Star Trek 2: Who Should The Villain(s) Be?

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star trek 2 Star Trek 2: Who Should The Villain(s) Be?

Star Trek 2 writers Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman recently sat down with The Geek Files to talk about what ideas are currently floating through their creative minds, and like any good conversation with geeks the topic of Star Trek came up – specifically the sequel to J.J. Abrams’ reboot, which was a highlight of Summer ’09.

For months we’ve been getting bits and pieces of Star Trek 2 updates, although most of it has admittedly been logistical info (the movie is being released in summer 2012 it will begin pre-production late this year, etc). That’s all good, but fans have mainly been concerned with issues like what villains will be in the film and what the plot will be.

Last week we had J.J. Abrams joking that old-school Trek villains The Gorn will be in Star Trek 2, and before that there’d been whispers of everyone from Klingons to Khan being featured in the next film. A lot of Trek fans were unsatisfied with Nero, the villain played by Eric Bana in the Star Trek reboot.So how are Kurtzman and Orci approaching the sequel?

Kurtzman: I think our idea on this is that the first of any series is about them coming together or the formation…Whereas I think sequels are very much about the villain. Because while [in the first one] the villain serves to bring the crew together, the second one I think has to be a true challenging of what that family is about. That is why Wrath of Khan was so amazing. Khan tested each one of them and ultimately asked for the ultimate sacrifice, and that is why that movie held up so well.”

If you want to hear Orci and Kurtzman talk more about Star Trek 2 villains and their desire to tackle Indiana Jones, Go HERE.

It’s kind of weird for me to think of a Star Trek villain in what I would dub “Batman Movie Mentality” (i.e., villain-driven narrative), but the more I think about it, it’s pretty much true: Ricardo Montalb├ín’s Khan was easily the best villain of any Trek movie, and it was indeed his ability to push the crew of The Enterprise to their limits that made him so epic and awesome (that, and his hairdo).

The only question I have for Star Trek 2 is: Should they bring back a great villain – like Khan – or give us something new?

montalban wrath of kahn Star Trek 2: Who Should The Villain(s) Be?


Sci-fi is such a rich genre because you have the entire known (and unknown) universe to play with, and almost nothing you create is off limits. As much as some Trekkies would like to see the return of Khan, or the Klingons or even The Gorn, what I want to see is somebody new – somebody more cunning than Khan and fiercer than the Klingons – I would like to see a schemer, dark and ruthless and disturbingly brilliant. A Sith Lord of the Star Trek universe, so to speak, playing galactic chess with all players and alien races we know and love. I want Kirk and Co. to be pushed to the brink both as individuals and as a team, in a story that possibly spans two films.

But I digress.

I know you Trekkies out there already feel some kind of way about all this. So why don’t you let us know who or what you want to see taking on The Enterprise in Star Trek 2. The movie hits theaters on June 29th, 2012.

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Source: The Geek Files

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  1. J.J. Abrams and Orci/Kurtzman vs. a group of real writers. New Trek souless franchise vs. real Trek fans. The opening scene is a bloodstained battlefield strewn with the bodies of anyone who has ever watched Felicity. Thank GOD we had a writer's strike for the crap these guys are releasing.

  2. In the original series, had it run for another season, Captain Koloth, of “The Trouble With Tribbles” fame, was to be Kirk's opposite number and arch-rival.

    His style should be more smarmy and devious than the bluster and bravado that we are used to seeing from the NextGen Klingons. Of course he would be backed up by a red-headed, hard-drinking, trash-talking exec as well.

    The Federation encompasses Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, Tellarites, and who knows what else. Surely there is room in the vast Klingon Empire for those both with and without head ridges.

    As for the Gorn, given today's FX, I'm sure that the temptation will be unavoidable at some point.

    I'd like to see the conflict with them arise, as it did in the original, out of some sort of misunderstanding, say a Federation science team happens upon what it thinks are some dinosaur eggs….

  3. Kirk would find a way…

  4. @ Kahless—

    How about this? Despite Spock's warnings, Kirk traverses the energy barrier at the galactic rim, boldly gong and all. The accelerated timeline Enterprise, being more powerful than the original, comes out of the barrier and enters the intergalactic void unscathed. They then begin a survey of the intergalactic void prior to returning to the Milky Way.

    In this universe, Kirk spent his early years as a drifter and a slacker, by the time he joined Starfleet Finnegan and Gary Mitchell had already graduated and never cross paths with Kirk. Since Kirk never befriended Mitchell, he doesn't request that Mitchell serve aboard Enterprise. Spock Prime may have mentioned Gary Mitchell in passing, but doesn't make much of it because he isn't aboard the Enterprise any more.

    But he forgot about Dr.Lizzie Dehner.

    As a “walking refrigeration unit” Dehner leads a relatively solitary life, nobody notices when she collapses in a remote corner of the ship. As a trained psychiatrist, she is the first to realize the need to conceal her new found powers for her own safety. As a woman, she checks herself in the mirror upon regaining consciousness, notices her eyes, and quickly procures a set of colored contact lenses.

    A more ordered and disciplined soul than Mitchell, Dehner resists the temptation to use her growing powers. For a while.

    Then Rojan and his crew of Kelvans, In their original form and ship, detect the Enterprise.

  5. That could work. But what will happen to her in the end? In TOS, their powers grew exponentially rather quickly. If they don't kill her, she could become stronger than the Q.

  6. Well first letme say that i dont think the villian will be Khan cause that wont fit in the timeline of this franchise reboot………Remember JJ'S version has the crew of the enterprise fresh out of star Fleet Acadamy….in TOS the crew was already in the middle of their first five year mission when they first met Khan and marrooned him and his crew on ceti alpha 6 (or was that ceti alpha 5?)…so keeping with the timeline , TOS:STII:The wrath of Khan was 20 years after the first meeting

  7. Oops….meant will not be

  8. How about a Borg-assimilated Tribble?

    (*Runs from room amidst hastily-thrown rotten veggies*)

  9. What of Lazarus?

  10. The possibility of having Q as the main villan is intriguing. You can still tie the principal universe (classic Trek) into the new timeline through Q (we all know Shatner wants in on a film), it really is a win win.

    Q wouldn’t have to be the only enemy. Very rarely did Q single-handedly take on Picard and the Enterprise, almost everything he ever did was by proxy. It’d be entertaining to see Q take on Kirk and Spock through his manipulation of Alpha Quadrant politics.

    Whatever they choose I’m sure it will be great, just so long JJ holds back with the light beams and lens glare ;p

  11. for the second movie they could introduce the Excelsior and actually have its transwarp drive work – that way the Excelsior could end up in the delta quadrant and meet the Borg, who will try and invade the Federation

  12. What about a MIRROR Universe movie??

  13. The BORG has to be in this movie especially what can be achieved with technology today but keep the borg storyline the same.

  14. Who else but the ultimate enemy….”The Borg”. Maybe even a little help from “Q”. Go with what works. Even the series “Enterprise” had a taste of the Borg. In the 1st Star Trek Movie, The Maker of Star Trek (Roddenbury) said that, “Veger” was from the Borg Homeworld and when the Captain Decker joined with it and all its knowledge, he became the first “Q”. A more detailed account of the original “Star Trek the Motion Picture” would be an excellent storyline. Remember, even though the New Group (or alternate) trek characters have a different start……Veger is still out there….and is still heading back to earth to join with its creator….in either universe. It would be following origins (which all trekies like) and yet a new tale can be told given the situation.

  15. He’s right a khan like villain but refer to him. It’s a new history. A different timeline. Save khan for later. The doomsday machine should be updated as a threat using the Cain nemesis to temporally form an a alliance with the Enterprise in the midst of a brief confrontation with the light alien. You can merge ideas in this new universe. Towards the end you can show khans ship coming out of nowhere after the doomsday machine is defeated by the enterprise and the bird of pray. Keep it just barely visible. It’ll work as Jim told Spock you have to use your imagination. Not just special effects.

  16. @Kofi Outlaw- I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU!!! We’ve already seen Khan in a movie…it is time we saw the debut of a new villainous face. That’s what struck me so well with Nero from the first film was the fact that he was a new face. I’ve been a Trekkie my entire life…but I don’t want to see the same villains rehashed. No more Khan…please god no more Khan. No more Borgs either, they had what I think was 2 films already plus they’ve been in nearly every single Trek series EXCEPT for TOS. But they appeared in- TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT for certain. DS9 being their most frequent appearance and TNG being another they frequented.

    Time for something new. Let’s hope Orci and Kurtzman don’t let us down with the villain choice. The worst thing they could do for this sequel is a weak, weak villain choice.

  17. I’d start with the ramifications of the new timeline, namely the destruction of a large portion of Starfleet, and of course the destruction of Vulcan. Modern politics offers some interesting parallels with the Vulcans as wandering exiles from near genocide. The reestablishment of a Vulcan homeland can draw parallels with Israel. Starfleet will be in a bit of shambles, and Earth may be vulnerable to attack by an enemy who has been biding their time. Also, the introduction of red matter should be important (however stupid the idea); a new weapon of mass destruction could be a serious threat on the black market. The crew of the Enterprise are kind of unbelievable rockstars from the previous adventure, and one of the most qualified to handle a new threat (given their previous success, and the fact that they may be one of a few ships left standing from the carnage of the first adventure). However, bureaucratic and ego-driven motives at the top sneer at the idea of these young upstarts earning such recognition, and fight to squelch their undeserved accolades. Perhaps the Enterprise gets a new commander, or threat to Kirk’s sovereignty. And now the crew has to band together and prove how good they really are, to prove that the first time was not just a fluke.

    Kirk has to live up to his legend, and still build a career, working against prejudice of his youth and inexperience. Spock must deal with the ramifications of his homeland and his people. The plot will hopefully create some kind of philosophical dilemma between the directives of Starfleet, the survival of Earth, and the welfare of the few remaining Vulcans. Hopefully the villain will attack and exploit all of these potential plotlines and motivations.

  18. Also, if they bring in an enemy with psionic ability, it would be very interesting to explore the idea of bringing Hemsworth back as Kirk’s father, maybe just for a short time (as a doppleganger or an illusion or a kind of mental hologram). It would be interesting to explore Kirk’s father issues, and he would be particularly susceptible to an enemy who could mine his emotional life for this weakness. The original Kirk didn’t lose his father in such a traumatic way, so this would be an interesting and new threat for the hero.

  19. why not just use Q. He’s messed with time before, this could be another test. I don’t think enough new fans of the franchise know who he is and he would be a great explanation as to why the continuum is so screwed up. Using that approach they could bring back the old kirk because he might have not died now. Shatner would be happy and original trekkies would all have nerdgasms. Fin.