Star Trek 2: Who Should The Villain(s) Be?

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star trek 2 Star Trek 2: Who Should The Villain(s) Be?

Star Trek 2 writers Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman recently sat down with The Geek Files to talk about what ideas are currently floating through their creative minds, and like any good conversation with geeks the topic of Star Trek came up – specifically the sequel to J.J. Abrams’ reboot, which was a highlight of Summer ’09.

For months we’ve been getting bits and pieces of Star Trek 2 updates, although most of it has admittedly been logistical info (the movie is being released in summer 2012 it will begin pre-production late this year, etc). That’s all good, but fans have mainly been concerned with issues like what villains will be in the film and what the plot will be.

Last week we had J.J. Abrams joking that old-school Trek villains The Gorn will be in Star Trek 2, and before that there’d been whispers of everyone from Klingons to Khan being featured in the next film. A lot of Trek fans were unsatisfied with Nero, the villain played by Eric Bana in the Star Trek reboot.So how are Kurtzman and Orci approaching the sequel?

Kurtzman: I think our idea on this is that the first of any series is about them coming together or the formation…Whereas I think sequels are very much about the villain. Because while [in the first one] the villain serves to bring the crew together, the second one I think has to be a true challenging of what that family is about. That is why Wrath of Khan was so amazing. Khan tested each one of them and ultimately asked for the ultimate sacrifice, and that is why that movie held up so well.”

If you want to hear Orci and Kurtzman talk more about Star Trek 2 villains and their desire to tackle Indiana Jones, Go HERE.

It’s kind of weird for me to think of a Star Trek villain in what I would dub “Batman Movie Mentality” (i.e., villain-driven narrative), but the more I think about it, it’s pretty much true: Ricardo Montalb├ín’s Khan was easily the best villain of any Trek movie, and it was indeed his ability to push the crew of The Enterprise to their limits that made him so epic and awesome (that, and his hairdo).

The only question I have for Star Trek 2 is: Should they bring back a great villain – like Khan – or give us something new?

montalban wrath of kahn Star Trek 2: Who Should The Villain(s) Be?


Sci-fi is such a rich genre because you have the entire known (and unknown) universe to play with, and almost nothing you create is off limits. As much as some Trekkies would like to see the return of Khan, or the Klingons or even The Gorn, what I want to see is somebody new – somebody more cunning than Khan and fiercer than the Klingons – I would like to see a schemer, dark and ruthless and disturbingly brilliant. A Sith Lord of the Star Trek universe, so to speak, playing galactic chess with all players and alien races we know and love. I want Kirk and Co. to be pushed to the brink both as individuals and as a team, in a story that possibly spans two films.

But I digress.

I know you Trekkies out there already feel some kind of way about all this. So why don’t you let us know who or what you want to see taking on The Enterprise in Star Trek 2. The movie hits theaters on June 29th, 2012.

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Source: The Geek Files

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  1. It's Khan. Not Kahn.

  2. I agree: something new. Otherwise, what's the point of rebooting if you just go back to the same old stuff that everyone has seen 25 years ago?

  3. Yikes. Thanks for the catch.

  4. I want to see “Star Trek 2: The Rise of Khan”

  5. The Borg

  6. Introducing new villains will bring up the question: Where are they in the future? Like Nero any new villain would have to be immediately killed off. The klingons should be the first choice.

  7. Something new please!!! Or at least an enemy that was underdeveloped in the original series, like the Tholians. I remember the fleeting glance you got at the creature and their cool ships, I know they were exposed in Enterprise too. But the Tholians were truly an alien species, which in any Trek was very rare. Klingons= honour driven bumpy headed humans. Vulcans/Romulans= pointy eared humans. Bajorans= Space catholics.

    I'd like to see something really alien in Trek 12. Or at least a race that were so unlike humans in their mentality.

    It also works well if the villain has a connection to the main characters, like Khan. Or as in DS9, Dukat, who was in my opinion the best Trek villlain of all time, because half of the time you rooted for the guy and saw his point of view.

    But no more copying old ideas, something unique and original, with some actual exploring strange new worlds please!!!!!!

    Also, on repeated viewings I though Eric Bana's Nero came across a lot better.

  8. The Breen or, better yet, The Kelvins. We first meet the Kelvins in “By Any Other Name”, but we never saw what they actually looked like. The only thing we saw were aliens in the guise of humans. Since this is a new timeline, maybe the Kelvins decide that looking like humans is not the best path. According to Spock, they were multi-armed with a highly sophisticated brain.

  9. I think it should be Javier Bardem as Khan. Re-introduce the space seed elements but add way more story. I think it would be cool if Khan takes over the ship and begins his inter-galactic tyranny by trying to take over Earth's space station in an attempt to conquer the planet. Then Khan is captured and put in a holding facility on the space station. He escapes with his group and takes over another star ship with one goal in mind, To capture the Enterprise and kill Kirk. It ultimately ends with Kirk and Khan fist fighting while the enterprise flies out of control towards earth.

    In the Wrath of Khan we learned that Kirk's crew banished them to the wrong planet. I can see it now, the end of the film is a barren waste land and Khan and his geneticlly engineered group struggling in a sand storm to fight for survival and Bardem rearing his head into the air yelling, “You'll pay for this Kirk!!!!!!!!!”.

  10. im totally with u dude
    im just tired that some stupid producer (no matter how good or famuse he is) wants to reboot something be cause he liked that material when he was younger
    i mean that's what makes every thing a copy of a copy of a copy

  11. What a load of silly nonsense. It should be Q, who else?

  12. HELL no…

  13. A few things:

    1. Lets have the end of time travel. So many of the movies have it as a feature that my circle calls it Time Trek, not Star Trek. Kinda why I thought Captain Sam Beckett was such a good choice for Enterprise.

    2. Please, dear God, or whatever you were in #5, NO BORG! They are the ultimate “crap, we ran out of ideas” bad guys.

    3. Whatever it is, it should be someone looking at the sudden loss of Earth's home fleet, the Klingons' 40+ ships to Nero, and whatever other damage he caused. Serious power imbalances there.

  14. Kofi, I agree. This film needs to offer something new. If it just drops back and goes, “Hey, they did Khan in the second film of the original series…” Sorry, just sends the wrong message. I'm not saying they should NEVER consider this option. Yes, it would be awesome to see Khan really unleashed by the changes to the timeline (without making it a true element in the story unlike “Heroes,” which just won't let it go). An earlier ScreenRant post discussed using one of the lesser used alien races, and I very much like that idea. If they really want to throw everyone a curve ball, then kill one of the OST core characters like Sulu or Chekov. Doing that and at the beginning of the film would blow some folks' minds.

  15. i agree for a new one. I liked Eric Bana's new character. another would be good

  16. Hello No!

  17. Q…or Harry Mudd!
    Surely they don't need the tired old good guy vs bad guy routine?!
    There must be plenty of diseases for McCoy to cure; exploding (or imploding) planets for Kirk to save; colliding galaxies, perhaps? or just have Spock explain the whole universe/meaning of life, etc………

  18. something new how about Vador LOL

  19. hmm… somebody who likes to play chess with all races… am i the only one who's thinking of the Q?

  20. i actually like the points u brought up and i feel that would be the best way to go about the Sequel

  21. I want the gorn to be featured in the film, but mostly I want a fierce Klingon to be in the film, it would be great to bring Klingons as the villian, but I want one Klingon to stand above the rest

  22. It would be nice if they would lay out a five or ten film story arc that would linchpin the films together. That's extra challenging to be sure, but since it wouldn't be the main thrust of the stories till say movie nine or ten which may or may not be made, it's not something at this point that has to get extra granular. Then again maybe that's the very thing they should do, write movie nine and ten and work backwards.

  23. The problem with the Q is you can't really defeat one, what about the Dominion from DS9? I don't remember them ever definitevely saying they hadn't been to our area of space before, and even if they had they could have just been lying. They'd be a tough enemy.

    The Klingons and “present day” Romulans have to at least be introduced in this film, too.

  24. Oh, please, no more borg.

  25. Remember, this is now an alternate time line. None of the old adventures count anymore.

  26. Oh, god no!

  27. I think there must be plenty of material to mine in TOS and possibly the novels. Surely someone can come up with a compelling bad guy that hasn't already been beaten to death. And I agree that time travel has been beaten to death as well.

    Maybe someone should send Kirk a message from the future, telling him that a rogue space probe sent from earth centuries ago is heading back to earth, destroying everything in it's path. That way, Kirk and Co. can head out and meet V'ger before it gets to earth. *wink, wink*

  28. Personally,I thought that Nero got jobbed in the last movie,and I wouldn't mind if he were back for the sequel and was presented in a more menacing and evil way.

  29. I dig the idea of the Q. Fits my 'galactic chess player' idea and the Q could step in to put a stop to these mortals mucking with the time stream for good. Win/Win!