‘Star Trek 3′ First Script Draft Has Been Completed

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star trek 3 script finished Star Trek 3 First Script Draft Has Been Completed
With J.J. Abrams currently deep into directing Star Wars: Episode VII, Paramount has turned to Roberto Orci, co-writer and producer of Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness, to direct what we still only know as Star Trek 3, set to release in 2016 to coincide with the franchise’s 50th anniversary.

With Orci’s previous regular collaborator Alex Kurtzman busy preparing to direct Universal’s The Mummy reboot and Into Darkness co-writer Damon Lindelof currently running his HBO series The Leftovers, Orci has teamed up with screenwriters Patrick McKay and J.D. Payne (the same pair who have been working on a Flash Gordon reboot for 20th Century Fox) to pen the next Star Trek film.

Now, Orci has taken to the comments section of TrekMovie (via CBM) to report that they have finished the first draft of the Star Trek 3 script, saying first:

p & m & I wrote, “fade out” yesterday on first draft. things are moving.

And then following up with the confirmation that:

First draft is done

The “p & m” presumably refer to Payne and McKay. While hardcore Trek fans remain divided over both the direction of this rebooted continuity and the arguably clunky attempt to connect to the earlier Trek films with inclusions of relatively under-developed versions of some classic characters, both Abrams films have been wildly lucrative and successful in drawing a whole new crowd for all things Star Trek.

star trek 3 story details Star Trek 3 First Script Draft Has Been Completed

The selection of the third Star Trek film’s director was a closely-watched process, as interesting filmmakers like Attack the Block‘s Joe Cornish were (at some point) approached for the job. Paramount ultimately went with Orci, a newcomer to feature directing but a veteran of several popular, successful franchises and properties (Transformers, Fringe) – and as our current Scotty Simon Pegg has explained, Orci was “always the most Trekkie of all of those guys anyway.”

In the months leading up to the script’s completion, Orci continually teased that Star Trek 3 would take place “in deep space” as a part of the Enterprise’s five-year mission; that was the basis for the original Star Trek TV series and the point in time where Into Darkness left off. In Orci’s Screen Rant Underground Podcast interview, he also hinted that the next film would move past nods to older Trek lore and into some truly uncharted territory.

While some fans still haven’t forgotten Orci’s baffling and ill-advised lecturing to fans who questioned his story choices, the influx of newcomers Payne and McKay and a different director could mean some very exciting and engaging things for the future of the crew of the Enterprise. With the first script draft complete – and at least some version of the sequel’s story in place – we might expect some plot details to surface as the director and writers continue to make forward progress.

Star Trek 3 is expected to open in theaters in 2016.

Source: TrekMovie

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  1. Even Though they are a lot of people that would like to see the 3rd movie not feature any of the prime universe characters; or time travel for that matter; I think if they really want to hit this movie outta the galaxy, they need to bring in William Shatner, and some of the Next Generation members.
    After all; it would be the 50th anniversary of the franchise come 2016. They’ve never done a multi generational Trek…unless you count (the o.k.) Star Trek Generations. Frankly; I hated the way Kirk went out in that film….it was horrendous…oh…falling off a collapsed bridge. Really ?!!
    I say, bring Q in…and have him be the catalyst that brings the different crews together.

    • To tie in “Q” you could have Charlie X be the villain. But I’d like to see Captain Garth as the villain too.

      • With Hugh Laurie playing a not-quite-insane-yet Garth… A man on his path to lunacy.

    • Have Q come in and stop the 2009 movie from being made…..

      • +100

  2. I think the Star Trek have been awesome and moving the right direction. I think Star Trek should focus on the five year mission and focus on the Romulan Empire.

  3. Here are some of the things I’d like to see in the Star Trek universe.

    1. More details on the world wars on earth just before warp drive was discovered.
    2. A closer look at life on EARTH in the 24th Century. Is it really the utopia many of us have come to believe? How exactly did they eliminate the need and desire of personal wealth? If money no longer exists, what motivates human beings in this society?
    3. I’d also like to see a more jaw dropping display of life in other galaxies.

    Otherwise, I can’t wait to see the next chapter.

    • They should not focus on your first and second ideas. Its called star trek because the characters trek through the stars. There are plenty of other movies and books and tv shows that focus on what the future Earth will be like. But Star Trek is all about space being the final frontier and the voyages of the starship enterprise.

      Maybe they could have things from your first and second ideas influencing the enterprise and its missions.

      Your third idea would be cool though.

  4. the villains of this film should be the borg.

    • Actually the villain is JJ abrams…

      • @ J

        J.J Abrams has made mistakes. That doesn’t make him the villain.


    • @km,
      but the villains in these films are borINg.

  5. @km…The Borg would be interesting to see on the big screen again…but it would be cool if they showed the origin of the Borg…link it to Star Trek: The Motion Picture…after all…Roddenberry did hint that when Decker and Ilia merged with V’ger…that was the beginning of the borg.
    I would like to see a REAL EPIC SCOPE in the 3rd Trek film. The Motion Picture accomplished this out of all the feature films.

    • The Borg have been around for hundred of thousands of years. Maybe they existed purely as machines until that merger happened? They could have been assimilating technology all that time and that was there first organic assimilation?

  6. Oh boy, here comes the Trekkie B***ng Train!
    Choo choo!

  7. I’m looking forward to it as I loved the first two (I’m one of the few hardcore Trekkies that did). Have never been a fan as Orci or Kurtzman as writers, but I think Orci could turn it around as director. Hopefully…

  8. I’m very doubtful about the whole thing. The only downside of the Star Trek movies were the stories with their lazy research (supernovae that threaten galaxies), superconvenient plot devices that are completely out of character or render big parts of the story useless (Spock dumping Kirk on a monster infested ice world instead of putting him in the brig, transwarp beaming, immortality juice..) and zero sense (you did what with the torpedoes? Why does the hangar bay only have a tiny door?)…

    What made these movies so enjoyable was the expert direction by JJ Abrams, the incredible sense for timing and action, the excellent music, the excellent effects and the fun character interaction. Should the latter be the result of Orci’s work there’s still hope… but should his directing ability be comparable to his ability as a coherent writer than we are in for a dud. Let’s hope that the assistant directors will save the movie.

    Or maybe… just maybe… we are going to experience a real Cinderella story and he actually makes a decent or even good movie. It’s absolutely possible, and I’m gonna happily eat my words should that be the case.

  9. Did not care for the last Trek film, it might have appealed to the ADHD Generation of 20 somethings, but for me it was a cheap imitation, no real character development, cheesy homage and plot placement (oh lets put a tribble in here to rectify the Kirk death)

    I like the Borg suggestion… would also like to see Mr.Data have an IQ spar with Spock, not just loud explosions and soft core T&A like the last one.

  10. The 1st movie was great.

    The second movie had a great villain, but you got the feeling that this movie was done in a hurry as the director wanted to get started with Star Wars instead. They recycled the space jump from the 1st movie – been there and done that and the second time only made the villain look like a chump. The manner in which the villain was fooled also made him look like a chump. This caliber of villain should have been given more respect as we saw in the scene where he was easily wiping out Klingon warriors. The jokes and catch phrases were not funny and forced – not up to the first movie and didn’t seem natural – it seemed like acting.

    • @ Monkeybusiness….yeah…the space jump in INTO DARKNESS was recycled from the 09 film; as was the Enterprise emerging from Earth clouds ( 09…Enterprise rises from Titan’s cloud rings or whatever)
      The thing that kills me about these films…they have a lot of great novels to draw from.
      In the future…I hope they will make some of the Star Trek novels into big screen movies. That’s the way they should do the Trek films…or how about Creating a new crew….and new Enterprise just for the Big screen, and I’m not talking giving us a alternate reality of Kirk and crew.

  11. Now put it in the paper shredder.

  12. This Abrams group looks like Red Squad, the one’s that got themselves killed…LOL!!!!!!

  13. No doubt every Star Trek fans’ panties are in a twist over this.
    Truly world-shattering news, compared to ebola, Ferguson, Ukraine, Middle East turmoil, US congress gridlocked, etc.

  14. I gOt A fEvEr AnD tHe OnLy CuRe Is MOOOOOOOOORE LENS FLARES !!!!!!!!!!!

    • #3,
      but they could use some cowbell…

      • That too !

  15. I wonder if they will have the doctor as part of the crew in the next film since in the second movie they pretty much found a cure for death. Seems McCoy’s job just became obsolete.

  16. Kurtzman and Orci are horrific writers who for some reason, no one questions their multitude of plot holes, glaring nonsensical story lines and resolutions. they also use the same dialogue in all their sci-fi films.
    I stopped watching their crap. but good point, jimvsmij. In fact, all further star trek movies are moot.
    good thing they never got my money. I was either ‘treated’ if you can call it that, or saw it on someone’s DVD/Blu-Ray. but i can’t get my time back, I know.

  17. If it were me – You could tell a great trek story, and still fix the timeline – Instead of going into the past, have the Enterprise go into the future – Original Spock goes along for the ride as he will be the only one unaffected – They see what the future will become – i.e. Federation broken up and taken over by the Dominion (Great Deep Space Nine tie in) – You can add in TNG to Voyager characters playing their own parts – i.e. how they all turned out in this new timeline…. Original Spock see the changes for the worse and knows that this is not the future of the Federation – With the help of the original crew, they go back in time, and prevent Nero from ever coming through the worm hole – He is attacked as soon as he enters along with the Kelvin – Kirk says Hi to his dad just as the Enterprise fades away because it was never there to begin with -

    Timeline restored, and everyone is happy – except original Spock who ends up dying in a blaze of glory saving the Enterprise that Kirk shoulda got…

  18. I loved Trek 09 because the writers found a way to free themselves from 40+ years of established canon. They were liberated to tell the most original story they could, and they wrote Spock Prime very well. I was disappointed with “Into Darkness’ because it squandered the opportunity of ST:09 by attempting to “reimagine”/rehash Wrath of Khan. The cardinal rule of remakes should be that if you can’t retell a story better than the original version, you shouldn’t retell it.

    My hopes for this next movie;
    1) No rehashes- no space jumps, no recycled TOS villains (exception Klingons which was established in STID that war with them was inevitable), no hero shot of the Enterprise out of the clouds, No Kirk at the bar, No Kirk screwing around with alien chicks in bed, no Khan Superblood, no Trans-warp beaming, no time travel, and no Nimoy. His character arc ended beautifully in ST:09 and should’ve ended in there rather than being consulted every time they get in a jam. It makes the new cast dependent on the old cast and wimpy.

  19. 2) Go back to the captain’s creed; “Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its 5-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.” If the new story fits into THIS captain’s creed in a wonderfully creative way, it will be the best of what Star Trek can be.

    • 3) Don’t make the original 5 year mission the same as the new Star Trek 5 year mission. They encounter all new alien races, civilizations, space anomalies, weird stuff, etc. IT’S ALL NEW SPACE to be explored. That will keep the audience in wonder as it was originally meant to be.

  20. 4) If you’re going to write yourself into a corner with a Klingon War, do it BIG! Get an A-list actor to chew the hell outta the scenery, and make the Klingons and the Enterprise fight it out, while still telling a new story. I think everyone would love to see a “balls-out” fleet battle.

  21. Not pleased with the new series. It seems to me that those currently at the helm are trying to make it their own as a vehicle to do with whatever suits their personal creative agendas rather applying their creativity to continue to explore new dimensions in that universe. There is so much more that could be explored in that universe and still stay within cannon and make for excellent storytelling, which I think most fans wanted. But they seem unconcerned with any of that – they seem to see Star Trek not as an opportunity to tell complimenting stories but instead as a means to get audience draw to their doing whatever they want and telling the stories they want no matter how much it doesn’t fit with the established Star Trek universe.

    I’m not opposed to them making whatever movies they want and telling whatever stories they want, but when you take the helm of an established franchise with a very well established and clearly established cannon, you really should be honor-bound to HONOR that established universe and established cannon. They instead have treated it with about as much respect as a bull in a China shop.

    And it’s not only the stories (like violating the cannon timeline of Khan and a lame implication of a lame attempt at a retcon to try to lamely justify their abuses of the established Khan cannon) but also the production. These movies don’t have the look and feel of Star Trek productions, but rather they have the look and feel of a JJ Abrams production. That is not honoring the Star Trek franchise, that’s bald narcissism. I have no problem with the look and feel evolving over time – as it has done in the past, and I think for the best. But this is not an evolution but a departure to a JJ Abrams look and feel. I want a Star Trek movie to be a Star Trek movie, not a JJ Abrams movie.

  22. To be honest, I’m a little worried about this Star Trek. I enjoyed the 2009 release, and Into Darkness was good, despite it not being in my top 3 Trek movies. I would just like to see a solid, well written story based in the Trek Universe. No time travel, no transwarp fields no sloppy plot devices, no throwback recurring characters (because believe it or not, there might be room for interesting characters that aren’t the TOS or TNG crew) – no b*******. Just a good story that explores the deep, intricate and fascinating universe that Star Trek is set in. Exploration, diplomacy, moral dilemmas, good character development, three dimensional “villains” that aren’t just evil “because of reasons”, proper use of a very talented cast and not so much reliance on huge CGI scenes interspersed every 5 minutes.

    Star Trek still has the strength to punch above it’s weight in the box office, especially against Star Wars, but we seriously need some strong writers and directors. I’m not convinced Orci can deliver.

  23. Well…since Kirk survived the Wrath of Khan remake we dont have to worry about a Search for Spock…Ur Uh…no wait a Search for Kirk remake…so we can just go strait to the Final Frontier re-imagining with Ian McKellan cast as the entity…

    (No! I did not dislike JJs second Star Trek film…I was just ticked that he was less than honest about it not being a Khan reboot..)

  24. It doesn’t matter to me what version or draft Star Trek 3 has been written. I am done with the “new” Star Trek films. The last two were very badly written and relied on the special effects to carry them through to get “new” fans. Yeah, I am a old Trekkie (though I prefer Trekker) who was watching the reruns and animated series when NASA was still sending man to space using rockets launched from Cape Canaveral. Star Trek online series by Star Trek Continues and Axanar Productions are far better than the Hollywood films and I enjoy watching the casts and crews putting out quality films for the fans, rather than the profit focused CBS. If CBS really wanted a larger following for their Star Trek films they would partner with those very creative and talented individuals and do fantastic stories.

  25. I didn’t like how they took out Captain Pike, since even in this timeline technically “The Cage” already happened.

    Poor Vina, now she has only the Talosians, with no Captain Pike and no Menagerie.

  26. You mean Star Trek 13, not Star Trek 3. And even if it was a full reboot and not an alternate timeline, it would still be the 13th film in the franchise, even though they stopped numbering them in the titles after the 6th film.

  27. It is very sad that there is no connection to Star Trek the Next Generation.

    This is really very, very sad. To Roberto Orci and the sript writers… if you or a friend of yours reads this message:

    Please bring Star Trek Genearations…….back!

    James Shukuso
    and a lot of Trekkies

  28. It is very sad that there is no connection to Star Trek the Next Generation.

    This is really very, very sad. To Roberto Orci and the sript writers… if you or a friend of yours reads this message:

    Please bring Star Trek Generation……back!

    James Shukuso
    and a lot of Trekkies

  29. It is very sad that there is no connection to Star Trek the Next Generation.

    This is really very, very sad. To Roberto Orci and the sript writers… if you or a friend of yours reads this message:

    Please bring Star Trek the N Genearations…….back!

    James Shukuso
    and a lot of Trekkies