‘Attack the Block’ Director Joe Cornish Being Considered for ‘Star Trek 3′

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Star Trek 3 Joe Cornish Attack the Block Director Joe Cornish Being Considered for Star Trek 3

After J.J. Abrams agreed to take on directing duties for Star Wars: Episode 7, the race was on to find someone to take over for him on Star Trek 3. Now, it looks like Paramount may be nearing a decision.

Early rumors suggested there were a few possible candidates, including Jon Chu (G.I. Joe: Retaliation) and Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes). One other name on that list was Attack the Block director Joe Cornish, who was first reported as a candidate by our friends at Latino Review back in May.

Now, according to Deadline, it appears that Cornish has risen to the top of the pack and has become Paramount’s first choice for the job. No deal is in place yet, but with a summer 2014 start date looming, you can expect to hear some official confirmation soon if Cornish accepts the role.

Cornish has had a hand in developing big-budget properties before, having co-written Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson’s The Adventures of Tin-Tin and Marvel’s upcoming Ant-Man. But if he ends up at the helm (pun intended) of Star Trek 3, it will be a major leap up from the relatively low budget of his directorial debut.

Attack the Block Red Band Trailer Attack the Block Director Joe Cornish Being Considered for Star Trek 3

‘Attack the Block’

While Star Trek Into Darkness received largely positive reviews, some fans were critical that the film rehashed old villains from Star Trek canon instead of opting for something original. At the end of the sequel, the crew of the Enterprise finally sets off on their five year mission “to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before,” so perhaps injecting a new director into the mix is the right approach.

Whatever the case, if Cornish gets the job, he’s going to have to meet some pretty big expectations. His work on Attack the Block (our own Kofi Outlaw gave it a 4.5 star review) shows that he knows how to combine action and humor effectively, which is an essential part of the rebooted Star Trek franchise. Now let’s hope that whatever story Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci come up with gives him the opportunity to put his skills to use.

What do you think of the possibility that Joe Cornish may direct Star Trek 3? And where would you like to see the franchise go in terms of plot? Let us know in the comments.


Star Trek 3 does not currently have a release date.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I really like Joe Cornish but I hated Attack the Block! however that’s more about the stupid little hood rats the film is based around. He might be able to do something new and interesting with this franchise?

    • I agree about that, it’s a reason I just can’t be bothered with the movie if I’m honest.

      However, I remember him playing with Star Trek action figures (and others) on The Adam & Joe Show so his love for all things geek is definitely there so if he gets the gig, I’d be proud of him for going from a crappy budget Channel 4 show in his bedroom to a massive franchise like that.

      • Completely agree, The Adam and Joe Show was a staple of mine as a young stoner, Jeremy Springer Star Wars was always a favorite!

      • The Adam and Joe show was way ahead of it’s time considering youtube was years away and now is mostly made up of fanboys doing exactly the same things as A&J.

      • I have no interest in that either, then watched it because a friend wanted to watch it, and guess what, I was right… I honestly don’t get all the hype behind Attack the Block. I seriously just wanted them all to die…

    • With you on that. I’ve said this before: loved The Adam And Joe Show, but apart from the soundtrack and some decent cinematography on a low budget, I found Attack The Block a real letdown. With a cast of characters I wanted to see dead at the earliest opportunity. On the strength of that, there’s no evidence that Cornish has anywhere near the experience necessary to be able to direct either the special effects-heavy sequences or an ensemble cast at this level.

      • You would have thought it would go to someone more experienced wouldn’t you? I know he is writing the screenplay for Ant Man and previously Tintin
        so I could understand if he was doing that, but directing, on his own? probably just the rumor mill but out of him Jon Chu and Rupert Wyatt I would have to side with Wyatt.

      • Happy Haloween, BD I’m still hoping for Guillermo Del Toro, but at least Cornish would likely boldly go in a new direction and not give us another retread.

        As for my treatment, I still have to deal with the death of Capt Pike and the fact that Admiral Marcus was probably lifted from my own Admiral Ridgeway. At least we still have Spock Prime to fix the ship.

    • Same here. The second they mugged that nurse they lost every shred of sympathy that I could have possibly had for these guys. No matter how poor you are – and they all had (loving) families, a roof over the head and food on the table – there is absolutely no excuse to do that kind of thing. For them it was all about feeling “gansta”. I rooted for the aliens for the rest of the movie, which was pretty much all of it, since the mugging happened at the beginning.

      He might be a good director for the job, though, I don’t know.

      • You guys must really hate anti-heroes. Tell me, did you also despise Snake Plissken in Escape from New York?

        • “You guys must really hate anti-heroe”

          Based on what? If you ran in to these pathetic little individuals who go out of their way to intimidate people on a daily basis you probably wouldn’t want to watch a film about them either.

          Cant remember the last time I bumped into Snake on the tube?

          • Well, you don’t really have any idea who I encounter on a daily basis. Regardless, Cornish developed Attack the Block around specific individual characters. NOT the “pathetic little individuals” who have accosted you in the past. Those are two separate groups, no? This isn’t a real life story about those kids you ran into at one point in time.

            • Well, the similarity of these characters to the real deal is too striking to be ignored. If Cornish tried to make vermin like that likable, he failed.

        • I like anti-heroes, as long as they are larger-than-life caricatures or they are doing things against the law for the right reasons (Riddick, Snake Plissken, Han Solo, Walter White, Dexter etc.). But ghetto rats like that are a real problem in most big cities and they terrorize, hurt and even kill people just to feel cool or to get money for drugs etc. I despise people like that. That’s why I think Harry Browne (with Michael Caine) is a much better movie on the subject matter.

          • So you don’t like anti-heroes when they’re portrayed as realistic, complicated criminals who also happen to be human beings capable of doing good. Got it.

            • No, you didn’t “get it”. You should come live in a town with f*****s like that and encounter them on a daily basis. That will change your mind about people like that really quick. Trust me on that. There is nothing redeeming about them.

  2. I think Joe Cornish would be a fine choice, Attack The Block is a great film that was original but also a love letter to the sci-fi films that inspired him. Definitely has potential. Though the possibility of Wyatt directing is a welcomed idea, especially with Wyatt having more experience doing big stuff, after Apes prequel!

  3. As long as it isn’t John Chu, I’m fine with it. I don’t want The Rock and brainless action in my Star Trek.

    • Woah, woah.

      So you missed that episode of Star Trek in the 90s when The Rock appeared as a major guest star and pretty much stole the show as a warrior?

      • That was the 90s. The Rock was actually cool back then. He’s just annoying now. If John Chu directs this movie, don’t be surprised if The Rock gets to be Captain of the Enterprise.

        • How is he annoying now?

          Honest question cause it seems he’s gotten even cooler now he’s reached mainstream success.

          • Let me see, Channing Tatum was supposed to be the star of GI Joe right? In comes The Rock and suddenly he’s Badass McSteelballs and Channing takes a back seat. Fast & Furious? Remember that movie about cars? Insert The Rock in it and it becomes The Rock Show. And what’s worse, the guy leaves wrestling for the better part of the decade and he gets written to become champion and appear only in Wrestlemanias?

            I’m sorry but that’s the very definition of annoying to me.

            • To you and me both, Frank. He’s the B version of Arnold. About the same acting ability, but smaller in stature, and not nearly as popular as when Arnold was on top.

              Conan, Predator, Terminator. I can’t think of three Rock films that either come close or will have as much lasting popularity.

            • But how is the Rock’s increased presence in those films evidence of being annoying? It’s just the studio putting a big star in a lead role. The F&F franchise needed a polishing, so they introduced a big character. Now they even have Staham, Kurt Russell, and more. Is Statham annoying? I mean, he’s gonna take some screentime away from Vin, so according to your logic, he must be. And plus the studio, wanted to veer away from cars and make it a heist movie (and it’s hardly The Rock Show, he hardly overtook the movie from Vin & Co. at any point).

              And Channing wanted to leave GI Joe. They brought in the Rock to replace him.

              • Being annoying is a personal impression and opinion. Rock is just that to myself, Frank, and others. As I said above, I believe him to the the B version of Arnold. He’ll never be as big or as popular as Arnold was in his glory days.

                If you like him, enjoy him while he lasts. He’s got, maybe, another ten years before the younger folk start to criticize him for being old and worn out.

            • Arnold passed the torch to The Rock and he dropped it! Bit time!

          • Im with dazz, the rock has emmense charisma and has continued to improve as an actor.

            • +1
              I’m not a fan of The Rock but even I have to admit, he’s one charismatic dude and it shows on screen. Like you said, he’s also been improving as an actor.

  4. I loved attack the block, and would very much like to see cornish direct ST3

  5. Haven’t seen Attack, but it’s nice that it was reviewed well here. I did like Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

    Mostly, I want the Star Trek films to really make good on the rebooted setup’s potential. Let’s have a really good story and a really well-written screenplay. Break new ground. Hire a sci-fi author with cred to write a plot synopsis.

    If familiar ground is tread, I would like to see the Andorians (sp?). But in any case, some exploration.

  6. HEEEELLL YEEEEEAHHH… if you’ve never seen Attack The Block you need to watch it right now. this is a perfect choice.

    • Well seeing has how Attack the Block had lens flares in it, he IS the perfect replacement.

  7. as much as i like him, i would really prefer J.J to direct. i just feel like we would end up with a result similar to iron man 3 which was quite different in tone compared with the first two and almost alienated itself and didn’t feel like a cohesive trilogy

    • Myself and others actually look forward to someone other than Abrams. In our opinion, he created mildly entertaining films, but poor scripts, both revenge flicks, with numerous camera flares and an ending to the sequel that, although was supposed to pay homage to The Wrath of Khan, came across as competely contrived and ridiculous.

      • …”completely” contrived and ridiculous…

    • Yeah imagine if he desecrates an iconic villain like IM3 did with Mandarin? oh um he did that with Khan didn’t he?

      Just to be clear I’m not a Trekie so it didn’t really bother me but I can see where their coming from!

      • …and I’m not a real Marvel geek, but it did annoy me about what they did with the Mandarin. Lame.

        • Neither am I however I really do have a problem with the current trend of under-utilizing villains. To me villains make or break a film (the protagonist can only be as great as the antagonist) but recently it seems like studios are just taking a huge steaming dump on them?

          The real issue that gets me is IM3 would have made a billion dollars if sunshine from the care bears was the villain, Star Trek would have been successful if whinnie the pooh was in it? that’s what I don’t get? they don’t need to alienate the fans to appease a demographic?

    • Bad dialouge? Annoying punk british thugs sound like that it was perfect.

      • thsnk you

      • I would argue if you haven’t seen the movie you’re commenting on your comment becomes obsolete.

        • Not really because I know that generally his body work has been critically lauded and I have seen some of his work (solid by the way) plus attack of the block has a 90% on rotten tomatoes. I could still be critical of the movie but nevertheless be excited that Joe Cornish should direct star trek 3.

          • OK, since you have my attention, which body of work is that(which you have seen that’s solid)? that of a director? as far as I’m aware the only feature length movie he has directed is Attack the Block? Oh but it has 90% on RT which is based on a rating of people you don’t know, in addition you have no idea of films they like, the world they live in, the mood they were in when they watched/judged/scored the film?

            By all means critique everything you encounter, but for F8ck sake experience it first!

            Don’t be an opinionated for no reason – a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

            • This is why I ignore anyone who uses RT percentages as an argument for why they think a movie is good or bad.

              I mean, Call Of Duty regularly gets top scores and sells in the billions but I think the series is completely flat, one-dimensional and with nothing of note to make me want to play them.

              There are many classic movies declared best ever but I’ve seen them and wonder what all the fuss is about because I disagree with majority sentiment (I found Citizen Kane, It’s A Wonderful Life and The Godfather to be too long and I struggled to maintain interest until the end).

              I wouldn’t expect anyone to use my opinion as the basis for whether or not they should watch or avoid a movie because they have their own opinions, which is the reason I have honestly never visited RT or other aggregate sites because I prefer to make up my own mind rather than fall into the trap of “this movie got 85%, it must be good” when I actually find myself hating it or “this only has 16% fresh rating, I’ll avoid it” when actually, I could come to love the movie.

              • Dude ign gave Arkham origins a 7.8 on its score…you know what I said to that …b******* …so don’t think I form my opinions based on percentages. Example: Passion of the Christ-49% on rotten tomatoes
                Saw it and said b******* to that score
                Saw it and said b******* to that score

            • True he directorial feature is Attack of the Block but check out his screenwriting credit on Tintin and watch the hilarious Adam and Joe show
              and as for the 90 percent rating on Attack of the block I think you forgot to read the part where I said i can still be critical of the film even if it has a 90 percent on rotten tomatoes. I’m just saying that good word of mouth can raise expectations a little higher.
              Iron man 3-78%
              Saw the score b4 the movie and I thought OK its better than iron man 2 and so expectations were pretty high…walked out of the theater feeling mixed about the film

              • Seriously? if we are going to keep talking at least read my earlier posts (there the first ones on here). I would offer you the same gratitude.

                I grew up waiting for Friday nights where like minded friends would wait for friends to finish and watch spaced/Adam and Joe/Big Train etc.

                I understood exactly your point on being critical of Attack the Block but its based on a figure you have no comparable reference point?

                Look, watch the film then judge, simple if RT gives 100% and people on here say its sh*t who cares turn round give them two fingers and say “I liked it” as long as you watch the subject matter.

                • I understand I’m just saying I never formed an opinion on the movie I was just stating that score because if the film is a ninety percent then great but if I don’t feel satisfied then you can’t say that I think the film will be great just based on the score alone. I’m just saying that expectations are high I didn’t necessarily say I agreed with it.

                  • Mate I’m really not judging you or trying to say all your judgements are based on RT. The only sticking point I had was that you hadn’t seen the film, you might enjoy it? its a well directed film but whilst Joe Cornish and Edgar can make lite of the Gang culture of (some of) London and portray them to have “loving family’s” for the film to work, its a very delicate time for a lot of the people involved.

                    I know people will say “well you could put the same argument across for Americas Gang problems and films devised from that” but these are people are pushing forward a social medium (that’s largely ignored) for the rest of the world to see, they should have more social consciousness.

                    • True

                • read my comment on sharknado

  8. If anything was to reignite my interest in the ‘Star Trek’ franchise, I guess left field casting of the director could do it. But a trick was missed with ‘Into Darkness’. Well, a lot of tricks were missed, but it really should’ve been filmed as a two parter with Khan a presence in myth before being revealed in person.

    Would have also allowed more time for the Kirk/Spock relationship to actually mean something and not lend itself towards the most embarrassing cinema moment this year.

    Alas, now it is reset again to a brand new enemy and the formula of a wacky introductory 20 minutes to new threat to internal conflict to conflict resolution to finale. Again.

    Still, ‘Attack The Block’ I enjoyed and he is a fine writer. Nice to see ‘The Adam and Joe Show’ getting some love above as well.

    • …”most embarrassing cinema moment this year”…I completely agree.

      From The Wrath of Khan, that moment is still embedded in most Trekkies’ hearts, precisely because the cast had been together for decades, through both TV and film, and there was a lasting and true relationship between them. It was also a complete surprise at the time. In Into Darkness, it elicited eye-rolling and laughter.

  9. It’s nice too hear he’s a Star Trek fan, and even though JJ Abrams’ Star Trek films were very good on their onw terms, he just didn’t have the passion to bring the original show to life.

    • He doesn’t have to reboot everything

    • It may just be that they want to give a little-known guy a chance based on positive feedback from his only major movie and him knowing the subject matter a lot.

      Big name directors come with huge price tags and a lot of baggage. This way, they could potentially have a lovingly crafted movie with a Star Trek nerd running the ship in a nice change of pace from the Abrams efforts.

      • Yeah holly wood should give lesser known guys a chance …marvel did it

        • Warner Bros did too.

          Chris Nolan had only ever directed Memento and Insomnia when they hired him to work on a new Batman movie for them and now he’s highly respected as one of the best directors of our generation. Maybe one of the best working today.

  10. Abrams sucks, hell even a third rate fan created series would be better than his Trek vision. To fans of the early movies Abrams vision is bleak and hollow, he turned a working art form into a side show circus. No one remembers Nero or even John Harrison, they were empty two dimensional characters. The only thing a third installment could bring to the table is a quick end to a pointless band wagon.

    • I respect your opinion but I have to say I totally disagree. I think Abrams is more than qualified to direct star wars however I am a bit concerned that Oscar screen writer Michael Arndt is leaving because I like Abrams and Kasdan I want a completely fresh pair of eyes to write the star wars episode seven. Plus I admit Nero was a weak but Khan was the best villain of 2013. How many people liked Zod or Mandarin or thought Owen Shaw was the standout villain of the year.

  11. I turned off Attack of the Block but I will still gamble on a new director and hopefully new writers as well. The first movie was great but the sequel a big disappointment. And ST 3 must not fall back on the old chestnuts of a master villain out for revenge, or time travel.

  12. STEPHEN!!!

  13. I’ve never seen attack the block i’ver heard some good things and some bad things about it but it sounds like Cornish really likes working in sci-fi comedic genres so maybe he is a good man for the job I loved both Star Trek movies made by Abrams and I think he’ll really bring something special to Star Wars I have a good feeling about Cornish doing Star Trek if it happens.

  14. Honestly, I would love for Jon Chu to join on to Star Trek. J.J Abrams will be missed but it will be great to see him work on the next Star Wars, at least we know it will be someone who will respect the series and do the best possible job he can referring to both Abrams and Chu.

  15. As long as the director knows Trek, and is a good director, I’m in. JJ’s movies were entertaining but they were not good Trek movies, IMHO.