New Potential ‘Star Trek 2′ Villain Actors Emerge

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Star Trek 21 New Potential Star Trek 2 Villain Actors Emerge

The unexpected withdrawal of Oscar-winner Benicio Del Toro as the antagonist in director J.J. Abrams’ untitled Star Trek sequel (a.k.a. Star Trek 2) has left the filmmaker scrambling to find a fitting replacement, seeing how production on the slow-moving project is slated to finally begin by January 2012.

Reports that Khan Noonien Singh will be the villain in the latest Trek movie began circulating just before Del Toro’s departure and since then, additional inside sources have confirmed the rumor, though an official statement on the matter has yet to be released. Today’s batch of actors said to be front-runners to replace Del Toro, however, will probably only add fuel to the fire (re: Khan’s appearance in the film).

Variety says the primary front-runner to play the central baddie of the Star Trek reboot followup is Venezuelan actor Édgar Ramírez, whose resume includes a lead turn in the Carlos TV mini-series/movie, along with supporting parts in The Bourne Ultimatum, the Del Toro-starring Che: Part One, Domino, and the role of Ares in the upcoming Wrath of the Titans.

Another actor said to be “in the mix” for the Trek sequel villain role is Spanish thespian Jordi Mollà, a fellow who has appeared in films like (semi-coincidentally enough) the Del Toro-starring Che: Part Two, Bad Boys II, Knight and Day, and, most recently, Colombiana.

While the Khan character was originally intended to be of Asian Indian descent, Mexican actor Ricardo Montalban’s performance as the genetically-engineered “superman” became so iconic that the villain has long been known as someone of Latino/Hispanic descent. That’s all to say: the news that Abrams continues to look solely at actors with similar ancestry does nothing to rebuke suggestions that we will get to see an alternate-timeline Khan in the new Star Trek movie.

Many fans have been heatedly debating whether or not Khan is a good choice for the antagonist in the Trek sequel; however, the bigger concern right now has to do with Abrams’ not only managing to find a sufficient star to portray the film’s villain (be it Khan or not), but also bringing them onboard in time so that they can properly prep for the role, before the six-month shoot on the 3D production gets fully underway.

Del Toro was an excellent choice to play a formidable opponent for Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk and his loyal Enterprise crew; all the same, someone like Ramírez also has the screen presence to make the villain role (whatever it is) his own too. Mollà may not be as well-known as either of those other two actors, but he too has enough potential to deliver a breakout performance and make the Trek sequel role his own.

Star Trek 2 remains scheduled for theatrical release in the U.S. on May 17th, 2013.

Source: Variety

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  1. “If it’s Khan I WON’T see this!”

    There I said for all the haters, now no one else has to ;)

    • Its not hate that drive people to say that phrase.

      People are just bored with recycled ideas.

      • I couldn’t have said it better myself Marcus. Bravo

      • I understand, but I don’t see why they don’t deserve the chance to make it fresh. They make Kirk, Spock, and “crew” fresh after all…

        • Oh yes great argument but why Space Seed or wrath of Khan instead of;

          1. Balance of Terror
          2. City On The Edge of Forever
          3. Devil in The Dark
          4. The Trouble With Tribbles
          5. Where No Man Has Gone Before
          6. The Doomsday Machine
          7. Arena
          8. Journey To Babel
          9. Mirror, Mirror
          10. The Menagerie
          11. The Enterprise Incident
          12. or perish the thought the old unused “Planet Of The Titans” script.

          or half a dozen others? It’s because this particular subject, a personal grudge between one or the entire crew has played out in so much movie Star Trek that no one wants to upset the apple cart! Not even the all powerful J.J. How about one galactic size HO-HUM for Star Trek movies! :( Why even bother…

    • I agree. I am sick of the rehashed stories. The new film could pick up in the wake of the devastation left by the Narada in the first movie. The Klingons will be looking for payback after several dozen of their cruisers were destroyed…they dont care if the romulan was from the future or not. the battle spills into federation space where Kirk and co. Have to deal with Klingon battleships (the presence of the Narada in the new timeline have inspired the Klingons to accelerate their ship building programs…) the result… a knock out drag out fight with numerous Federation, Romulan, and Klingon ships…throw in a few Lyran and Gorn and you have the makings of a Saturday Matinee popcorn flick…
      Paramount had better take heed to the ramblings on the net…HEY PARAMOUTN/VIACOM…YOUR FANS DO NOT WANT A REHASH OF “THE WRATH OF KHAN’!

  2. If it is Khan then all this denial will just seem dumb in the end, it would be funny though if they just go the other logical route and make this character some bad-ass Klingon. I could see them doing that just to swerve all the fans.

    • Excellent point. I had completely forgotten he was Indian. I guess they figure a bit of makeup to deepen the skin color, some eye liner and *bam* Indian?

      Of course they might be hard pressed to find an actual Indian actor capable of both acting the part and looking the part (gotta be a big, muscled guy which India is not known for)

      • How can one “forget” that a character named “Khan Noonien Singh” is Indian?

        Last I checked, Singh is not a Latino surname. Come to think of it, neither is Khan. And I’m pretty sure there’s a scarcity of “Noonien” in Latin america.

    • Yeah seriously, why don’t they actually get someone Indian (or at least Indian looking) to play the role of an Indian character? The same thing happened with Prince of Persia; it seems Hollywood has a history of getting actors to play characters from races they don’t look like.

      I think Hrithik Roshan would be great for the role. He looks more like a buff genetically engineered human that the original guy did.

  3. So no Nestor Carbonell?

    Carlos is an excellent film tho’, if Edgar Ramirez gets cast and there’s renewed interest in that film that’d be a great thing…

  4. i didnot like the actor who played spock in the last movie, he was a terrible spock, especially after being a killer on heroes, bad choice…i hope the actor who plays the bad guy in this next movie can act, please let him be good..

    • Really?

      • Yeah, that was my reaction too. Zachary Quinto was spot on as Spock…

        • He and the guy who played Bones nailed the roles, IMHO.

    • Zach had Lenard Nimoy down pat. Spock has kissed girls before.

      i really liked the dynamics of the new star trek. everything worked well.

      the only thing i didnt like was some of the science blunders. beaming people from planet to planet, seeing a planet implode when there were light years separating the 2, the supermassive blackhole created by ALL the red matter and its proximity to earth. talk about bad for the enviroment…

      but to say that Zachary didnt do a good Spock is utterly insane. i felt like i was watching a young Lenard Nimoy. He almost even had perfectly identical vocal tonality throughout the film.

      Zachary is Spock. no disrespect to Lenard.

      • Yeah, the science blunders (and Trek physics blunders) were my main problem (and the less than stellar villain). Since Vulcan had no moon, Spock-Prime had to be on another planet, and there was no way he could see the destruction of Vulcan with the naked eye. Also, not showing the re-entry effect when they were orbital diving was another miss.

        They need to put us on the payroll. I’m pretty cheap: $1 million tops. :-D

        • Kahless; you would ruin it for the rest of us! We wouldn’t find to pick apart and complain about. That would totaly suck! :)

          • Dude, those were unforgivable mistakes! Who in their right mind would not know that Delta Vega wasn’t in the same sector of space as Vulcan?! Only an idi*t would not know that the sun 40 Eridani is not Delta Vega’s sun! Oh, shoot! Hold on; my ears are crooked again. Where did I put that transdator? :-D

        • @John, I think you missed a crucial bit of real science. They had the physics of the space jump spot-on (though not necessarily the ability to do so in such a precise fashion) because they were dropping from a relatively slow-moving object onto a stationary object. The flaming “reentry” that you feel they missed is only apparent when dropping from a position in orbit around a planet. That fire coming off the object is due to friction with the atmosphere when decelerating from dozens of thousands of miles per hour. If you were in a magic balloon floating above and not orbiting the earth and dropped, yes you’d accelerate, but not enough to cause a flame trail. That’s science, look it up if you don’t believe me. The ISS isn’t just haning up there, nor were the space shuttles. They were cruising along at an average of 17,000+ miles per hour. In order to reenter the atmosphere, they had to slow themselves down, which requires the wind-resistance the atmosphere provides when they descend into it.

          • Well, I just asked someone who has a doctorate in Physics and he said they got it wrong as well.

            • Well, Col. Joe Kittinger might disagree with him.

            • A free-falling object travels around 125 miles per hour. If that generated enough friction to create a fireball then we would be totally screwed every time a hurricane reached the coast.

  5. What about that spanish actor who played the main bad guy in Transporter 2???
    Haven’t seen him in a awhile either… That guy was pretty good as the bad guy- probably one of the best bad guys i’ve seen since your classic bad guys of OO7..

  6. He looks too pale to play Khan.

    • ha

  7. quinto was an awsome spock you must not know much about the character. and as for this role i could careless whos in it kahn is a fairly easy character to play and any spanish actor could play him. i would like it better if an actor of indian decent would play him but it wont happen and its still not official that it is Kahn so everyone needs to be patient and suck it up. its bs cause this franchise is about exploration and going to differnt planets and differnt alien species and we arent getting anything differnt if you ask me it will be the same crap as the last movie. bring so ALIENS IN THE MOVIE NO MORE basic human characters and war criminals that want to take on the federation but thats what will happen. YAY

  8. If they’re looking for actors of Latin descent, especially to replace one of Del Toro’s caliber, these are pretty s***** choices. Both of these guys have done mediocre jobs in what should have been powerful roles. The plethora of phenomenal talent from Latinos is remarkable; they can do better. Luis Toscar would be a formidable force. Look at all the exceptional Spanish actors Guillermo del Toro finds for his films. Demion Bichir (a better life, weeds) could romanticize the villain is way classic to Star Trek.

  9. Star Trek (2009) was the first of the star trek movies that i had seen at that point. Ofcourse ive seen bits and pieces here and there of Shatner as Kirk and Nemoy as Spoc so i had an idea as to who the characters were and was curious to see what this movie was going to be after seeing some of the epic looking previews. To this day i think it was the best movie of 2009 and am very much looking forward to a sequel. Since then ive been trying to catch up on all the movies and tv shows and am incredibly fascinated with the star trek universe. I honestly dont care who plays the villain as long as it is a formative opponent for both Kirk and Spoc (who were beautifully portrayed by Pine and Quinto) and the rest of the crew of the USS Enterprise!!!

  10. Do yourselves a favor and watch ‘Carlos’. It is such a great and epic (non-fiction, more or less) action film, Edgar Ramirez is poised to become a big star soon, and he would make an incredible Khan. Somewhere Ricardo Montalban is nodding in approval…

  11. In the movies Star Trek 3,6 to 11 and of course 2, were always some “ordinary” villains the problem. Only in part 1, 4 and 5 the crew had to face a mighty and mysterious entity. Thats 8:3.
    Thats boring IMO, bring on some real badass, frightening and misterious entity and let them safe the galaxy.

    • And what about Trek 8? The crew had to face the Borg; those guys are not ordinary.

      • Ok you’re right, than it is 7,5:3,5 ;)

  12. I was rooting for Harry Mudd.

  13. Looking forward to this more than any other movie, but please just do an original story!

  14. Stephen Lang for Khan.

    • He did almost look Indian in Conan.

  15. Khan is an Indian or Arab name. Why not cast an exceptional actor from those countries. It will draw a more diverse audience. Not all blockbusters come from Hollywood you know.

  16. Bollywood might be able to supply an ‘A List’ actor who would actualy be Indian. However, an actor I think could brind Kahn into the alternate time line is Paul Gross.

  17. I don’t care who plays Khan even tho that Jordi guy has the Khan facial features.I just want epic space battles and I mean EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!.

  18. Gerard Butler would make a good Khan

  19. Hrithik Roshan as Khan.
    That would be epic!

  20. Although an Indian actor would look more “authentic”, Khan was declared a Sikh before he woke up and started talking. It would be a tough sell to have a Khan who speaks with an real Indian accent no matter how physically imposing the actor was.

    I would much rather see one of the actors mentioned above play General Chang, back when he was just a Captain and still had both his eyes. Chang had all of Khan’s menace and gravitas, but none of the Eugenics War back-story baggage that would waste valuable screen time explaining and/or revising.

    Although Khan’s source DNA may have come from the subcontinent, he was likely raised in Latin America, cause that’s where all those Nazi alumni eugenicist mad scientists like to hang out, or possibly Bakersfield, which would explain the Hells Angels look and the mullet. :)

  21. It would be nice to see a prior Dax.. Curzon was born “sometime before 2267″ so he would be too young, perhaps the prior host (Audrid Dax)?

  22. I agree, no Khan, we dont need another remake of star trek, if its khan I will not being going to see it.

  23. While I think it would be justice to see an Indian actor for Khan’s role, I think Javier Bardem carries the acting presence needed to make people take this Khan seriously. No Country for Old Men proved that. His voice and physical frame can be intimidating, and he has Mediterranean enough features that he can kind of make that stretch to play someone Indian. For that matter, maybe we learn that Khan is a mix — paternally East Indian and maternally West Indian (Latin American), whether he’s in vitro and genetically pumped up or not.

  24. Hmmm could it be that the “new” Khan is a winner this time? Like to see what he would be like in the alternate “Terran Empire” universe. Hey you never know

  25. It will depend on the actors, as it always does. Not the director, writer or producer. They weill have to match the superb acting and character contempt for Kirk that drove Khan. Ricardo Montalban was sterling in the role and utterly saleable. Another would be difficult if not impossible to compare. That is the risk they take.

  26. KAAAAHHHNNNN!!!! Has already been done very well. I want a Klingon villain! Cast someone to play the young Kor.