‘Star Trek 2′ Villain(s) Revealed At Last? TOS Character Cameo Confirmed?

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Star Trek 2 3D IMAX Star Trek 2 Villain(s) Revealed At Last? TOS Character Cameo Confirmed?

J.J. Abrams is getting pretty close to the conclusion of his six-month production for the untitled Star Trek sequel now. Outside of a few unrevealing set photos and technical details having been leaked, the filmmaker has proven quite successful at maintaing secrecy around his tentpole, sci-fi franchise project.

Here’s the inevitable “however” – several juicy Star Trek 2 rumors are circulating right now, ranging from the true identity of Benedict Cumberbatch’s character – to the possibility of an original series cast member showing up – and details about certain classic Trek baddies, playing second fiddle in the film.

Suffice it to say: none of this is official right now and should be taken with a grain of salt. However, those who wish to avoid any potential spoilers at this point, STOP READING NOW!!!








TrekMovie‘s trusted sources are confirming what other outlets (including AICN) have been claiming lately: that Cumberbatch is indeed portraying super-human Khan Noonien Singh, rumored to be the central antagonist in the Trek sequel ever since Benicio Del Toro was being eyed for the role.

While this news is far from 100% guaranteed true (much less official), there’s more than a little good reason to suspect that it’s accurate. Trek sequel co-writer Damon Lindelof previously indicated that he and his collaborators (Star Trek writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci) are taking their cues for the sequel from The Dark Knight, which likewise featured an iconic villain, who’d already been featured in a previous cinematic incarnation of that particular franchise.

Benedict Cumberbatch Star Trek 2 Star Trek 2 Villain(s) Revealed At Last? TOS Character Cameo Confirmed?

After Del Toro passed on the role, other Latino/Hispanic actors were eyed as a replacement for the Trek sequel villain part, prompting comparisons to the previous actor to play Khan onscreen, Mexican thespian Ricardo Montalban. (Yes, we know the character was originally supposed to be of Indian Asian descent.) However, fan-fave Cumberbatch (Sherlock) surprised most everyone by walking away with the role, leading to speculation that all the Khan talk may well have been off the mark.

Perhaps the biggest piece of evidence that suggests the Khan story is indeed true was presented recently by Cumberbatch himself (albeit, somewhat inadvertently). During an interview with LondonNet, the actor revealed that he’d been working out and altering his physique, so as to play a character in the Trek sequel described simply as “strong.” Khan, who possesses super-human strength enough as to present a challenge to Spock (see: the linked set photos), fits that bill.

That’s all to say: it may not be a “shock,” but Cumberbatch as Khan looks like a pretty good bet right now. As to whether or not that’s a wise move on Abram and Co.’s part: Screen Rant‘s own Rob Keyes has already argued quite effectively how an alternative-verse version of Khan could indeed be a worthwhile creation (and not just a rehash of Montalban’s iteration of the character).

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  1. Can’t say I’m overly pleased about Khan, but I am definitely interested in seeing how Abrams and Co. will blow my mind and lay my doubts to rest when this film releases.

    Now, if only the altered timeline allowed for Borg to show up earlier than originally expected… which it can.

    • All the blackholes being created by red matter (I still don’t get that) could somehow get the attention of the Borg (sub-space fluctuations, quantum interference, or some other Geordi jargon :-) ).

      • i would love to see the borg take on the original crew

        • TNG crew required an advanced android to defeat the Borg (temporarily), so how could tech 100 years more antiquated take on the Borg? They’d be destroyed within minutes.

          • You’re comment leads me to believe that you assume the Borg tech from 100 years prior is identical to that which was narrowly defeated by the TNG crew. The Borg adapt fast, so who’s to say that their progress over 100 years can’t be at a much more rapid pace than that of the Federation’s during the same period?

            It could happen, and would be really cool to see how the original handles itself against the Borg. Also, it’s not only the tech that indicates the victor; it’s the humans versus the computers. If tech was the only factor, the TNG crew would have lost quickly, too.

          • Absolutely.
            As to Borg being a lesser threat a hundred years earlier, Guinan said it had been just as dangerous for centuries herself when they first appeared in N.G. Q Who episode wasn’t it ?
            And one Romulan MINING vessel (not a warship) from a century hence splattered a dozen Federation vessels with ease.


    • Hollywood has no originality at all anymore. All the stories they could tell, and they return to Khan, which is, to many, the best of all Star Trek movies. Hey J.J., you have space as your canvas, so let’s try something different for a change…

    • Let us not soon forget what an AWESOME actor CUMBERBATCH is people!!!! Mark my words!! HE WILL FREAKIN’ HEATH LEDGER THE CRAP OUT OF KHAN!!! Make no mistake , YOU WILL LOVE IT!! ……..Im just sayin’

      • I agree Cumberbatch is a great actor, and he will likely steal the film, but I am just frustrated that, with a new timeline, Abrams does not care to develop new stories. Why reboot a character that was done to near perfection before?

  2. Mini-Klingons???!!! I suppose you weakling humans find that amusing!!


    I’ve said it before that Khan taking over the Klingon Empire could be a very interesting story. Can’t wait to hear more.

    • I’m not big on the idea of using Khan, but if it’s true I like your take of Khan leading the Klingon Empire.

      All I have to say is I trust JJ and crew after ST 2009, much like I trust Nolan including Catwoman (that’s a lot of trust).

    • The possibilities are endless….Khan, a strong leader, would make the Klingons even more dangerous. Of course the Klingons would not take a non-Klingon as leader without a fight.

  3. Well, whoever the bad guy, hopefully he’s better than the one in the 1st movie. Eric Bana just failed to be a menacing villain. I can’t even remember his name :P

    • Hi Christopher i am Nero !

      • Oh, right, Nero! You from the future? :P

        • As others have said – disgree entirely Eric Bana made a great baddie in Nero. Brooding, and dangerous.
          Thought the New Zealander who played McCoy stole the show though.

    • I will have to disagree. I found Nero to be an excellent villian and Eric Bana nailed it.

      • I guess it was the lack of screen time for him that got to me. Didn’t really feel like Nero was on everyone’s minds at all times. Something like that. Eric Bana did well, just didn’t feel it for the villain for some reason.

      • You don’t have to disagree. you choose to. and your opinion is wrong.
        He was “Khan”, a very watered-down version, I’m adding. Not “I might add” because I’m sure of it. and now Khan again? So they just can’t get enough of this guy, yet Khan gets beat every time, Khan, Khan, Nero, Khan. Include me OUT! Because you Khan Khan Khan’t!
        And how does “I enjoy conversations with JJ Abrams and Zachary Quinto. Keeping up on their work. They are my friends. LLAP” “Confirm” that Nimoy is in this again? It’s like saying “How’s Joe?” “He’s okay, we talk sometimes” meaning “Oh, Joe is over my house every day! We get drunk and hang out after work!” I teach English and believe me, never assume because it makes an “Ass” out of “Screenrant” and “You”

        • Nero was nothing like Khan.
          Where did you get that from ?
          Khan believed in his own genius and strength.
          Arrogant and conceited.
          Nero was nothing like that.

  4. I’m not bothered by it being Khan (if its true) because obviously it would be JJ’s take on Space Seed and not the Wrath of Khan.

  5. How did the Borg come to include humans in their collective to begin with? Maybe a human/machine hybrid was the first iteration of ‘Borg’ and maybe his name was like Ted Borg or something, and he has identity and inadequacy issues.
    I think this movie would be a great vehical for a cameo of the initial creation of the ‘borg’. Just sayin’…

    Kahless, the idea of Khan taking over Klingon-land is one I haven’t thought of before, but it’s a very awesome idea! A lot of possibilities there!

    • Thanks, and he could even take over Romulus.

      I might be wrong but I think the first humans to be assimilated were Seven of Nine’s parents. Well, if you throw out the Borg’s that were on earth after Trek 8 in Enterprise.

      • Nobody here has read the series Star Trek Destiny? Humans created the borg after a time travel accident. At least, that’s the simplified version.

    • If you notice, the Borg seemed to be entirely altered humans.

  6. If this is true, then Abrams and co. have lost a ticket sale. I will not be seeing the movie in theaters (at least not on opening week) if Khan is the villain. My money is reserved for NEW stories. No point in rebooting the franchise and throwing away 40 years of history if you’re going to retread the same old ground.

    • You are kidding right? Nothing in this series of movies will be retreading old ground….due to the new time line…..from the first movie. Did you see it?

    • Then I guess you won’t be seeing any new Trek movie, because since it starts all over from when Kirk was first captain, many things from TOS are still around (Doomsday Machine, Vger, Nomad, Giant Amoeba, Gamesters of Triskalion, etc…). Just because those things are still around doesn’t mean the story will be the same.

      • oh god V’ger!!! I have so long dreamt of a revisit to that character.

        • The first Star Trek movie screwed the V’ger idea badly.
          Poorly written, awful new characters, badly directed.
          And twice as long as it should have been. It would have been a poor episode. The original episode it was based on (the name of which I can’t recall) in which it searches for “The Kirk” “The Creator” was far better than the movie, if over-simple.
          To do it again as a film would invite another expensive disaster.
          Its an episode, nothing better. Give the idea to a REAL sci-fi writer like Larry Niven to make better. Im sure he’d jump at the chance – he’s getting on now, and would be happy to add great ideas to the Star Trek universe, as he did to the Green Lantern Universe – the Green Lantern series is STILL using his ideas NOW from a brief graphic novel he wrote 20 years ago, and the Green Lantern universe is healthier now than it’s ever been….thanks ENTIRELY to Niven
          He can do the same to Star Trek.
          He did one or two stories for the animated series. The Slaver Weapon being one, just adapted from his own Sci-Fi series.

    • My sentiments exactly. They have space as a canvas, yet they cannot tell an original story. J.J. is so overrated.

      • He did wonders with a limited idea. He has (thanks to a bright idea of changing history) breathed new life into the Star Trek idea.

  7. Saying Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Khan is inevitably a rehash of Montalban’s Khan is like saying Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker was just a rehash of Nicholson’s Joker. Just because it’s the same character doesn’t mean it won’t be fresh and different. Give Abrams a chance.

    • it works for joker his motivations are fluid or non-exact but with Khan his motivation are quiet specific so i think there isnt going much more to explore without feeling recycled. Also all the tv show have had interesting complex concepts and villains.

  8. 6 months of production, 6 months of post production lense flare. Also, can’t believe they’re recycling…err, sorry…re-imagining another character.

    • Its a totally different universe.
      EVERYTHING is new. Doesn’t matter if you know the characters.
      The Borg will absolutely guaranteed make an appearance if they make a series.
      History is being rewritten thanks to Nero and the Narader or whatever the ship was called. Its all new and exciting.
      Although I just can’t get away with Simon Pegg as Scotty.
      He’s good, but not Scotty.

  9. I was admittedly wrong about Abrams first Go around with Trek, and due to my stubborness didn’t see it in theaters, of course it turned out to be an excellent film one of my favorites in the series actually. with that said Wrath of Khan was one of the Best films ever made not just trek films but all films, and Khan was defined by Ricardo Montalban, I have a lot of respect of Cumberbatch he’s great in Sherlock but if he is playing Khan even if it is very different from STII:WOK I will still not believe him as Khan. I’ve learned from my mistake though and will see it in the theaters.


    Who is he playing??

    • He’s playing “Noel Khan”

      • Nah. He’s a singer in Oasis.

  11. So there was no khan, now there’s a khan and in man of steel there was no zod, and then there is a zod. I think Nolan even said no Bane, and viola… bane is here. No Ben Kingsley is not the mandarin, no wait… he is the mandarin.

    Why do they lie to us? Grrrr.

    • @PittMan,
      Viola. You mean, someone pulls out a Viola and plays it? Why would they do that? Because a violin is too big?

    • Ben Kingsley as Mandarin ? They couldn’t have chosen wiser.
      HATE the idea that Iron man will be against “Real World villains” I detect the stench of the executive idiots.

  12. They’re Hollywood people. It’s their job to make you believe things that aren’t true. Of course they are supposed to do that onscreen but sometimes it carries over. Or they just get to believing their own bs.

  13. Well, my excitement level for this one just dropped quite a bit.

  14. I cant wait for all the comments when the movie comes out of how ” CUMBERBATCH IS KHAN AND KHAN IS CUMBERBATCH”!!!

  15. Bleh. They have over 70 ST:TOS episodes to be inspired by and they pick one that the original movie group used. It’s MoS all over again.

  16. I’m going to see the movie no matter who’s in it or what characters show up. Personally, I think a new take on Khan will be interesting to watch.

    • I can imagine Benny here making a superb Khan – maybe even better than the late great Ricardo.

  17. It’s not so much that it’s Kahn, it’s that there are so many other stories that could be expanded upon from TOS that to rehash a character that has already been in the movies is taking the easy way out. Expand the Tholians, the Gorn or even make it an all-out war with the Klingons. But to redo a story that has already been done is disappointing.

    • +1 for the Gorn. With CGI, they could finally be realized in a frightening way.

  18. If Klingons are in this, they could save on makeup by having the browless version from TOS :)

  19. My two cents in this is Khan has been done then re-done, it’s old news and I for one do not wish for him to be in another trek…The borg have been done over and over and over…..you get my drift, i’ve enjoyed every show and movie with exception of enterprise which was garbage..Voyager did the Borg storyline enough, Q though would be better I think just because of the time difference or rather q’s son the meddling q on voyager..So to speak they are forever and always seem to meddle when big events are in the fold..Also though Q has been done and re-done, I LOVED the new storyline from the last one and I really do hope they create something new as they did..As long as this crew and it’s characters are reprised by their respected actors especially kirk, Mccoy, spock and also scotty then I probably wont complain because they came up huge on this last one..The new one was my favorite trek movie of all time out of the originals and the next generation though if they did anything concerning the borg the borg would be behind the times as well so it would be a little bit more than instant death.. I want a continuation of the new and not a rehash of what has already been done to perfection..These movies with the new cast can stand on their own and after all history has been altered correct

  20. If they were to rehash something then the Dominion would be better, more changelings would be very cool..I don’t know that rehashing the ds9 theme would be a good idea but I personally enjoyed the dominion conflicts more than the borg…The Q have always interested me throughout the series as comical if nothing else….You guys got me thinking on this, the options are ENDLESS..It will most likely have to do heavily with the vulcans I’m sure colonizing another planet and the current romulans whom disliked the vulcans throughout the show might pose a better storyline..We can all grasp at straws here but I’m getting a good feeling on this as I also doubt any of my conclusions are correct

  21. cool. Watched Stark Trek 2 for the first time a few weeks ago. Hopefully he screams Kaaaaaaaaaaaaahn three times just as funny as William Shatner did. entire Movie craxks me up lol i love it

    • Don’t get me wrong, khan was a good character in the original series and bringing him back in star trek 2 titled wrath of khan was great..Problem lies in the fact that whilst new trek fans may think hey wow this is great, cool character, fans like me or the many millions of others would say eh been there done that(big whoop). For instance the newer trek movies like the next generation were good but for reasons I will explain Insurrection was FAR superior in the same way this newer trek was superior. It was fresh, they both brought a new story to the table but for them to bring khan back into this just makes people like me say, Do I really wanna see khan again? Answer no. I can’t believe they are that out of new ideas that they have to backpeddle to khan whom was always played by the same actor with just magnificence that it would just be risking tarnishing the character and muddying the series with more of the same..If they did I’m sure it would be great, they will probably do a great blockbuster and bring new fans but what anout the loyal trek fans that have been here since the beginning.. To me they are risking alienating a following that was already swat at by even coming out with enterprise..To me the series kept getting good then flopped out then got good again……ect flopped…Ds9 was new fresh, so was voyager and now like the newer movies they should stay fresh and not screw everyone over into having to sit and watch khan being rehashed by anyone playing him besides Ricardo Montalbán..Yes I understand he died and the film may very well be dedicated to his legacy but it’s just not an exciting thing for me, they could have done much much more..Now I hear this is what they are going to do and I’m just not as excited on the storyline now..I’ll most definitely wait for a dvd release before seeing it or check on rotten tomatoes to see how bad it really was

  22. I think involving Q would be awesome! Something could be done similar to Peter David’s novel Q-Squared to restore the original timeline.

  23. :( :-/ :[ :-7 (:-(
    Yeah, Kahn.
    Can’t wait.

    • Damn emoticons didn’t work!

  24. Has anyone thought that Kahn maybe doesn’t turn into a bad guy? It’s a different timeline, and perhaps Kirk doesn’t strand him on whatever planet it was to rot for so many years. They made their peace in that ToS episode (which was obviously before the movie). So who’s to say they don’t team up eventually against some other force? There are plenty of hostile alien races to choose from: klingons, romulans, the borg, tribbles, etc…

  25. Personally, I’m not a fan of any of the original Khan work. Intellectually, I recognize it as good, but it never made me think, “Oh wow, I really want to watch that one again!” Usually, when I’m on a movie marathon, I tend to fall asleep during ST:WoK and then wake up and continue. So, no, not excited about another Khan installment.

    And if I loved Khan, which most people do, I still wouldn’t want to see something rehashed, however different it would be in the reboot. As people have said, there are so so so so many wonderful tidbits from the original series that were never fully explored. Go big or go home, JJ. Stop dicking around with old ideas.

  26. Well the crew of the enterprise took on the Borg aand won. However I am hoping it’s not khan, if you recall enterprise showed Klingons doing engineering super humans. Is it possible since Klingons looked human before that the movie will be about a super Klingon criminal. Just a thought

  27. Also just another thought, khan’s time line would not have changed since he was from the deep in the past before Nero entered. So to do Kahn would not change his charcter. He would still wake up, the only thing that’s can change is who wakes him up.

  28. In the proposed cast is Peter Weller. I believe he was cast a Col. Greene from the “Enterprise” series. If I remember the episode correctly (and as noted in TOS), Greene was instrumental in the Eugenics Wars.

    Has any one else tied this possibility w/ Khan? Seems to make some sense, but who knows what the movie gods wish to create?

    Also, as of 5/25, IMDB.com no longer lists the character Khan as “rumored.” Cumberbatch is simply “Khan”, not Khan(rumored)

    • OOPS!

      I must have mixed up Weller’s character from another “Enterprise” series character. That was Steve Rankin who played Col Green.

      Well, at least the “Khan (rumored)” observation is correct.

  29. J.J. is pretty good at keeping things tight lipped. How funny would it be if all the leaked info was to throw everyone off? Heres to spoilin spoilers.