Could ‘Star Trek 3′ Be Released in 2016?

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star trek3 Could Star Trek 3 Be Released in 2016?

There’s no question that JJ Abrams’ sci-fi sequel Star Trek Into Darkness is among the most highly-anticipated films of the year. The director’s 2009 franchise reboot far exceeded most fans’ expectations (and introduced the crew of the USS Enterprise to a whole new generation).

Four long years have passed since that film’s release, meaning that Into Darkness has the pressure of living up to all that hype. The long-held mystery with regard to the film’s plot (and Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain) has finally started to crack, but with the recent announcement that Abrams will also helm that other fan favorite sci-fi titan, where does that leave the inevitable third film?

Digital Spy recently spoke to Abrams’ producing partner Bryan Burk about what fans can expect with the latest Trek adventure and how long they’ll have to wait for Star Trek 3.

Here’s what he had to say:

“We like the idea of keeping secrets not for any other reason than to keep the experience of going to the movies and not having seen anything before it … You want this to be a movie that anybody can get into. It’s not really a sequel, it’s its own thing.”

Much of the talk about Into Darkness has revolved around the potential connections it may have to the original series, despite the new timeline the 2009 film established. Burk said that fans should go into the film expecting references to the franchise’s overall mythos.

“One of the things is that the movie will always be for ‘Star Trek’ fans. In the process of all us five producers working together, Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof, to a slightly lesser extent, are crazy-hardcore Trekkies. They understand the world so we had long conversations where they put things in and would be laughing hysterically. I had no clue why they were! There are tons of references and nods.”

benedict 570x309 Could Star Trek 3 Be Released in 2016?

Despite impending work on Star Wars: Episode 7, Burk said that the plan is to get Star Trek 3 into theaters faster than its predecessor, especially considering that 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the original Gene Roddenberry series.

“We’re definitely talking about the next one, but we haven’t talked about a release date. We don’t want to wait four years, the same amount of time between the last one and this one, but [2016] is going to be a big year to celebrate, hopefully.”

Based on this comment, it sounds like Abrams and company may be aiming for the next film to hit theaters that particular year. However, with the new Star Wars planned for 2015 (or even 2016, as has been rumored), it’s sounding more and more likely that Abrams may not be planning to direct the third Trek after all.

Of course, this is all speculation, but the director is a self-pronounced Star Wars fan, so it’s not entirely implausible that he may decide to place his directorial focus on one franchise.

Star Trek Into Darkness (finally!) hits theaters on May 17th, 2013.


Source: Digital Spy

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  1. Lets hope.

  2. After this one it’s time to devote all of his time to Star Wars. Give Star Trek 3 to Brad Bird or whoever can keep the quality up. I’m sure he’d do fine, but I’ll be far more interested in the next Star Wars movie compared with Star Trek 3.

    • Anyone but Brad Bird.

      • Hmm… I liked The Incredibles and I’m looking forward to Tomorrowland. I don’t know who the right person would be, but I know I want Abrams to focus solely on Star Wars from here on out.

        • Brad bird would be a good choice, but idk if its his kind of project. Maybe duncan jones or neil blo…. however you spell it

          • I’m down with Duncan Jones.

    • Quality? Star Trek-The Lens Flare Picture
      Star Trek II-The Wrath Of Lens Flare
      Star Trek III-The Search for Lens Flare

      Even friends of mine who generally like the first two movies are critical of all the lens flare used by JJ.

      And he’s gonna be doing Star Wars VII? :(

  3. Doing this on the 50th anniversary would be sooo awesome.

  4. Sam Mendes will be good on it…maybe

  5. Please stop calling those films
    Star Trek 2 or Star Trek3. There are already two films with that name!

    Its either Star Trek 12/ 13
    or Star Trek into Darkness/Star Trek – whatever the title of that film will be.

    • Wow, someone woke up with their phaser set to grumpy as hell.

    • I hate to be all technical but the franchise was rebooted so…

      • Ah, but there’s the rub: At best, this would be considered a “soft” reboot, because “original Spock” is the person who initiates this “new” universe. Thus, technically, Exverlobter IS correct.

        That being said, personally, I don’t think it’s a particularly big deal how the films are number at this point in time…

        • Sheesh…


  6. I can’t wait to see Into Darkness. I’ve been waiting for that one for a long time.

    Hopefully the third one can get out in theaters quicker. With JJ doing Star Wars, I see someone else directing, but Abrams still on as producer.

  7. 3 shoud have been out now so I hope we do not have to wait 3 years.

    2015 at the latest.

  8. 2016 sounds really good for #3, but that is pretty quick. I’m hoping for 2016, but planning on 2017.

  9. It would be cool if the next Star Trek came out in 2015. The year already has so many other highly anticipated movies. Imagine for a second… Star Wars 7, Avengers 2, Justice League and Star Trek 3. It would be even better if the last Hobbit movie came out then. I don’t think I would even leave the theater.

    • Yeah, I can see the headlines on every website and every newspaper: “2015: The year fans never left the theater” I too agree, but I don’t really wanna wait that long for hobbit 3.

    • Man of Steel has to do good enough for Justice League to exist or even stand a chance.

  10. I think Brad Bird would work well but i’m also thinking Rupert Wayatt from Rise of the Planet of the apes i also think neil blomkamp would be pretty good. If the third movie was to come out in 2015 i would be overjoyed Avengers 2, Justice League, Star Trek 3, Star Wars 7, Fantastic Four, Ant-Man, that makes my summer (assuming the movie will be in the summer) the most awesome ever!!!!!!!!! Most likely it will come 2016 based on the article but still its coming out.

  11. It could come ut 2016 or maybe 2017 or 2018 or 2019 or even 2020…

  12. they should bring the trilogy full circle have the villains be klingons and have them attack the federation with nollage of battle plans they took from nero when he was on the klingon prison planet

    • …an interesting idea. The only problem with it is that Nero was not a prisoner of the Klingons; he simply brutally attacked and decimated them. They had no opportunity to get any plans. They gained no knowledge from the experience other than the type of enemy attacking them and the (false) circumstances of the attack.

      • No, Nero was captured and imprisoned by the Klingons for the best part of 25 years and escaped at the time they calculated that Spock would arrive through the black hole.

        • Where did you get that? All that Nero experienced in the alternate timeline was by his and his crew’s design. Thus, even if the Klingons DID capture him (as opposed to merely thinking they had him at ANY sort of disadvantage at any point), they would not have gotten any technical data out of him.

          My point stands.

  13. after part 2 they should do the next generation with
    Christopher Eccleston As Picard
    John Barrowman As Riker
    Katee Sackoff As Crusher
    Roonie Mara As Troi
    Tom Hiddleson As Data
    Chitwetel Ejifor As Laforge
    Idris Elba As Worf

    • Awesome line-up. But who would you get to play Wesley Crusher? And surely Whoopi could reprise her role as Guinan

  14. One anniversary was commemorated back when two trek shows were on at the same time. We got the Voyager ep that elaborated on Trek 6 with a Sulu/Excelsior/Tuvok story “Flashback” that had its moments of genius amidst some pointless weirdness. Meanwhile on DS9 we got the spliced together original tribbles footage that allowed Sisko and crew to visit Kirk’s Enterprise and bump elbows with the old cast. It was also a mixed bag, but unique and fun for the fan base. I’m glad they bothered, and Id love to have them do something more than just point out the date and make a banner for the occaission. If it were viewed long term as a time when special event level payoffs should be lined up, that’d be pretty cool. Maybe bring an actor or more from another series if possible. Convince the public that there are more stories than just New Kirk to be told and I would be impressed.

    • Non of the other series character are interesting enough for the big screen which is why they had to go back to the original crew.

      • I strongly disagree. Picard’s development (particularly his time at the Academy, especially when he ran afoul of the hooligans who caused him to need a replacement heart), alone, would be worthy of a film. Then, of course, there are the various other “Next Gen.” crewmembers with fascinating backstories (either hinted at or, sometimes, briefly explored). Archer and his respected father, Janeway as a scientist AND captain, the Maquis, Sisko’s early years…ALL of these would make for great films, at least in conjunction with the developing history of the ST universe, if not on their own.

        So, ummm…NO. You are simply incorrect…just wrong.

      • I agree with Archaeon, mostly. Although I don’t see any need for either of your assertions that prequels are the only way to go. First and foremost we have the then-current, long standing, proven “flagship” of Trek and Paramount,the current crew of the Enterprise E. After some mismanagement and miscalculation and a terrible release date next to LOTR, the less-than-it-shouldve-been Trek 10 flopped. Rather than treat this the way they treated the weaker Kirk movies they simply said that there would be no trek 11. It was a strange decision, and if this reboot of sorts hadn’t materialized, I think they might’ve gone back to the well as they had with trek 6, and cme up with a more fitting send off to seven seasons and over a decade of films. But setting aside that whole crew, which I am loathe to do, we have other options. A hybrid cast could take several strong actors to new heights, and Captain Rikerof the Titan would be an easy tent post for that sort of project.

        I do believe, despite being a fan of Voyager, that that show never had a chance of being a movie. It was too contained, not well enough loved, not a part of everyone’s awareness the way the first two crews were, and slimy wasn’t that strong to begin with. Sure, I enjoyed it lots of the time, but it meandered, lost audience, and ended with a thud, and no particular need to revisit those characters. If the series had ended with them lost, as it almost did, then maybe a great film could’ve been thrown together before they struck sets to minimize the gamble. Maybe. But remember, when TNG came on, there was NO OTHER SCI FI on tv. Then it competed with DS9, got replaced by Voyager, and thos shows fought for the sci FI fans against increasing piles of genre shows. A good number for Voyager viewers was nowhere near a good audience of TNG watchers. It wasn’t part of the zeitgeist in particular, and it wasn’t that beloved or respected outside of its fan base. Casual trek fans weren’t clamping for a Janeway film, and given the alternatives, neither was I. Sisko and co suffered many of the same setbacks of audience, popularity, mainstream awareness, etc. on the other hand, it was a vastly better show across the board. Even if it’s nt yr favorite, it puts the voyager effort to shame. By the end the series concluding seemed arbitrary after seven years. The show kept growing and evolving with the largest and best extended cast of frequent geust stars ever in trek, or maybe even sci fi. There were dozens of great characters, species, planets, ideas, political groups, religions, warring factions, and stories that were left untold. It would have been bold to attempt it, but a ds9 movie would be the best, most necessary and appropriate move after Picard was put to pasture. It could’ve been great,,even for the uninitiated, for whom the movie would be largely framed for profit. Sadly I never expected this because it was the black sheep series. The stewards of trek had abandoned it to the shw runners’ own devices, washing their hands of it, feeling no love or ownership for it, and only occaissionally intervening, often to the detriment of the show.

        Word came down from on high that Sisko would have to die in the end of the series. This is the cold calculation of the folks wh did not love the show, and wanted to never answer the question “When will there be a Sisko movie?”. They killed him so they could be done with all that, while limping through the end of a weakened Voyager show, and planning for their favorite new child: Enterprise. The fact that that series finally shined when those two (Braga and Berman) finally let someone else write it and control it means that I am glad they made it, but failing Vger and Killing ds9 was shameful. The only reason Sisko didn’t simply DIE is because they dedcided it was racially insensitive to have a black father leave his single mother alone. Seriously. That’s the only reason he’s floating with the profits instead of just plain dead. Ironically that actually set up a great way to keep the story going, but that was never in the cards.

        So while it wasn’t going to happen, I strongly feel that a ds9 movie wouldve been ideally suited for standalone value and ongoing film franchise. If those two guys had walked away years earlier than maybe that resource wouldn’t have been squandered, and all the station sets turned to piles of wood.

        A new crew in any era we know or haven’t seen would also, obviously in my book, be a better idea than recasting Kirk and co, which while fun and successful, was really done because they had no good choice to sell to enough of the public. It was a marketing decision, more cynical than creative, and it’s a wonder that it turned out any good. But was it the inevitable, only choice? Not really. It was a clever business decision that made trek marketable, but this is also the era with the least trek per year by far that has occurred since maybe the films started up in the seventies, but especially since 87 when TNG came out. We used to get a few hours a week, plus a film every few years. Now we may get a few hours total for the last four years. Glad its alive, but without a series to examine the best of trek, I’m just eating snacks while I wait for dinner. Bring on the next series, and don’t do any more recasting or prequeling cash ins!

        • Oh yeah, and of course the easy solution of taking the critical years of the birth of the Federation and the war with the Romulans that should’ve been the next few years of ENT, and making that a film, would be great…except that not many people watched that series, so banking a movie on it seems very unlikely. They were in a great place with era, story quality and character development leading into deeply relevant trek lore, so a film would’ve been appropriate and ideal. It almost writes itself. No such luck though. Not where the money is at. Funny, for a series that talks about minimizing ownership and wealth and not seeking financial gains, it will always be about money first, and we just hope that along the way it entertains us and deserves to exist.

          They can always make an animated series prequel movie… No, that’s the worst idea yet. Never mind!

  15. That would be awesome. I love the reboot

  16. It would be great if the 3rd film brought back William Shatner’s Kirk and Spock for one last adventure…hell…a film featuring all the crews of the previous shows would be a great event movie to cap of the 5oth Anniversary of Trek. Of course that would envolve time travel or prehaps a wormhole that bridge the alternate universe to the prime universe.
    Question…is the alternate universe running concurrently with the prime universe ? It was never established in the first film. I mean…spock and nero did cause the alternate universe to come into being…so I’m guessing both the alternate universe, and prime universe co-exist at the same time. Someone help me out with this one.

    • al…

      …a comment and a response: I too would love to see the original actors show up for the 50th anniversary, I think we both know that will never happen. Besides the the fact that Nimoy used the last movie as his swan song in the Trek movie uni(multi)verse, there are two other reasons to feel sure cameos won’t happen. “Spock Prime” through his actions opened up the alternate history to the audience. Also, having even more and/or continuing cameos would cause a great deal of clutter.

      Now, the response: Yes, according to the way the first film established the existence and events of the new timeline, the two universes exist concurrently…neither is gone. Very likely, Spock is being remembered as a hero after having mysteriously disappeared from the “Prime” universe.

      • This idea is still possible in many ways. One is to have the actors play their alt counterparts, another could be Spocks memories, or the historical accounts of one Tiberius, cruel emperor and Kirk Doppleganer… I think they may come up with something, and certainly could if they were motivated. I hope they don’t force a weak is for the sake of gimmick. That concern is why Shatner’s trek 11 scene was cut from the script, and sadly I think it was wise. Althought I’d have tries a rewrite before a deletion…

  17. Before we go out an celebrate, how about we wait to see “Star Trek: Into the Darkness”.

  18. Star Trek 3? Good! Make it happen.
    As for JJ Abrams doing Star Wars, good for him. He’s more a Wars-fan than a Trekkie.
    So thank you for rebooting Trek, and good luck with Episode VII; go on to the Dark Side now.

    Who i would like to see as a director for the 3rd Trek movie?
    How about Christopher Nolan (Batman trilogy, Inception)?
    Or Zack Snyder (300, Dawn Of The Dead, Watchmen)?

    • I think Nolan has repeatedly said in numerous interviews that he was never a geek or interested in geeky things growing up, so i don’t think we could get him to do the next Trek movie. I would LOVE for Joss Whedon to do it, but he is already tied up with Marvel Phase 2.

      I think Josh Trank who directed Chronicle, could do an interesting job.


    • Howdy there, Kieth. You want to add some thoughts or questions to the conversation? Welcome to the forums. Don’t let’s the jerks bother you too much. They are everywhere. Ignore them.

  20. All these actors are too young for these characters!

    McCoy should have been older as well as Scotty.

    I’m a big fan of John Cho but not for this role- he looks too clean with the pretty-boy image – Takei had a rough edge..

    I dont think Roddenberry would like this version of Trek.. too much action and not enough “sci-fi” …

    oh well… as we say on Earth.. C’est La Vie!

  21. Do u think the third movie might be on a war with the klingons?
    Probably not even close with the spelling

  22. Star Trek was an amazing movie and Star Trek Into darkness was even better! I need there to be another movie!!!! I saw into darkness 3 times in theaters and loved it even more every time! It is amazing that Abrams decided to bring back the beloved Star Trek films! THANK U SOOO MUCH ABRAMS PLEEEEAAAASSSEEEE MAKE MORE!!!!!!!!

  23. This is a must see. Google this term ”’CRAZY RICH CASH” and go to the 1st result. Then click the PENNY STOCK pages. People are making a freakin ton off of these things and the rich are trying to keep this from us. It is our turn and you will see why once you get there.

  24. Completely stupid. Why not stay focused on (1) franchise at a time and then cut loose when part 2 comes out and then not be intrested in part 3? Then start a whole new franchise. You people need to quit screwing movies for us fans and stay tunes with what the fans want. Finish Star Trek and make sure its right and on track. Then work on Star Wars. i mean Im a fan of both. but be better to have 1 done at a time and in order so less of them running into one another.
    As the old woman stated in American Pie “American Wedding” with Stiffler in the closet, “Stay Focused, Stay Focused”!
    Nothing more needs to be said…

  25. Wouldn’t it be cool.. If Picard went looking for Spock (prime) in trek 3.?.?.?.?.

  26. Who is going to thath movie?