected.

      • Neither thor or xmen first class had tight and coherent script writing so if abrams does not to direct one more installment, i see the quality of the movie going down. Dont fix what is not broken.

        • Into Darkness is already broken.

  3. /shrugs…..After ST2 I pretty much don’t care where they go or what they do because I won’t be paying to see it. Pretty much done with this version of the franchise and will be waiting for Star Trek to return to TV in some form where it belongs.

  4. They can do whatever they want, as long as they don’t use Khan again and again and again and again and again with more lens flare distracting you from important dialogue.

    • You do realize there have been 11 Star Trek films before STID, and only 1 used Khan..

      • “Space Seed” & “Wraith of Khan” featured Khan. They made sense and developed Khan as a character perfectly; he had purpose and he had this “magnetic” personality. None of that was present in “Into Darkness.” If they weren’t going to honor the character 3rd time around, they didn’t need to use him again. Top it off with the same exact shot for shot scenes with minor differences done poorly. I felt cheated and if I wanted to see a better story with the same scenes and with Khan, I’d watch “Wraith of Khan” or “Space Seed.”

        JJ didn’t bring anything new to the table, he just forced in a total rehash poorly done of an ironic villain.

        Knowing JJ, he will have Darth Vader as the lead antagonist again somehow.

        • Khan was awesome in Into Darkness. Cumberbatch was amazing ad played it perfectly, best villain of the year so far, better than any villain last year as well. Great movie.

        • So he was used in 1 episode of a TV show and 1 of 11 movies. OVER USED INDEED! Psh.. people need to stop bickering and get over the fact that STID was very good. It doesn’t make you more of a original Trekkie to hate the new movies.

          • Your mileage may vary on whether Khan was bad in ID, but it’s definitely a Khan for this new generation of Star Trek fans, and I think Cumberbatch was magnificent in the role.

            • There’s no arguing Cumberbatch is an excellent actor and he did an admirable job with what he was given but compared to the original Khan there is really no comparison.

              They should have tried a bit harder imho to at least come closer to the correct ethnicity instead of finding a good but pasty, white, British actor to play the part.

  5. Star Trek Into Darkness is still my favorite film of this year. I don’t see what’s so terrible with it but some just seem to hate it.

    • Those must be the same people who trashed Star Trek and hailed Avatar and Man of Steel as cinematic history. -.-

      • Who knows? I actually enjoyed Avatar. I don’t think it’s groundbreaking story-wise but the visuals were spectacular on the big screen and it made a lot of damn money because it was a fun experience for moviegoers.

        I don’t know when it became the “in” thing to bash Avatar. Bashing James Cameron is one thing but there’s nothing wrong with an enjoyable time at the movies. As for Man of Steel, … meh.

        • @Adrian, “The Apple” Season 2, Episode 5, you’ll find a better version of Avatar.

        • Avatar wasn’t fun, it was boring, childish and had alot of plot holes in there. I still don’t get how we people say Avatar is good when it was really B movie in my eyes. Those stupid dialogs, actions, poorly done animals. There was no scene that would scream that movie would be worth the movie theater.

          Start Trek 2 was boring, emotionless and copypasted to the roof. When they made reboot i thought thats gonna be some serious changes in there not the same scenes all over the new series. And now they’re giving the series to someone who made terrible joke out of Thor, nice one on the X-men and who knows what for new Fantastic Four. Atleast there is hope. Star Trek was a good movie and i hope we’ll forget about worthless part 2 and move to new frontiers.

          • This^ Put a +9,000 on that guiese!

          • Thor was great! The only real complaint that I have heard about Thor was the lack of action scenes, but if you think about it, Marvel is making a franchise out of these characters, it would stupid to put all the cool action scenes in the first movie.

    • @Adrian, Season 1, Episode 22. You’ll find what you are searching for.

  6. What I take away from this story is Orci and Kurtzman aren’t writing ST3. This is fantastic news. And I really like 2009 and Into Darkness quite a lot.

  7. Firstly I agree Avatar wasn’t original just random movies thrown together but well the visuals were groundbreaking.
    Star Trek into Darkness wasn’t that bad. The first one was still the best but it was fun. This is good and bad news in my opinion. I admit that X men first class was very crammed because there was four writers and same thing might happen here.

    Thor was awesome in my opinion, yes I admit humour wasn’t great but it had great action,spectacle and not so great romance.
    So yes I am looking forward Star Trek 3 and I hope it tries to match well Star Wars 7

  8. The potential change in writers is the best news that could possibly happen.

    Doubly so, when the two writers mentioned wrote the best episodes of Fringe.

    Time to boldy go!

  9. I think that a change could be good for Star Trek at this point. I liked Thor and XMFC, but with so many writers working on a given project, it’s hard to know who to credit/blame for what without doing research.

    Regarding JJ, that rumor of him possibly bailing on SW7 is interesting. Honestly, I would not mind having someone else there…

    • The company just shot down those rumors of him leaving but yeah, I want someone else on board for SW7.

  10. I don’t want JJ back, I’m really hoping for someone to inject some Roddenberry back into the franchise. If he looses his dream job, I’d be sad for him, But I want star trek story telling more in line with the television series.

  11. Star Trek 3 came out in 1984.

  12. Why do people argue about movie quality. In 38 years, I haven’t seen a single movie that changed my life nor made my step a little lighter.

    Maybe one day a movie will rock my world so much I rename my children. Until then, I’m content to be entertained for an hour by this stuff. Ultimately, I remember my wife, kids, family & friends are far more important & deserve more of my thought & energy.